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  1. Nice and rested and calm now, and yet I come back here to see that several of you are still smoking crack. @thefiestygoat, I never said that he was good. You guys are overemotional, and just plain crazy. But, you know what... none of you make player personnel decisions, so it doesn't matter. If you guys just want to rage at a couple of guys then so be it. I'm going to enjoy the rest of the season, thank you very much. Have fun with your angst.
  2. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/khl-seeks-games-vs-nhl-vyacheslav-fetisov-quits-235021451.html
  3. In finance, nothing is insignificant (nevermind a million dollars). Saying that adding payroll is insignificant is ridiculous. Sorry, but it is.
  4. They are good. What I said was that they're not that good. Boston is the only team right now that I'd put into another category. Everyone else (including the Devils) is in the same group until you get to the Blue Jackets, Islanders, and Hurricanes of the league. I forget who it was, but someone said something in the GDT last night which resonates with me and is appropriate here: this isn't football, where the individual games count for most of the season. There are 82 games in an NHL season, spread out over more than 6 months. Drawing conclusions based on one game, such as by saying things such as "they beat a top team in the Bruins today", is a mistake.
  5. I don't hate Fayne. Anyway, I'm exhausted (and I'm obviously too tired to pull my punches like I probably should be doing right now). See you guys later.
  6. The only thing that I can see assigning him blame to directly is the empty net goal. Even there though (after watching the highlights again), where the hell was Kovy when he originally lost that puck to Simmonds? Why the hell couldn't he handle the later on either, after Foster missed it? You guys are blatantly scapegoating Foster and it's ridiculous. And thanks for mentioning Fayne. Talk about someone who played a sh!tty game... you're panning Foster but are willing to give Fayne a pass after he made a handful of absolutely egregious errors throughout the whole game? Gimme a break. There's zero credibility to any of the comments in this thread. bah, whatever. I give up. I'm gonna treat this thread like I'm treating the game. One to leave in the rear view mirror. Time to move on.
  7. I've never denied that something is going on, but the details of what is going on bear little if any resemblance to what the Post is reporting. Just listen to what you're saying there: "I suspect the Post is right, or at least has good sources." ...it's the NY Post. I mean, come on. Adding a million dollars in payroll is not at all "basically nothing", either. That right there shows that there's little or no rational thought being put into this. NJDevs4978 is right on by saying "Sorry, that one isn't passing the sniff test."
  8. He's not good, but he's not bad either. And I already talked about what I saw with Foster today, much earlier. Of course he takes a little blame for the first goal against, but to blame it completely on him is just silly. And them blaming him for an empty net goal that another player gave up and a second player was closer too? You're nuts. More accurately, you're emotionally blinded and looking for an easy scapegoat.
  9. because it's the Post, and it's Koosmen. Ya gotta live in this area and actually be exposed to the Post to fully appreciate their silliness, I guess.
  10. I don't know about Triumph of course, but I'm looking forward to them. Devils - Rangers are always great games, regardless of the outcome.
  11. Everyone being pissed at each other here because of what the team did is just silly. If you don't play with the team, or work for them, then STFU already. What's even more annoying than all of "the sky is falling" rants after looses is the group of the usual suspects bitching and moaning at each other about each other's posts. These GDT's should start being locked immediately after the game if the Devil's loose, since there's a gaggle of you guys who are too immature to have an intelligent discussion about how other people whom you have no control over are performing. Anyway, I'm completely baffled at the Foster stuff. I don't know what you guys are seeing, but it's not what's actually occuring on the ice and the Prudential Center. Crazy.
  12. I'll just say it outright: Koosman is an idiot, and he's obviously just pandering to the crowd. I haven't listened to him in a long time, but the "this one is over the top even for the Post." sentiment is dead on, here.
  13. ohms law


    That's not really surprising, though. The kid has talent, he's just not finding a way to use it at the NHL level. I fully expect him to tear up the AHL.
  14. Tonight is a bad day to try to be starting a discussion on this topic. Everyone is far too emotional to try to have a rational discussion about this right now. That being said, part of it is just bad luck. A bigger part of it is that our talented players are getting keyed on and shut down. The Devils right now are not as deep as our primary conference rivals are, and this is the result. I mean, it's pretty telling when your team almost completely outplays it's opponent for 55 of 60 minutes and you loose the game 3-1 (well, 4-1, but empty netters don't really count) because your opponent is talented enough to have 3rd and 4th line guys convert on chances during the 5 minute let down.
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