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  1. I was hoping that they would grow on me in time. Like I've said, I can take the whites better than the reds...and overall, I've gotten used to them, but every time I put on one of my old red and blacks before a game, I'm just instantly reminded of how much better that design was. I do think the white Heritages are terrific...and I'm not some huge red and green guy (I always approved of the '92-'93 switch to the red and blacks). I've said it before, but if the organization ever swapped out the green for black on the Heritage jerseys and made a couple of other slight tweaks, I'd love for that to replace the current whites. Won't happen though.
  2. I'm definitely used to them, just not a huge fan (especially the reds). Never will be.
  3. Yeah me too (re: the bolded), just wish they'd stop sucking in them. The truncated shoulder yokes and floatie sleeve stripes bother me more than the deleted bottom stripe. If the Devils went to a wider yoke and sleeve stripes more in line with the previous design, I could live with the bottom stripe being missing (though I'd sign up for a return of the old red and blacks right now).
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/tj-oshie-invites-fan-to-caps-game-after-he-made-every-nhl-teams-logo-out-of-dominos/ar-BB125Ypb?ocid=spartanntp Damn, must have taken some serious time to have done all of those...
  5. Glad to hear that you seem to have gotten through the worst.
  6. Comparing the NBA to the NHL will never work, from an apples-to-apples comparison. Teams are built much differently in the NBA. You're trying to make an unfair link to prove a point. The owners do get credit for allowing Shero to spend in the first place. Devils could've been much closer to the floor if that's what the owners wanted. You can cheap out very easily if you truly want to tank. You don't take on $27 million on a potentially almost impossible-to-move contract in PK's if you're truly in tank mode...absolutely no reason to. You can overpay a mehish defenseman for one or two years instead. Shero clearly thought a lot of Hynes...probably too much. Definitely factored in heavily in Shero's downfall. What's funny about what you're saying is that I think what cost Shero his job was actually quite the opposite. I think he was trying to sell ownership on another rebuild, and after Shero had been given five years to build a team and had made moves that were supposed to move the train forward, they didn't want to hear that. I think they don't want to go through another rebuild at all. Give me one sell-off this season that made sense to keep: Hall? Once it was clear that he wasn't going to re-sign, what other choice did Shero have but to move him? He couldn't possibly take a Tavares-type gamble. And to Shero's credit, he didn't fvck around...with a guy who's injury-prone and soon-to-be-UFA, that's what you do...trade him before he gets hurt and you're then stuck with him. I think Shero got a pretty good return. Greene? Aging and his best seasons were clearly behind him. UFA-to-be. Who wouldn't take a second-rounder for him? Coleman? I liked him a lot, but the return was just too damned good to pass up. To put it another way...if I had heard that Fitz had turned that offer DOWN, part of me definitely would've wondered if he'd made a mistake. Vats? Devils at least got an interesting young piece for him, and wasn't even able to hit the ice at the time of the deal. I like Vats, but he's a guy who's ripe to be overpaid as a UFA. And as we've seen, he misses plenty of games. Simmonds? Didn't work out, wasn't going to be back. Might as well get what you can. Domingue? He got some mileage out of being not-Cory, but that was about it. Some good moments and many more not-so-good ones. If a guy like Hischier or Blackwood had been traded (or Blackwood wasn't being given as much of an opportunity as he has the last season+), you'd have a much better case for ownership supporting tanking. But the only guys who were sold off were ones that made perfect sense to sell off (even if it hurt a little to see Coleman go).
  7. But I have yet to see them mandate a tank with the Devils. If they wanted to interfere, they could (as some meddlesome owners can and will). They could've easily forced the coaching staff to play Schneider over Blackwood (hey, we're paying him, he needs to play)...but they allowed him to be mothballed in the minors for a while, while the clearly better player in Mac was allowed to play. They could've held Shero back from making obvious "Let's get better NOW" moves this past offseason, and found a GM to sell off as many useful assets as possible (like Palms and some others). You've seen what teams that are purposely tanking will do...look at last season's Dolphins. That's not happening here. Like I said, you have more a series of moves that didn't pay off as hoped, and a franchise that simply does what so many others do when their team is not anywhere near being in a playoff hunt, in what's very much become a defined "Buyer/Seller" market.
