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  1. I know ya'll are quick to point out Devils01's big numbers on starting GDTs but I gotta be honest, his analytics don't tell a pretty story. His corsi is sh!t.
  2. I was glad Quinn got that moment. We'll take the goal and the win but nonetheless, it was good he got that little move.
  3. That Pettersson - Miller - Boeser line absolutely destroyed all of their opposition at 5v5 today.
  4. I'm okay with how the Devils played. Great PK. But let's be honest, Blackwood locked it down today, he was having no funny business.
  5. You know, I think I stan Pavel Zacha.
  6. Devils can't keep giving the other team six PPs a game and expect to win games.
  7. There's been a lot of PK time.
  8. Wayne Simmonds giving Mueller props.
  9. LMAO, how in the hell did Simmonds get this high?
  10. Oof, I'm uncomfortable just hearing it.
  11. NJ Devils fans on Blackwood right now:
  12. Devils are fired up.
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