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  1. The best available player like Lou always does.
  2. Specious logic you are the Devils fan version of Alex Jones.
  3. Lou tried to get Suter too to keep Parise, but he would not come here.
  4. No. Elias is a God we will pay him what he wants. Luckily you are not in charge of the team. Patty can play forever his game is not built on speed he is the Czech Teemu.
  5. Kovalchuk trade is the blue print for any deal we make for Vanek.
  6. Merrill, Matteau, Volch, and Teddy for Vanek.
  7. They need d-men young or old it does not matter. Here is the other article http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/opinion/2013/04/30-thoughts-craig-mactavish-poised-to-shake-up-oilers.html
  8. I love little Gio he is an extra. Josefson needs to play at this point. Hot Stove last night and Edmonton media. http://blogs.edmontonjournal.com/2013/04/17/the-edmonton-oilers-should-trade-jordan-eberle-before-they-deal-nail-yakupov/
  9. Should the Devils be relying on a 41 year old First two goals weren't on Marty.
  10. Injuries really screwed us in this shortened season along with some horrible luck, but blowing up the ship is not the answer. Despite what people think the Devils have a plethora of depth at the moment they rolled 4 competent lines today, unfortunately they just cannot score. Losing Parise really hurt, but his contract 3 years from now is going to be a lot detrimental to the franchises long term health than missing the playoffs this year. The draft more so than free agency is going to be the Devils best chance to address their issues properly. As much as I like Weiss, Horton, and Stalberg
  11. Keep the faith, it is the games that we don't have control of that I am worried about.
  12. There is something strange about this whole thing, but to me this isn't terrorism related.
  13. We are going to get in no doubt about it. KOVY 2013
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