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  1. anyone that says they thought we would be scoring goals at will is full of Sh!t
  2. I don't remeber if it was a comment or a thread on the value of Henrique I read the other day but such a key tonight. Rico winning faceoffs when it counted.
  3. such a good feelin to walk away with the win.
  4. BCBG is tough, no corner retail so you are really dependent on the arena and hoping to scalp some business from the hotel. I think the big problem is the gateway building and the loss of some of their tenants. I'll be curious if anything ever comes out of the Biergarten as it was a ton of square footage. Lots of fun on the other side of Raymond with the Starbucks, Blaze pizza, burger walla and Burg opening. I see the old Port 44 building got sold so that might be something. I think the cool part is the city is pushing for Triangle park to force the redevelopment agreements around the area to move forward which will mean we will be seeing new developments every year for a while.
  5. I don't know. I see the back and forth about Lou but what's different this year is expectation are low for the first time in a while and we have a much younger team that had us looking to the future. If the team ends up over NHL 500 you have to applaud them. As a Mets fan I have seen the argument over what GM actually contributed more to a winning season and it's a fools errand. Every GM inherits a team and personal and it's what they do with it, I think Shero's MO was that he wasn't the one that actually built the Pittsburg teams, who gives a crud. Bottom line is the Devils have gotten off to a hot start, if they are able to withstand a full year and make the playoffs I will be amazed, if only because my expectations were for a terrible year. I plan on enjoying the ride and consider myself to be in fan heaven after a surprise Mets run so the Devils giving me this as well is just Christmas.
  6. New Choice! http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2015/11/newark_burg_opens_military_park_chris_siversen.html
  7. I think the big changes are that the Indigo is open and if you haven't gone to ALVA or SKYLAB (The rooftop bar). You are missing out. The big thing is the development around the corner is still moving forward with both RBH Group and Fidelco doing work on Market between University and Mullberry. As for triangle park there is reason to believe it will happen. The redevelopment agreements on all the owners surrounding the agreement were tied to that park being done and they it forces them to develop their lots. The city is pushing hard for this to happen because it needs the retables from buildings that would surround the arena which are currently parking lots. Boraie seems to have gotten site control on one of the best lots ( rt21, market, Edison and Mullberry) and has started pushing that as where they want to develop instead of Rector. If you go north of the area, on Broad, things are getting real nice around the new Prudential building with Military park looking fantastic and the new Burg Restaurant opening in there. I have seen a few new restaurants poping up around the new Prudential building so I think the trend of all the things you want to see being on the North side of the area will continue.
  8. I think the nice part is that all the North side the the arena and some of the west are being developed. Certainly the area to hang out before and after events is getting better so that's pretty good to see.
  9. Giving the new owners credit when it is due. They actually invested/lent to the Indigo project so that it could finally get finished. I think what Hanini/Fidelco are doing with Rock Plaza combined what RBH group is dong with four corners and teachers village will allow for an expanded entertainment group that connects the NJPAC with the colleges with the Arena district. The issue is that the rest of the city outside of the Ironbound is severely economically depressed and isn't going to change anytime soon. As a resident of the city's Ironbound section I have been happy to see the shift but I also realized the crazies on the other side of the city live in garbage and that isn't going to change in this generation but that won't hurt the development of downtown because they need the money to support their slums.
  10. Tons of other developments in that area and up through the universities. RBH has ownership interest in properties on Market as well and they have been consistenly moving forward with them. The other nice additions outside of Rock Plaza and the new Indigo are a shade North with what is happening at 1160 Raymond (new hotel), The Carlton (Also new hotel) and the huge project with the Prudential as well as the Haynes building. Then its a question of when they start on the NJPAC building and "Shaq" residential building and how long it takes Rutgers to get their new residential building fully renovated and Cablevision to open up.
  11. On a bizarre note, I just saw posted that BCBG is actually closed. Hopefully someone steps into there as I like having options along Edison.
  12. So yes things are moving along and Indigo I think is set for August/September for opening after all the delays. I think their will be a bunch of new food choices come hockey season so good news for the fans. On The development side the RBH guys are plugging along and I think as long as the new mayor keeps his head out of his behind and stays out of the way things will move along.
  13. Its been forever since I've posted here as well...maybe just trying to not see anything about the F-ing rangers that will get me all aggravated. Anyway, the real news is Military park is open and the Pru is chugging along. I think when people come back around for the beginning of hockey season they will want to wander 4 blocks over to check it out. Hopefully by then more of the market st work will be completed as well.
  14. I ate there and liked it. Nice staff and cozy location. I feel bad that they are kind of an Island over there, it would be better fi the Essex Sports Café next to them just got a liquor license and was a sports bar.
  15. I was pretty upset when it didn't happen last year. The vibe in the arena combined with the Saint Patrick tie ins always entertains and who can forget Elias in the cap =-)
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