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  1. If Gallant is interested in coming here, hire him tonight. I think you could easily win the argument that he's at the very least a Top 5 coach in the league. He's going to have a new job by the end of the month, I can feel it.
  2. Put out my newest rankings this afternoon, take a look if you're so inclined! Lafreniere, Byfield, and Raymond are still my top 3, with Stützle and Rossi squeezing their way into the Top 5. The 1st Round was super hard for me to whittle down, which will also be relevant for us with at least two 1st Rounders coming up. My ideal scenario is obviously landing Lafreniere at the top and then someone like Jeremie Poirier or Emil Andrae with the Yotes pick.
  3. Corey Pronman did an article on Bahl, Merkley, and Schnarr over on The Athletic: https://theathletic.com/1465735/
  4. While I understand what you're saying, which is that the draft slot doesn't mean anything if we don't yield anything out of it, but just pointing out the Wild making a mediocre pick doesn't acknowledge the strength of players that were available around that slot. For context of what we could get out of that slot, I'd prefer to look at previous drafts in tiers, and these were the players that were selected right around Eriksson Ek in 2015: 17. WPG - Kyle Connor 18. OTT - Thomas Chabot 19. DET - Yevgeni Svechnikov 20. MIN - Joel Eriksson Ek 21. OTT - Colin White 22. WSH - Ilya Samsonov 23. VAN - Brock Boeser 24. PHI - Travis Konecny Just food for thought, is all. It's entirely fair to say the pick doesn't mean anything if we don't make good on it, but all I'm saying is that tier of the draft should have some very strong players.
  5. Bahl is obviously the most intriguing of the three prospects coming back. 6'6", 230 lb left shot defenseman that's going to be playing with Ty Smith on Team Canada at the World Juniors in a couple weeks, and this year I think he's taken a significant step in his two-way game. Primarily, he's still a physical shutdown defenseman and I think he likely projects as a #4 defenseman who can play on our top PK unit at his ceiling, but he also has some decent mobility and hands for a player his size. Tonight, I was already planning on watching a 67's game in preparation for an article on Marco Rossi I'm working on, and Bahl made this excellent play for a goal in the game I was watching. It's a good illustration of some of the upside he can have beyond just being your prototypical hulking defenseman, which is encouraging. Not a high-end guy, but enough there to feel good about. Nate Schnarr is an interesting pick up. 6'3" center who was a top player for the Storm last year (34G, 102PTS in 65GP) but has taken some time to adjust in the AHL, which should be expected for a 20 year old coming out of junior. I'm not sure he's more than a 3rd line center at his ceiling, but there's enough there to think he could maybe have a place on a PP2 in the future if he pans out right. Merkley is someone I liked quite a bit in 2015 (was actually who I wanted the Devils to grab in 2015 in the 2nd round before the Yotes grabbed him at the end of Round 1), but he's taken some time now to find his footing at the AHL and has regressed a little since his rookie AHL season. I think there's still something there to the point where we should give him a chance to stick in our middle six for the rest of the season. Once upon a time, he projected nicely as a potential top six forward, so hopefully a change of scenery and a bigger opportunity with the Devils helps him realize some of that upside. EDIT: More than anything, we shouldn't be looking at Kevin Bahl as the centerpiece of this trade - he's not. The centerpiece was getting that 2020 1st Round pick; I've been beating the drum that this is the best draft since either 2015 or 2003, and if this pick ends up in the middle of the 1st round or earlier, we're going to walk away with two foundational pieces to build around. A lot of people were clamoring for Soderstrom from the Coyotes, but I feel fairly confident in saying that whoever we get with this 1st Round pick is going to be better than Soderstrom. If for arguments sake we end up with Lucas Raymond and Jeremie Poirier with our two 1st Rounders this year, I think people are going to look at our long term outlook with much, much more optimism than what is being thrown around right now, those would be two massive additions for our club.
  6. I think if we were to trade Palmieri he could net us a 1st, a 30 goal scorer with term left on his deal isn't easy to find, but I'm also not really in favor of trading Palms. If we're not able to re-sign Vatanen, I think he can fetch us at least a 2nd+. Unless I'm forgetting someone, he's going to be the best RHD on the rental market, and I'm not counting Pietrangelo in that since I doubt the Blues deal him. Greene is probably a 3rd.
  7. My newest article for DraftGeek.ca came out last night, so take a look if you're so inclined! https://www.draftgeek.ca/2019/12/10/2020-prospect-profile-cole-perfetti/ If the Devils ended up with around the 6th Overall pick, I think Perfetti is someone we should become at least familiar with. He's my #9 at the moment, so there's some guys that I would like a little more at that spot, but he's a really high-end goal scorer and offensive dual threat. If Perfetti was who we got in June, he would be pretty lethal on Jack's wing with the shot that he has.
