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  1. For the hell of it, I decided to check every season from 1969-70 (I was born in 1970, so figured why not start there?). Was very easy to do on Hockey Reference. I had to search all the way back to 1979-80 to find a team that finished a full season under 70% on the PK (it was the Kings)...the Kings managed to pull off that "feat" in 1982-83 as well. Both times, they were pretty well outside of the pack (though not as insanely far back as the Devils currently are this season). No other team was that pathetic from the 1969-70 to the present...depending on the season, the bottom teams we
  2. Yeah I've pointed out his ES Save% (and the team's) a lot. When that inevitably regresses, hopefully that's when the special teams stop being a trainwreck. But I haven't seen much from either the PP or PK units that lead me to believe that they're going to pick it up anytime real soon.
  3. Think about this for a minute: if the Devils somehow killed their next 10 power play against opportunities, that would put at them at 66.7% for the season...which is STILL "All by themselves" pathetic. They'd have to kill off 56 in a row just to get to 80% on the season (currently that's about middle-of-the-pack). All but one other team is at least at 70% or better. I've never seen anything like this. And outside of apparently being a real swell guy, I have no idea what the hell nASS brings. Or has ever brought.
  4. Part of me is hopeful that once Nico and others get more comfortable, that they'll pick it back up. The other part of me can only ignore for so long the numbers that tell me that they've been pretty lucky to date...but I do see signs of what they can be, once they turn the corner. I just don't know if this roster will be able to turn that corner, even with Mac doing everything that he can, and a much-improved Hughes showing more and more flashes of becoming a legit star.
  5. He was a beast from 2013-14 through 2016-17 (Age 26-29 seasons, .928 save%, and a Vezina...he did miss a huge part of the 2015-16 season). He's been much more ordinary for much of the past three seasons (.910 overall coming into this year) and is at .893 this year. He's at .906 over his last 69 games (dating back to the start of last season), and is now 33 years old. Simply looks like he's past his prime, but being paid like he's still firmly in it. And holy sh!t I had no idea how bad his contract was...signed through 2025-26 (?!) at a $10.5 million cap hit, for his Age 31-38 seasons
  6. I'm not going to pretend that I'm closely following the Canadiens, but the team got off to a 7-1-2 start...they did only win 2 out of their last 8 (2-4-2), but not like their overall record was so terrible to date (9-5-4). And yeah, not like Price is having a great season (.893 save%). Strictly from an outsider's perspective, this feels a bit abrupt.
  7. Underlying numbers have been pointing to a regression for a while...save% at ES for the Devils remains unsustainably high (now .949, and lots of luck with posts and crossbars last night...Blackwood has put up an insane .965 mark). They’re also continuing to get slammed in scoring chance and high danger opportunities...their opponents are accounting for about 64% and 65% of such chances overall in such situations. And of course, there’s the special teams. Now it’s a question of hoping that this current roster can get more comfortable with each other and figure things out enough, to where
  8. Yeah that’s a horsesh!t take for sure. Nico is going to need some time.
  9. Bleech Weren’t going to keep stopping 95% of the ES shots forever...
  10. That’s my real beef. They has no business keeping him at all.
  11. 9 goals against in the last 12 PK attempts...and it could easily be WORSE.
  12. Like a hitter in a slump who takes it out onto the field and starts making errors, it feels like the PK is starting to negatively affect this team all-around. Like I said, don’t let losers hang around and poison the team.
  13. The problem is that they think the Devils’ relatively good finish to last season was somehow nASS-related. He had nothing to do with it. It was just about all Blackwood.
  14. It really is enough. You can’t let losers hang around.
  15. Wow, yeah, basically for a girl to get it, she has to have a color-blind dad, and a mother who's a carrier who passes it on. Rare indeed. I've heard about those glasses too (that SH mentioned)...would love to know how well they work.
  16. For sure...I was one of them. Went to the final preseason game in 1992 thinking for some reason I was going to get to see them on ice...they were saving them for the regular season. From what DM84 told me (think it was him), apparently those white, red and greens from that preseason game were pretty beat up (can't really tell from a distance)...the Devils obviously weren't going to bother ordering new "old style" jerseys just for the preseason, so they simply used older sets, and for new players, stripped old ones and re-named and numbered them. Wasn't sure if you were kidding about b
  17. The Devils are coming up on 40 years of being in NJ...there was a time I was mildly curious about seeing them wear Rockies or Scouts jerseys, but that ship sailed for me a long time ago. At this point, I like that they've dipped into the red and green area for three different jerseys. Next up, I could live with a now "retro" red and black, or even a design heavily based on the old black Starter jerseys. I'd welcome MB3's black jersey in a heartbeat. Best indie 3rd design I've seen yet.
  18. I know my RR/Heritage idea ain't ever happenin...it would definitely be a radical change. And I'm not sure that many fans would welcome a near-full-time return to green being a part of the unis (though ditching that for black would allow the "red and black" marketing to keep going unencumbered, and not alienate any fans who didn't grow up with green as part of the color scheme).
  19. I'm good with black or the green...the key being that the green is pretty dark. Makes the red stand out that much more...and the white border around the yoke helps a lot. And after many years of black yokes (which I never minded and actually liked quite a bit, especially on the old red-and-blacks...why the new design has them chopped, I'll never understand), I like the idea of red yokes now, on the everyday unis. To me, that would make up for not having a primary jersey with a red torso (which seems almost blasphemous for a team called the Devils), but the way the red shoulders and a
  20. I was never a champion of green full-time (the way Leeds has consistently been), but being that I don't love the current red-and-blacks, and that I think the Heritage and RR are solid designs (even if based off old templates), I'm much more open to the idea now. I like that it's not an overly bright green either...hell, depending on lighting, they almost look black in some photos. What's funny is that due to the brightness of the red, I tend to notice the red more than the green on the RR. The green feels more like a background, even though it's on the body of the jersey. My fir
  21. I'm actually kind of indifferent to this...as long as they wind up getting worn for the same number of dates as originally planned, I'm OK with them not making their debut tonight. I was looking forward to seeing them on ice sooner than later though...hopefully 3/2 then. Only one more week. And though I know that I will be in the serious minority here, if the Devils ever went with their RR jerseys as their home jerseys, and the Heritage as their away, I wouldn't object...they could either keep the green as is, or swap out the green for black. For one, I kinda like the idea of red shou
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