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  1. i would agree. i cant call him an outright failure but i cant say the time he was herewas successful either
  2. yea but at the same time that was only 1 yr. its tough because hes neither a failure or success
  3. i always felt that rex was over rated. a coach shouldnt need to have probowl players surrounding him to be successful and the years where he found success with the ravens & jets both rosters were very deep. he will be a good dc somewhere, but when it comes to being a hc rex is in over his head
  4. thats also somewhat missleading though, because a lot of the seasons where vicks completion percentages were poor came early on in his career. it seems as he matured he became a better passer
  5. making a dif. to me is whether or not a team wouldve won the game with another qb. would the jets have won yesterday with geno? i cant really say. i do agree that points scored isnt exactly the best barometer to judge how a qb is performing
  6. the 4game losing streak last month makes it look worse than it is. even if we spit those games, we'd be in good shape at this point
  7. no doubt. but ur still talking about a gm that is very sentimental and fond of players coaches that have had success here. i think lou is in debt to pdb for 2012, and i really cant see him firing him at all this season
  8. i dont thinkoates could do any worse at this point. if hes available i can see that making sense
  9. i expect vick to put up decent numbers for the jets playing with johnson ivory harvin & decker. he may make it through the rest of the season without getting hurt but thats only 8 games. would u really risk wanting him to be your starting qb going forward with how fragile hes proven himself to be?
  10. the jets havent been able to draft a franchise qb since namath. the only time they had threats at the position were favre & vinny, and they both werent drafted by the jets
  11. i havnt heard or read anything anywhere that vick is def starting on sunday. not sure why ur speaking with such certainty as to the jets riding vick the rest of the way. unless u heard something that i may have missed
  12. i agree. ive been a big pdb supporter, but its the same mistakes im seeing with an imprvoed roster. playing not to lose, blowing leads, losing SOs. i think a different voice may be just what this team needs
  13. that division still belongs 2 the pats
  14. dolphins nation. ur 1 game back in the division. lets here the optomistim
  15. so jets fans, ur 1 game back in the afc east. u guys still beleive?
  16. its a thought, but i cant see the jets just punting away games. any given sunday in the nfl. u still got 2 play the games. its possible a vick led jets team could beat sd. not sure where u would get that from
  17. i agree. sanchez was far from bad. looking back he got a raw deal w.the jets. that franchise doesnt know how to develop a qb
  18. couldnt u argue he had that in sanchez?
  19. it doesnt strictly boil down to wins losses. if moore comes in and performs well but loses, thats certainly not a knock on him
  20. same. im not as big a fan of tany as beez, but therewas a thousand diff ways his oc couldve answered that question about regression. they r throwing him under the bus
  21. thats a fair point beez. im not a pdb appologist for the record. i just want the rotating door of coaches to stop for the devils. pdb is a hc in his 40s & i had hoped we could have someone here for a good 8-10 yrs. i still hope it works out for pdb here in nj
  22. i agree. u cant have a 4th season missing the playoffs in 5 yrs & expecteveryone to keep there jobs
  23. to be fair, he did have bad luck this season with all the shootout losses. im not saying i like pd, but its something to consider
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