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  1. CommonDreads

    GDT: Sharks @ Devils 1:00 PM MSG+

    Way to pick it up boys! Outshot the Sharks 18-10 in that 3rd, great game by Keith too. 3-0, LGD!!!
  2. CommonDreads

    GDT: Sharks @ Devils 1:00 PM MSG+

    Boys look very flat today, it feels like it’s gonna have to be a Herculean effort to win this one today with the way they’re playing right now
  3. CommonDreads

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    I forked up the money for an Athletic sub last year and I highly recommend it, especially if you're like me and have enough down time at work to read an article or two. They have special offers pretty regularly so it's easy to wait for a price reduction, and it easily has the best hockey writers out of any paid blog. A lot of insightful stuff on there, I particularly like Dom Luchyshyn, Tyler Dellow, Corey Pronman, and Justin Bourne.
  4. CommonDreads

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Glad Wilson finally got smacked, he's by far the most predatory player in the league and the league needed to put their foot down. Hopefully he doesn't get a reduction from his appeal, because this suspension is about more than his hit on Sundqvist, it's about the fact that he just seems to refuse to learn or change.
  5. CommonDreads

    GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 8:00 PM

    That Johansson - Zacha - Bratt line looks real good, me likey
  6. CommonDreads

    NJ @ NYR GDT 9/24/18

    That's heartbreaking to hear man, I'm a dog owner myself. Hope all is well bud
  7. CommonDreads

    NJ @ NYR GDT 9/24/18

    This is the lineup we're going up against tonight, no idea about the lines/pairs though. LGD Goalie: Henrik Lundqvist, Marek Mazanec Defense: Marc Staal, Freddy Claesson, Brendan Smith, Neal Pionk, Brady Skjei, Tony DeAngelo. Forward: Cody McLeod, Kevin Hayes, Jesper Fast, Chris Kreider, Mats Zuccarello, Steven Fogarty, Matt Beleskey, Lias Andersson, Pavel Buchnevich, Mika Zibanejad, Vinni Lettieri, Tim Gettinger
  8. CommonDreads

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    Overall, I thought they played pretty well. Way too many penalties, although I found a good chunk of them to be pretty weak calls that likely aren't called in the regular season. Thoughts: Pavel Zacha - Very good, there was a few times he really got his feet going tonight and was able to create in the offensive zone. There was one sequence in particular in the 3rd where he was able to control for a long time and get a chance near the goal mouth. Keep up more of that, that's the Zacha I love to see. Joey Anderson - I'd say good, looked like he belonged out there and I can't think of any mistakes he made. Looked strong on the forecheck and definitely has a lot of smarts on both sides of the puck. John Quenneville - Thought Q was alright, didn't create enough 5v5 for me but you can tell he's very comfortable on the powerplay. Wish we got more than 2 PP opportunities so he could have showed his stuff there more. Thought Q was much better in the Rangers game on Monday. Blake Coleman, Travis Zajac, Drew Stafford - Kind of average across the board, but I thought Coleman was the best of the three minus the penalties he took. Travis was his steady self, but there were a couple times he squandered some looks between the dots in the offensive zone. Stafford wasn't good or bad for me, just kind of there. Marian Studenic - Really liked what I saw from him, kid has a ton of speed and he was creating a good amount of chances off the rush. Wanna see him in at least one more preseason game because I quite liked what I saw tonight. Mikey McLeod - Thought he was much better in the NYR game, and I think part of is he just seems much more comfortable at his natural position at center. Still thought he had an above average game though, he's doing enough to stay in consideration for a spot. Brett Seney - Has a lot of speed and it really seems like he wants the puck on his stick out there, but I think he'd benefit from starting in the A to get used to the pro pace a bit more and to bulk up. Kid has a good skill set though. Kevin Rooney, Blake Pietila - Meh. Rooney and Pietila don't do anything for me, but at least Rooney can move a bit out there. I'm hoping both are in the next round of cuts, they don't do nearly enough to warrant a look on this team. Kurtis Gabriel - Holy fvck does this guy suck. Cut him immediately. Will Butcher - Thought he was good, can't think of any mistakes he made and he just looks so comfortable quarterbacking the powerplay. I'm definitely not concerned about a sophomore slump with him, I was happy with him tonight. Steve Santini - He just left me wanting more out there tonight, he got beat in front of our net a couple times and I thought was just okay exiting our zone. Hoping to see more out of him as the preseason goes along. Damon Severson - Just thought he looked kind of passive out there tonight, he didn't do anything outstanding for me tonight which is a little disappointing when you consider the role he should take on our defense this year. Not bad, but I wanted more. Egor Yakovlev - Tonight and Monday I think he's looked fine. Not anything that wows me in any area, but it looks like he can hold his own reasonably well which is good considering this is first time on North American ice. Definitely not the disaster that Dyblenko was last year in preseason. Colton White - Thought he looked fine, smooth skater but looks like he gets pushed around a little too easily in our own zone. Definitely needs more time in the A. Eric Gryba - Doesn't have the foot speed to hang on our blue line. He probably stays a little longer, but I'd be fine with getting his cut out of the way. Keith Kinkaid - Thought he was fine, didn't think he had to make many tough saves though and I would have liked him to stop the Lee goal in the 3rd.
  9. CommonDreads

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    I hope Gabriel booked his bus ticket to Binghamton from the box, cut him ASAP
  10. CommonDreads

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    I think everyone is playing a relatively solid game except for Kurtis Gabriel, who might the worst player we’ve played in preseason in years. My lord what a waste of ice time.
  11. CommonDreads

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    It's generally pretty easy to find a stream somewhere online, the NHL Streams reddit is always flawless for finding a stream so if you're okay with watching on a desktop or a laptop I recommend that. If you have Gamecenter, you could also use that if you can mask your IP with a VPN, that's what I used to do on my Firestick since the Devils games were blacked out on my Gamecenter when I lived near Syracuse.
  12. CommonDreads

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    I'm very interested to see what the Quenneville-Zacha-Anderson line can do, that seems like a very complimentary line where everyone's skill sets could really mesh together well. Also find McLeod on the RW with Coleman and Zajac very interesting, it almost feels like a mini audition for McLeod to take Noesen's spot on that 3rd line with Coleman and Travis.
  13. CommonDreads

    GAME THREAD 1: NYR @ NJ 7:00 September 17th

    From what I can gather this is the lineup the Rags are icing tonight as well. LGD, welcome back boys GOALIES: Marek Mazanec Alexandar Georgiev FORWARDS: Cody McLeod Kevin Hayes Jesper Fast Chris Kreider Boo Nieves Cole Schneider Michael Lindqvist Ryan Fogarty Lias Andersson Ville Meskanen Pavel Buchnevich Tim Gettinger DEFENSE: Marc Staal Fredrik Claesson Neal Pionk Rob O'Gara Ryan Lindgren Tony DeAngelo Fvck em up, boys. LGD
  14. CommonDreads

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    I remember a lot being mentioned on all the work he put in over the summer last year, not sure if he said this himself or not though. Either way, hope he really means this, because the kid can really rip it. He just shoots more he can pump his point totals a lot IMO
  15. CommonDreads

    2018 Offseason Thread


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