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  1. His perseverance and resilience in the face of impossible odds was downright admirable. I hope nothing but the best for his family as they grieve and, eventually, celebrate what he was able to show the world even after the death sentence diagnosis
  2. Severson in July: "Sweet, I'll have some decent numbers with Johnny Hockey, especially on the power play." Severson, yesterday: "Oh you have got to be fvcking kidding me...." Thanks, CBJ, for still trying to force the narrative of a good player is automatically a good coach. Jarmo really whiffing this offseason, and I'm all for it
  3. I'll take the wrap around pick, when are keepers due, or did I miss that.... I'm putting Yahoo fantasy back on my phone to help remember
  4. Damaged hair follicles and some split ends, he should get the Panarin treatment.
  5. Update: this old man finally started the setup… 25 hours after yesterdays post…
  6. Awful proof that I'm getting old: I preordered the iphone 15 pro and had it delivered yesterday. Needed a new phone as my charging port on my 12 no longer worked and my car doesnt support true bluetooth airplay. Watched it get delivered on my doorbell camera, was excited at work cause I had a new shiny toy. Get home... and life happens, pass out before 9pm. its now 830 my time.... the phone is still in the box and I probably wont be able to set it up until after lunch. #Adulting
  8. At least your team hasn't gotten embarrassed on national tv twice AND gave your horrendously mediocre quarterback a $40m x 4 year deal....
  9. hell, give me the RRs from last season, change the green for black, boom, i'd be VERY happy or even the wonder jerseys, just swap out the blue for black and the yellow for.... well i guess more black but whatever
  10. what kills ya is you KNOW how easily they could make literally everyone happy with our jersey, but you know they're gonna go off cuff edgy off brand sh!t and create a fury
  11. Shoulders could be explained away as being done for TV maybe?
  12. Everyone's favorite phrase, "Let me piggy back here" What does this say about Jenner and Geudreau? To me its VERY telling both rushed to make statements negating what was being reported and NEITHER ONE reached out to their teammates saying, hey this isnt happening to me but anyone else? In this freaking day and age where we WANT people to trust their "leaders" in any environment, it bothers the freaking hell out of me the Captain of the team didn't do any straw polling of his teammates before trying to cover his coach's ass. If it wasn't for the NHL & NHLPA doing some actual digging, who knows if this would have come fully into the light and that toxic piece of sh!t could still be in charge.
  13. I agreed that Babcock is a predator, While not in the sexual sense, he is using his power over people to exploit and control. The Chiclets team had a much different and more professional today when discussing the fallout. Even Biz was saying yes he was over the top with his vulgarity but it still does not change the fact what was said to him was by someone who played for Babcock when in Toronto and someone on the Blue Jackets today reached out to him to tell him it was still happening. They 100% regretted outing Jenner by name too and apologized for that. But an EXCELLENT point they brought up is what if one of the players was gay but has not decided they were ready to tell anyone yet. Say they had a photo of them and their significant other and Babcock sees it, based on his actions now, he'd hold that secret over the player and manipulate the hell out of them. I'm only about 45 minutes into the episode but they did get serious when talking about the fallout and their approach to what broke.
  14. I wish we could have honored Burns in so many ways when he was still alive. Darkhorse for the ROH: Sarge
  15. Sounds a lot like a certain quaterback on a certain local football team...🫣 (Sorry Jets fans, I had to) As for Biz, this week's episode he went back to his horrendously vulgar ways. He's the male version of that woman trying to be the cool mom by buying their kids booze so she can also get day drunk at home. He's the real-life Vince Vaughn from Old School, talks a lot of sh!t, says raunchy things and acts like the big dog with women but then freezes up. I'm CONVINCED he's overcompensating and there's at most 10% truth to his "stories."
  16. Out of context or not, Katie Strang is saying things are getting a lot more serious with regards to this investigation with the NHL and NHLPA having face to face meetings tomorrow:
  17. Man that freaking game.... they had no mental resilience after the 3 bad plays in a row in the red zone culminated by the scoop-and-score. I was against Jones getting a show-me deal, but the fact they handed him $40m for a playoff win was mind-blowing. I wish I could be world's okayest (insert career field here) and get paid as if I was top 5... so freaking stupid.
  18. I knew a couple guys on the Hurricane Hunters that got thrown 1,500 feet the other night trying to get into the eye wall... needless to say they nearly needed new flight suits.
  19. I wish I only remembered was the good, I vividly remember the Langencancer years
  20. “We’ll be releasing the report soon” Spongebob “One eternity later” slide ”It’s still active an ongoing” Enough already and tell us.
  21. https://twitter.com/AlexC_THW/status/1699846721046483175?s=20 Latest installment of, “Summer is slow, I need some clicks…” can camps just open up already
  22. I hate it, cause there ARE players that were involved. And London/Hockey Canada know exactly who was/wasn’t. I refuse to believe they don’t. But this is one of the rare times I won’t drag Gary for it.
  23. Devil's Advocate here: The NHL might be staying way slow rolling the fvck out of this one to avoid any blowback lawsuits from improperly naming people without being charged. For example, say the league places EVERYONE on that team on admin leave, guys who were absolutely not involved will now be looked upon with doubt, regardless of alibis, leading to loss of playing time, leading to loss of wages in the future, so on and so forth. I 100% blame Hockey Canada for covering it up with hush money to begin with, then I blame London Police for taking excessive amounts of time to finalize and release their investigation results. As much as I love to pile on Gary and blame him for black eyes that the League gets from their own doing, this is one where I feel they HAVE to take their time with and be right. We all know the Reddit/Twitter/Internet police have held their own kangaroo court and decided who is guilty. EDIT: Also, I think the victim was doxxed a while back (but I'm not searching for that to prove it), could you imagine if HYPOTHETICALLY the NHL suspends Makar for being part of the team until the report was released by HC/LPD? Keyboard warriors would have a field day (just like EVERY scandal that hits the league)
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