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  1. Also, All I want is for the Devils to trade for Timo Meier. I mean come on, it's perfect. He's available. He knows Nico. Holtz knows Eklund (1st and Holtz go the other way) As long as they figure out how to fit it under the cap this season, he can be extended along with Bratt fairly easily. He plays a tougher style than anyone in the top six. It's a no brainer.
  2. I was happy to come away with the point after the third but really wanted the win. They have to tighten up the starts again.
  3. My big worry is the adidas stripes. If Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid have to have them, I don't see exceptions being made for NHL teams.
  4. Someone on HF Boards but this together. Change the tail to red too.
  5. Exactly. Use the exact retro jersey... only different would be changing the green to black. So it would be the retros that we see now, but red white black.
  6. I am hoping they use the retro template but just change the green to black. Those would look very nice.
  7. Here are the games I've been to in the last few seasons 08-09- 20+ 09-10- 40 10-11- 20+ 11-12- 50 including playoffs 12-13- 22 (out of 24) 13-14- 30 14-15- 3 Three games this year. I support this team til the end.... but I cannot sit in the stands listening to our fans chant things about the Rangers and talk about the Rangers and boo their highlights and talk crap about the Flyers and so on when this season is embarrassing enough. I agree that I hate our fans. I heard about Salvador being boo'd at the fan event.... made me friggin sick. These are human beings. Sure the guy wasn't playing well in the beginning of the season. You think he's enjoying being hurt and not being able to help his team? I'm even okay with booing from the stands.... but seriously? At a casual event? Those people should be punched I don't care if it's someone on here. I'll punch you.
  8. It's just a club for friends. There were a bunch of girls AND the leader of the group outside with blue shirts and signs welcoming back David Clarkson when the Leafs came this past season. I was so pissed at that. Clarkson never did crap with this team. He never won anything. He's far from a Devils LEGEND.... Nowadays, he's here to BEAT US and make sure we don't make the playoffs! This is supposed to be a group of the most hardcore Devils fans... and they are outside welcoming players from the other team. I found it hilarious when I read that Clarkson was nervous when showing up but the fans that greeted him made him feel better haha.
  9. The couple that is friends that I was referring to are much younger. But the "leader" and his wife are older.. yeah... blonde hair. She doesn't actually sit with the group. She sits in the lower level. He rarely shows up to games.
  10. As someone who was a Diablo last season and had great ideas for the group to make itself better..... SCREW the Diablos. It's a group that's used for the "leader" to get tickets for their friends. Parts of the group are held to certain rules and regulations while the other half are friends of the "leader" and given free will to do whatever they want. I could go on all day with examples on why they suck, why it's corrupt, and why it will never succeed. Just a tiny example. An e-mail went around after the season asking members what they liked and disliked about the Diablos and would they do it again next year. I responded by saying I would love to be in it again next season and I think the group has great potential but has a lot to learn. I explained how I've been in the Viking Army with the Red Bulls for three years and we can learn from them and I would bring Diablos to Red Bulls games to check it out and so on. My response was not acknowledged and I was removed from the group and all of the social media groups pertaining to the group with no warning or communication. On the other hand, there's a couple that happens to be friends with the "leader" of the group that on MORE THAN ONE occasion brought friends to the game that were WEARING THE JERSEY OF THE OTHER TEAM in the Diablos section. They are still in the group and did not hear anything about it. Screw them. I hope they cease to exist. I will be sitting elsewhere in the arena this coming season joining in with the rest of the fans wondering who the annoying losers are in 122.
  11. Screw you Marty. How about two of the goals he let up being the softest of softies with a third very questionable. Man I learned a lot about Marty in the last two years. He refuses to ever admit he had a bad game, likes to blame other people, and will whine about playing time.
  12. I hope Laviolette is behind the bench next season. He can get some fire out of this lazy, soft squad.
  13. Merrill is going to get eaten alive by the Bruins forwards.
  14. The thing that blows my mind is the need to identify "brokers" to begin with. Outside of Ranger games, does anyone actually make a profit selling Devils tickets? You can regularly find tickets in the 100s for less than $20. Why would people buy season tickets only to make 50% of their cost back on the secondary market? Seems to me that they are just trying to take the secondary market out of the equation all together to justify the box office prices.
  15. Came here to complain. This Sestito callup set me off on a lot of things. I know we sit here as armchair GMs and coaches and say we could do a better job, but I really feel like I can. Guys like Michael Ryder, Steve Bernier, Bryce Salvador, and Dainius Zubrus can play like the worst pair of jeans at a the Salvation Army store and still not get disciplined in the least while guys like Gelinas, Josefson, Larsson and formerly Loktionov have to worry about making the slightest mistakes and getting banished by the dumb coach. Ryder should have sat a game or two in the press box weeks ago. Zubrus has 2 goals in 31 games and is deep in the minus column in that span and the team's answer to a MUST WIN game against one of the best teams in the league is to call up Tim freaking Sestito and sit the goalie that gives the team the best chance to win. Also, Henrique has 9 goals in 6 games and gets moved to the third line to center two players that aren't playing well. the first game, he had a goal on that line and a goal on the penalty kill (with Elias) but has been a zero point -4 player since. Please find me one other team in the league that puts their top goal scorer on the third line... then plays them only 16 minutes in a must win game (Florida). Here's my lineup for tonight: Ruutu-Zajac-Jagr Henrique-Elias-Brunner Clowe-Josefson-Ryder Zubrus-Gionta-Bernier Greene-Fayne Volchenkov-Zidlicky Gelinas-Merrill Schneider Give Josefson the chance to play with real NHL players and add some speed to a ridiculously slow line. Tell Zubrus to take a seat on the fourth line and get his sh!t together. In my 26 years of being alive I've never been more frustrated with this team and looking forward to the season ending so I can watch the Red Bulls and a team that actually wants to win.
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