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  1. Oh they’re cute, most of the time, but when they throw their tantrums, even at a year and 7 months, it’s awful. Haha. I think my alcohol tolerance has increased in the past few months once they became mobile honestly, the hardest hardest part is when I get sent away for a few days/weeks at a time and the wife has to do this solo. Too few people understand what she has to do in order to just take them anywhere and forget that a lot of the time, it’s a hell of a lot easier to just come to our house than have them host.
  2. Still has his little smokers cough, but otherwise is back to his old self, thankfully. His brother was thrilled to have him home. So much so he was jumping in his crib that night yelling in twinspeak to him. how are you and the fam?
  3. This simulate game fad is nice for the kiddos, but the fact that every game has us scoring 6 goals or more proves how broken the EA NHL franchise has become
  4. Awesome glad to hear it. We can’t find flour and rice in our stores, that’s about the worst of it now. We had to have a friend buy a 25 lbs bag of flour from Costco for us. Guess I’ll be practicing my baking lol
  5. You guys out? I can literally try to two-day ship a big bottle tomorrow (overnight isn’t available here, if you can believe it). and that goes for anyone, it seems our small town is ALMOST out of the initial stock pile hysteria so I’m willing to mail to people.
  6. So my little guy had a combination of Rhino virus and another rare one. Apparently that is another awful thing making the rounds out here. Stay healthy folks.
  7. All the best dude, hope they stay mild as she gets better!
  8. Huge news for us: little guy just got home. COVID negative. still no results on the viral but either way. They’re home and off quarantine. All the thoughts, prayers and good vibes to @MB3, @mfitz804 and anyone else that knows someone battling.
  9. As insane as it sounds to a logical persons the fact you’re young and healthy, and (I assume) have no real underlying health conditions, they probably are using that as defense to not test you and just roll presumptive. it pisses me off for you that they’re ignoring the secondary effects such as your wife. my buddy’s wife is in the same boat as you, young healthy and symptomatic but they aren’t testing her, at least not yet. Meanwhile my little guy gets a test and wasn’t symptomatic. That at least made a tiny bit of sense since they don’t fully know symptoms in toddlers. Beat of luck dude, if you need anything I’ll sanitize the sh!t out of stuff and mail if once we get out of quarantine here.
  10. Thanks everyone. We’re cautiously optimistic they’ll be home tomorrow. We were hoping for today, but the lab still doesn’t have his viral swab results back, COVID will be another few.
  11. All the best MB, one of the twins are in the hospital as well. Tuesday night he had erratic breathing and was admitted. They did a COVID test on him, moved him to the COVID floor (no confirmed cases on the floor with him and the wife who has asthma and other higher risk things) and now the entire family is on self monitoring. I've been stuck inside with the other one and since we're on self monitoring, cant go anywhere like a park to walk. Have had a few people drop by to drop things off or pick things up, but it definitely blows.
  12. I was reacting to SD, no one else. All is well now... well minus being exhausted and knowing I’m going home to at least one throwing up toddler.
  13. Forgive me for reading something at 0445, and having a knee jerk reaction before my rational thought process kicked in. sorry to have offended so many people but for fvcks sake don’t act so pious and moral.
  14. DELETED - yep, not posting again before reading an entire thread or letting my brain wake up.
  15. Unfortunately she’s in the middle of the pack in that priority list due to the Insane average age of people their dumb hospital just hired for the ICU
  16. First person popped positive in the town I live in. And since we’re such a small town in the middle of freaking nowhere... been nice knowing you all (until I recover from being sick) honestly I’m more worried about my wife catching it (asthma) than me or the twins. So of course it puts my mind at ease with her being a nurse at the hospital...
  17. Because I’m so starved for hockey I almost started playing NHLPA 92-93 on SNES this weekend... then the twins went bat sh!t and quickly I realized I can’t just kick back, sip beer all day and play video games... it’s tragic...
  18. I’d get Brazal to sign whatever sheet he wanted and watch Lou have to do his salary cap gymnastics to keep him. Nothing would honestly thrill me more, hockey wise at this moment
  19. At one point, I had Three dogs: a dog found in the NW Florida swamp, and two local dogs. Each have deep barks. If they bark more than a few times, we pull them in. Our douchebag neighbors have dogs that not only bark like little ducking a-holes, but also literally eat our fence. I honestly cannot wait to leave this town for greener pastures. Also, the Animal Control/local PD are friends with this jackass since he is a townie, and is proud to not have to leave it.
  20. Quarantine Public Service Announcement: If you have animals such as dogs, and you leave them outside all day And let them bark relentlessly, I will wish a tiny paper cut at the opening of your pee-hole that will never heal and each time you urinate it feels like you’re pissing salt water.
  21. I believe they will play in the summer. That player proposal makes a ton of sense, IMO
  22. I hope these a$$hole owners get bankrupted for some hidden bad business practices.
  23. If we were better equipped, working from home would entirely be possible for us minus flying days. But we’re at the mercy of the almighty dollar and bureaucratic paperwork and red tape. it just took me 45 minutes to just check my work email and I couldn’t even read half of them.
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