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  1. Yeah this is going to screw up the draft pick situation
  2. At least our offseason won’t be painfully long if the season somehow resumes and games are played into July.
  3. Well, I guess our fantasy league final standing is null and void for this season! Works for me!!
  4. Why isn’t this precaution taken whenever a bad flu strain is about? Is there data that the covid infection rate is higher than that of the flu? Is the hospitalization rate higher than that of the flu? The mortality rate floated about is likely overstated.
  5. It’s absolutely not trivial. No one is suggesting it’s not. But the reported death rate is likely inflated due to it being a new virus and people not knowing they have it versus the flu or even wanting to avoid being quarantined. For seniors though I agree it is seemingly more concerning.
  6. That’s a valid point but there’s no evidence that suggests it’s more contagious than the flu or requires more hospitalization than seasonal flu would.
  7. Maybe not legally but in the court of public opinion/perception...
  8. As people should be on high alert. Does shutting down every event, organization, and gathering mean high alert or overreaction?
  9. Calm down, man-child. If you can’t have a conversation without your estrogen levels flaring up then stay out of it. In just another thread you complained about lack of moderation of posts. Quite ironic.
  10. No company wants to be liable or blamed for anyone’s death. So they all follow suit.
  11. Sorry but a st Patrick’s day parade being shut down is not a barometer for determining potency of a virus. Don’t just pick out headlines to conclude that it could become more fatal than the flu. We have actual facts and figures to tell you the opposite.
  12. Therefore the death rate is likely much lower than reported. Re Italy: that country has a very old population, and many of their fatalities were elderly people, which probably explains their shut down.
  13. A few of you don’t realize how special a talent this kid is. He’s 18 years old.
  14. No no no don’t try to pull that card of ‘oh we are just trying to express a different opinion, please don’t crucify us for our well to do thoughts!’. fvck outta here with that. If someone wants to talk complete and utter sh!t then go right ahead. But don’t whine when people call it out. Saying Hughes is already a bust isn’t an opinion rooted in any logic, hockey or otherwise. It’s not groupthink that people are wise enough to recognize 1.bullsh!t and 2.someone’s hysteria.
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