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  1. Lindy Ruff needs to explain himself post game. That is an inexcusable game killing penalty
  2. Jack’s next step is needing to improve his defensive zone game. Too many turnovers, flyby’s, and missed assignments from him.
  3. Spencer Knight is more valuable than a franchise cornerstone?
  4. What I’m noticing and liking this game and last is the willingness to dump the puck in and hunt it down. No more risky passes in the neutral zone for the sake of holding onto the puck for as long as possible. They’re getting the puck north-south and working along the boards.
  5. Start the season? Was it you who wanted to trade Bratt for Knight like yesterday? Lol
  6. Scary hit on Hughes’ right shoulder that he dislocated
  7. Hoping that is was a one-off because I love our goal horn. But, management changing fan-related stuff without input from the fans is par for the course for this ownership group. Between that and hiring a terrible PA guy based off an amateur talent show just shows they don’t care.
  8. Wtf is wrong with him now? Besides sucking ass of course. How many maintenance days can one overrated player get?
  9. devlman

    Draft 2022

    This is depressing. I’d be more than willing to trade the pick for some immediate help.
  10. I read somewhere that Zetterlund has some of the best advanced metrics in the AHL. Hope he can get an extended look, if even to hit people on the 4th line.
  11. Incredible how he doesn’t mention his play at all. ‘Team made mistakes’. fvck him.
  12. Pavel Zacha literally drifted across the ice his entire shift (not for the first time tonight). I think he may have actually pushed off with his skate once. He’s a loser of a player.
  13. Call up Holtz, Walsh, Foote, etc…bench the underperformers already. Time for accountability.
  14. Fitz has been MIA all year. The only time I’ve seen him the last 3 months was when he went to see his kid play in Pittsburgh.
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