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  1. I'm not a fallout boy fan by any means, but that chorus is pretty cool man. Light Up the lamp? Devils on fire?! COME ON!
  2. I want it to be that "Light em up" song.
  3. Ive a drank a bottle n half of jagermister. freaking right kings! i was going nuts when nash hads that shot on the goal. is it octover yet?
  4. Little better version of my story. I was going to college in Pittsburgh in 2007, and with my college ID, a ticket was only $20...but it was standing room only. It was also 'crosby bobble head night'. So after the first period, I decide I was sick of standing and I somehow bartered my bobble head to an usherfor a seat. He put me center ice, ten rows up in the season ticket holder section. Suffice to say people were not happy. The stadium kept putting devil fan pics on the jumbotron thing saying 'boo this man until he takes off his jersey' suffice to say I did not, and we were already leading 4-0 so the pens fans were already super pissy. Anyways after the second period, I was invited to a box with 4 other devils fans. The person who invited us was none other than Kevin Smith, who, despite me being underage provided me with several gin and tonics. Devils won and I had a number of Pitt fans follow me home on the T threatening to kill me blah blah blah. Best first devils game ever.
  5. I live in Erie PA so I had to catch a game in Pitt in 2007. Kevin Weekes was in goal and we won that night 6-2.
  6. Did you just rub it on or did you soak the back of the jersey for a bit? Yours looks like it came out great!
  7. Basically I have an old Reebok jersey with heat pressed parise details on it that I got from NHL.com and I feel odd wearing it. Is there a legit way to remove these details safely from the jersey? I can deal with marks from where the numbers and stuff were. I have heard something about soaking the parts for removal in acetone, but I'm skeptical about that. Ideas anyone?
  8. Chico - "Sestito banged the ranger in the corner..."
  9. I really wanted a Retro white jersey I've been looking forever and can't find one
  10. Devils Trolled the Kings all night.
  11. JAGRMEISTER!!!! SHOTS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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