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  1. The Avs are in a really good position to get Hall because they can offer the Devils something that many other teams cannot: a chance that Hall re-signs with them, resulting in the Devils receiving the conditional assets involved in the trade. Hall seems destined to make it to UFA, and so Shero trading him to a top team with a bright future would be his most appealing option. I think Hall gets to UFA no matter what and I don't know if Colorado is on his radar, but I think there's at least a better chance that if he goes there he ends up liking the situation and sticking around as opposed to say...Arizona. The only way a second tier team, like Arizona, could end up with Hall is by upping the assets on the unconditional side of the deal - something I'm not sure is worth it for a rental and Arizona would really have to believe their time is now for it to happen. Unfortunately, the Devils are not going to make off like bandits with this trade - Hall is just not going to agree to sign long-term now with any team not named the Toronto Maple Leafs which makes his ability to bring back returns different than say, Mark Stone's. And such has almost certainly backed off some teams from the market but I also don't think the Devils will do so poorly. Taylor Hall is still a dynamic player who changes the way the other team has to play on the ice - even a rental of #9 is going to drive competition for his services. And if Shero can't get the right deal now, he should absolutely hold onto Hall until closer to the deadline when more teams will be financially capable of taking on the part of his salary the Devils don't retain.
  2. Yeah, and I mentioned such re: injury, your greater point is that the ship has sailed. Generally you keep star players around while there's any hope of playoffs remaining - trying to win obviously outweighs risk of injury - but the Devils are cooked and fans going into every game expecting to all of sudden see the playoffs-ready team we all imagined at the onset of the season, are probably going to be continually disappointed, especially with the big task in front of Nasreddine, one which it does not look like he's in a rush to fix quickly with the hopes of a miracle run. Nas hasn't changed almost anything yet in terms of structure on the ice - the team is playing harder and faster, that's about it thus far. But, without going off on a tangent here, yeah, no need to hang on to Hall any longer aside from Shero trying to hold out for his best deal.
  3. I mostly agree with this expectation. Despite fans clamoring about the market being best for trading Hall now, the truth is the market probably won't change much between now and the deadline. For however many more games the receiving team gets with Hall now, at the deadline teams have more money to work with and are more desperate. That said, I get the sense that Hall's status is kind of hanging over the players' heads and ultimately it feels like this team won't be able to begin forging an identity until his situation is dealt with. I'd imagine Ray would be eager to let the team move on mentally. There's also the injury risk of course. I think there's a few teams he could end up on, but if it were to be the Avs it's not unreasonable to think he ends up there before our game in Colorado at the end of this week.
  4. Oh please, to suggest that the gist of your crusade against PK for the better part of your recent tenure on the board has been more about PK's diminishing skills/play and less about some sort of weird attack against his character is laughable at best. I've never had an issue with your hockey-related posts on this board, but your constant vilification of PK Subban, specifically in regard to the ridicule you've directed towards his off-ice behavior long ago descended to the level of shameful and disturbing. This is especially true as the rest of us watch as PK goes out of his way to do bring a positive attitude to the team on the ice and terrific charity work to the community off of it. You have no right to spike the football, at this point you shouldn't be saying anything at all in reference to PK Subban.
  5. Neb00rs


    There was a time I might have taken this in jest, but the sad thing is, you probably think that making this meme counts as proof that he actually said this.
  6. Neb00rs


    Not that you have any evidence to support the tanking claim anyway but keep in mind this is literally a team that played to win up until the end last year, knocking their chances of getting the #1 pick down a bit. Luckily they still won the lottery, but still, tanking doesn't seem to be the MO of this organization.
  7. Neb00rs


    The answers are yes and I don't know. In any case, it doesn't change the fact that you indeed moved the goalposts/are trying to redefine the word tanking. I'm not going to speak to what's going to happen in the future - it seems like Ray wants to see what the team does under Nas. Doesn't matter though, the Devils are not tanking right now. Losing more than you're winning isn't tanking. It's being bad.
  8. Neb00rs


    This is an incredibly disingenuous way to try and substantiate an obviously stupid assertion that the Devils are tanking. Tanking means to lose as many games as possible, not to trade away assets because it's prudent to do so during a season in which you're not going to make the playoffs. I saw in the other thread you use the term, "my definition of tanking." You lose the argument right there, because you don't get to redefine the word in order to save yourself from having to concede that you have no argument.
  9. Neb00rs

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    Sorry. I know it's a little jumbled - which isn't the best way to paint a picture using stats - but to be fair to me, the actual graph is interactive so that's why I didn't think to distinguish the lines more, but I don't really have any way to upload that version here.
  10. Neb00rs

