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  1. Hahahahaha. It's about time that douche got let go. I doubt anyone picks him up.
  2. And so the Yankees season rests on the shoulders of AJ Burnett. May God help us....
  3. That Cano homerun was awesome!! I've seen my fair share of well-hit homeruns, and believe me when I say he DESTROYED that pitch. Nova was very good as well. Hopefully Freddy can follow suit tomorrow!
  4. No complaints with the roser. So pumped for tonight! LET'S GO YANKS!!!
  5. Damn I really wish I could go... I always enjoy a good white-out.
  6. That would've been awesome! And I agree, I doubt the proximity of the Yankees minor league affiliate is going to affect how many Mets fans go to Citi Field. If anything, it would've adversely affected the Yanks attendance-wise.
  7. What a great win. Always nice to beat those fvckers from Philthadelphia.
  8. This story's been around for a while, and I support it. Every year you can look down the list at the teams that just missed the playoffs and honestly think, "if they got in, they might have had a shot..." Oh, and it has to be a 3-game series IMO. 1-game is too fluky and not fair to the "1st wild card team." As far as Houston (or any other team for that matter) switching leagues I really can't support that unless the NL is finally gonna adopt the DH, because interleague play year round wouldn't be right (and you can have teams having like 4 off-days in a row). I'm actually kinda surprised that there's never been any talk of the AL expanding two teams...
  9. EVERY PLAYER ON THIS TEAM IS INJURED. Seriously, Thomas, Amukamara, Witherspoon, Austin, Sintim, Goff, Beckum, Umenyiora, Tuck, Nicks (although the last two played), and now Hixon and Manningham. It's getting ridiculous. I want to be mad at them for playing terrible, but you almost can't blame them for what they've had to go through.
  10. AL East champions!!! Now I wouldn't mind losing tomorrow so Tampa has a better chance of catching Boston.
  11. YAY!!!! It's finally here! LET'S GO DEVILS!!
  12. Here we go. The G-men have to win this game or it's gonna be long season.
  13. They look pretty good, but I do agree that they are certainly not very original. It will only be a matter of time before they release a more unique alternate IMO.
  14. Honestly, even if I watched the press conference live and saw him say from his own mouth that he was retiring, I still wouldn't believe it.
  15. Yeah, I'm not a fan of Kay either. He does come of as very toolish, too dramatic, and way too much of a homer (I am aware that he gets paid to be a homer). The best dynamic YES has is Singleton with Cone and O'neill. I do think the Mets full broadcast team is all around better, though. All that said, I don't think he ripped this "Put it on the left side" thing that he started this year off Rose. Yeah, it sounds a little similar, but many baseball announcers have similar calls for wins and homeruns and such.
  16. I wasn't suggesting that it isn't technically possible for them to leave him off the playoff roster (although I wouldn't be surprised if there was some BS clause in his contract for that), just that the Yankees would be extremely hesitant to take someone getting paid that much money off the major league roster completely. Let's face it, that's the only thing that's keeping him in the rotation right now. As for the Orioles-rain situation, yea, it's bullsh!t. You'd that these guys would be able to figure out what the logical thing to do is. And honestly, the Orioles aren't going anywhere this year, so they really shouldn't have a say in the matter.
  17. You know, I've had a lot of patience with AJ this year, but this is really getting ridiculous. It's almost become a self-fulfilling prophecy every time he pitches. People expect him to fail, so he does. Unless, he somehow gets his act together and get just completely shuts down the rest of his competition the rest of the year, there is no way he even sniffs the playoff rotation (He'll be in the bullpen only because his contract basically forces him to be on the ML roster). I think Girardi and the Yankees are smart enough to look away from the the money for two seconds and realize this.
  18. I really wish that I could have watched that game. It seemed insane how they stormed back from down 7-1 and eventually just ran a way with it. It's a shame Hughes had such a bad outing, I was really starting to think that he was getting back into form.
  19. Ugh. This wasn't exactly the news that I was looking for today...
  20. They all actually look pretty awesome. I kinda want one. (and by "kinda" I mean "a lot")
  21. My analysis of last night's game: Jason Pierre-Paul is a beast. The rest of the team: not so much. Especially the special teams. Still, no one knows how to tackle, and no one knows how to block on returns. Not to mention Lawrence Tynes almost died last night. The only glimmer of hope: There's a chance Matt Dodge won't be punting for this team come week 1. The offense was very lackluster, and the defensive secondary got just straight-up beaten too many times for my liking. Let's hope they sort out some of the issues for the next game.
  22. It's time someone got this thread started with the preseason beginning tomorrow. The G-Men face a lot of question marks this year with some important off-season losses including Smith, Boss, and Cofield. The fact that Smith went to the Eagles and Cofield to the Redskins makes those losses a little harder to swallow. Then there's the whole Osi situation. Not to mention 1st round draft pick Prince Amukamara broke his foot in practice last week. But, there still are some things that are looking up for the Giants, one of which is Amukamara who should be back by the bye week. IMO, they had a very good draft class, with players like Marvin Austin (who I think is going to be a beast at DT) and WR/return-man Jerrell Jernigan joining the squad. Also, I have a strange hunch (strange because I am usually extremely pessimistic with the Giants), that Eli is going to have a big bounce back year from last year. And with Philthy being the "Heat of football" and that other team that plays in Giants/Maadowlands Stadium guarenteeing a Superbowl, this should make for a fun season (or an extremely frustrating one). GO G-MEN!
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