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  1. Coaching is fine. Sometimes the players need to be held accountable. They’re NHL players. No one should have to be teaching them to play hard and with passion.
  2. It’s so cringey listening to Dano fight to find the words to complete a thought.
  3. I think the talent is there, they’re just mentally soft and passion-less.
  4. PK loves yucking it up with the other team’s star players
  5. So many invisible guys tonight - Palms, Hughes, Kook
  6. I’d sell off the vets as quickly as possible and call up Merkley, Foote, Walsh, etc
  7. What’s funny is that the young kids look far more hungry and impressive than the vets. The veteran players sum up exactly what you’ve described.
  8. Vats again on the ice for another odd man rush against
  9. Does this team play any defense?! I mean ffs every time Vats is out there we give up a scoring chance
  10. Lmao I can’t take this anymore. Of course Kevin fkn Rooney scores. PK played that so badly.
  11. Vats has to be benched immediately. I miss Tennyson it’s that ugly
  12. Turnovers and shots sent wide and high define the season
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