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  1. Weird start of the day: Islanders have scored just 22 goals over their last 13 games…yet have somehow managed not to get shut out throughout that stretch. With the exception of one game where they actually mustered up three goals, they’ve scored one or two in each of the other 12. That team’s gotta be a brutal watch…
  2. With his whopping 16 assists, he’s obliterated his career high of 12, set last year. So I guess he’s really movin on up heh heh.
  3. Yeah sure you’d like Metro opponents not to get loser points in Devils games, but if the Devils keep finding ways to bank at least one point with a chance for two, I’m not going to nitpick too much. And the good news: the 2022-23 Devils are becoming to OT what the 2011-12 Devils were to the SO. They not only seem to be very well-built for it, but are getting increasingly confident in OT. Nice to know they have an advantage there.
  4. I’d do that too. I’d be pleasantly surprised if that was enough.
  5. Yeah that was pretty much what I was getting at…they might as well just stick with what they know and keep Meier instead of dealing him for Bratt.
  6. Not to mention I doubt San Jose is looking to trade a RFA due for a pricey extension for another RFA due for a pricey extension of his own. That would make little sense.
  7. Yeah I’ve mentioned it a bunch but with most teams, there’s a handful of games (sometimes due to scheduling) where they know almost collectively that they don’t have their legs and are tired, and would rather save their bullets for other battles…if they find a way to win such a “we’re spent” game, great, but they’re not going to kill themselves trying to make it happen. And given the grind of an 82-game NHL season (with potential playoff games to follow), it’s understandable when enough factors come together to prevent a team from giving its all for a select number of games. The Devils can be shaky in their own end for sure (goaltending has made a massive difference in 2022-23, no question) and even though they’re 10-2-2 in their last 14, they haven’t played nearly as well as that record suggests. BUT, they do try. Every night. They can be sloppy, and I’ll never believe that Ruff is the guy who will lead them to a championship, but this team does not take nights off…I can’t think of any one in particular where I thought “These guys didn’t even bother tonight.” So major kudos to the Devils for that.
  8. Jack loves hockey. Jack loves being a Devil. Jack hates doing interviews lmao
  9. This is wrong. They were sloppy last night but it wasn’t for lack of effort. They were pretty damned close to tying it back up.
  10. Jack notches two goals tonight, Kakko goes pointless. Jack: 33 G, 31 A, 64 Pts Played With Men: 35 G, 41 A, 81 Pts
  11. Thank you for the bonus win boys. I don’t know how you mustered up the energy, but you found a way. Hell of a job.
  12. Don’t know where they found their legs but somehow they did.
  13. Yeah that’s not a knock on anyone else. Hughes is just THAT fvcking ridiculously insanely GOOD.
  14. Hughes is already the most talented forward the Devils have ever had.
  15. Regardless of how this turns out, kudos yet again for not saying “fvck it, not our night.” They easily could have.
  16. Wood was fairly limited to begin with, but he had his moments. Now he looks like he’s been legit Space Jammed. I fully expected a loss tonight (fatigue, going from Nashville to Dallas, etc) but still hoping for a surprise. Still time.
  17. What exactly does he have to do to get scratched? It’s the same sh!t every game with him this year.
  18. Yeah they’re piling up in a hurry. 2-0…they might crumble now. Tired and down two…they might be out of fight this evening. At least the Stars just took a dopey penalty of their own.
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