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  1. 16,091 tonight - Only the second non-sellout thus far (both being only a few hundred short on weeknight games vs unsexy teams). Really great crowds we’ve been getting through the historically-rough opening months.
  2. I was worried they would review that. It looked extremely close. Msg didn’t even acknowledge it.
  3. Hopefully Smith gets suspended a bunch of games.
  4. Few thoughts on an absolutely massive win: 1. The Holtz-Lazar-McLeod line was excellent tonight. 2. I’ve already had it with Vanecek and tonight confirms my thoughts on him. He simply doesn’t make enough key saves. This has to be Schmid’s team now. 3. I feel like the team plays better defensively without Dougie Hamilton. I’d love for him to be a third pairing defenseman going forward for the time being. 4. We need to be much better defensively. Lindy has to get this sorted out immediately. 5. Refs were awful tonight. 6. Nico looks like a rejuvenated player, skating even better pre-injury. 2 in a row, great opportunity Thursday for a nice little winning streak.
  5. The lying to the fans is so insulting. Timo is short term? Nico is day by day? It’s one thing to not be transparent and another to outright lie.
  6. I have no faith in Vanecek. I hate this bubble wrapping of goalies. You’re telling me a professional NHL goalie, 23 years old, who didn’t have a lot of work last night, can’t play back to back? This is a MUST win. There is no tomorrow. Play Schmid. Vanecek is asking for us to have to score 5 today.
  7. If they come out limp again for the first period I’m going to lose hope for this season. Can’t believe I’m saying this in November.
  8. Hamilton was the difference between 0 and 2 points…again. I’d love for him to be scratched next game. He is straight up trash out there.
  9. Can we get some actual defensemen on this team? Smith, Bahl, Hamilton is asking to give up a ton of goals
  10. He is a fvcking disaster in our zone
  11. I’m not on the fire Lindy wagon. The D-corps is full of guys who just aren’t very good in their own zone. Marino being the exception. Siegs isn’t bad but I think we’re seeing what his true level is, which is nothing spectacular. But this is a roster management issue and not a coaching one. I don’t know if Jacques Lemaire himself could help this group. Fitz needs to add a Tanev or Zadorov to bolster the group. Btw, Dougie Hamilton needs to perform better defensively. I get he’s an offensive dman but im sorry - if you’re getting paid 9 mil a year you need to hold yourself to a better standard defensively.
  12. Agreed it wasn’t a gamble. But one of the biggest disappointments for me has been Kevin Bahl. We really banked on him staying on the level he set during the playoffs. Instead, what we have is a player making a ton of mistakes and looking like he can’t handle the big minutes. Maybe banking on his continued development was a gamble but who saw this big a regression coming? It wasn’t that much of a gamble. A big part of why Lindy’s tenure has been successful has been the production of young players but this season guys like Bahl, Mercer, Schmid have taken steps back.
  13. I officially really hate our goaltenders. Average at best to describe them is putting it very nicely.
  14. Jeez…there’s always someone who likes to be the hipster contrarian. There’s no way he honestly believes this. And he’s insultingly condescending assuming every last critic just doesn’t see the ‘in your face noticeable’ plays.
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