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    If it's worth anything to anyone, I threw together a simple graph depicting the 5v5 progress of centers in the NHL over the first three years of their career as compared to Nico. I didn't just select the players in the graph randomly either. I tried to include the players who had the most points in the NHL between 2016-17 and 2018-19 (the last three years). Additionally, I tried to pick players who actually played center and I excluded players who didn't enter the NHL right away to account for Nico starting as an 18 year old. This took out players like Malkin who produced big numbers on arrival, but also players like Scheifele who took a little while to get going. I slightly broke my rules with three players. First, I don't remember how much center Seguin played in his first few years with the Bruins - I do remember that he found himself as a wing at times. I included him here because he is a center and his draft status was kind of like Nico's. Then there's Eichel who I had to skip a few centers on the list of top point producers between 16-17 and 18-19 to get to (he did miss time due to injury). But I included him because of the great expectations that surrounded his entrance into the league and because of what he has emerged into. Finally, I know Draisaitl has played a lot of wing in his career - and next to McDavid to boot, but he has spent a good chunk of time as a second line center during the course of his career as well. The chart weights GP and TOI by portraying 5v5 P/60 rather than total 5v5 points over the players first three years in the league. I also picked a line graph rather than just using single points to show each players' P/60 over the timeframe in question in order to [hopefully] demonstrate some of the ups and downs from season-to-season. As you can see, there's clearly an upper echelon of centers that hit the ground running in the NHL. But for the most part the graph is pretty messy with a lot of intersection. Nico is in the lower end of the graph (the green-ish line that starts on the left at point "2.38") but honestly, that he's in the mix with the early career production of some of the league's current best centers is a sign that he's coming along just fine. I apologize now for any mistakes, I threw this together rather quickly.
  11. As far as a rebuild goes, we're still waiting to know this. To me, Ray's most important quote yesterday was: This says to me that Ray indeed is going to give it a few weeks to determine whether or not independent of the coaching variable, the players still suck. The minute we'll know "Rebuild 2.0" is in effect, is if Shero trades Hall for an A prospect and a pick. That says that the Devils are looking ahead a few years into the future and should trade away their players. And yes, they should trade Gusev if they get a good offer for him, why not? We don't really know what the long-term trajectory of Gusev is and if they lose Hall for a prospect they're unlikely to be good next year anyway. On the other hand, if Shero trades Hall for an established NHL player that's maybe not quite as good as Hall but still good (and of course a pick would come our way as well), then he's probably looking to play for the playoffs as soon as next year. This situation would probably mean the Devils keep Gusev and whoever else they can.
  12. The Devils first period was really impressive. They did look fast. Hall looked improved too, he was super aggressive on the puck and controlled it all over the place. We've seen the signs of that before this season - mostly because the Devils do have the talent to play with speed. Most of the time the Devils can't figure out how to use their speed effectively though. But last night, especially in the first, they played well in transition and generated a bunch of odd man rushes and even controlled the puck well in the o-zone at 5v5. After the first, the second had it's moments and by the end was kind of meh and the third of course was the same old Devils, a collapse due to mistakes. Luck played a factor, bad reffing played a factor, neither really lost the game for the Devils. The Devils have to be much stronger in their own zone, they have to pass the puck better, and they have to be more consistent with generating dangerous chances throughout the game. Malcolm Subban didn't see much of note after the first period. I don't think the Devils need to be at the top of the league in generating chances from the parts of the ice that you want to, but they need to improve from where they are. I imagine the good play in the first was the result of a general philosophy Nas bestowed upon the team, he didn't have time to offer much more. And my feeling is, it was less about micromanaging and more about, "just play the game you know you can play." I hope after a few games and practices he can get them to look like they did in that period on a more consistent basis.
  13. What did you expect? John Hynes is fired for five hours and the team dramatically changes? They haven't even held a practice since Hynes' firing today. Devils didn't play great though, yeah. After a really good first period, same old, same old. Bad defensive passing, bad passing in general, and they were completely incapable of generating dangerous chances against M. Subban for the latter two periods of the game. Nas has a lot of questions to answer and issues to address now - he has a lot to clean up.
  14. Well, you'd be best suited to talk to that, I don't speak much of the barbaric European languages, at least not enough to know what the rumors are but all I know is that when he signed with ZSC it was reported that the deal was through spring 2021 and had no NHL out cause. That said, if it were possible, he'd be a highly exciting prospect. He's a player's coach and also a thinking man's coach. When he speaks you can tell he is extremely passionate about understanding the game and thinking about it on a deeper level. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has clearly studied almost every system under the sun in the pursuit of aggregating the best methods into one umbrella system - and not just in terms of on ice strategy either, but also in terms of player development. I think that's why he's seen the success he has so far. His one knock has been his lack of experience as the HC of a professional team. But he seems to be well on his way to clearing up any concerns of that nature this year as HC of ZSC. With few roster changes, he's taken a ZSC team that finished in tenth place in the NLA last year (25-20-5) to first place so far this year (16-6-3).
  15. As much as I like him myself, Gronborg is under contract with ZSC through 2021 with no NHL out clause.
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