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  1. Meh, I'm pretty indifferent to this. Wasn't much there. Guy allowed 8 HR in 31 IP here too.
  2. Yeah he was. One of those dudes who could elicit chuckles in class from everyone (including the teachers) without trying very hard...quite funny but not in the classic "Class Clown" mold...he was a very good student, quite smart actually (wouldn't have skipped a grade otherwise I suppose). He was already doing some comedy bits back then...he'd just kind of brainstorm and come up with ideas...some worked and some didn't, but he kinda knew that failure would be part of the equation (he tried to front his own band for a while, and let's just say he was never meant to be a vocalist...even decent stage presence wasn't enough to overcome his very bad singing). But like I said, much funnier off-the-cuff than when he'd try to create bits.
  3. Geez, all you guys with your celeb connections. I went to high school with Ricky Proehl (WR for 17 years in the NFL, won a SB with the Rams) and Michael Ian Black (did The State and Viva Variety, and appeared on some novelty shows like VH1's "I Love the 80s"). Both were nice enough guys (Ricky was clearly the best player on our football team by far and worked very hard at being the best he could be, but quite ironically, he wasn't at all full of himself the way many of his far less-talented teammates were, who carried themselves like the gods they only wished they could be)...Ricky was the kind of guy who would say hello to anyone in the hallway. Black (whose real last name is Schwartz) actually grew up in my neighborhood from when I was about 8 to 10 years old (we moved to a different part of town, but I still knew him through graduation...he was a year behind me, but skipped the 5th grade to move up into my class)...he was a pretty cool guy, pretty funny...definitely much funnier in person and just hanging out than he ever was during anything he did on TV. I wasn't super-close with him, but he was a good dude...I remember seeing him on The State (was on MTV) in my early 20s, recognizing him immediately and thinking "Damn, how did he wind up with that gig? Good for him!" Think he went to NYU and met the other people who would eventually do that show while in school, but I was happy for him that he was able to make something happen...sure it wasn't easy.
  4. I never really expected all that much from Rosario as a hitter in the majors, even though he clearly looked good at times in the minors (AA in particular...hard to make a huge deal out of his Vegas numbers, for obvious reasons). But yeah, if you put much stock into WAR, he's now at 1.0 for his entire major-league career (291 GP). What's frustrating is that it seems like the Mets just ignored his fielding shortcomings in the minors (which WERE apparent) and assumed he'd get better. He hasn't. And if you look at his fielding numbers, he actually appears to rank BELOW average in a number of them: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/r/rosaram01.shtml No wonder we're starting to hear about Gimenez (whose bat appears to have even less life than Rosario's...some will say "Well Gimenez is young", but I've already made the direct AA comparison, and the 20-year-old Rosario ran circles around the 20-year-old Gimenez...it's not even close), and hearing about a position switch for Rosario. Sadly, it's looking more and more like Rosario will be either be a poor man's starting SS at best (think bad team or stopgap, a guy who winds up playing for 6 or 7 teams for his career), or a backup by the time he's 26 or so. But yeah, seems more and more like the guy was wildly overhyped. And apparently not capable of getting all that much better than he is right now.
  5. Well said mfitz. It’s fine. Not expecting that much, but not like he’s being paid much. Low risk move.
  6. As much as I hate to admit it, the Rangers do have some tradable assets. They will also have cap room coming in the near future...only players they're tied to long-term right now are Panarin (7 years), Zibanejad (3 years) and Skjei (5 years). Bigger hits like Shattenkirk, Lundqvist and Staal come off after the 2020-21 season. Sucks, I wanted them to be in cap hell, but the truth is they'll be in pretty good shape in short order, even if they're not right at this moment...hopefully they blow some of their future space on UFAs that don't pan out.
  7. No one can get on the Mets for moving on from d'Arnaud (Mets dealt with plenty of underperformance, inconsistency, and injuries, not to mention that he wound up becoming a terrible defensive catcher), but of course, the WAY they moved from him was beyond stupid. Basically they're stuck paying him while he goes on a nice little hot burst with another team. I don't kid myself that he had much in the way of trade value, but it's hard to imagine that the Mets couldn't have at least done something where they had finally gotten rid of him AND managed not to pay him almost $3 million. But this is what happens when an owner thinks he's a baseball man and a GM, the agent masquerading as the GM thinks he can use fantasy-league tactics to bluster and bullsh!t his way into building a roster, and the pitching coach who clearly has no managerial ability is left out and about to continually embarrass himself every time he opens his yap. At least I'm enjoying my summer...amazing how easy it is to do that when you don't invest yourself too much in this sh!tstorm.
  8. I'm not sure I've seen a more incompetently-run franchise in MLB. There's something almost WEEKLY with them. They can't even get something right by accident.
