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  1. Torts: Hey Korpi, what's with the cake on the bench? Korpisalo: Oh just enjoying a quick snack before practice! Torts: *walks away* *A small hole pops open out of the top of the cake, as Keith Kinkaid climbs out* Kinkaid to Korpisalo: That was close. end scene
  2. CommonDreads

    Hughes or Kakko

    This entire USA team might be gone by pick #62 (except the backup goalie, Cam Rowe, who I'm not a big fan of), they're seriously that good this year.
  3. CommonDreads

    Hughes or Kakko

    7 goals and 12 points combined between Hughes and Caufield today, I wish those two could play together forever Also that's the Hughes hatty snipe ^ EDIT: 8 goals, 14 points now. Another nice feed by Hughes to Caufield, 7 points (4G, 3A) apiece for them.
  4. CommonDreads

    Hughes or Kakko

    If the kid wasn't 5'6", he'd be in the Top 5 on a lot of people's boards. If you count both his goals for the USDP this year and his goals so far at the U18's, he's scored 62 goals this year. He's a perfect linemate for Jack, all he needs is one or two looks to make a team pay and Jack can just feed him all game. EDIT: Make that 63, lol. All Caufield does is score goals.
  5. CommonDreads

    Hughes or Kakko

    Both of Hughes' points today have been gorgeous plays, perfect deflection for his goal and a nice rush turned into an assist
  6. CommonDreads

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes just picked up an assist on Turcotte's goal, 6-1 USA right now in that game. This hasn't been Jack's best game, but there have still been a few instances where he looks dangerous with his hands and skating.
  7. When the Islanders are bad, they're so remarkably docile I barely remember they play in this area. But, when they're good, I find their fans so incredibly grating and irritating, I really can't find a way to root for them in the playoffs this year.
  8. CommonDreads

    Hughes or Kakko

    Also if you have an Athletic sub, this is probably the best read on Hughes written by Corey Pronman. There's plenty of video in there that highlights how good of a skater he is and how creative he is, feel like it's hard not to be sold on him after this article: https://theathletic.com/898571/2019/04/08/pronman-why-jack-hughes-is-an-elite-nhl-prospect/ To be fair, he also wrote an accompanying article on Kakko, but based on what I like in a player, it's impossible for me to pass on Hughes https://theathletic.com/902206/2019/04/08/pronman-why-kaapo-kakko-could-be-considered-with-the-no-1-pick-in-the-nhl-draft/
  9. CommonDreads

    Hughes or Kakko

    There was an Athletic article written about what Vancouver could possibly offer up to move up to our pick and the writer threw a segment of it to Twitter, every single offer I saw on there didn't even come close to something I would even consider for a moment: https://theathletic.com/928081/2019/04/16/what-the-canucks-would-have-to-do-to-trade-up-for-jack-hughes-and-the-player-few-in-vancouver-want-to-see-in-the-deal/ (if you have an Athletic sub) The best offer was probably along the lines of 10th Overall, 2020 1st, 2020 2nd, Virtanen, Juolevi, Hutton, Markstrom, and Eriksson for 1st, Schneider, Greene, and a 4th, even that though you're getting a massive handful of maybes for an almost guaranteed star in Hughes. The worst was 10th, Gaudette, Markstrom, Virtanen for 1st, Schneider, Zajac, just so bad. Even that though was only slightly worse than most of what's in that Twitter segment. My god it reminds me of when people thought we could package Gelinas and a 3rd for anything we wanted.
  10. I'd get ready to chalk up another one on that list. Kadri is a bonehead, I could see the Leafs looking to move him if he gets suspended and they lose this series again.
  11. CommonDreads

    Hughes or Kakko

    Should you draft large bodies? Yes, if they're as good at hockey as the smaller guys are. Big body is just a tiebreaker for me, no one gets bonus points because they're over 6'2" every time they step on the ice.
  12. The full lottery draw was posted here: Devils won with 2-4-10-12, Rangers 2-5-9-11, Blackhawks 2-3-9-11
  13. CommonDreads

    Hughes or Kakko

    He missed 3 games at the World Juniors for I believe a minor wrist injury, still came back from it though and played in a majority of USA's games and was point per game. Other than that he doesn't have any injury history of note, which is good as well.
  14. CommonDreads

    Hughes or Kakko

    For me, I kind of like to think of Jack Hughes as Mitch Marner, Kaapo Kakko as Blake Wheeler. Both were 90+ point players this year, just different brands of producers.
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