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  1. I still like Nico a hell of a lot, but I no longer consider him an absolute untouchable. It would still sting to see him go though.
  2. I’m OK with Fitz overpaying for the right kind of player (agree with you in that I’d love to see that happen on a D-man like Larsson and/or Hamilton) and like mfitz said, the Devils absolutely have the cap space to do it...even more so now, because I don’t think Palms or Zajac are coming back. Depending on who is brought in on D, I’m good with Severson being dealt...maybe there’s more there than we’ve seen, but as mfitz and others have noted, it’s the same ol same ol with him. I’m not advocating just giving him away, but he’s absolutely expendable. Maybe some other team can get more out
  3. All I’m asking of Nico next year...STAY HEALTHY. I feel like we still don’t know what he can do if he plays 80 or so games (yes he played in all 82 in his rookie year, but I mean now that he has some experience).
  4. Yeah agree 100% heh heh. I still have quite a bit up top...just not quite enough to try to make a hairstyle that doesn’t scream “It’s thinning!” Sean Connery could pull off the “horseshoe”, but not many can.
  5. Neither did I. I miss my full head of hair sometimes, but fortunately I can pull off the shaved head. And as I’ve detailed, great to look the same no matter what.
  6. I made one last attempt to grow long hair a few years ago, and sure enough, one of my wife’s friends said “Why does he want to look like Ben Franklin?” That was most definitely that. Long hair gone. Shaved noggin ever since.
  7. That’s one of those doesn’t-get-drafted players, but if the Devils offer Johnsson + a 3rd for a 7th, maybe Seattle bites.
  8. Since I’m very late to the haiku game... This season kinda sucked Jack Hughes can’t buy any luck Bahl is one big fvck Liking my McMullen Zacha a little more with each point...
  9. Yeah too bad for him that he didn’t go that route much sooner. He really thought he was going to reach the majors someday...that was just never going to happen. Even the Mets (who I absolutely could’ve seen giving Tebow anywhere from one AB to a few games, just because) knew that they couldn’t go that far...of course, if Tebow had been playing in AAA again this year, who knows if they would’ve been able to help themselves. Guy technically never should’ve played above A ball.
  10. It’s weird...Mets come off a sweep and have now won 7 of 9, yet nothing truly feels “right”. deGrom having more injury woes just adds to that “all is not well” feeling. re: ‘7’ and the Mets’ BA list...last I read, the majors had a collective .232 BA. So I get the feeling you’ll see your fair share of lineup BAs like this around MLB. And yeah, like Has said, might as well re-juice the ball. The game will be a little less broken then at least. But I don’t see how baseball in 2021 is going to suck any kids into watching...it’s just not a very compelling product.
  11. Yeah I’m sure he very much wants to salvage something out of what has been a very lost season for him. For the last five seasons he’d been pretty consistent, in by the end of the season you knew what his rate numbers were going to be. This year started slow and just never really got going for him.
  12. Saw a replay of his goal and it looks like Bahl pushed him. Can’t speak to the rest, but it sounds like he was going after Hughes quite a bit? Guess he was trying to play with a little extra snarl (but coming off d!ck-ish in doing it)? Guessing he’s frustrated...he clearly wanted to stick around and the Devils were only interested in keeping him on their terms (the right move), and now I think they’ve moved on completely...I thought there was a chance that Fitz could bring him back, but I think that ship has sailed (and I think Palms knows it). But this has been a bad year for Palm
  13. 6-2 in their last 8. Lindor showing signs of life. At least things are trending in the right direction...
  14. In Colorado and was unable to see this. That’s a good thing. What happened with Palms?
  15. What Zack is saying is all well and good, but he’s gotta realize that the Mets aren’t exactly known for handing issues deftly. I would’ve asked him, “OK, so how would YOU have handled it then?”
  16. Among the funnier snippets I saw: With the second home run of his Met career, Francisco Lindor has now moved ahead of Bartolo Colon on the Mets’ all-time HR list.
  17. Yeah what this team needs is to go on a good old-fashioned tear and for some of their hitters to get red hot...Captain Obvious sh!t, no doubt, but feels like this team hasn’t been able to exhale all season...funny in that it’s not like they have an awful record, and they’re only a game out of first...it could clearly be SO much worse...hell, they’ve even won five out of their last seven (doesn’t feel like it in the slightest though). They’ve also scored 35 runs over the past seven games (held to less than four only once), and it doesn’t feel like that’s happened either. Just a strange ye
  18. And on a side note, Wade Miley threw the season’s FOURTH no-hitter last night. Not even a quarter of the way through through the 2021 season yet. Baseball is feeling more broken by the day.
  19. Yeah everything about this game was so Met-like...except the final result. Big comeback that’s kind of gotten lost in the shuffle with the whole McNeil - Lindor drama.
  20. For sure, but they’ve gone just 6–7-2 since that deal. Hasn’t helped so far.
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