  8. Boqvist - B- (He's been good when he's been in the lineup, hopefully here's there to stay now with Hynes gone) Coleman - A (I don't know what more you could ask from this guy, he's a gamer) Hayden - C- (Meh, what I expected) Hischier - B- (Been relatively fine, but I wanted a bigger step this year. Still time for him to do that) Hughes - B (After the first 2 or 3 weeks, I think he's been consistently one of our best players every night. He's special.) Rooney - C- (Meh) Zacha - C+ (He cooled after what looked like a really nice start, teetered on giving him a B-) Zajac - C+ (He's been fine, his line has been relatively stable all season but you'd like a little more production) Seney - C (Fine) Bratt - B (I think he's been awesome, there's no reason why this guy should have ever been out of the lineup) Gusev - B (He's been one of our best players the past month, you can tell this guy just need time to adapt to NA) Hall - B (Production has been fine, but his advanced metrics are atrocious, he's been the worst on the team for both GAR and WAR metrics, he's been bad in that regard) Wood - C (Fine for what I expect at this point) Palmieri - B (Still scores goals, just in line with what I expect) Simmonds - B (Dude has been snakebitten for much of the season, but he's elevated every line he's been put on, think he's been real good) Butcher - C- (Almost dropped into the D range, he's been pretty disappointing but has had to lug around some real sh!t recently on his pair) Carrick - C (Has barely played) Greene - C+ (He's been fine, actually a bit above my expectations) Mueller - F (Fire him into the sun, he sucks) Severson - C- (Very disappointing, he needs to be better) Subban - C (Advanced numbers have been good and he's had some really good games, but he was expected to be our top PP QB and has had some real bone headed turnovers/pinches) Tennyson - F (Fvck no) Vatanen - B+ (He's been super steady and has stabilized our top PP a bit, hope we can find a way to extend him) Blackwood - C+ (He's had some real rough games but he's been solid enough I think) Domingue - D- (Pretty fvcking bad, was solid against Detroit and that's it) Schneider - F (This is so depressing)
  9. Those are the nicest pads a Devils goalie has had in awhile, IMO. Wish more of our goalies used black and red pads instead of going with mostly white, those are going to look especially sharp with our home unis.
  10. McElhinney is signed for $150k more per year for the same amount of years, so it really did come down to more of an ability thing. Worth pointing out, though, Domingue was still counting towards the cap by about $225k even though he was in the AHL, so it was worth it for Tampa to move him to get that small amount of cash off their cap.
  11. Curtis McElhinney, who's their current backup, makes more than Domingue, so the cap prudent move would have been to keep Domingue as their backup to save a tiny bit of cap space. Really what it comes down to is Tampa saw McElhinney as a more reliable option (which they're probably right about) and chose to spend a little more so they could find Vasy some more rest throughout the season. I do think Domingue is a somewhat capable NHL backup, but Tampa's decision to get a new backup was more ability based rather than cap based.
  12. Domingue isn't great, but he's likely better than our other recent options, aside from Blackwood. Since the start of last season, there have been 71 goalies that have played in at least 10 games. Cory ranks 65th in Goals Saved Against Expected with a -14.85, Kinkaid is 69th with a -24.82. Louis Domingue in that statistic ranks 39th with a -1.46, which still isn't great but makes him a roughly average backup goaltender in that time frame, he's certainly a better option than Schneider at this point (and, by a lot, Kinkaid as well). For the record, Blackwood is 27th with a +3.36, which I'd say is pretty good considering his nightmarish start to the season before this latest stretch. https://www.naturalstattrick.com/playerteams.php?fromseason=20182019&thruseason=20192020&stype=2&sit=all&score=all&stdoi=g&rate=n&team=ALL&pos=S&loc=B&toi=600&gpfilt=none&fd=&td=&tgp=410&lines=single&draftteam=ALL
  13. With how this team is playing, I'm going to just start this thread since draft stuff always cheers me up. This year I'm going to have my draft coverage stepped up a bit, as now I'm writing for DraftGeek.ca as one of their contributing prospect writers. I'll be doing monthly prospect reports, which I'll link here if you're interested. My most recent article is one Antonio Stranges; at this point he's slated to go somewhere between 10-25. 2020 Prospect Profile: Hendrix Lapierre (September 5th) 2020 Prospect Profile: Tim Stützle (October 8th) 2020 Prospect Profile: Antonio Stranges (November 12th) 2020 Prospect Profile: Cole Perfetti (December 12th) Furthermore, you can find my most recent rankings on my Twitter here: Omitted from that list that would have on there now, since that was posted about a month ago: Ben Schoen, Tyson Foerster, and Sergei Safin-Tregubov, to name a few. Alexis Lafreniere is obviously the top prize, with Quinton Byfield as a clear cut #2 at the moment. In some order, Lucas Raymond, Alexander Holtz, Anton Lundell, Tim Stutzle, Jamie Drysdale, and Cole Perfetti typically make up the next tier on most people's list. Lafreniere scored a filthy goal the other night against Gatineau, if you want a little taste of how good this kid is. Currently has 13 goals and 45 points in just 20 games so far this year in the Q. Other miscellaneous things, here's a thread I did back in July on Alexander Nikishin, who's a lot of fun and packed with talent. Looks like a late-1st/2nd rounder at the moment based on most scout's consensus, but I really love the kid: If this team doesn't improve, take some solace in this: this is a very, very good year to be bad, as the early outlooks seem to indicate this could be the best draft class since either 2003 or 2015. If this team finishes with a top 5 pick, I'm pretty confident that whoever we select there can roughly replace Hall's production within a couple years.
  14. This is what you get when you decide to spend a quarter of the game in the penalty box.
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