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  1. It doesn't sound good. Kent Hughes said he doesn't expect Price to return for '22-23. He needs another surgery. He's 35. He has a Hart/Vezina back in '14-15. Carried them to the SCF on a bad knee. If it's over, I don't know if Carey is a Hall of Famer. There's still 3-4 years left on his deal.
  2. Lightning fans love him. He's called Ross The Boss. He's another gem they found. Great organization. I didn't realize he's from the area.
  3. Sometimes, you have to give credit to the opponent. In single elimination format, these upsets happen. Switzerland gave Canada all it could handle. So did Latvia against Sweden. These kids treat these big games differently. There's a lot of pride. I knew Czech would be tough after the shocking loss to Latvia. They can skate and have size. They had a great game plan. Kudos. USA wasn't a highly skilled team. They also played in a weaker group due to no Russia. They were hardly tested. That was a factor last night. Hughes was the best player. He was in obvious pain. I give the kid a lot of credit for grinding it out. I disagreed with Leaman overusing him. He got the most minutes (24) despite struggling. I felt the tying Czech goal was a huge momentum swing. They set it up well. Point shot. Traffic. Great tip by the captain Mysak. They got better as the first period went along. They countered well. Obviously, Mbereko would want the third goal back. That was a crusher. But look at how the Czechs defended. They didn't give up too many high danger chances. They blocked shots. They deserved the win. One thing I can't understand is how critical people can be. These are kids. It happens. There was pressure. A shot at history. Czech played loose. USA had a tough night. They still got within one. But Czechia defended superbly. Congrats to those kids. What makes this tournament great is seeing those celebrations after upsets. That's awesome. Good luck to them against Canada. They're gonna need it.
  4. That review is why I don't like technology. Between the review and the challenge, it took too long. And they finally got it right. Love this tournament. But there's something about it being during Christmas time. It just fits. I'm still enjoying the game's. Even if I totally disagree with Russia not being allowed to play. It weakens the field. Canada meanwhile looks the other way at the mess they created. They'll probably win. But Hockey Canada is a joke. Love Luke Hughes. He reminds me of a lefty Makar. The speed, skating and quick shot. He will be a great player.
  5. J.T. brings a lot to the table. He's not only a player who can produce at five-on-five and on the power play. But he's strong on face-offs (54.1 pct in '21-22). He kills penalties. He hits and is good at takeaways. The Canucks are probably keeping him for now because they can compete in that division. They re-signed Boeser and added Mikheyev and Kuzmenko to a good core. Demko is a top 10 starter. The defense is the question. Why trade him now? I would wait. They have until March. If he is available, it'll be to a contender who'll pay a little more. I think the Devils could move Graves or Severson before the season. It'll depend on Nemec. Both will be gone by the deadline. Wait until Luke Hughes arrives. He can score goals. Great skater. Impressive. The Marino addition was smart.
  6. I still believe that fisherman logo was based off Stan Fischler. It's a shame that he hasn't been inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame. He's still sharp. What a wealth of knowledge. I agree with Satan on the home jersey. Go back to home white.
  7. Maybe the coaching change will help. They played such a wide open style which is fine for regular season. In the postseason, that doesn't work. The checking is tighter. It's tougher. Adding M. Tkachuk will help change the way they play. Maurice is more defensive minded. Maybe his system can fix some of the issues. They are a bit thin after Ekblad, Forsling, Montour and Gudas. But added Staal to 3rd pair. He plays defense, but can't play more than 15 minutes. Strictly five-on-five and penalty kill. They also are $4 million over the cap.
  8. How many teams can afford him? He probably wants to stay in Colorado. But I'm not sure how. Only three million left with 1 RFA. https://puckpedia.com/team/colorado-avalanche Would Calgary be interested? They'll probably flip Huberdeau next March. Unless Kadri would accept a deal with a non-contender (Det, Ana, Buf), there aren't many options. Would Ottawa consider it? Or Dallas?
  9. He was in discussions with the Stars again to possibly re-sign. Who knows. I thought he'd be a good fit for the Canes. Instead, they went for an aging Burns with the Sharks picking up some of the tab.
  10. Exactly 💯. Palat is more than just statistics. Great skater who is strong puck possession player. He'll play I their top 6. That'll help. He is the definition of a clutch player. Strong five-on-five. Good penalty killer. Forechecks well. Can play power play. A smart player.
  11. The two adds he got are good. Haula is a solid 3C. Did a nice job in Boston playing with Pasta and Hall. I'll always have a soft spot for Smith. He is a high character guy who plays physical and a good locker room presence. He helped out Miller and Kakko while here. He also isn't a bad guy to have. Played 6th D in Carolina. A solid vet.
  12. Frank Seravelli said that it wasn't about money for Johnny Hockey. I thought he was full of it. But Seravelli is very reliable. If it were me, I'd have signed with the Devils. Gaudreau could've come home and formed a dynamic duo with Hughes. I don't get it. CBJ is not exactly a contender. They don't have the room to keep Laine. They do have potential like Sillinger and Kent Johnson. Plus Chinakhov. Added Jiricek to the blue line. Not much proven scoring aside from Bjorkstrand if Laine is moved. The Devils made a great offer. Calgary offered the moon. He made his choice. A very odd one.
  13. Good luck to Stromer. I'll miss him.
  14. It was noticeable on the replay. They miss it too much. I hate to see such a big game decided that way. Colorado probably would've won anyway. But the way the rules are set up, how is that not an automatic review in Toronto? It's a scoring play in overtime of the Stanley Cup. They have the technology. The pr statement they put out was embarrassing. It doesn't matter now. Now we see what happens tomorrow.
  15. They play their asses off. But when you're up against a big, fast, strong and supremely skilled opponent like the Avalanche, you cannot take penalties or get hemmed in. They can only block so many shots. I like the Bolts. I can't hate them. Even if they came back last round and won 4 straight. They have likeable players, a great coach who's complimentary, and are built well. Going for a 3-peat in this era is unheard of. They dominated the 1st period last night. It didn't matter because they only scored one goal on Kuemper. The power play again failed. The biggest difference in the series is special teams. It's 6-1 Colorado in PPG. Plus the Makar shorthanded goal. Tampa is too predictable. Their PK isn't aggressive enough and they don't clear pucks. It also could be that they're worn out from going this deep a third consecutive year. They're banged up. Look at Cernak and Cirelli. You have Stamkos selling out to block shots. Colorado is fresher and had a layup last round. Two byes essentially. That really helps. Their forecheck is tenacious. Vasilevskiy and that D can't do it by themselves. They need to forecheck early to win tomorrow. Get ahead. Take that crowd out of it. They're mostly fraud fans anyway who don't understand the rules. The mentality is win Game 5. Then they're not losing at home. Which means Game 7. It can happen. But how much do they have left? They have the right goalie and personnel. Kucherov, Stammer, Palat and Hedman all must step up along with Paul, Cirelli and either Colton or Perry. Do not take penalties. I'd like to see them do it. Just get Game Five. The pressure will shift.
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