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  1. God forbid I post something that isn't what you or others want to hear. That was 11 years ago. Do you even remember what I told you about that series? I said they had no chance. But you choose to ignore it because that's what this board has become. This place used to be fun to talk hockey. Not anymore. So many good posters got chased away. I liked it a lot better when the teams were both competitive. But if the shoe were reversed, we know the truth. I don't have to spell it out for you. I don't care. Stuff that!
  2. Did anyone have time to catch the wild ending to the Leafs clinching vs the Pens? Pretty amazing stuff. McElhinney forced in. Makes gigantic stop on Crosby. Game tying goal by Kapanen (1st of career), who they got for Kessel, who also scored. Brown's game-winner on a great redirect. Twenty goals for the other rookie. Matthews number 40. The Islanders would've made it if they hadn't waited so long to bring back Halak. They had no backup and ran Greiss into the ground. He wore out. Halak's last 5 starts: 6 GA on 155 shots. That's heroic. The Isles also won the last four without Tavares. The
  3. I like them. They play with passion and have great kids who have a lot of skill and grit. That was such an exciting conclusion to a game. Matthews is amazing. 40 goals. American too! That's your Calder winner. Nylander. Marner. Brown with the unreal tip. The Leafs have had nothing to cheer about for years. They had their starting goalie knocked out and had to rely on McElhinney's huge stop on Crosby to make it. Story book stuff. It's great for hockey to have Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto all in. Edmonton and Calgary too.
  4. I couldn't agree more. The Devils played their asses off. They didn't intentionally tank. They worked hard and created a lot of quality shots and chances on Halak, who was unbelievable. Losing can change fans. It's not easy. Yeah. They stink as a team. But I saw a lot of effort from them trying to give the fans who cheered Elias and support the team a good send off. It's not all negative when you see your team give an honest effort. Kudos again to Elias. My favorite rival player from the Devs. All class till the end. Future HHOF.
  5. I enjoyed the send off for Elias. It was really classy and nice. The ceremonial puck drop was great. Patty with his wife and daughters and Stephen Gionta. Elias is the last of the old school. He will be sorely missed.
  6. Probably the old route. Juniors and college hockey like the old days. I don't mind it. But I also can see why the NHLPA is so opposed. They see the Olympics as a marquee event that's played on an international stage which can attract fans from other countries including host South Korea. I knew they wouldn't approve it. The players aren't wrong. From a marketing standpoint, it makes sense. I'm a bit selfish in wanting to see what a USA team with Eichel, Matthews, Miller, Tkachuk, Werenski could do along with Gaudreau. Seth Jones, Skjei, Gibson. Same for Canada with McDavid, Drouin, MacKinnon, M
  7. I don't post my stuff. But this is an exception. My tribute to Patrik Elias: Pattys Last Lap: All-time Devil Hall of Fame in my book
  8. I love Patrik Elias. Always have been a huge fan of him. He's the one player I always loved and respected from the Devils. A lifer. Franchise leader in goals and assists and of course points. It's too bad he didn't play. But it's just as well. Hasan said it best. At least his final memory was a goal and two assist game. Hasan wrote a great piece on our blog. I am not linking it. But if you want not only a good write up but also a personal experience meeting Elias by chance, then go read what Hasan wrote on our site. I really enjoyed it. Elias' greatest moments are dual in 2000. The 2 goa
  9. Switch of topic. Who should win Hart? McDavid (91 points) or Crosby (42-40-82 in 70 GP). I would go with Connor. Marchand is the third candidate. Then Kucherov. I would even put Bobrovsky in there for his year. He should be a lock for Vezina. Vezina: Bobrovsky. Talbot. Holtby. Norris: Karlsson (due to defense actually) Burns. Hedman. Calder: Matthews (due to Leafs getting in). Laine. Werenski. Marner/Nylander. Murray (Pens goalie). Tkachuk. Skjei. Great rookie class.
  10. It's common knowledge that Shestyerkin is a pretty good goalie prospect. The Islanders have another Russian goalie in the KHL too who will be making headlines. Ilya Sorokin. Both were in the same draft. 2014. Sorokin 3rd round 78 overall. Shestyerkin 4th round 118 overall. They were two of the best goalies in the 'K.' One (Shestyerkin) helped his team SKA to the Gagarin Cup Final.
  11. You've always been tough on me. I don't know why the Prince Raanta thing is a big deal. It's just a joke on Twitter. Some of us refer to him as that. Personally, I am a pretty big fan of him. The way he handles himself. The way he plays. He has 2 more shutouts than the Queen. Yes. Ranger fans can have a sense of humor. My Dad calls him the Queen. So do I. He's treated like one by the fans and press. I loved following Lundqvist's career overseas. I never imagined he'd be so good. He does'n't need a Cup. He's proved enough to me taking the team from a laughingstock to a Cup contender. It's almos
  12. They have plenty of goalies in the system. One of the best European prospects who they stole a couple of years ago. Igor Shestyerkin. He's dominated the KHL this year and has been a starter last 2 years. One more year. Then I think they sign him. He's the heir apparent to Lundqvist. Tyler Wall had a great freshman year too at UMass-Lowell. He was a mid-round pick last year. And they also have another guy they took from Finland. So, there's no shortage of goalies in the system.
  13. It's called sarcasm. I wouldn't expect you to understand.
  14. They'll trade him probably to another team. The best target is Dallas. They have the worst goalie duo in the league. They should be pretty desperate. And Raanta definitely deserves the same opportunity as Talbot to be a number 1. Hell. They rushed Lundqvist back from injury and he's allowed 10 goals in 2 games. If he struggles, I wouldn't hesitate to go to Prince Raanta versus Montreal. Not kidding. They play better in front of Raanta. I know it won't happen. AV has no balls. But if they fell behind 2-0 and Hank was bad, I would make the move. I don't want to see Raanta go. But if they can rec
  15. Does anyone really expect the league to do anything about Crosby? He's the princess and best player. He has always pulled this stuff and always will. Especially with the stick to the groin and the hacks and whacks. He's a great player. But when he does that stuff and they don't fine or suspend him, it just makes him more universally loathed. I watched a HNIC 2nd intermission segment and that idiot Friedman tried to say the NHL doesn't protect its stars. Sure. Pathetic what lengths the Canadian broadcast will go to defend him. F Canada. They hate us anyway,
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