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  1. It sounds like Tarasenko and STL will have a truce of sorts to let him play and rebuild his value before a deal is made. He ain’t moving before the season.
  2. People are high on Mercer not just because of a prospect game but It’s been his development over the last year and a half. He’s looked terrific and can project to one day be certain players if he continues his trajectory. The prospect game is just another validation of it.
  3. Yes, VPN should do it if watching from a pc. Not sure if thru a smart tv.
  4. Are these regular people with no experience? If so, wouldnt the team want someone who has done this kind of thing before? This isn’t American Idol.
  5. Yeah im not putting in money in a league where my draft spot is against me from the getgo.
  6. @aylbert our trusty commish we are thirsty for fantasy draft info lol
  7. A little over a month til regular season begins. Is it too soon to start thinking about a draft day consensus?
  8. As I’ve said before, I think he breaks out this year. 50+ point seasons were nice before but won’t cut it anymore.
  9. To render a final verdict on these players now is far too premature. Nico isn’t a final product and Colorado is loaded with talent to help Makar. Both will be great players - Makar is ahead of the development curve is all.
  10. I truly felt Nico was primed to breakout last season until he had the worst luck (Broken leg, Covid, broken sinus cavity). I think this year he’s our best player and busts out the production across the board. Ppg could be in reach.
  11. Individual tix are on sale.
  12. Eichel wisely keeps dragging down his trade value.
  13. Looks like Houston will be the front runner for the Yotes. Arizona’s arena lease is expired at the end of the season.
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