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  1. If they can get back to .500 at the 100-game mark, they’ll have sucked me back in. But at least for now there’s just a little signs of life.
  2. Dude found himself a hell of a gold digger heh heh. Legalized prostitution at its finest.
  3. Yeah there’s no chance for anything resembling relevance without an effective Diaz. But even with a pair of wins in their last two, hard to take the Mets seriously when they managed a total of seven hits. And the Loser Twins continue to not hit the damned ball nearly enough.
  4. Obviously when your team drafts a player like McDavid, you figure it's only a matter of time before you're watching your team become a legit contender to win a championship. It's obviously taken a WHILE for the Oilers to compete for the big prize, but here they are, in the SC Finals, FINALLY...and then...THUD. McDavid's about to finish his 9th NHL season already...good lord Oilers, figure it the fvck out!
  5. Mets actually pull out a win tonight. Still way too many games under .500, but gotta attempt to start somewhere I guess.
  6. Can see the Rangers trying to move him as part of a package for Marner. Just don’t know if the Rangers really have nearly enough to offer in return.
  7. Welcome to the boards! And nice username...Merlin Malinowski, #16. Talked to him a couple of times several years ago and he's a good dude. NHL career ended much earlier than it should have (by his own admission he didn't put in enough work) but he enjoyed a nice career in the Swiss leagues. In fairness to the owners, they have given ALL of their GMs freedom to spend as they see fit, and for the most part strike me as "non-meddlers". Lou basically spent poorly towards the end and was never going to blow things up, Shero was trying to keep his cap down (as he was attempting a dual rebuild/retool and was trying to save flexibility for when he'd need it), and Fitz was allowed to both go out and pay big money for Hamilton AND pay up to lock up core players to be here for many years. The ownership isn't perfect but I think they get a bad rap sometimes. They've tried to improve the arena experience (still have a ways to go there, especially with the restrooms) and as we've been over, they put money into the on-ice product. Now it's up to Fitz to use the resources given him to make last season a hiccup.
  8. I’m thinking a team in the early stages of a rebuild that needs someone who’s cost-controlled and has some upside. Such a team would know that the Devils are looking to dump Siegs’ contract, so along with Siegs they can ask for an extra asset (say a mid-round pick), and the Devils get little back and that’s that. If Siegs has a couple of good years, his new team can try to flip him while his value’s up, or enjoy him playing well for them at a reasonable cap hit. So basically it would work out as a Siegs + mid round pick to be able to pay Zadorov. I’m doing that.
  9. I want him too, but man there is going to be a lot of coin tied up in this D very soon. BUT, safe to say that if the Devils somehow snagged Zadorov, then safe to say there's a good chance Fitz tries to get Siegs and/or Bahl off his books. So hopefully some of Zadorov's bigger hit would be offset by someone else being moved.
  10. Yeah I bought two SS jerseys (Jack and Nico) and have a green Hughes, Hischier, and GW Bastian (you saw me in it). I do like those RR1 jerseys…curious to see if there’s a RR3 somewhere down the line. Gotta think teams are going to start to run out of ideas…good ones, anyway.
  11. Please stop trying to make Jeff McNeil happen. He’s been sh!t for a while now. It doesn’t feel like he’s suddenly going to figure it out again.
  12. I’m guilty as fvck in that I bought a couple of BK Wonder Digglers (Nico and Jack). I explained why I kinda like em, but I can sure understand why many don’t.
  13. Just having back and forth. I’m able to do that with most people here without issue.
  14. They’re not though. Clearly different designs and not the same shade of green. No yellow trim in the current Stars jersey. Also only one team would be wearing anything primarily green in any on-ice matchup, as the other team would be wearing away whites. I think there would’ve been room for both, but it won’t be happening anyway.
  15. Not really...the current Stars unis are FAR removed from what the North Stars once wore: Even when the Stars first moved to Dallas, the unis were pretty significantly redesigned:
  16. Turns out that the rumored Wild jersey change was every bit that...just a rumor. They've denied it and those who ran with it are retracting. I don't have anything against their current jerseys, but I do like that North Star look for the Wild.
  17. Yeah this is a good change for the Wild. Those feel more "right" than the previous Wild designs ever did, especially with the color ties to the North Stars. Do I agree with you, in terms of not liking that design? You bet. Do a LOT of Devils fans not agree with us? Apparently so. I don't get it myself. If they would just ditch that damned "Jersey" for the standard Devils logo (without the circle, in the same style as the jersey numbers), it would make a world of difference. But yeah like you, I'm not only done with Jersey jersey, but with "Hat" and all of the rest. Still kinda irks me that with the Devils as the team name and red and black to work with, the best that they came up with was a jersey that became a joke. I'd rather something COOL ffs.
  18. The Devils would’ve probably taken down the Canucks in 5 games. The two best teams in the NHL that year faced each other in the ECF. The Rangers were just that teeny-tiny bit better, especially since they had so many ex-Oilers on that roster who had been there before. What also hurt was that the Devils had played a lot of games headed into that ECF: a tough 7-gamer against the Sabres that saw Game 6 go into 4 OTs, and having to go 6 after being down 2-0 to the Bruins. The Rangers had a much easier first couple of rounds in sweeping the Isles and eliminating the Caps in five. Maybe if the Devils had come in a little better rested that could’ve been the difference.
  19. Lindor, Alonso and Nimmo combine to go for 0-for-12 with 5 K. Sounds about right. Great start to the “soft” part of their schedule heh heh.
  20. But the 1994 Cup and Messier being a big part of it means more than any other Cup win in NHL history dontcha know! It's never too late to celebrate that championship...just ask most Ranger fans, the organization, and Messier himself. They never hesitate to not pass up the chance.
  21. I still want to know how much say that Keefe had in this whole thing. IF he spoke to both of them and THEN decided that he wanted to retain them...OK, even if I can't stand either of them, if Keefe came out of a meeting with each one and then thought "I want to give them a chance, I like what they had to say and what they'll bring...", well, gotta give the coach a chance to have some significant input into who comprises his coaching staff. If Fitz more or less is saddling Keefe with these guys, that I don't like at all. I have no idea which scenario took place so I can't make a huge deal either way, but in the end, can't say that I like Rogalski and McGill sticking around at all.
  22. Yeah seriously how many people in the front office did McGill have to blow to keep his job?! This is disappointing as fvck. I wonder if Keefe met with these guys and had any say with regards to them sticking around. I’d like to think the coach that was given a four-year deal was at least given that.
  23. Assuming any of this is true, at least if Fitz winds up with Markstrom and the 10 OA is involved, other players/pieces should be coming back. Still won’t love Markstrom as the centerpiece coming back.
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