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  1. devlman

    Ray finally speaks

    If we're going to get on Shero for not signing ROR or Hoffman then man does that reek of desperation and hindsight. (And btw, neither are defensemen anyway, so we'd still be giving up 9 goals a game.)
  2. devlman

    Ray finally speaks

    We've been over this. Again, aside from Stastny (who i wouldnt call extremely talented), who are the players Ray should have acquired? Tavares? Not invited. Karlsson? NTC and Ottawa wasnt going to deal him east. Carlson? Wanted to stay in Wash. JVR? Wanted Philly. Trade for Pacioretty? We didnt, and still dont, have many bargaining chips to afford to expend. You cant just make a blanket assumption that not acquiring players was somehow Ray's fault.
  3. devlman

    GDT: Devils @ Sharks 10:30 PM MSG+

    Not to mention Palmieri’s awful attempt at defending. I’m starting to really despise this team and their brain dead style of hockey.
  4. devlman

    GDT: Devils @ Sharks 10:30 PM MSG+

    If I see Hynes look at that stupid iPad every time we get scored on one more time I’m going to lose it.
  5. devlman

    The Devils defense has been really good this year.

    To me, his idiotic decision to bat the puck out of mid air towards an open goal wasn't even his most egregious error on a goal. That honor goes to Anaheim's third goal, in which Greene takes a dumb slashing penalty, and with the delayed call in effect, follows the opposing player to the POINT! Completely leaving Severson outnumbered down low. I get that skills deteriorate but a veteran should have a better IQ on the ice. He also loses nearly every one on one battle. Every time he's out there it's automatic zone time or shot on goal for the opposition. My patience with him has long gone.
  6. devlman

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    No idea how we lost this game, no idea why we suck so bad in OT...Tomorrow we absolutely need at least a point.
  7. devlman

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    Please also for the fifth goal. Thanks! Looking forward to a good explanation.
  8. devlman

    The Devils defense has been really good this year.

    Annndd you were saying? Just wondering if the defense is still really good after scoring two goals against ourselves
  9. devlman

    The Devils defense has been really good this year.

    Nah..the defense is atrocious
  10. devlman

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    I beg someone to please please please explain to me wtf Andy Greene was doing on that shift on the third goal. Thanks
  11. devlman

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    Must win as SJ is all but a guaranteed loss.
  12. devlman

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    This little douche has played one season in the league and has lost most of them yet is yapping his mouth. He’s like his idiot father. Can’t wait for someone to lay him out.
  13. devlman

    GDT: Devils at Los Angeles 12/6 - 10:30pm MSG+

    Andy Greene isn’t an NHL level player anymore. Literally every time he’s on the ice the opposition gets either zone time or a shot. He loses every single one on one battle. We’re actually a decent team when he’s not out there.
  14. devlman

    GDT: Devils at Los Angeles 12/6 - 10:30pm MSG+

    This road trip is THE season right here. 4/6 points absolute minimum required. Anything less and I’d say we know what we are for certain and no chance at playoffs.
  15. devlman

    Fire Hynes

    Over the passed two weeks, what game did we play where the effort level stunk? I mean, im not saying theyre going all out for 60 mins, but for the most part it at least appears as if theyre trying. if Hynes lost the room you'd be seeing a lot less frustration from the players and a lot more time dogging it on the ice. I also didnt understand the JQ benching, but that cant be the reason. Here's the number one reason we're in last place right now: Our schedule. Every other game is against a cup contender, it seems. Weve already played Tampa, Wash, and Wpg, 7 times. We need a good stretch of games against LA, the Rags, Chicago, etc...

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