  9. And of COURSE Wheeler heads to the IL just before the trade deadline. Because why wouldn't he?!
  10. Though no one's come out and said it outright...it looks like this organization has serious doubts about Rosario's future as a SS here. We've heard the chatter about moving him to CF (?!), and we're hearing more and more about his lack of range at short...and of course there's his weak bat...don't be fooled by the uptick in his hitting numbers...he's still putting up an OPS+ of 92, which is below average (100). He's young, but the general feeling is that he's not really showing much improvement in any particular aspect of his game. What sucks about this of course that the Mets have treated him like this fvcking untouchable for how many years now, and how he was a future star and one of the franchise's big-time prospects (and even if his bat would be a little iffy, he would still be a fielding monster). What also sucks is that this is no longer a guy with a lot of trade value anymore...he doesn't do any one thing particularly well. Supposedly the new fair-haired boy "SS of the future" is now 20-year-old Andres Gimenez, who's currently in AA. I really hope HIS glove is up to snuff, because his offensive numbers sure as hell don't do much to wow. In his last 49 GP with Bingo, he's slashing .231/.294/.330. He's also struck out 46 times and walked only 11. Does that not sound the potential coming of Amed Rosario Part Deux? Hell, in Rosario's defense, he SHREDDED it with Bingo while he was there...slashed .341/.392/.481. And he was the same age as Gimenez is now. So why exactly are we supposed to be excited about HIM potentially displacing Rosario? Like I said, his glove better be fvcking dynamite.
  11. The bolded sums it up. Everyone looking for something to read into. I'm not going to pretend that I know for sure, but I still think he's re-signed in time.
  12. I think the Mets will play Wilson a lot (even when deGrom and Syndergaard are pitching) in the hopes of moving him. Probably hoping his bat picks up, though with his defense clearly on the decline, not sure if a hot bat would be enough to get a team to take him.
  13. Dom Smith has been cooling off a bit...hope this isn’t the beginning of him coming back to Earth, because he’s definitely been one of the more fun stories in a season that hasn’t had many of them at all. Nice to see this damned team get deGrom a win for once.
  14. Apparently the problem with Ramos is that he knows he can’t handle offspeed stuff in the dirt, so he calls a lot of fastballs...which is why deGrom and Syndergaard absolutely do not want to throw to him. I’m all for a catcher being able to hit, but the Mets should just dump Ramos ASAP, and simply let Nido handle the catching as much as possible for the rest of this season. See how much his bag can develop. I did like the Ramos signing initially, but he’s clearly just a very bad fit.
  15. We have no choice but to laugh at this point.
  16. Did you catch BVW on with Fat fvck, on the WFAN? It was about what you would’ve expected...BVW came off like an oblivious blowhard, with a lot of fake “We will figure this out” bravado. As much as I don’t like Mike, he was pretty good this time...asked some tough questions, and flat-out told BVW that the fans don’t trust him at all (and would basically consider all of his “I’m still confident” bluster exactly that), and that he’s done a lousy job to date. Much less of a softball interview than I was expecting.
  17. Yeah pretty much this. Feel for him because in his memoir, though we know a relapse is always a possibility, he really seemed to feel like he’d managed to conquer his demons once and for all. Now he’s probably headed to jail...think that was the deal if he was caught with drugs again.
  18. As long as no teeth are involved, no hatred here.
  19. I touched on this a while back...the BJs were in that very difficult spot, of knowing that their best chance to go deep and try to win a Cup was last season...some of the guys that they knew they were going to lose are not so easily replaceable, so they decided to try to make a real run while they still had that "soon to leave" talent in house. It does suck when you reach that point, when you have to go for it when you're not quite as "there" as you'd like to be. Sure, you can kick the can down the road, trade certain-to-depart assets for picks and pieces, and hope there's a next time not too far away...but as we've seen, next time can take many MANY years to reach, if all doesn't go well, if you can't turn those picks into players, etc. Probably even more frustrating for them is that they did sweep the real juggernaut team this year in the Lightning...that alone shows that they weren't THAT far away. But yeah, sucks for them that they're not only back to Square One in a lot of ways, but that they weren't able to keep even one of those "put all the chips in" players. Not sure what their prospect situation is, as far as trying to find bodies from within goes. ...no sympathy from me of course, heh heh.
  20. Sadly I'm not shocked...there were hints in the news here and there that he was struggling with this again over the past 2-3 years...he could've slipped before and simply not been caught, but unfair to speculate on that. Hope he can pull it together, but it's hard to imagine that this won't be anything but a continued lifelong struggle.
  21. Indeed they do. But not all bagel shops in NJ are created equal. There's some duds.
  22. I go sans cheese, but Alfredo's in Hillsborough makes a killer TH/PR and egg. I get it on lightly buttered rye bread toast (a little more forgiving with the carbs than a Kaiser roll). And it's less than a 1/4 mi from where I work. Treat myself to one once or twice a month. Getting hungry now just thinking about inhaling one... Kooky as this will sound, I pretty much interchange Taylor Ham and Pork Roll...but tend to call it Taylor Ham more...I'd say the percentage split is 60/40 or thereabouts. I have no idea why. All I know is that every bite tastes fvcking amazing...like every other thing that has to be horrible for you.
  23. Ask Willie Williams and Phillip Phillips.
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