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  1. Except Marner might not be signing an eight year contract - most speculate that's not what the Marner camp wants at this point. I'd guess part of the back-and-forth between Toronto and Marner involves Toronto not wanting Marner to go straight to UFA. A four year deal that brings him right to UFA is unlikely but on the other hand an eight year deal is not really what the Marner camp is looking for either given the rate at which contract amounts are increasing year after year. Point is, it'll be hard to use his next contract as a standard for Hall if it's not a long-term deal. For other RFAs on the other hand, it will set the bar in terms of years and $$$. In Hall's case, he'll probably sign an eight year deal, the last year of which he will be 36 years old. In my opinion, the Erik Karlsson deal is the one to look to. He signed for 11.5M AAV over eight years and the contract starts in his 29 year-old season - same as Hall's next contract. Does anyone really not see Hall coming within +/- $250,000 of 11.5/8?
  2. It's a double edged sword. The trend is to just lock up players as soon as possible because the closer they get to UFA the more enticing UFA is. Hall is a safe enough bet, get him to sign before he thinks twice.
  3. I don't think this is too far away from fair. But, and I'm not asking in any sort of rhetorical way here, if Ray asks Hall about signing come September and he is wishy washy, say he says, "I just need another month or so to think about it," then...are you really ready to say, "Sorry Taylor, you're traded!" at that point?
  4. You joke, but the fact that Jersey is close to Toronto, is definitely a helpful fact in Jersey's quest to sign him.
  5. The one thing that Devils fans are just going to have to be okay with re: Taylor Hall is that, no matter what, this is not going to be a situation where the player is like, "Nothing could be more important to me than remaining a Devil and representing Jersey." There is conflict there. He's not drafted and raised in Jersey. He doesn't spend any more time here than he has to. He continues to talk about how much he loves the city of Toronto (you can't really fault him for being passionate about the place). If he does sign here, it's going to be a product of him thinking, "The Devils have been a really good situation for me, it looks like they're the best situation for me moving forward, it's a pretty good area to play in, and thus, it's smart for me to sign there." I'm honestly okay with that.
  6. Yeah, what I don't get about the "pack your sh!t if you haven't signed by September" thing is that, if he hasn't signed by September but it's only because the two sides haven't gotten to working out a deal yet are you really going to say, "Sorry Taylor, fvck off." I doubt it. It's not ideal, but whether anyone wants to admit it or not, there's only one deadline for Hall and it's the trade deadline 2020. Hopefully we don't let it get that close to UFA 2020 before making him an offer/signing him but that's the deadline.
  7. There are some people who are speculating that the team could be waiting to see how Hall returns from the injury and most seem to be of the obviously unfounded belief that a deal doesn't happen this summer. But yeah, we are all speculating based on very limited information. As I can recall, the hints of info we have gotten since the season ended are as follows: 1. Hall made it clear he'd like to see more talent added to the roster - that seems to be a condition for him sticking around. 2. Shero stated at the end of the season that he was planning on sitting down with Hall later in the offseason to restate the team vision and see where he's at. We don't know if this ever happened yet. 2. After the PK Subban trade, Hall sent Ray a check mark by text. 3. Hall did a Canadian (I think Vancouver-based) radio-interview in late July in which he was pretty clear he hadn't made up his mind yet. He said something along the lines of, "I have to decide soon," in reference to re-signing with the Devils. That not only implies that he, as of that point (a week or so before Gusev trade), hadn't yet made up his mind but also that the ball is in his court. But that isn't totally implied by that. In that interview he also expressed support for Tavares making the decision to go UFA. 4. When Tom Fitzgerald was asked about how the Hall situation is progressing earlier this month, he stated, " "I know John Hynes flew up (Monday) and had a great meeting with Taylor in Toronto. So, yeah, things seem to be all well there." Obviously that doesn't tell us much. Other than that we are left in the dark, even moreso than the Isles were with Tavares. We don't even have a quote of Hall stating any specific desire to try to re-sign with the team and perhaps that is for the best. I imagine the longer we are left in the dark though, the more people are going to get irked about Hall, the more people are going to read deeply into every little thing he does and says.
  8. Neb00rs

    2019 Offseason Thread

    My feeling with Luongo is, that despite him never really accomplishing anything amazing with either FLA or VAN, he's one of the league's best goalies ever and a HOFer, so it just feels like someone has to retire his jersey. He basically bookended his career with 11 years on the Panthers, so I have no issue with them retiring his jersey for his entire body of work, not just what he did with the Panthers.
  9. I never been one to exaggerate the appeal of coming to NJ - especially in the past few years. But I really don't see any reason to believe that we've had an above average amount of key players leave over the years. When contracts are up players leave for above value deals - that's what UFA is - happens to every team. The Devils have also had plenty of players re-sign with them over the Lou years - even in cases where the player had tensions with Lou (Marty, Patty).
  10. I mean NHL Network is just the worst. How stupid. I mean, I'm not sure whether Hall will re-sign or not but where do these arbitrary percentages come from? The answer is "out of Mike Johnson's ass."
  11. I'm really not sure the return won't be as good midseason - especially towards the trade deadline when more teams are looking to add that final piece for a playoff run. The impetus to sign Hall, for me, is that everyday that the 2020 offseason grows closer, the more likely he is to test the UFA market.
  12. Taylor Hall was kind of sort of the NHL MVP a year ago. That doesn't come cheap. But the Devils can offer the 8th year to Hall, so I have some hope they can argue for less value in that year (37 years old). The Erik Karlsson signing didn't help though. Karlsson, like Hall, will start his new contract in his 29 year old season and the AAV is 11.5M. I'm not saying that's what Hall is going to get, but you can definitely use that, and Panarin's seven year contract (11.64M AAV), as a guide. Anything less than 11M and Hall took a team-friendly discount. I highly doubt that will happen.
  13. As far as timeline of signing goes - yeah, the Devils need to do everything to sign him before the season starts. This isn't because the market for him will diminish but simply put, because the closer we get to July 1st, 2020, the more likely and tempted Hall is to go UFA. That said, I take Ray sincerely when he says it's not just a one-way street - he needs to see if Hall is still on board with the vision of the team and is excited to be a part of what they're building before shelling out a big offer. What we've seen so far, from the little we have seen, is mixed messages, such is the nature of trying to dissect every little quote and rumor during the offseason. Hall seemed to be excited about the team adding Subban when it happened - such was evident in his checkmark text to Ray and his Tweet at PK. On the other hand, on Canadian radio the other day, he didn't sound overly optimistic about the team or re-signing here. But I get that that's how Hall is with the media to an extent - very honest/analytical but devoid of emotion.
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