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  1. Trading FOR young prospects generally doesn’t happen when rebuilding. Teams aren’t in the business of trading away those guys. Sometimes the best way to rebuild is by not trading away assets.
  2. I think his grading system is a little confusing. Power is listed as an ‘average’ skater but it’s in the context that he’s 6’6. A defenseman that height would be well off being an average skater. But yeah I didn’t get the vibe that he was a huge fan of this class.
  3. With a really good defenseman, I do… so long as internal development continues at the pace we’ve seen. Also believe strong chance Pens, Caps, Rags are weaker next year.
  4. Hamilton or Dunn and this team is making the playoffs. Dunn would probably cost a 2nd and a Boqvist. Hamilton would require a big time contract offer. We have the cap space and assets for it.
  5. Easy there, Trav...you weren’t fitting in over there either up until recently getting some ice time.
  6. devlman


    Would it kill NBC’s sh!tty cameramen and director to zoom in a little. Feels like watching a game from the upper deck.
  7. devlman


    Damn does Colorado look really good
  8. Yeah much cooler with that scenario. It’s just the notoriety that fans around the league will think we won just because we hit on some lottery balls numerous times. May not make sense and shouldn’t care about anything else but winning the cup but just my preference. If this class had a generational talent I wouldn’t say the same thing. That’d be too good to pass up.
  9. I’m pretty sure no one will see it this way but I don’t want to be the team that won the cup because they had not one, not two, but three first overall picks. The difference in the top 3 picks isn’t worth it anyway to have the notoriety of having 3 of these first overalls. Difference between Owen Power or Luke Hughes is negligible.
  10. devlman


    The Atlanta Thrashers have as many first round playoff series wins as the Leafs since then.
  11. devlman


    Would love to see another Leafs choke job tonight.
  12. No idea it was this Wednesday either. Pretty big day to fly under the radar
  13. devlman


    Full credit for trying to rush back but I personally hope he just calls it a day for the season. I can’t imagine anyone being ready to take more physical punishment to the head after having their brain scrambled so badly.
  14. Not only that, but we actually have a lot of young forwards knocking on the roster door. Coleman is a nice player but I don’t know if I’d want him blocking the path of a Foote or a Mercer. Mercer btw seems like a better version of Coleman
  15. My god you’re still rambling about negotiation. I could care less about it as it had nothing to do with my point. Of course you’re not going to have leverage when deciding to overbid - by overbidding you’re already telling the player they have the ball in negotiating. That’s an obvious downside with overbidding. The idea is you’re biting the bullet and conceding in areas to get the player.
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