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  1. Yeah I’m talking when he goes ice cold he looks like he’s never shot a puck before. When he’s hot he’s hot.
  2. Palms is the poster child for not executing. From simple passes to forgetting how to skate to not being able hit the broad side of a barn with a shot, when he’s cold he’s really bad. I also think his defensive game is vastly overrated. I’d trade him in a heartbeat.
  3. When I made this proposal a couple months I believe it was you who responded saying it wouldn’t work because Knight is the heir apparent in Fla (despite Bob being on a 7 year deal) and thus Florida wouldn’t make that deal. I’d still absolutely make that deal if I am Shero and Fla is willing. Knight is arguably the top goalie prospect around.
  4. Replacing Hynes with a Hynes disciple is not going to cut it. Agree wholeheartedly that, for the sake of developing the kids the right way, a permanent manager needs to be identified and brought on ASAP.
  5. devlman

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    Severson is such a lost cause
  6. devlman

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    My god are our players garbage
  7. Of course but Ray has to sell the idea of the insta-cup happening w a Hall acquisition.
  8. Colorado wins the cup this season with Hall. That’s the difference, plain and simple. If someone said to me the Devils will win the Stanley Cup this year if we part with Smith and a first then obviously we all do that in a second. Ray has to get Colorado thinking along these lines. If Ottawa could extract A high level talent like Branstrom then that has to be our benchmark.
  9. this is true BUT Hall can be the player that pushes Colorado over the edge and brings them a Stanley Cup. So to that end, there has to be an overpayment required. Shero shouldn’t be asking for fair market value. He should be asking teams ‘How much are you willing to overpay?’
  10. There is absolutely no way Sakic gives us Byram. That said, if he were dumb enough to send him our way we’d have a defense backbone with Byram and Smith with a center backbone of Hughes and Hischier. Cups for the next decade.
  11. What a cowardly group completely risk averse in overtime. Never see a team in the O-zone consistently pull it back out of the zone so often under so little pressure.
  12. Byram is an absolute stud and a first overall pick-level player. Would be over the moon if he came back in the deal. I’d imagine we’d have to sweeten the pot for Sakic to part with him.
  13. Scotty or bust. Come back, oh captain!
  14. Hynes’ firing doesn’t change the fact that the players must be booed mercilessly! At any opportunity!
  15. A month too late and the wrong interim coach put in place. As a result, Hynes’ firing seems so anti climactic and meh.
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