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  1. What the hell did I miss when I went to bed?! I got richocetted hard. Huge thanks @Nicomoprotecting my “good” name anyway, did Fitz know he needed to actually return the phone call in order to keep dialogue going….? Oh well, onto day 2 where I’m sure more head scratching brain busting moves will happen, of course cause we’re driving 3 hours round trip to go visit friends and I’ll be behind the wheel for at least the out trip. also, for all your own preparing for Wednesday, I’ll be in a secured building all morning and then meetings in the afternoon, so chances are great we’ll be busy and I’ll miss it all…
  2. When you have to release a statement after you pick… you messed up
  3. Let me be salty about predicting correctly what Fitz would do
  4. Cool so an a$$hole when he gains 30 lbs and maybe can stand up to Tom Wilson’s broken corpse (by then) sorry, I’m not attacking you, i’m lashing out at the so obvious reach.
  5. So, Bastian’s replacement in 3 seasons?
  6. fvcking called it if you average those rankings: 65th +/- 1
  7. I stayed up in the hopes we'd trade the 29th.... welp, guess we hope he cracks the camp lineup in 2024
  8. literally draft someone rank 60th cause we dont have a pick tomorrow
  9. Fitz is going to go 2PacShakir again with this 29th pick.... isnt he?
  10. Its the modern era Devils, does anything the organization do make sense anymore?
  11. Or they dont want the backlash at midnight....
  12. I'd really love for that to happen soon... I feel bad for you east coast time zone people... trades of only picks for only picks is getting annoying.. too
  13. Remember when there were a ton of trades happening and then the draft started and only picks were traded....
  14. There is NO ONE in Columbus' party anymore [Insert Rick Chere "They're Done" or whatever it was Tweet here]
  15. you right, how dare I forget the legendary Brett Seney dude looks like one of my twins pooped themselves and had to take a photo anyway
  16. Yeah, cause if he made the lineup, Brett fvckin Seney is gonna stop him from wearing what he wants...
  17. Good on Stevie Y not making that poor kid try to pronounce that name
  18. I dunno, I really feel like him trying to hide his smile before the pick made me feel like he knew what was coming
  19. Jack definitely knew Safe pick, i'm fine with it obviously
  20. Fitz misses pick, makes CBJ make the choice for him
  21. Its Luke, look at Jack, he knows
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