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  1. Yeah saw him acknowledge the crowd there at the end. Loving our fans’ energy this year.
  2. Lol poor kid just wants to get to the locker room
  3. Thoughts on the game: - This team is damn good. Even when we don’t play our best games (as has been the case the last week) we still find ways to win and control play. - Trouba is piece of sh!t. Not only doesn’t shake our captain’s hand at the ceremonial puck drop but he then tries to throw his patented flying elbow on him. Should’ve been a charging call. - The Rag players are the whiniest players, complaining about every single call. Every penalty against them was clear cut yet they still bitched. - All the Devil fans at the Garden were loud. Even with MSG not miking arenas anymore, Devil fans came through loud and clear. You all are beauties, God bless you all and the Igor serenade.
  4. We can see ourselves that way but I don’t think Severson is the difference in how we do one way or the other.
  5. I just don’t see us as cup contenders or anything serious like that yet. In other words, he’s not the difference between a playoff run or a first round exit. I wouldn’t want to give up a potentially nice return for a replaceable player.
  6. I will say though that they have Marino as barely a 1 on the ‘points above replacement’ score they use, so take this with a grain of salt.
  7. The Athletic’s advanced metrics equate him to negative value.
  8. No I promise you this isn’t a whipping boy situation or bias or anything. He’s legit awful. Advanced stats back it up. Any time we are getting caved in, he’s usually on the ice. Has he improved? Slightly? But I’m not sure how we could do a lot worse.
  9. Any half decent 3rd pair dman you can send a low pick for at the trade deadline. Only needs to play 15 min a night. I wouldn’t be opposed to keeping him for the entire season if not for the return we can get from him.
  10. Whoa slow your roll there buddy. I’m feeling the good kumbaya we now love Tomas Tatar vibes as much as the next guy but Smith continues to look like steaming sh!t. That hasn’t changed since day 1.
  11. Regarding your second point, I don’t see how it’s necessary Severson finishes the season. His reputation still surpasses his actual level to the point where we can do well to trade him and fill his 14 mins with a run of the mill rental. Him and Blackwood can fetch a decent haul.
  12. Another game were we absolutely dominate, eye test and advanced metrics, and we still end up with 1 powerplay? How are we bottom half of the league in powerplay time?
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