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  1. What’s nice is when you’re in the position that the Devils are (lots of picks and loads of cap space), you can sometimes make a good deal with a team struggling with the cap, who simply don’t want to dole out extensions to certain players (or keep existing money)...Palms was a RFA-to-be, and MoJo was a UFA-to-be with two seasons left. I’d have to see what kind of players are out there like that on cap-strapped teams, that Shero might be willing to deal picks for.
  2. Both Palms and MoJo were acquired for picks only. Palms is clearly a quality player. MoJo was coming off a 58-point season when Shero dealt for him. He didn’t work out, but he definitely was a quality player prior to things not working out for him here.
  3. Yeah, but at the same time, the game was very much in reach through seven...just would’ve been nice to have pulled it out, but no big hits and Gsellman (and some bad luck)...well, sure, sh!t happens. But the Phils were still kinda slumbering along to start the game...they couldn’t even get to Vargas all that much. You guys probably already know this, but Gio’s signed with the Brewers. Glad it wasn’t the Mets...his recent samples were too inconsistent to feel like it would’ve been an automatic upgrade over Vargas...yes, Gio probably could’ve been better, but when he’s been bad, he’s been Vargas bad. At least if BVW actually wakes up and realizes he needs a starting pitcher, there’s a chance it will be someone with more upside/less downside than Gio.
  4. BVW can’t tell me that he’s not trying to find another starting pitcher, when it’s obvious the Mets don’t trust Vargas at all...doesn’t do much good to have to get BP arms up early because you can smell the meltdown coming. Wow Hoskins, congrats on your garbage-time HR against a sh!tty mop-up pitcher. Act like you’ve been there before d!ckhead. Someone on the Mets staff needs to make that fvcker eat dirt before the season’s out. And damn the Mets really suck at closing out series so far. You just knew the Mets would lose tonight.
  5. Agree fully with above but the Devils might very well be in a similar position, as far as paying guys who have yet to win much goes. Still too early to say though.
  6. Think he tailed off sharply after a very good start. Much like Bratt’s first season with the big club.
  7. This pretty much sums up my feelings on the whole thing. Sure, wasn’t the best call in the world, but FOUR FRIGGIN’ PP GOALS? And it’s not like the GKs were clinging to a one-goal lead. Ya gotta do better than that. I understood that call at the time and thought it was fair. Yeah I was furious too. And I thought, as far as Bernier went, that it was a “fireable” offense. I didn’t think he should be back on the Devils the following season, it was that bad.
  8. I’m just starting to think as a lot, the starters are simply overrated. Syndergaard has never been much of a hit suppressor, and has always been injury-prone. Matz to date is a guy who melts down and comes unglued very easily. Wheeler’s last three starts are definitely encouraging, but I’m not sure which Wheeler is the real one. The only one that I have full faith in is deGrom. He’s the one guy who is the full package.
  9. And some weird coincidences last night...Wheeler became the first player in 2019 to throw a ball and hit a ball 100+ mph...in his 100th career start. And always funny to see how quickly early season numbers can change...Zack’s ERA dropped by a full 1 1/2 runs after last night’s outing (from 6.35 to 4.85). His last three starts: 20 IP, 16 H, 6 ER, 6 BB, 24 K. That’s a hell of a lot closer to the guy who tore up the second half of 2019, and I hope it’s legit, because with Syndergaard continuing to be way too hittable and confoundingly ordinary, the Mets needs some arms to start stepping up. The staff has an ERA over 5.00...that’s simply nowhere near cutting it.
  10. Re: Vargas, really seems like the Mets and other teams are pretty leery of bringing in Gio González...and to their credit, they’re doing their homework on that one...I’ve pointed out previously how rotten he’s been for significant stretches over the past few seasons...he’s not nearly as good or consistent at this point as his very solid career numbers would lead many to believe. I wouldn’t blame BVW for taking a shot with Gio (he’ll be relatively inexpensive and there’s just zero reason for any hope with Vargas), but don’t be that surprised if Gio is only marginally less frustrating to watch than Vargas. Gio can be really really bad, for several starts at a time. Hope Cano can keep it up...other guys are cooling off (to be expected). Frazier hitting a GS was terrific, but I’ll never be a believer in a bat like his. Also gotta wonder how long of a leash d’Arnaud will get...I know that it’s early, but if the guy still isn’t hitting in late May/early June (not like he has anything else to offer outside his offense), does BVW just ignore an obvious deficiency the same way that his predecessor often did? Like many others, wondering if Rhame was actually throwing as Hoskins, or if he just sucks so much that he had no control over where his pitches were going. Hard to say for sure, but I get the feeling the Phils will come out a little fired up...very bad news for Vargas. Don’t see him lasting long.
