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  1. Wasn't Grabner also relegated to the third and fourth line, and I'm assuming not playing against the top pairing defensemen. Along with the empty net goals, it makes me feel that the stats are a bit padded. Grabner was also never allowed to play on the powerplay. Was this management or did the coaches know something we didn't? I remember when Clarkson had a 30 goal season.....lol. That having been said, I want him to prove me wrong!
  2. And while they're at it, can they please place some dividers between the stalls. What year is this, anyway? Hehe
  3. Per rotoworld: The Newark Star-Ledger is reporting that the New Jersey Devils have made a trade offer that would land center Travis Zajac in Toronto. This could make sense as Toronto GM Lou Lamoriello was with the Devils for 28 years and knows their players inside and out. A couple of players have been mentioned in return including Nazem Kadri and James van Riemsdyk, but not both. Zajac had only 11 goals and 25 points in 74 games last season and has not been the same player since missing most of the 2011-12 season with injury. Stay tuned.
  4. Biggie B

    Zidlicky to Det

    Interesting that nothing was negotiated if the Wings win the Cup...
  5. Biggie B

    Kane to Buffalo

    I'm a bit perplexed by this. Enroth was Buffalo's 1A and they trade down for Lindback, a guy who couldn't steal the spotlight from a struggling Lehtonen? Peculiar... I guess that makes Neuvirth the starter in Buffalo and Lehtonen in Dallas, although I would not be suprised if Enroth gets a bite at the apple early, and the reigns if he puts up a few Ws.
  6. It's also possible Lou tells Jagr to pack his bags and positions himself in front of the elevator door...twirling an invisible mustache...stroking a black cat on his lap...while the sad Incredible Hulk music plays over the arena speakers...laughing at Jagr as he carries his box of belongings out the arena doors. A "don't let the door hit your a$$ on the way out" is heard over a maniacal laugh...Or atleast that's what the lawsuit may say...lol Back on topic...
  7. I'm with Tri on this one. I think Lou will be behind the bench until the end of the season-assessing the players, coaches, and the relationship between the two groups. It's reasonable to say he will leave after the trade deadline, but my bet is that he wants as complete of a picture as possible to assess the situation for next year. Conceivably the devils may get someone in return at the trade deadline, and Lou will want to see if he is the right fit for next year.
  8. Good post, Tri. Larsson is developing (and hopefully continues to develop) into a responsible system player, and quite frankly I don't need more from him at the moment.
  9. He's blue, da ba dee da ba dye...Haha In other news, we will have a team to cheer for during the post-season
  10. Biggie B

    Wild @ Devils

    Dear Cory, only leave crease in case of fire. Haha
  11. Not to hijack your thread, but I had a similarly unexpected run-in. Apparently, the Devils were having some special during Valentines day and a thoughtful husband had purchased the gift for his wife; my co-worker. The NJ Devil came in with flowers and chocolate strawberries. Best Valentine's day ever...for me. Got a picture and everything! LOL
  12. Not sure Byufglien is the answer to our defensive woes....or any team's defensive woes for that matter...
  13. We have a Mike Weaver type, his name is Bryce Salvador...
  14. Tri, do you think Lou should stick with the current D this year, or try to trade for a big body defenseman that can eat some minutes? I mentioned Tyler Myers in my previous post, but there may be others. Truth be told it will have to be done sooner than later, with Salvador and Zidlicky unlikely to be signed next year (arguably for the better). Can't have Greene and 5 youngins without having to go through some serious growing pains over the next few years.
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