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  1. devlman

    It’s Keefe

    He did a great job in Toronto. The Leafs issue was not coaching. They actually looked really well coached this year and against Boston. The problem was the roster construction. One of the best coaches in the league imo. Tremendous hire.
  2. What a surprise the Rags are exposed when facing an actual goaltender.
  3. This has to be one of the most attractive jobs in hockey. One beat writer who is muzzled by the club, excellent travel, great place to live, and of course a team set up to win for years to come (pending a goalie).
  4. Florida in 5 or 6. Rags won’t be able to handle them net-front and actually have to face a real goalie for once.
  5. Need Florida to win. They can take down the rags. Better special teams, solid goalie, physical, will get in sh!tstain’s face, bitch around Panarin.
  6. The full tweets say the accused individuals never worked for the team, according to the Blackhawks.
  7. Great to hear…bring it on home now Fitzy!
  8. Sullivan, Keefe, Berube are my top 3, in that order.
  9. And the piece of sh!t that he is moved his skate towards Necas at the end. Just so dangerous and dirty. The league should be suspending players even if there’s no contact. The intent should be punished. Also, how that wasn’t a minor penalty for charging or elbowing (again, intent) is beyond me it was so obvious.
  10. devlman

    Alexander Holtz

    Yikes. Cmon Holtz get your ass in gear. I fully expect him to come into camp (if he isn’t part of a trade) on a mission. Anything less will be a red flag.
  11. In a heartbeat. Of course, Nashville wouldn’t agree lol. Maybe the 10th and a Holtz or Casey. I’m inclined to hold onto Holtz as I’m still a big believer in him and will only judge him after he has an actual coach caring about his development. So, i’d shuttle the 10th and Casey to Boston so fast if they’d accept that.
  12. Yeah that really should’ve been vetoed and the other manager should be banned for that madness. Makes you wonder if there was some collusion going on…kindve takes the shine off his league win, if so.
  13. If Boston blows this Montgomery could very well become available. A potential pool of coaching candidates that includes Cooper, Brindamor, Montgomery would be insane. On a side note, Boston has looked absolutely terrible. Soft, lifeless, sleepwalking, one-dimensional. Very uncharacteristic for them.
  14. We don’t have an abundance of speedy skilled wingers that can play with Jack. Getting rid of Bratt to fill one need just creates another void. Not to mention I think Bratt can keep improving and hit an even higher level. I like that Jack has someone who can play a hundred miles and hour with him. Mercer/Holtz can kick rocks if making room for Tkachuk. Cap space can always work itself out. Vegas and Tampa have had no problem figuring it out.
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