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  1. And for Columbus. They already had something like 350 man games lost to injury. Now with Clarkson out for the rest of the season, you gotta think they're closing in on some sort of NHL record for number or games lost due to injury. Absolutely crazy how many players they had on their starting roster have been injured for significant time this season.
  2. I thought that a team held the rights of their NCAA prospects until 30 days after they leave college. It would seem that if that weren't the case that teams would kinda get cheated as they'd not have had the opportunity to have the player under direct control of the organization in the way that they would with a player coming out of junior that then plays for a team's AHL affiliate.
  3. Why is this necessary? There's no need to call him a moron. The show clearly has a liberal bias, albeit one that has no business being placed on a pedestal as some sort of equal counterweight to Fox News' clear conservative bias, and if you're on the opposite end of the political spectrum it's possible that the show would be unappealing. Maybe you can say he has no sense of humor since you pretty much have to lack one to not enjoy the Daily Show, but stooping to name calling over a difference in politics is the exact thing that Jon Stewart railed against in the clip I posted as well as his ent
  4. I won't post anymore after this because I don't want this to turn into a big political debate. I just want to post the clip of Crossfire I mentioned since this is Jon Stewart at his best imo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE
  5. I have no interest in debating the merits of Fox news either since like you say that's a debate that goes on forever, but I have to disagree with your assessment of Stewart. Whether most of his show's bits are written for him or not, he's still a very intelligent and funny person. I've seen him appear on many other shows, mostly news programs, where he's absolutely hilarious and can outsmart most of the hosts of those shows. A great example is when he was a guest on crossfire in 2004 I think it was, he was great and completely tore apart Tucker Carlson.
  6. While his views are undoubtedly liberal, Stewart isn't nearly the liberal activist that Fox News makes him out to be in their attempt to equate his influence and responsibility to that of a true news organization. He's not even close to being the overt propaganda machine that they are. He's also in no way overrated. He's easily the most influential and universally loved late night talk show host since Johnny Carson.
  7. First of all, I'm not saying that Larsson's improved passing won't generate anymore points JUST because the current team is offensively starved. I'm saying that he creates his offense via his skill in making the first pass out of the defensive zone and that specific skill is not one that where the offense generated from it will be given credit with an assist. I say this because: A - Throughout the NHL, the first pass out of the defensive zone does not frequently generate a goal where only 1 other pass was made before it was scored because the only way for that to occur is if the goal scored, i
  8. BC is playing Note Notre Dame on NBCSN right now if anyone wants to see Santini play. It's 2-0 Notre Dame midway through the 2nd right now
  9. In addition to that, one of the surprises was that LL traded Jagr to a team above us in the standing. Did anyone expect one of Carolina, Buffalo, Toronto or Columbus to trade for Jagr?
  10. I'd rather see it phrased like this, lol.
  11. Totally missed this the first time I read your post. So since it was extremely unlikely that his career 41.3% secondary assist rate at ES would be about the same every year outside of last season in the first place, it means it's still extremely unlikely to be just as high once again next year. This is not the equivalent of the 50/50 chance on any given coin flip, but more like how if you won 5 times in a row on the first 5 scratch off lottery tickets you ever buy, it wouldn't mean you're likely to win on the next one. On this: If it was a skill, you'd be able to consistently do better than
  12. It's not that his outlet passes and passing skill in general won't generate offense. It's that goals aren't scored very often after 1 or 2 passes out of the defensive zone, especially so with this team where scoring off the rush is an extremely rare event. So that skill isn't likely to generate a ton of assists, secondary or otherwise. Due to this, I feel like it's still not likely he'll ever become a truly elite offensive force that consistently produces 40+ point seasons. His outlet passes are definitely a + or even ++ skill, but that's not enough in my opinion to create that kind of offen
  13. It sucks to lose someone as talented as Kane, especially when he was producing more than 1ppg and on track for 35 goals, which would be a career high. If they want a guy of Skinner or Cammalleri's caliber, they're going to have to give up their 1st and a quality prospect. I think they'd be better off picking up a guy who's struggling, but is seen as needing a change of scenery and then praying to the hockey Gods to take mercy on them and allow them to make it to the WCF and have Kane be ready by then. Maybe someone like Cody Hodgson is a guy they might be able to pick up for either a pick or p
  14. I agree with this unless someone is offering a 3rd rd pick or better for one of them. We have no one signed who can play RW next year, so it wouldn't be the worst thing to have Bernier and Tootoo as the 3rd and 4th line RW next year. Although, the ideal situation is to only kept Bernier and play him on the 4th line or just sign Tootoo as an extra forward since Bernier has 10 points more than Tootoo with one GP. This reminds of the Simpsons episode where they find out Homer had a crayon stuck in his brain and then once they remove it, he becomes super smart, lol.
  15. I was referring specifically to your insistence that Lou would decline to trade Jagr since he's the worst GM in the NHL according to you.That being said, this is pretty much what I expected the return to be for Jagr. With the way trades had been made over the past couple weeks, there was no way Jagr wouldn't garner at least a 2nd. I wouldn't call it a steal, but it's definitely a solid return. As for going Florida misses the postseason, I don't think it'll matter much since I don't think Florida is good enough to win a series, so the worst case would be that the pick ends up being #45.
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