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  1. I couldn’t watch either game, thanks random Arizona blackouts for lol, but what the hell happened to RBNY?
  2. He’s so adored by a loud majority of the fan base we’ll never see him leave the booth until he gets to Chico’s age. If you swapped Bryce and Dano, I think that would work well, but again, I doubt it would ever happen. Oh well, I’ll flip to other teams broadcasts by mid season every year. and speaking of the NBC broadcast, I thought AJ did fine with the color and while the main PBP guy wasn’t great (I don’t get why they didn’t just use the entire Caps feed like they do when the Flyers are on NBCSN), they are no where near as bad as the Colorado announcers. Oh. My. God. Is their PBP guy atrocious. Guys, we thought Cangi overannonced that goal that got Cory his first win since before I knew I was gonna be a dad? Imagine that, up about 15-20% for the entire game... I watched a period and a half of the COL-MIN game and every time I’d look away, he’d call a pass like it was the final breakaway in OT in Game 7 of the Final...
  3. I wonder if Hynes told him to start being more aggressive or something he’s averaging a penalty or two a game now...
  4. win this game for Mac already you losers! so close trav, so damn close....
  5. jersey boy.. also had him.... ugh nose....no....
  6. oh please win this, please please please
  7. well by a miracle it went off the post and in...
  8. and i fvcking hate the shootout, keep that 3 on 3 going, cause that was exciting hockey
  9. I really really don't like Pietila....
  10. five. straight. penalties. havent seen a power play since the first damn period
  11. Not for nothing but have we had a power play tonight? Three straight meh calls against
  12. Oh hey, no playoffs this year guys...
  13. So after the methane bubble over my town saved us from the chaos that was last night, Mother Nature said “I ain’t done with you guys yet” and whipped up some nasty winds (50 gusting 70+) and knocked power out since 5 or 6 hours ago. Guess I won’t see this one haha
  14. I wish that just once we saw Hynes do this:
  15. Thanks man! Storms past us now, high winds and a torrential downpour was all we got. and I never lost TV do I watched that disaster...
  16. And Tangridi is reminded why he hasnt played an NHL game in years before the other night....
  17. sooo many people watching the puck.... ugh
  18. thanks man, third time in about a year we've had tornado warnings. in the 3 previous years combined for one haha freaking figures
  19. I’m watching until the power goes out or the tornado sirens sound... no seriously, I’m waiting on one or the other to happen here lol
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