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  1. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    It's not the end all be all, but it certainly isn't a plus.
  2. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    Listen, I get that your sensitive about this. I am too. It comes from people constantly sh!tting on NJ and disrespecting the Devils, especially Rangers fans. But nothing I said is actually an insult. It's just true. I like the fact that the Devils aren't the cool kids. I see it as a positive. For the most part we always end up with real decent human beings on our team and in addition to that, it's always that much more special when a player comes here and learns to love the place a la Marty, Stevens, Elias, etc... I'm also not saying that we can't get good FAs either. We have cap room and a good reputation - as I mentioned in my previous post. But it's harder for us than some other teams.
  3. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    How is it self-hating to say we aren't an ideal destination? What part of what I said do you disagree with?
  4. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    fvck. How did you know? Yeah, it was right on his desk in folder labeled "fvck Devils fans," next to an "I the Penguins" plaque. I was able to swipe it while he was cackling in laughter on a phone call saying, "Yeah, I could have got Trouba for a bag of pucks but I'd rather troll Daniel from NJDevs."
  5. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    The Devils are not an ideal destination. They probably never will be. Even when we were a perennial contender we we weren't that much of a draw. High taxes, not much of a hockey market, not a lot of name recognition, location is perceived as no good, bad weather, and we're not a winning franchise. One thing we do have going for us, is that we have a GM that has created a good reputation for our team and knows how to approach players. That's why we got Butcher. We're not the cool kids. We never were. We will always have to rely on good scouting and crafty management in order to win. At this point in Devils history, you gotta be okay with that. Have a little faith - we did just get the first overall pick twice in three years.
  6. Neb00rs

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I don't follow your logic. I don't understand the idea that "whatever deals the Rangers can pull of, so can the Devils." Then you assert that Ray could have at least "driven up the price." That would entail offering something better than the Rangers did in order to drive up the price. Aka making a real offer that could be accepted. And obviously Ray determined the price of doing that wasn't worth it. One other thing to consider is that teams weren't allowed to talk with Trouba. The Devils aren't exactly an ideal destination. I'm not sure paying a big price for Trouba would be worth the risk if we don't know he's interested in sticking around. The Rangers took that bet - I can understand them doing it a little bit more than us, as the Rangers are a little more of an attractive destination than the Devils - but he could still refuse to sign a long term deal there and walk in summer 2020. Also, the "impress Taylor Hall" strategy I addressed in my last post but yeah, not really how the team should operate.
  7. Neb00rs

    2019 Offseason Thread

    My thoughts on Shero "just sitting there" while Trouba went to the Rangers are this: Every time Shero just "sits there," the Devils eventually seem to end up in better position than they were before. A lot of fans on here and other sites are looking at this offseason with the perspective of, "We have to go all out and get assets to get Hall to stay." But a team can't really operate that way - go out and build a team around someone who could still walk even if you spend picks and prospects on getting those assets. The Devils don't work for Taylor Hall. That doesn't mean Ray shouldn't be super active this offseason and try to get Hall to stay - heck, he might have his eye on another high caliber d-man around the league - but I think that it does mean that he should continue to be patient and try to make the best deals he can. I'm sure he tried his best, within reason, to get Trouba. The Devils would have had to outbid the Rangers on Trouba to get him - which probably would have meant a much better player than Pionk or multiple players and/or picks because the Devils don't have an extra first round pick in the 2019 draft. Remember, if Hall ends up walking, the timeframe for rebuild is extended - perhaps by years - and all of a sudden the picks we would trade for established NHL players would be of much higher value to us. Again, I'm not saying Ray shouldn't try to build the Devils into a playoff contender this offseason but he should proceed with caution, the same caution he has showed thus far. Our multitude of second round picks this year might be best used to trade for an NHL veteran, but they could also be used to trade into the late first round or to simply draft a bunch of players in the second round and increase the odds that one pans out.
  8. Neb00rs

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Also, Trouba is a solid piece for the Rangers. But every time trade or FA rumors start to blow up around a player people go way overboard about the player's potential impact on his new club. Jacob Trouba had a good season, he's a good defenseman, he isn't the answer to all questions though. It would have been nice for the Devils to get him, but I'll just look at it that I'm glad we kept the players we would have had to give up to get him. Edit: I'm guilty of the same re: my second sentence above. I remember at times thinking things like, "Tallinder and Volchenkov! Niedermayer and Stevens have been replaced!" Lol.
  9. Neb00rs

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Haha true. But my point is more that I get why people wouldn't think a 20th overall pick is very valuable - often 20th overalls turn into nothing. But while there aren't a lot of elite level defense prospects in this draft, there's a hell of a lot of good ones.
  10. Neb00rs

    2019 Offseason Thread

    The trade to the Rangers is no surprise. As I pointed out the other day, the Jets needed to get a young D-man in return. The Devils have Butcher but the Rangers had an expendable first rounder. They were in even better position to cut a deal than the Flyers. Additionally, the 20th pick is probably one the Jets put a lot of value in. I'd be surprised if they don't draft a d-man with the pick and I'll bet they know who their guy is and are hoping he makes itto 20, which as long as he's not Soderstrom or Broberg, there's a solid chance. Cam York to the Jets would not surprise me.
  11. It's not an overpayment. Jeff Skinner just got $9M per year/8 years. We'll be lucky to get Hall at 10. 11 is the high end of what Hall could get.
  12. He's likely going to sign a $10/10.5M per year contract for 8 years if he stays with the Devils.
  13. I think that's a fair assessment. I wouldn't really take much issue if you had him behind a few other guys - as this is a wide open draft with lots of talent. In terms of best player available though, I just can't put him ahead of Turcotte who is pretty close to a full set of tools, Zegras' playmaking capabilities, Caufield, etc...
  14. First of all great job. A lot of good stuff in there. I couldn't disagree more with Podkolzin at #3 though and I don't think that's such a bold proclamation. I think he's going to fall, and not because he's committed to the KHL for two more years, but because there's just not much to get excited about with his game in comparison to the other top forward prospects a la Zegras, Turcotte, Caufield, etc.. Actually, Podkolzin's most standout trait to me, is a Zach Parise-like tenacity. He works hard to get everywhere he's going on ice. It looks like he's going to run out of steam at points but he never does. He doesn't have that effortless glide on the ice though and I don't think he has the same level elite offensive skills as other top prospect forwards either. At quick glance, the other thing I noticed was Tomasino at #13. Very high. Interesting.
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