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  1. On the second goal, yes. ESPN has been pretty bad all playoffs though. TNT has been crushing them across the board, IMO Also, TNT doesn’t have Leah Hextall.
  2. Holy sh!t, Smith… is there not a viable EBUG for Edmonton….?
  3. Sooooo Mike Smith is, at best, a good regular season goalie?
  4. Rangers look absolutely as shocked as Ray Ferraro sounds: how can a team get gifted this much consistently, be losing 2-0
  5. Somewhere, the Dying Chia Pet is watching this game, chowing on a bucket of KFC, swearing if the Devils power play were any good and listened to him, they’d be playing in this game cause of his Slingshot approach.
  6. Ha! Puck don’t lie! eat a bag of manure, sh!t STORK!
  7. Someone should check that clown for hemophilia for how easily his nose bled after that “high stick” fvck the rangers
  8. Is that the normal Utica announcer? I have absolutely no idea, sorry
  9. Outstanding tip by Lindgren and right in Laughingbear’s face too
  10. So many damn posts then Aho with a beauty Also love how much blowing of the Rangers’ trap Ferraro is doing
  11. So it’s the New Jersey Devils’ ownership, but on the League scale Sounds like when the devils played the islanders at West Point that one summer
  12. From the reddit comment section on this:
  13. You beat me to it, just change the damn team name and colors at this point, rebrand as the ASU pitchforks and call it. They really should have just relocated to Houston
  14. Absolutely atrocious call. he literally hits his mask as the shot comes in.
  15. I think it’s like how John Forslund, Joe Benenotti and all them are for both their teams and the network
  16. I will be very upset if it’s her. She’s atrocious as it is.
  17. Lemieux was also on Cam & Strick about 2 years ago talking about his bouncing from the Devils to the Avs and back. I can't remember what was said at this point but I do remember it was a good interview.
  18. Seriously. Them blowing the rangers while they were shooting on the human version of a shooter tutor should be embarrassing.
  19. The equalizer and the game winner were set up by perfect screens by Kris goddamn Letang. Mother fvcker
  20. well that might make up for his dipsh!t penalty in game 6!
  21. Also, very confident I went to high school with the blonde in the white Rangers jersey on the glass behind sh!tstork oh for fvck's sake pens....
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