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  1. Complete justice after Johnny "Childhood dream" Tavares left the Isles with nothing.
  2. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    This was the truth for way too long. But I think that DeBrincat is the straw that broke the camel's back.
  3. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    They want us to draft Kaako so bad. They just needed Daneyko in there to respond like, "U mad bro?"
  4. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    The choice becomes easier when you see the MSG doofuses playing up Kakko over Hughes. That's when you know something is up. Also, then watch the goal Hughes scores at 3:47 lmao.
  5. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    Kakko makes those around him better too but yeah, I'm agreeing on Hughes. I've seen Hughes do a few things on the ice that made me laugh. Sydney Crosby-type stuff. We can't pass on this guy no matter how bad the Rangers-loving MSG analysts want us to.
  6. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    Indeed Kakko is a player the Devils have long needed. When you watch Kakko fire one-timers at the net, it's not hard to see Laine or even some Ovechkin in him and having Nico, Hall, and in certain cases Bratt to feed him passes would be excellent. But you gotta go with best player available here and that's what the Devils are going to do. Hughes.
  7. If it hasn't been said yet, I hope teams have finally learned their lesson when it comes to size in today's NHL. Because I'm pretty sure Cole Caufield is going to be a prolific NHL scorer. If he drops in the draft, it'll be awfully dumb. There was no excuse that DeBrincat slid, he tore up the OHL as a teenager, hopefully the same doesn't happen to Cole.
  8. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    The following article is another interesting take on Hughes/Kakko: https://www.msgnetworks.com/2019/04/11/nhl-qa-analyzing-the-games-of-hughes-and-kakko/ On Hughes: On Kakko:
  9. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    It's inconceivable this would happen. The dropoff from 2 to 3 is huge as we stand now. There's no way the Rangers are trading down from an 18 year old (he was 17 for most of the season) who finished 6th in goals in the Finnish Elite League to a player who has questionable commitments to leaving Russia right away. They draft Kakko they get a player who becomes immediately impactful for them and who most likely will be a 40 goal scorer sooner rather than later.
  10. Yeah, I basically see what you're saying: if there were to be anything that Ray should consider it should be at least that. Fair. My only point is to add that no matter how many first rounders you get, it's hard to guarantee that any of them are that good and so it's kind of silly to trade an actual #1 pick for picks that could be anywhere from 1-31 (and most likely 4-15 or so). In the Nico draft year, obviously multiple first rounders for the top pick becomes more attractive.
  11. I didn't see this at all. Not that it means anything but he smiled when the Devils were announced as the winner and retweeted the video showing the Devils winning the top pick. I'm not saying he wanted to come to NJ (he did) but there's no reason to compare his reaction to Eli's or say it was negative at all. That's all in your head.
  12. Obviously, your suggestion is the most reasonable one possible but this really shouldn't get Shero to pick up the phone either. With the way the draft lottery works now, you can't be guaranteed better than the 4th pick, which is almost never a lock for an elite player. Hughes and Kakko will be elite players. If this was pre-lottery fine, but the Devils have the #1 pick. In today's NHL and in a year with a player as good as Hughes, that's almost invaluable. And this is coming from someone who was opening to trading our top pick two years ago. And reading between the lines, the Devils did inquire, but rightly weren't willing to drop below #3 (Heiskanen), which Dallas wasn't willing to part with, also rightly.
  13. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    I'm pretty sure we're drafting Hughes. So much so, I have already ingrained a deep visceral hate into my psyche for Kakko. I've already accepted him as a Rangers a$$hole. In all seriousness, Kakko does remind me a lot of Laine and he'd be a great fit on our top line but when I watch Hughes skate and puck handle, man he's truly a special player, a cut above Nico, a true franchise-changing top pick. The below is a very good illustration of what Jack Hughes' USNTDP numbers mean: https://thepuckauthority.com/how-good-is-2019-nhl-prospect-jack-hughes/
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