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  1. And they had a couple short handed chances to score on 2-on-1s to ice the game...and failed.
  2. And gave up a short handed goal in OT game 6! Can’t have too much sympathy for them.
  3. What an awful awful call...but what a third period.
  4. You don’t need to know obnoxious Ranger fans in order to dislike them. They are our prime competitors in every dimension of the game and market. Having that understanding and dislike isn’t location dependent.
  5. I dunno man, I’ve watched a lot of their games and they don’t generate a lot of offense as a whole. Hot garbage being relative for a supposed top playoff team.
  6. Tampa is loaded with talent from Goaltending thru D thru forwards. Nashville’s forward group is hot garbage to be honest.
  7. The Predators have looked awful. Aside from forsberg, they’re really lacking talent in their forward group. Rinne and their vaunted D have been poor down the stretch and it’s carried over into the playoffs.
  8. devlman

    Hughes or Kakko

    Wow watching Hughes live for the first time...this kid is phenomenal in so many ways. His composure with the puck, stick handling, passing, everything...by far the best player on either side.
  9. I hate them for their stupid post-win celebrations and trying to own that they’re a bunch of jerks. Fck them and their Tarzan noise arena.
  10. Indifferent but leaning towards hope they do well. It would be good for hockey coverage in the area if they had a nice run, I guess. Also would be another F.U. to Tavares and the Rags.
  11. Didn’t realize the Kings played in Malibu then
  12. devlman

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Again, the kid played with scrubs on a completely disinterested team, playing bottom line minutes. Even with that he showed improvement during his time up here. Far too early to be this critical. Also posted pretty good numbers in Binghamton. Next year is his time to make a stand, however.
  13. Patrik Kane is what this kid is supposed to be. What a gift!!!
  14. This also makes us more attractive for free agents. Maybe we can lure the bread man and/or EK
  15. He didn’t look bitter and said all the right things, so that’s a good start
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