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  1. It was a dumb fvcking pointless post. You’re still missing the point. Moving on.
  2. This is an SD-type, die on the hill response by you. Your post was incorrect and pointless. It’s like saying if Nico scores 50 a year he’s easily break Gretzky’s record. Or if I grew wings tomorrow I could easily fly. It’s technically true. However, it’s a silly comment because none of those if’s would come easily. Ovechkin has no history of elite goal scoring passed the age of 35. Maintaining his rate will not come easily. You got some responses on it but have decided people just didn’t read your post properly. They did, it just wasn’t accurate or substantive. But who cares? We all have
  3. If Nico scores 50 goals a season he’ll easily break Gretzky’s record.
  4. He could very well do it and I hope he does but my contention is that maintaining those ‘If’s’ won’t be easy at all. He will very likely slow down due to his age and talent around him. Historically, players just don’t maintain elite levels late 30s. He may still score at a good clip but asking for 40 a year when he’s 37, 38 is a very tall ask.
  5. Why is Ovi’s case pointing to the contrary? We don’t have evidence of his production in the 35-40age range to go on. Again, with the Gretzky example you pointed out, elite players face a steep decline in that age. And of course if he maintains his pace he’d break every record there, but that’s meaningless to say since he won’t, or at least won’t do so easily.
  6. As you’ve pointed out with the Gretzky example, maintaining elite goal numbers after the age 35 is extremely difficult. There won’t be anything ‘easily’ broken here. Ovi would have to pot 40 a year to his age 40 season. One would have to expect a slowdown, especially with a declining caps team behind him.
  7. He’s not retiring next season
  8. Happy Birthday. You went from a poster absolutely no one could understand (and maybe some can still not lol) to posting some great prospect content using excellent EnglIsh skills!
  9. But you did the same thing you accuse people on social media of doing. Getting on a soapbox spreading misinformation without looking at the details that were there for you to see. You’re not encouraging the right thought process, stop patting yourself on the back lol except for at least you admitted you were wrong.
  10. Admitting youre wrong while smugly congratulating yourself for doing so while pointing out others don’t have that same virtuous trait that you have is probably why you got the reaction you did. Just a little advice.
  11. Agree with what you said and I know this wasn’t your point but, for the record, that sh!t wouldn’t have been tolerated in any of those decades you mentioned either, especially when it involved a mentally disabled kid. I mean sick cruelty followed by beating the sh!t out of someone is repulsive by any era’s standards and well beyond hazing.
  12. Read the article, we do know what happened.
  13. These look really good. Very unique
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