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  1. I'm convinced that Mike Brown is actually two people sharing one account - one of them only posts in game day threads and the other in discussion threads like this. On the topic, I don't think Hynes was/is the problem with the team, but I'm also not convinced he's part of the solution. I think the players like him and play hard for him, and it's important to have some perception of stability moving forward so I don't mind the extension.
  2. Well to be fair that is a pretty good bday present, here’s to hoping we seem more wins on your birthday in the future!
  3. Unfortunately I only got to see the highlights... can someone breakdown how the defense looked? I see only 19 SOG allowed, pretty impressive against a high powered oilers offense, no?
  4. can either of them turn Mueller into a top pairing D? Would help fill a hole...
  5. Yeah I can't see how anyone would dislike the deal...don't think there's that much to discuss about it, so didn't make a new thread. Maybe people would want more term? IDK I just don't think you give a 4th liner more than 3 years though. Really liked what he brought this past year, felt like he was kind of a replacement as far as l attitude to what we lost in the Henrique trade.
  6. Coleman signs 3 years $1.8 mil AAV
  7. dmann422

    2018 UFA Thread

    NO sorry, should have been more clear- I was talking about the twitter account you linked, which is clearly some guy who has no insider knowledge whatsoever, he just wants attention and clicks.
  8. dmann422

    2018 UFA Thread

    People like that make me wish the Internet didn't exist.
  9. dmann422

    2018 UFA Thread

    I know we're just speculating for fun but this is just a total pipe dream, there's no way Ottawa agrees to a deal where the two best pieces (Point & Foote) go to the Devils. Sens fans would burn the city to the ground.
  10. dmann422

    2018 UFA Thread

    Yeah he is getting 7x10 minimum, even TOR fans know this because you can go peek at HF and see posts like "the salary cap is unfair"
  11. dmann422

    2018 UFA Thread

    I'm not trying to say our talent is on that level, I'm saying we could be in a similar situation in 3 years when Hall, Nico, Palmieri, Vatanen, Butcher, Bratt will need significant raises. We need to allocate cap space to more important team needs such as D. Having a mentality that we have a load of space so "fvck it" is not the way we should go, that's all I'm saying. If JVR would accept a 5 x 6 i guess i'd take him, but someone will overpay with a 7x7 deal and I personally hope it's not us. If they get Tavares they probably won't be able to keep both nylander and marner long term, at least if they want a competent D group. I also doubt JT goes there but that's just my guess.
  12. dmann422

    2018 UFA Thread

    JVR just doesn't strike me as the type of guy I'd want to overpay for, I think Ray would feel the same way. On a reasonable contract he'd be a nice addition, but there's a reason Toronto is letting him walk - they have young forwards who are due sizable raises over the next few years, a situation that we'll (hopefully) be in ourselves eventually.
  13. I imagine the pick was in they were waiting for the jersey to be stitched. i know nothing about any of these players but I want smith.
  14. Right decision imo, people will say the game is getting soft but if you wanna see people's lives shortened go watch mma.
  15. I agree the DPS is a joke when it comes to consistency... but some things to consider: I thought Kucherov's hit deserved a game (maybe that was a bit of homerism) Wilson left his feet as he's leaning into the hit Wilson has a long history of questionable hits I don't want to take hitting out of the game but if the NHL is serious about head injuries they need to start punishing these hits, regardless of intent. A player is responsible for his stick when he's on the ice -you can get a double minor for accidentally highsticking and drawing blood- I think the same should apply to the player's body, intent can't be the be all end all.
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