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  1. Seeing so many names I don't recognize really makes me miss thefiestygoat's seemingly daily Devils' prospect updates Obviously Hughes, Smith and Boqvist are the big names, but who else are people most interested in looking at?
  2. It was frankly ridiculous to think they wouldn't match it, I have no idea what Montreal or Aho's agent was thinking. The Hurricanes as a franchise have a value of > $400 million. Even if Dundon is cash strapped having lost big $$$ on AAF, they could easily borrow the $12 million against the franchise value to pay Aho's year 1 bonus. As far as other offer sheet options, how about Jakub Vrana? Capitals are close to the cap and will need to resign Backstrom next year. Even a $4 mil cap hit (2nd rounder in compensation) could be trouble for them.
  3. Pierre has never seen a bad hockey player in his life. A turd could put on skates and the man would find something positive to say about it's hockey instincts and pedigee along with how many goals it scored in midgets. Seriously he makes a career of talking up guys all the time- I'm sure you could find a clip of him hyping up Kurtis Gabriel as the next Lucic or something, so hard for me to get excited about his assessment of a player.
  4. Honestly after them signing Panarin and having to sign Trouba, an offer sheet on even their other RFAs could screw the Rangers cap wise and would cost less in terms of picks.
  5. Sorry I don’t trust any account that will not put their real name out there. This guy’s twitter history is just vague and nebulous rumors.
  6. That would make more sense, this screams of the Canadiens missing out on all big name free agents and just throwing a bone to fans saying "we're trying!"
  7. With the Isles missing out on Panarin do you think Lou will go all in (say $8.mil+) to keep Lee?
  8. was it not reported that the Canes offered 8 x $7.5 and Aho countered at 5 x $9.5? I can't imagine that Aho will sign this. If he does, I can't imagine Carolina not matching it.
  9. Really hard to find fault with a 1 year deal, honestly the hardest part is having to re-train myself to not hate him from his time as a flyer. He'll be an instant upgrade for our PP in front of net and can provide some protection for the young guys.
  10. maybe i can help put it into better terms - imagine you have a relationship with a girl and it's on and off again (Laine), versus a steady thing that you work towards for awhile (Nico). Sure the on and off again thing is fun and new and exciting, but in the long run the investment you put into the steady thing should turn out to be the best, and the on and off again thing will wind up breaking your heart.
  11. I'm convinced that Mike Brown is actually two people sharing one account - one of them only posts in game day threads and the other in discussion threads like this. On the topic, I don't think Hynes was/is the problem with the team, but I'm also not convinced he's part of the solution. I think the players like him and play hard for him, and it's important to have some perception of stability moving forward so I don't mind the extension.
  12. Well to be fair that is a pretty good bday present, here’s to hoping we seem more wins on your birthday in the future!
  13. Unfortunately I only got to see the highlights... can someone breakdown how the defense looked? I see only 19 SOG allowed, pretty impressive against a high powered oilers offense, no?
  14. can either of them turn Mueller into a top pairing D? Would help fill a hole...
  15. Yeah I can't see how anyone would dislike the deal...don't think there's that much to discuss about it, so didn't make a new thread. Maybe people would want more term? IDK I just don't think you give a 4th liner more than 3 years though. Really liked what he brought this past year, felt like he was kind of a replacement as far as l attitude to what we lost in the Henrique trade.
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