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  1. devlman

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Id say we deserve a better update at the very least. I’ve never heard of a team sitting dead last in its division withholding injury updates on this scale. You only see that in the playoffs and for good reason. What possible reason would the Devils have to not give better updates? That tells me it’s either very serious (which fans ought to be informed) or he friggin stubbed his toe and they want to be extra cautious with him and promote tanking, and if it’s the latter I’d be pretty annoyed because it’s subjected us to misery on the ice. Either way, anything beyond these meager updates, the fans deserve. We’ve all been watching this sh!t show with Rooney Seney Gabriel and Gryba for months now.
  2. devlman

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Details, my friend. Some fans like to know what’s going on to the team’s best player and the reason for his absence for quarter of a dreadful season. I’m not looking for a stool sample analysis, just any update, really, because if this is a serious injury, then that can lead to chronic issues. Adds more context to watching games. These CIA-level “he’s not skating” updates every three weeks do not give any information as to his possible return.
  3. devlman

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    It’s ridiculous they haven’t given an update on the team’s star player. His absence is the main reason the fans have had to suffer miserably through this season. Any other market and the media would have extracted some information by now. I hope this isn’t an injury that could lead to chronic and structural issues down the line.
  4. devlman

    GDT: Devils at St. Louis at 8pm 2/12 - MSG+

    We are going to have one of the best prospect pools in the league after this year’s draft, and have promising young talent with the big club now (Butcher, Bratt, Nico, Blackwood). We just need to shore up the defense and clear out the deadwood and we’ll be back to talking about playoffs and exciting hockey. Until then, nothing to do but hope we lose the rest of the season.
  5. devlman

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    His point production at every stage of his career. Very good +/- rating in Bing. Great natural speed and hands. Loads of potential.
  6. devlman

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    McLeod has been playing well down in Bing. Very excited to see him up here next season. Not sure why he hasn’t been called up to finish the season here and get some experience. All-Star potential.
  7. Haha I can’t afford to part with any more picks. What I need is to actually have the player I drafted in the first round, Hall, to return from wherever the hell he is.
  8. Im slowly falling off the top spot - now 10 pts back. My guys are fizzling out down the stretch. Theres still time but I need a good rally from the troops
  9. devlman

    GDT: Lou vs Devils 7:00 @ The Rock

    Sometimes? That’s all he does. Rambling without any end in sight.
  10. devlman

    GDT: Lou vs Devils 7:00 @ The Rock

    Schneids wants this BAD lol
  11. devlman

    GDT: Kings @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+ Boo Kovy Editon

    Why isn’t McLeod up with the big club?? How many games is Rooney going to get? Enough is enough. Give the kids their reps. If Zacha could be up here most of the season then surely they can give McLeod more than four minutes.
  12. devlman

    GDT: Rags @ Devils (Finally) - 31 Jan @ 7pm Eastern

    When you trot out an AHL roster you get AHL results.
  13. devlman

    GDT: Rags @ Devils (Finally) - 31 Jan @ 7pm Eastern

    You couldn’t pay me to attend a devils game the rest of this season. fvcking garbage players with garbage efforts. Feel for you schmucks at this sh!t game.
  14. devlman

    GDT: Rags @ Devils (Finally) - 31 Jan @ 7pm Eastern

    I wonder if this is the last intra-conference initial meeting between two clubs in the NHL.
  15. devlman

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Yes but major point deductions for not asking him what the hell injury he’s nursing...on the flip side, at least we know he’s alive.

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