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  1. Will Butcher needs to be shot into the sun. That is all.
  2. Exactly how I feel. That and watching for improvement from Hughes. I would really like to encourage those watching to observe Zacha’s shifts and to ask yourselves if he really is giving 100% out there.
  3. McLeod looks pretty decent every time he gets a chance. Does Hayden look ‘ready’?
  4. Re Zacha: Is he still technically ‘young’ and capable of developing further? I suppose. Does he look, in any way shape or form - in any fvcking world - that he is progressing? Absolutely not. He honestly looks embarrassing out there. The effort literally isn’t there. The last game against Washington I spotted him coasting entire shifts. He doesn’t appreciate being here and given the chances his draft position has afforded him. He can gtfo. As far as other lineup decisions go, why is McLeod or any other kid not playing over Hayden and Rooney?? I am so fvcking sick of seeing those two worthless sacks of sh!t get penciled into an NHL lineup every night. What have they done to deserve it? So tired of it. The one good thing from being a bad team is that you get to give your young players valuable NHL time and experience. Why is John Hayden on this team? I’m done...why is Nas still our coach? (Even from before Shero got fired? I can’t anymore with this garbage.
  5. I’m sure no one would have a problem with input from the analytics department if it wasn’t circumventing the actual General Manager! That cannot be a healthy operating model.
  6. I think you’re reading too much into it. He was asked that question and to explain his overall attitude about being a Devil. He pointed out the positives because he wants to stay. I’m sure he’s ticked about the season (and his play) but, like all of us, recognized we are a very young team.
  7. Not only that but they’ve played well this season but have not had good shooting percentages. I’d hire Gallant here in a second.
  8. This team just needed a coaching change and some time to gel and some time away from Schneids. They’re getting stronger and stronger. Another reason the firing was real harsh.
  9. March back to the playoff hunt continues! (Let me have this). LGD!!
  10. But then the owners wouldn’t have agreed to deal Hall. Either way, they would’ve been in the loop on Shero’s thinking re Hall, so that whole situation should not have come as any surprise to them. If they drew the line and fired a really good mentor to our young players over Sami Vatanen then that’s even more bizarre.
  11. I’m more annoyed at the insulting ‘press conference’ Harris gave the more I think about it. Pure owner-speak, no specifics. Bizarre timing. I mean he signed off on letting Hall be traded but god forbid we get some potentially exciting pieces for a 30 year old winger. Still doesn’t add up. That’s why I still feel that they were pro tank and Shero was the one saying no to that.
  12. devlman

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    They could say that to protect Shero or themselves to not make either party look foolish. It was a generic statement.
  13. devlman

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    What else would they say?
  14. The owner gave a generic quote about winning. That’s it. Didn’t mean Shero didn’t want to. They all could have been on board with winning with the offseason moves and with it exploding in our faces Shero is realizing we aren’t going to win right now so let’s continue adding to our Nico/Bratt/Jack core with players that age. To me, it’s stupid to not get a first round pick back for Sami vatanen. Sami is a good player but he’s not quite on the timeline. Id trust Ray Shero than Josh Harris over that hockey decision.
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