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  1. I mean, the lottery usually includes fifteen teams, so the only point of contention is that this time there were certain teams that agreed to be eliminated from competition before they were mathematically eliminated. I'm not going to pretend the Devils made out well here: they ceded a chance at the playoffs and ended up with the second worst pick of eliminated teams. But it's not like they had much of a choice and in doing so they gave themselves the best chance they could at winning the lottery. It didn't work out. I also don't agree that getting a chance to play in the qualifying round shoul
  2. Hey, despite the way the lottery played out the Devils are very likely to draft one of Rossi, Holtz, Raymond, Perfetti, Drysdale, (there seems to be some consensus that Stutzle is going top 5), and getting any one one of those players is going to be cause for excitement among the fanbase. Despite the narrative about this draft being filled with can't miss prospects, it seems mostly like a pretty average draft to me, but still, the Devils are bound to select someone at seven that might very well have been selected at three or four. So, there's a lot of room for positivity here. And if ther
  3. Because the Devils might be weighing the cost/benefit of hiring a new, expensive coach now vs. simply waiting another year (especially if they really like Gronborg). If the Devils believe that 2020-21 is another lost season, they might be more inclined to let Nas run the ship again (a la Blashill in Detroit) than we're inclined to believe and then reassess after the season. Nas did almost nothing to prove he deserves this job moving forward - if he stays, he's a placeholder. If you asked for my best guess, no, I don't think he stays.
  4. I definitely don't see the point of ranking the losers in reverse order [according to their regular season points %]? The advantage there to a team like the Canadiens is heightened when they're getting a shot at the playoffs while sitting far below the cutoff in the original standing and even if they lose they'll land on their feet. At the same time you make the format less appealing to a team like the Penguins, which had 15 more points than the Canadiens as of the last game of the season, and now have to risk getting bumped by the Habs and only have a 1% chance of winning the lottery. I don't
  5. I don't really see what the big fuss is about the two lotteries. It's complicated...but so what? It's pretty clear where the Devils stand and the NHL [possibly] gets the chance to run the big reveal show twice. Maybe that will somewhat make up for the millions of $$$ in COVID testing this R2P is going to eventually cost the league. Better yet, it'll give something to the eliminated teams to chew on while twenty-four other teams play hockey. The bigger concern is the possibility that a top team like the Penguins loses their play-in and ends up winning the lottery and Lafreniere. That would
  6. Yes, the point I was making was in re: the Devils being on the outside of the 24 team play-in. The rub in the negotiations is making everyone happy. What is the impetus for the Devils to accept the return-to-play plan? They get bumped out without any significant gain. A nay vote from the Devils wouldn't have mattered anyway but the Devils voted for it. Why? Probably because they're happy to just stay in their lottery position and not risk infection. Glass half-full is: had the Devils made the playoffs (i.e. won their play-in), they would be out of the lottery and would very likely not go much
  7. Are you responding to me? I'm referring to if the Devils win their play-in. Not if they lose. Playoff teams aren't in the lottery.
  8. The bottom-ranked (25-31) teams really don't get anything from this return-to-play plan. They agree to be eliminated and don't get any better draft odds. This has the smell of the "out" teams like the Devils just being happy to avoid the risk of infection and turn their attention to the draft. It's capitulatory, but there's a really strong risk the Devils worsen their lottery odds significantly and don't win a single playoff game. It might be maddening now to give up the chance to play-in but after the Devils pull off an upset and win their qualifying series and then get bounced in the first r
  9. Because we've tacitly accepted that doing so is bad for business. Many people also choose not to get the flu shot even when they have affordable access to it. This in itself costs many people their lives - but because any given death can't be traced back to a single individual, no one bears the weight of guilt. If there was more social pressure to get the vaccine and stay home when you have the flu, less people would die. I want to be really careful when speaking about the current Coronavirus strain (SARS-CoV-2), because there's so little we know about it yet. We don't even know for sure
  10. Yeah, this. The precautions being taken to the slow the spread of the virus do just that: slow it - not stop it. Slowing the virus' spread will lower the toll on the overloaded healthcare system and thus allow medical workers to meet the demand for care. While there is no approved treatment for the virus, the ability of hospitals to manage the symptoms of high-risk patients (the elderly and those with certain preexisting conditions) could mean saving the lives of many of those people. If everyone gets sick at the same time, doctors and nurses simply won't be able to provide sufficient care and
  11. This is your classic, "Daniel has a point jumbled somewhere in his overall nonsense" series of posts. Your point that Jack Hughes hasn't been very good this season, is, obviously correct. I've already said this before, but it's a little confusing as to why you would then conclude that he's a bust. It doesn't really matter that he's a 1st overall pick. The question is simply, "do players who eventually turn into star players have unproductive early years sometimes?" Obviously the answer to that is yes. Playing the numbers game doesn't really help you - because by that measure, Jack could a
  12. That's consecutive games, and back-to-back no less, where the Devils outplayed the other team to win the game and didn't just fall back on goaltending. I'm glad they won a couple this way. It feels kind of pointless to win games where the team plays bad - you decrease your lottery odds while showing little progress. These last two wins are something to build on at least.
  13. The Devils beat a good team and it wasn't because the goalie stood on his head - they were pretty even with the Blues today, probably even outplayed them. These are the kinds of games Nas needs to get consideration for the HC job next year. It's just one game though and the Devils have largely not been very good under him outside of goaltending (and penalty kill). He's going to need a lot more of this type of win to make a case for himself. Needless to say, the Hischier-Palms line was alive today - no doubt they are much better without Hughes and having Wood and his size/strength/speed co
  14. Based on precedent that was an easy no goal call.
  15. I don't want to become conspiratorial here, but to me, Jack is errr...not exactly 170 lbs. But whether he is or not, he can, even naturally, put on a lot more weight if he chooses to do so. Very few people reach their natural fat free mass potential in a lifetime. As for fat potential, well...humans seem to be much better at attaining that mark.
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