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  1. Ratner owns the Isles? When did that happen? If you're going to criticize, at least know your facts. I'm going to go back to doing work rather than dealing with you. Have a wonderful day.
  2. Hypocritical much calling me reactionary and judgmental? Whatever, easy enough to ignore you. Just hope you neither vote nor reproduce.
  3. I did read the article, and drew some logical conclusions from it. My concerns were alleviated by his willingness to make it right. But feel free to judge all you want. Go fvck yourself.
  4. Agreed. I think we do sometimes need to have the discussion about billionaire owners and how we entitle their bad behavior, but this turned out not to be the time and place.
  5. Link? If he's doing that, I take back my negativity, and accept this as an honest mistake.
  6. I'd like to see Lars paired with someone else eventually. IMO he's not that far from being similar to Greene in his abilty to elevate his partner, and even now, if he plays with somebody decent like Schlemko, that frees Greene up to work with Severson or Merrill. Of course, that means Severson and Merrill are going to be playing harder minutes, which could be a problem.
  7. And that's why I have no problem with Harris renting the field. I do have a problem that, because he has money, he feels entitled to inconvenience a bunch of 13 year olds rather than waiting an extra 45 minutes in the owner's box. If he makes it up in some way, fine, it's an honest mistake. If he doesn't, I think he's a self entitied prick who is fortunate enough to get away with it because he's loaded (and I have no problem with him being loaded, he earned his money), and I feel no need to financially support him, even if my tiny amount won't make any real difference. And if Harris apologizes/offers free tickets, whatever, fine, honest mistake. Since he hasn't (and told the company wait on this field that other people sometimes use until I get here), he doesn't get a free pass. I'm clearly not witholding judgment, but if he makes it right, I don't give a sh!t. If he doesn't, fvck him.
  8. You spend your money where you want to, I'll spend mine where I do. IMO it's ridiculous to spend money on billionaires, but as a sports fan, I do it. To me, Harris crossed a line this time. I don't really give a sh!t if the rest of you think it's a line or not, but thanks for sharing your opinions.
  9. Or not. I've defended ownership a lot, but it's a dick move to assume that your schedule is more important than anyone else's. If they make it right, I move on. If not, my money goes elsewhere, fan of the team or not.
  10. I don't have patience for people who thinks paying for something means they own it. It's why I also don't like fans who think buying a ticket allows them to behave however they want. I'll go to games at Barclay's. Easier for me anyway. Certainly won't be paying for the Greene jersey I was gonna get myself for Christmas,
  11. fvck that self entitled prick. He didn't make a cal even though he's using a field as a helipad? I'm not going to a game at the Rock til he makes it right.
  12. I still don't see this team making the playoffs, but it's gonna be a fun season, and I'm just enjoying the ride.
  13. Would've been fine with no captain, but pleased with the choice. He earned it a long time ago, and seems perfect now. Heard rumors from a decent sourse (I know, this is as bad as the security guard thing) that part of the reason he didn't get it was he was too open/honest about FO and coaching, so it's refreshing to see the team pick him. I loved Lou as much as anyone, but it was time for a change and we seem to be doing a lot of the right things differently.
  14. Chere has moved to Єklund (2.3% accurate) status for me.
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