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  1. He’s a compiluh! Good for a contending team to maybe get over the hump. Cordell had a good analysis of Lav not being the right fit for a rebuilding, young, fast team, especially not w Gallant/Boudreau available: https://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=106010
  2. He is. Good coach but overrated and I don’t think is the best fit for our roster makeup.
  3. I didn’t say it doesn’t make him a good coach or that he’s not a good coach.
  4. Calling them loaded when they were favorites in the West and had the best defensemen group in the league over the past decade with arguably the best goalie and a solid forward group isn’t a stretch.
  5. That absolutely does not imply that the correct coach has to have won a cup. If your criteria is any coach who has had any more success than us over the last decade than you’d likely be happy with anyone rather than the coach best able to develop our young players and play a competitive style suited to our roster. The next coach has the enormous responsibility of bringing along our young stars and squeezing as much out of this roster as possible. Lav’s loaded teams have looked underwhelming the past few years. I dont care that he took Carolina and Philly to cup finals 10-15 years ago (ancient history in hockey). Doesn’t make him the right coach. If it’s Lav vs Nas then sure give me Lav. Give me anyone but Nas. I’m not saying Lav is a bad coach but if it comes down to Lav vs Gallant then give me Gallant.
  6. He’s had loaded teams, man. How’d you think he’d do with a young team like our own?
  7. Oh dear god please no. Most overrated coach in the league. His teams always end up terrible possession-wise. Gallant or bust.
  8. Itd be exciting going onto SNY having a lot of it to ourselves, having more content and such. One good thing about MSG though I’ll say is that there’s great cross promotion bw all the teams on that network. If you’re a knicks, Rangers, islanders fan watching a game you’ll prob encounter a devils commercial at least once during the night. Not that those fans care about us but it keeps the Devils in the general conscious of many. I’d hope we wouldn’t get lost on SNY.
  9. Not to mention how it could perpetually fook up the NHL calendar for years. Reading potential January start dates for the 2020-21 season is lunacy.
  10. Thank you for considering and factoring in games played. Do you have a final standings list? (Potential draft order is affected by this)
  11. Plus the Avs and Ducks series he sounded completely unenthusiastic about the Devils and all over Colorado and Anaheim. It’s odd because back in the day I liked him when he was our announcer.
  12. If you notice every time a player touches the puck then you’re probably paying close attention to the game.
  13. Quoting this just so we can all see this fine work again
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