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  1. I’ve always said Nico’s ceiling was ppg. Looks like he can become that. With opposition having to focus on Jack’s line, and with the development of Mercer and acquisition of Timo, Nico finally has solid wingers around him. I think him staying healthy has obviously been huge but I’m just glad he’s able to enjoy hockey again. He has said that the past few miserable years took away some enjoyment of the game for him. So now we have a motivated, healthy, mature stud with talent around him.
  2. What the fvck you talking about? Yeah fire the guy who has us on pace for the best regular season in club history because we lost a game.
  3. The leftover dogsh!t from the awful years that was never tossed in the trash.
  4. Yeah an 80% Jack is still one of the best players in the league. He did not look good tonight, however coincidental or not that may be to his injury.
  5. It’s just a damn shame because blowing this lead likely costs us the division. Stars aligned w Svechnikov out, too.
  6. It was perplexing seeing Severson continue to be thrown out there in the third. His mishandling the puck with the goalie pulled while facing absolutely no pressure was sickening. He belongs on the Blackhawks. He’s a rebuild superstar. Never a winner. He can fvck right outta here this summer.
  7. Listen, as bad as they played tonight they still likely win it if not for the ridiculously brain-dead Damon Severson. How many crucial third period penalties does this guy get to take before Lindy stops playing him in the 3rd?? I mean the penalty he took today was just fvcking dumb and lazy. No damn reason for it. Still wondering where Lindy’s timeout went with the goalie pulled and how this powerplay looks so bad. Also, if Jack is hurt he should sit out and get healthy.
  8. Clear trip on Bratt No timeout?
  9. This may be the division hopes going up in flames tonight
  10. Loser player for loser teams
  11. Cannot say enough about Schmid. Goalie of the present and the future. What a gem he’s developed into.
  12. Schmid is a future all star. This kid looks legit.
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