  11. Yeah, I was never a DH guy myself...especially in the NL. But for sure, only a matter of time at this point. Would really like to the see the Mets not end this series on a whimper...sweep these fvckers.
  12. What the hell has gotten into Wheeler? Strikes out seven straight hitters at one point, and drives in three runs on a double and a HR...and it’s only the fourth inning. Guy is having an insane night so far...
  13. And Harper better get hit tomorrow. Tired of seeing Mets hitters getting hit, and the Mets pitchers almost never doing anything to retaliate. Nice couple of innings from the pen. Just need one more.
  14. And enough of that fvcking loser d’Arnaud...PLEASE
  15. Another fine outing for Syndergaard. So fed up with him.
  16. It’s moments like this that you want to punch BVW right in his smarter-than-you face. Don’t ever bring up names like Oswalt or Flexen as viable options again you a$$hole.
  17. Agree, enough with Oswalt and/or Flexen. They’re the Mets equivalent of John Quenneville.
  18. Brooks definitely doesn’t hesitate to shred that team (which also caters to the NY fan, as they’ll do the same, often too much). Brooks usually harps on ice time for certain players as his main sticking point. I wish Valiquette could give up 10 goals every game. Someone really needs to remind him that his Ranger career amounted to 39 GP, 27 starts, and 14 wins. Dude, you were barely a footnote in Blowshirt history...stop carrying yourself like your jersey number is overdue for a rafter hanging. fvcking douchenozzle.
  19. Only problem with that is from what I’ve read, he’s not a guy who will help right away. Bratt has at least shown nice flashes of being a good player in the present (just has to stay healthy and find consistency). But I get it, gotta give the team holding the lock holding the team something. Yeah, if Caufield’s projected to be a Top 15 pick, then maybe the price to land him would be too prohibitive...I was hoping his size might scare teams off just enough, but it was crazy to think he had any chance to fall into the second round. I only mentioned two seconds as a starting point, really...sure, you’d have to give the team willing to trade the pick at least one more asset, possible two more.
  20. (Lack of) size sometimes scare teams off, and guys like him can drop. If Shero really likes him, and he doesn’t go that early, he can even try to move up to snag him (offering a pair of seconds or something like that).
  21. If Caufield is available when the Devils make their first second-round selection, they have to think about snagging him.
  22. Mets only had Nimmo and Lagares on the bench at that point...and obviously Lagares would've been the only one available...can't see it having gone much better with him. Unfortunately that was one time where the Mets just didn't have much choice but to let Broxton hit. But yeah, my first thought when I saw that he was coming up was "Yeah right...no way he makes contact here." Outside of one hot streak in 2016 (21 games) and another in 2017 (28 games), he's largely been a zilch who hits an occasional home run...think Anthony Recker. He's just a really bad hitter. I don't think they need to IL him, but yeah, be VERY careful. I can't handle Lagares and Broxton splitting ABs. You've already got one not-good bat in Rosario.
  23. We're probably getting ahead of ourselves (like I said, was kinda mental spitballing), but that will probably be his only shot to get (over)paid and snag some big money as a UFA. And the Devils simply not be in the position to give him what he's looking for, even if there's a little bit of a discount (look what friggin' Henrique is making...based on that, if I'm Palms, I think I'm worth at least $6.5 million per season, maybe even a little more). Ideally, you have young, cost controlled players who can step in and quickly approximate what the departed UFA veteran was providing, but at a much lower cost, and for longer. Of course this is a very forensic way of looking at things...it doesn't take into account team chemistry, what Palms brings beyond numbers, etc...sometimes guys like him bolt and it can leave a real hole in the lockerroom...some guys do bring more than stats. Don't get me wrong, it would suck to lose him. But it may become a "We would absolutely love to keep him, but..." kind of situation.
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