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  1. I know dude, I just wanted to stare my take. Absolutely not discrediting yours by any means
  2. Should I feel crappy for posting my point of view guys...?
  3. Literally that's the thing I will give the NHL/NHLPA credit for this time around, "hey we have an pandemic, we (mostly) want to play and while we're at, wanna hammer out a CBA for a few more years?" "yeah sure why not"
  4. I've started and stopped this reply a few times now (I think 5 or 6, haha) so forgive me if its really disjointed. I know this is one of those extremely rare instances you and I don't agree on a particular subject so please allow me to try and give you my thoughts: RISK: COVID MY TAKE: We were going to see spikes, regardless of the work place, the second things started opening up you will have them. From the general office worker to professional athletes to even the military, as people start to come back together and tests become more regularly available, positives will be there, unfortunately. What magnified this situation is the complete distrust from top to bottom the government created in its people, I'm not opening the can of worms of the finer points of the politics, but I think we can all agree the second this virus became part of a political agenda used for personal/political gains, we as the general public Americans were absolutely screwed and this was never going to go well. WHY IT IS WORTH THE RISK: This is complicated, so please bare with me 1) We've seen the success of quarantine in Europe with the EPL and Bundesliga how at the beginning you see cases, but as the weeks progress, the preventative measures have been proven to work. This also can be echoed in other areas not just sports that as long as people adhere to the isolation, odds of spreading the virus drastically diminish. 2) The general public NEED a distraction. The aforementioned distrust, paired with constant bombardment of severely slanted new reporting, has literally turned people against one another and things that could be discussed now turn heated and/or violent. Bringing sports back will take away from the tension because people will finally have something else to do. I'm not trying to take any light away from the important issues which need to be discussed, but holy sh!t we need to have something else in the forefront to take a break from those problems. Speaking for myself here, sports has been an incredible distraction and helped me through really tough times. The uncertainty of my future while I was desperately waiting for my career answers, it give me relief (even if just for a period or two) while not home and the nights when the kiddos wouldn't sleep when they were first born, flipping on NHL Network in the dead of night and seeing that day's highlights took some of the "good god what have I done" feeling sometimes people get as a parent (haha). 3) It is going to be weird to have hockey in August, but again just speaking for myself, I'd much rather watch a hockey game than a baseball game 9 times out of 10. We legitimately have a chance to get more viewers and fans with only baseball being around. TLDR: I think the game should come back, but hell I'm selfish and want it back. To anyone who reads it, please don't go political, I couldn't care less if you're red, blue, green, indigo, I think nearly all politicians are full of sh!t and out for themselves. END INCOHERENT RANT
  5. https://www.tsn.ca/talent/details-emerge-on-expected-new-nhl-agreement-1.1492091 Details of the new CBA which guarantees labor peace through 24-25 (unless I just misquoted, high probability I did)
  6. Button literally is attributing all of the success under Nasraddine without even acknowledging the super human performance of a rookie goalie. He literally says he doesn't know if Blackwood is a #1 but as anyone with half a clue can see, if you put any of the other goalies we had this year in net for an extended period of time, that magical amazing record that Button gives Nassraddine the credit alone for is gone to sh!t and this isnt even a discussion.
  7. A few posts after my original one I clarified
  8. Rikard: “So who’s the GM going to be” Devils Mgm: “The what?” R: “you need a GM...” DM: “... nah.... we’ll be fine....” R: “See ya...”
  9. Also, Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the North!
  10. But isn’t baseball coming back? Surely she can’t dedicate time to the Mets if she keeps up with her riveting Devils’ coverage like she used to...
  11. Found it, I mean can’t see argue with these kind of sports smarts.... lol
  12. My friend posted a comment from facebook, i think, where someone was begging nj.com to bring Abbey back. (no, she never was on nj.com)
  13. Right, that’s what I’m saying buddy. But that was also before I realized EVERY team that is bounced in the play-in has a shot at the 1OA now. I thought it was the order of standings once eliminated like usual. the reason I want anyone but AZ or VAN to win the lotto is exactly like you said, though, so we get better picks.
  14. So we (minus SD) want Montreal to bounce first, then the Yotes then Vancouver so we have 3 this year?
  15. Rangers get bounced play in, get first overall, hahah
  16. I was close to a moose calf once in eastern Washington, it was terrifying cause a) I never saw it until I was 5 feet from it, b) I had no clue where mom or dad were and it was already taller than me...
  17. I'm looking at the extension of the CBA, the lack of the bullsh!t return to play that baseball went through and a few other things that coffee is not helping me remember right now. Definitely some rose-colored glasses by me, especially with EVERYTHING else in the world going on and a lack of sports, but I feel like the one sports league in North America that's been getting it right or ahead of things is the NHL.
  18. I still loathe the fact a team that is playing for the Cup is still having a chance at the 1st overall. Of all the good things the NHL has done during COVID, this was the dumbest by far. “RUSH THE DRAFT LOTTERY” ”But we can just do it in a few more...” ”RUSH IT!”
  19. Agreed whole heartedly, those were literally the only two names I could think of giving it about 5 minutes of thought while inhaling dinner last night. Forgot all about Hextall to be honest
  20. Who's out there that could replace Fitz? Cause I havent thought about GMs since I figured it was his to lose. Gillis, Botterill....and...? Seriously asking...
  21. I mean it’s all but certain Fitz will be on TV representing us tomorrow, problem is it’s still the interm. my big issue is the fact GMs are interviewing and have to mention that they would like to hire the GM and our team seemingly blown away. Sure it’s just rumors and whatnot but it’s coming from trustworthy people and to be honestly, it makes that report a month or so ago about essentially three different teams of bosses and no one having a clue who really is in charge of the organization seem even more real. It’s a bad look, IMO
  22. They’re border-lining Pegula levels of incompetence with the more sh!t leaks out and nothing concrete from the team...
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