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  1. And then the next night they beat Pitt 6-4. Sabres 1 point out of a playoff spot (Pitt) now. We’re 2 points back but the Canes have a game in hand, we own the first two tiebreakers though
  2. That’s my favorite part, last year they were resilient for a bit then gave up once they couldn’t come back a few times. Now Jack takes over and wills them to be better. (No he’s not alone but man do they go where he goes)
  3. I wish I had your courage yesterday. Not that it woulda been a big bet on my part but still…
  4. I was in a casino earlier and was too chicken sh!t to bet us to win outright…
  5. Finally got my feed working just in time to see Seversuck up to his usual antics and Dano calling him out
  6. I meant how did he get hurt or whatever….
  7. Please someone tell me what happened… I can’t get the game currently
  8. He isn’t even giving us the raspberry jam, it’s like… beets mixed with sh!t
  9. Can we not lose back to back to former coaches, please? 2 points since December, he’s bringing so many intangibles that we just…. Oh who the hell am I kidding, I hate him, waive him already
  10. Re: backup goalie - I dunno if I see one happening, especially with how legitimately exceptional Schmid was during his stint. We might not need the insurance if Blackwood’s game goes back off a cliff, unless Bernier is really done for
  11. My expectations: Bottom pair defender, a low risk mid reward bottom 6 player and a strong push for a top 6 winger.
  12. Matthews is out 3 weeks minimum with a sprained knee There goes my first round pick for fantasy hockey… and we were on a roll too!
  13. The only consolation I think might help quell the bidding wars is the fact Boeser and Horvat are also on the block
  14. They’re absolutely loading for bear. Patches’ Achilles snapping no-contact thrusted them into the top 6 forward hunt. I will say I kinda agree with RWTD that they’re gonna do something, and someone ALWAYS swoops in to bail them out of any cap problems. lastly, brattpack posted Wood’s stats for the last couple games, with unsurprisingly results. So I decided to really look at Wood’s game log: since December 15, Wood has exactly 2 points, a singular 2 assist game. He has been a positive +/- only twice. He has become a secondary scoring black hole and is dragging anyone down with him that has to suffer being on his line.
  15. I think with the falling out, while not denying there is a sliver of fear in my statement of the bottom coming completely out, is more of we can’t free fall and back pedal our way into the post season thanks solely to the 13 game heater.
  16. Careful, we might be invoking the Devil talking about renown first overall bust Jack Hughes and future Patrice Bergeron who is finally hitting his stride
  17. This. We need the All Star break, badly. And Fitz HAS to address their shortcomings, preferably before the deadline, to allow the new player to build some legitimate chemistry. This team NEEDS to make the playoffs. They've battled too hard and had too many lucky breaks to fall out now. Fitz has to show them he believes in them and get them help. Getting rid of all the deadweight is going to be impossible during the season, thankfully a good majority are on expiring contracts.
  18. Ruff shoulda called the timeout and NEVER let that sh!t line touch the ice. They lost all the momentum before the good guys got out
  19. Oh good, Haula and Seversuck when trying for the equalizer, no way this will hurt
  20. If Haula had any ounce of talent this season, nevermind luck, that woulda been a goal
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