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  1. This is the game the turnaround starts!! On the flip side, a loss must mean changes - players or coaches - must happen. have a feeling we blow them out
  2. Hughes with the game winners LGD!
  3. I agree that’s probably where Hall is coming from
  4. I think the forwards and to an extent the defensemen are actually way too aggressive in the D zone. They run around like headless chickens and get caught out of position as a result. Then when they get the puck everyone isn’t in a spot to breakout properly. Compounding that is the inexplicable lack of puck handling and accurate passing that leads to turnovers. They then get gassed and don’t pressure the puck carrier at all after that.
  5. devlman

    Fire Hynes

    It would temporarily silence his critics. The team would still need to string some W’s together thereafter, which after a big rivalry win can kickstart their season. Don’t know how people can root for the team to lose six games in.
  6. That goal was totally on Severson. He coasts around the D zone doing nothing, picking up no one and looking like a lazy slug. Typical of him so far.
  7. devlman

    Fire Hynes

    A big fkn beatdown of the Rags shuts all this up and makes things right again.
  8. What is this fun you speak of? I know little of it. These ass clowns have completely ruined my day and likely rest of the week after Thursday’s humiliation. Still sick to my stomach.
  9. You called his inclusion a positive change before the game.
  10. Season ticket Dept will have to come up with another email scam to bring in fans after this sh!t show
  11. And they’ve quit! They’ve given up. Still a two goal lead and they’ve packed it in
  12. I would’ve agreed except for the manner it which this game was thrown away is beyond inexcusable
  13. Damon Severson HAS GOT TO GO! What the hell is he doing on the pk, just drifting around aimlessly without tying up his man
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