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  1. how I’m thinking this went: Palatt: “wait, you want me to be here…? Why…?” Ruff: “well I drew this up during nap time after my afternoon jello and it seemed to work.” Palatt: “yeah, but I won two cups being here and doing this…” Brylin, to himself: “this old guy won’t make it to Thanksgiving…” as he skates away.
  2. Done quite a few half’s before. The biggest issue was the timesuck training on the program I used specific for the race. I cannot stress eating something (banana, bar, anything) will help. I hit each hydration station without walking until mile 21/22ish when the heat and a surprise hill zapped all my will power. Walked through four of the final five aid stations. Ran the rest and skipped the final station. As you build distance, if you’re hitting the wall earlier than you’d like, the Galloway method helped the wife. 5 minutes run, one minute walk. They even had pacers for that specifically at this race.
  3. Buddy of mine was verbally prescribed diet Mountain Dew to destroy his while we were overseas. It worked… good luck my friend
  4. I’m glad Patty never requested a trade after squishy face did it to him, but man that has to be right up there on your “things to do” list of that happens
  5. Pro tip for anyone who is ever going to run their first marathon: electrolytes might be what plants crave, but you gotta actually eat something while running the race, cause they aren’t enough alone… but hey I survived!
  6. They also 100% took a rumor my buddy and I literally made a blogspot and posted on. It was Connelly and Afiniganov to Florida for someone (can’t remember) and a pick
  7. It’s NHLLine.ca all over again. such great in-depth analysis being lost in the formatting (/s)
  8. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=11505494 For the annual tear-jerker, may we never forget.
  9. I miss Devils hockey. That's it, that's the post.
  10. okay that’s a cool touch for the redline
  11. I own the military jersey from I think two years ago with Palms on the back because it was FINALLY one that wasn’t army or marines shades of camo colors. The Jersey jersey is ugly for the lone fact it was so easy to appease the fans and they decided to go off the grid and then blame Marty to reduce the heat. It’s grown in many, but I still have zero interest in it and maintain it’s a huge miss by the team. this team should never have red white and blue on our uniform, period, dot. That’s our rivals colors. End of story.
  12. @Crisis I think Tim Peel also cannot figure out if he wants to be controversial or is an idiot. He could very well be both
  13. "I'm building the drama." no, you were doing a similar tactic as Jack Edwards and be so off-base you'd generate a response intentionally. NO ONE knew of the "incident" prior between Simmonds and Maroon, no one commented on it, not even her, until that question. Another page from her book to build drama is to whisper when a team is working the cycle, as if the defense isn't seeing and she might spill the beans that they're going to score. That's not bad because of gender, that's bad journalism and broadcasting.
  14. I will call him 2Pac Shakir until he quits and I will die on that hill
  15. That devils shirt logo thing makes us look like we're trying to be Rangers-lite with the red white blue scheme… puke
  16. Looking at the rosters, there's a couple NHLers but mostly guys who had a cup of coffee in the A: Ryan Malone Bobby 'Wild Thing' Farnham TJ Hensick Also, I think its over...
  17. Can’t we all just get back to ripping the Islanders for their ripping of us a month ago now blowing up in their faces while Lou is in his annual summer hibernation?
  18. No Kadri to the Islanders is heartbreaking. All that waiting, all that “It’s a typical Lou move, he’s ours!” Poor guys…. (/sarcasm)
  19. The Glazer family says, “you should read our Idiots Guide to Ruin a 100+ year old Franchise”
  20. Thorne also called two cup clinchers, granted nationally, might be more what he meant.
  21. But you didn’t say no to a shirt-sey….
  22. Never want him anywhere near this team. Glad he conquered his demons, but he’s a loose cannon otherwise
  23. Just saw this too and was about to post. Poor dude, glad the Oilers took him in and made the last little while happy memories for him and his family. Hell even the Blues’ Leila Anderson and him became friends under the awful circumstances. Hope his family gets through this okay
  24. I kinda really hope this causes locker rom problems since wasnt Kreider the anointed one when it came to being their next captain?
  25. Considering how well I feel like we can get funds flowing for this website.... imagine a world where the fans poll together for their own LLC and have it be the patch...
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