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  1. To say I’m disappointed in Toews is saying the absolute least, I respect you guys too much to say what I would say in person if I saw him. EDIT: spineless jellyfish
  2. I give him an insane amount of credit for coming forward but then, on top of that, naming himself as the victim of this heinous act. It’s an absolute fvcking disgrace the Blackhawks and everyone a part of that team turned a blind eye in 2010. I’m insanely glad we didn’t get Q when we wanted him badly two summers ago. fvck that coward. I talked about the courage it takes to speak up back in July when I had to handle my incident cause it could have gotten significantly worse if I hadn’t. I’m going to remind the individuals who came forward when they did how proud of them I am, and I’m proud of my leadership for acting swiftly and without question. pathetic a professional organization thinks it was a good idea. fvck that team, I hope they never win another game.
  3. Now if only freaking Wedgewood coulda kept his damn legs closed, and nASS wasn’t a fvcking brain dead idiot
  4. And got one miracle goal that would make Cam freaking Jansen laugh his ass off at how pathetic it was. EDIT: and that’s not a dig at Cam
  5. We really need to move on from nASS and Bratt also, was about to say, it’d be nice if Mercer got a goal…
  6. We’ve been in their end what twice all game?
  7. It’s all of the dihydrogen minoxide interference
  8. The audio sound sh!tty for anyone else?
  9. They only got fined $2m for covering up a rapist, we got $3m and picks for playing the Blackhawks circumvention game…. Must be nice to be in the original 6 circle of protection
  10. I’m all about the “whoa that was a good one” fart sniff, but you KNOW he uses his expensive wine glasses to corral it and waft it at his leisure
  11. this guy is an absolute own-fart-smelling pretentious douche. He doesn’t even realize the helicopter is THE EXACT SAME NAME AS THE TEAM FOR THE SAME REASON.
  12. I think if Nico keeps his two way game and is a 60-70 point player as a second line center, I think the $7 and change he makes will be worth it long term. But the problem is, we need Jack to be the undisputed #1C. we have people in the fan base that think just cause Nico was the number 1 pick, he has to be McJesus, and because he was picked ahead of Makar, he better have more of an impact or his career is a failure. It’s an unrealistic expectation, it’s not like he’s freaking Alexander Daigle or Nail Yakupov. If he can stay healthy and meet a decent scoring total while being responsible defensively, I’ll take that from our young captain
  13. Maybe its better the world didn't see this... This is Nashville & Minnesota levels of cringe...
  14. Friedman reported yesterday Mac got the shot and he will be eligible for the Canada trip in December. Now we just need him and Bernier healed up to, at a minimum, give our new #1 () 2 solid b & c options
  15. He needs to up his workout video ratio. Started really late this off-season, needs to post more to catch up and he'll be in mid-season form in no time! /s
  16. My god Hamilton looked HUGE when on the ice with the other 5 dwarfs there
  17. Well deserved based on that third period all out effort, now take the ROW point and not go to shootout for the kid!
  18. What was that last chant? It sounded like Nico but coulda been something else
  19. Let’s go boys! Pile it on these losers!
  21. I have 2006 & 2007 permanently ingrained in my mind when it comes to their fans, their runs to the conference finals. "Greatest start in NHL history, the cup is ours!" yeah, how'd that work out? "We're a wagon! look out!" - enjoy that October parade. Also, one of the only times I've ever almost come to full out brawling with an opposing fan was at their POS then HSBC Arena. Wearing a devils jersey with my friend, we only stood and clapped when the Devils scored, chatted with people around me, and when we prevailed in a shootout, I had sh!t thrown at me walking out of the arena. Lots of choice words were sent my way, too, and then an ass hat grabbed my friend inappropriately and I lost it. Also, I've worn a Red Sox jersey to the Bronx and have had a freaking great time with Yankee fans the entire game. Again, I swear I'm not normally this salty!
  22. Oh I made that significantly cleaner than what I was thinking... Don't get me wrong, lotta good people and friends still up there, but I actively root against the Sabres and Bills for all the frauds.* ...I swear I'm not this angry about 90% of things..... EDIT: *and the Pegulas, fvck them both.
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