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  1. Ultimately though, you can’t waste an elite centerman on a third line. You’d also have to give the ice time and wingers needed to keep him happy. You’d also end up spending a lot on a third liner. Best to shift him to wing.
  2. Pronman just updated his list to have Rossi at #3
  3. The more I read about Rossi, the more amazed I am about how wowed scouts are about his game. If he falls to 7, we have to grab him.
  4. devlman

    Hockey Songs

    Not to that full extent but the intent was there
  5. The Rangers haven’t turned any damn corner yet. Very young just like us. Do they have more prospects? Yes. Do they still put on that rotten and unlucky blue shirt? Yes. An organization destined to underachieve. I’ll start beating them off with the rest of you when they actually make a playoffs.
  6. Which eye would you like to gouge out if you had to gouge out one?!
  7. devlman

    Hockey Songs

    DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS PLACE IS A LIBRARY!! True aggression. Kevin Clark must’ve been going through something.
  8. devlman

    Hockey Songs

    Thank god the PA guy stopped berating us to MAAAKKKEEE SSOMMMMEEE NOISSEEE YOU MISERABLE LAME FANSSSS!! about 45 times a game. That was a weird time for the franchise lol.
  9. devlman

    Hockey Songs

    I miss hockey so much I miss hearing ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ played during video reviews. Makes even less sense when you consider our video review success rate is like 3%. Tough times..
  10. Q1: Game 6 of 2001 scf. One win away from celebrating the cup on home ice and the entire team sh!t the bed in a dreadful performance. Q2: I’d delete the trades for all the Devil retreads Lou pulled in his time. Partly desecrated the legacies of some great Devils. Scott Gomez shouldn’t have even been brought since he was a traitor. I’d erase Gilmour because he was a star but his term here didn’t really add anything invaluable to memorialize. Q3: Mark Messier’s tears so we could put them in the team’s trophy case in a nice vile. Q4: Wish I went to Henrique it’s over
  11. I think that offer would be enough to net us Nylander. Marner would certainly command more. I’d be happy with that deal for Nylander.
  12. What a great pile of sh!t this is. So nice of the league to give the Rags a chance at the cup and great odds at the first overall. fvck off.
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