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  1. Actually, it isn't. When it is a shot or pass follow through that results in a high stick, it's not a penalty. 60.1 High-sticking - A “high stick” is one which is carried above the height of the opponent’s shoulders. Players and goalkeepers must be in control and responsible for their stick. However, a player is permitted accidental contact on an opponent if the act is committed as a normal windup or follow through of a shooting motion. A wild swing at a bouncing puck would not be considered a normal windup or follow through and any contact to an opponent above the height of the shoulders shall be penalized accordingly.
  2. It's a follow through from a shot/pass. Even though it sucks, that's not a penalty.
  3. And a goal 8 goals 14 assists
  4. Nice give and go there by Hughes and Smiith leads to a PP! Way to go!
  5. 1 assist on Bratt's goal! Now 7 goals and 14 assists on the season so far!! Edit: That's a 48 point pace (for 82 games) for Zacha. I think everyone here would be real satisfied with around 50 points from Pav in a "normal" season.
  6. Thought Smith would get a point there, but looks like it'll be Bratt from Zajac and Pav!
  7. I thought Zajac could’ve controlled the puck there. Seems like the pass was on his tape. That’s what I thought I saw on the replay anyways.
  8. Complete contender against incomplete rebuilding/growing team. It shows.
  9. I hate using “luck” as an excuse for a player’s lack of point production, but Hughes definitely fits the bill.
  10. I was quite shocked about that too, and I love Holtz
  11. Button absolutely loves Broberg. He was raving about him all the WJC.
  12. Weird game today. Blackwood played phenomenal. Unfortunate ending with Jack's post in the 3rd and Zajac getting robbed in OT.
  13. What a play by Hughes. Yet another example of a great play made by Hughes that the other forwards can't capitalize on for sh!t.
  14. Great game by Mac. Jack is scoring the OT winner here after that post at the end of the 3rd.
  15. Hughes can't seem to buy a goal. Unfortunate
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