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  1. I know it’s been said before, including by myself, but man is it refreshingly awesome to have an actual reporter again out there trying to get us info.
  2. We’ll hear five years from now after he wins the Art Ross how Joe Schmoe was actually ahead of Wright on someone’s board and that we should’ve taken him. A true indictment of Fitzgerald. If it comes down to Cooley and Wright, I don’t know if Wright is the obvious pick. Reading a ton of great things about Cooley. I’d trade down and take whoever is left over.
  3. And there will hopefully be a rookie camp sometime after Aug 9 to help bide us over til training camp. New replacement for the PA guy too?!
  4. You have no evidence that Yzerman’s hit rate is greater than anyone else’s though. Give me the league average hit rate and then give me Yzerman’s.
  5. Darcy Dumper has no business winning a Stanley Cup. Colorado is just too good to let a mediocre goalie tending their net stop them.
  6. He’s a good pro but how can that network pick a guy with no NHL experience to be your #1 pbp commentator? This man is calling the Stanley Cup Finals.
  7. My issue with ESPN, besides Hextall, Mr. Crybaby, McDonagh, the network itself for that matter…is the audio of the games is terrible. The crowds and sounds of the game are so muted. Is anyone honestly surprised ESPN put such little effort into hockey?
  8. I don’t understand the Flyers hiring Torts. They should be tanking for Bedard. Torts will have them fighting for a playoff spot come March all the while making their young players slowly hate hockey.
  9. This new guy is working hard. He could be a good one.
  10. This. And not only that, but drafting a defenseman first overall is a risk. Taking Nico was the safer bet at the time to at least get to a certain level. Can’t fault Shero for thinking that way at all.
  11. I would just be really concerned about cat’s size next to a Jack or w a Bratt. But then again he did fine next to the smallish Kane, so who knows. Eventually we’ll be in a cup window and you need wings with size. Also I’m not giving up both 2OA and Holtz. One or the other can headline a package. Doubt Chicago settles for that though.
  12. devlman


    The insanely good powerplay goal at home against the Rags. Henrique it’s over. The goal vs Philly game 3. He was absolutely unstoppable that year. Also I believe he fed Zajac for his ot goal game 6 v fla.
  13. devlman


    There’s a million reasons to hate Kovy as a Devils fan and absolutely pass on bringing him in at age 39, but I will say this: That man gave us the greatest non cup season in franchise history. Defeating the Phailures and Rags in back to back series is every Devils fan’s wet dream. Forever a legend.
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