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  1. Seems like a pretty fair deal considering all of the factors. Obviously not ideal but i'm happy we can move forward. I'll be rooting for Arizona and Hall this season regardless of the pick status, they kind of remind me of us in that there were questions regarding finances and possible relocation so I'm glad they can inject some excitement and hopefully make a good run.
  2. I will still believe this team can turn it around, just too much talent out there not to. LGD.
  3. dmann422

    Steve Cs micro stats

    I like Cangi, he's come a long way from when he first got the gig and had an impossible job of following up one of the greatest that ever did it. Then they threw Dano at him (who also has come a long way himself) and the duo has gotten stronger over time. I give them both a lot of credit, in past years when I subscribed to gamecenter (now nhltv) it's amazing how poor some of the broadcasting teams are around the league. (cough penguins cough)
  4. got no problem with sitting gusev again, defense and goaltending is our weakness and he helps with neither.
  5. Boo all you want, you have the right. My argument against would be one thing this team lacks now it's confidence (judging by the continuous blowing of leads) and average goaltending. Booing helps neither and will only contribute more towards the former.
  6. Man I feel so old reading through these comments. I understand we're passionate fans but geez take a deep breath. I had to listen to the radio broadcast last night and Chico was staunchly defending Schnieder even after the game... sounds like it was normal Chico homerism by the looks of it here At this point I think we just need to ride with Blackwood, even if it gets ugly at least there is a chance of him figuring it out and having a player in him for he future. Halls comments are rough but I understand where he's coming from, it;s not like the players aren't giving effort, just some unfortunate breaks and poor goaltending. I still think they'll figure it out, it's a long season to go. LGD
  7. I have no numbers or any sort of advanced metrics, all I can say is this feels like a very good deal for the Devils. I'm hesitant to say "great" but as long as Nico keeps improving it should cross into that territory Again not anything to do with on ice numbers, just how I feel about his game. Also, I had to listen to Saturday's game via radio and they had an interview with Nico during one of the intermissions and I was really impressed with his responses- thoughtful, mature, honest... Just seems like a great kid and glad to have him here long term.
  8. Amanda is awesome we are fortunate to have such a great reporter with such a passion for the team and the sport. Not a sh!t a tom but it felt like he was always just going through the motions. then again those were the Lou days so it was a tough job to have lol.
  9. Now we need a Mike Brown Appreciation Thread.
  10. Agreed, Butcher was 1v2 in front of net because Vatanen drifted high and the center didn't cover low for him, not much Butcher could have done. Unfortunately the Internet is a cruel place, even if words are meant in jest, but Mike Brown if you read this we miss you.
  11. Positives: Rooney and the 4th line, really dominated their shifts. Blackwood was strong, had some excellent saves, especially on the PK. Subban had his best game as a Devils so far (admittedly not a high bar lol) PP looked good even though the one goal we got there was flukey. Negatives: Gusev gives the puck to the opponent more than he does his own team Butcher at times seems to forget what a breakout pass is. Mueller is ass. I hope getting the ice broken on a few things (1st win, 1st PP goal, 1st Subban goal, 1st Hughes point) will let the team breathe a bit and get them some much needed confidence.
  12. Most uninspiring season opening intros ever, hopefully their team follows suit.
  13. Game's on NBCSN with Doc on the call.
  14. Noe this is the only reason I am in this thread.
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