  8. The NBA is a different beast. You are way oversimplifying in trying to make a point. None of the evidence points to pro-tank...the team wasn't playing well, and a good chunk of that fell on Shero's moves (like I've said many times, I think he did have his share of rotten luck here)...I did like him and I would have given him another season, but the team didn't progress enough from a pure results standpoint under his watch, and when the team was SCREAMING for a coaching change, he waited too long to make it. As for the "selling off", that's not uncommon practice when you have guys who are going to leave, or guys whose value is higher than it might be otherwise. Devils absolutely should have been sellers at the time and I have no issue with them going in that direction. All I've seen these owners do is give their GMs considerable freedom to spend money and make moves. They did that with Lou, and they did the same with Shero. Lou wouldn't blow up what sorely needed to be...so yeah, that and years of poor drafting helped to lead to some lean years. Shero had to come in and try to build both the AHL and NHL teams with not very much to work with initially. The team's overall record the past couple of years isn't good, but he left considerably more behind than did his predecessor. I'd like to see what Fitz can do...I don't think this team is as far away from being decent and on the upswing as some do, I really don't.
  9. Owners are not pro-tank. Shero made moves that were designed to expedite a return to consistent contention and was allowed to spend money to do it (taking on all of PK's remaining money, paying a fair amount for an unproven Goose, etc). They didn't work out. But Plan A this season obviously didn't involve punting the season. But yeah, I'm all on board with Fitz getting the job.
  10. I’d only root for him and his team if they were playing the Rangers.
  11. I have absolutely zero inside knowledge on which to base this, but I could see a primarily green Devils jersey (maybe based on the whites and greens on the current Retros swapping places as a starting point, with, say, a string tie instead of the current neck...not saying that I would love that, but at least the colors would have some relevance) before going back to the Scouts or Rockies. There actually was a time (maybe 10-12 years ago) that the idea of suiting up in Rockies uniforms for one game per year kinda-sorta appealed to me...but not anymore. You've now got two sets of Devils retros that you can wear...the old red and greens (which we've obviously seen), and the original red and blacks. That's as far back as I care to go. Seeing the now "retro" red and blacks make an appearance would be painful, because that "Didn't need to fvck with it" design would just remind me how superior that was to what they wear now.
  12. I didn't hate them or anything...they were just kind of there. Some of the animations were amusing at first glance, but then I was just kinda done with them.
  13. These were the original prototypes for the KC Scouts jerseys (could've been when they were still trying to push through the MO-hawks nickname...the "MO" was capitalized to show that that KC was in Missouri as well as Kansas...this nickname was obviously shot down by the Black Hawks (back then it was two words). As one would expect, this jersey was also objected to by the Black Hawks...was a pretty cool-looking jersey though:
  14. Are the games being simulated in real time, as opposed to the clock counting down at the "usual" faster rate? That's probably why the numbers are so out-of-whack. I think if you play the game in what should be the normal mode, the seconds count down twice as fast...I think 20 minutes per period = 10 minutes of actual in-game playtime. Think that's always been the "sweet spot" with the EA NHL games, in terms of getting final numbers that feel much more in line with what you'd see in an actual NHL game. If 20 minutes per period is equal to 20 minutes of playtime, that would definitely account for what appears to be more than double what you'd expect to see in an NHL game. They look pretty cheesy and primitive now...not that they were ever all that cool (they always seemed kinda out of place), but it's amazing what 25 years can do...I see them now and think "Yikes, that was so 90s."
  15. Hope you all get through this as painlessly as possible. So far, as far as people that I “know” goes, it’s only people on this site who are infected. No work associates/customers, family members, or friends...yet. I live in Hunterdon County, and it hasn’t come close to exploding here the way that it has in other areas. People here are at least appearing to show some intelligence...lots of people walking around outside, but giving each other VERY wide berths. A few neighbors had a very brief “six foot get together” where they brought a drink or two and hung out...but never came closer than 6 feet from each other. I didn’t partake. Just doesn’t feel right. Some of the local restaurant owners are starting to complain (we’ve been getting some take-out here and there, to try to support some of these places)...they feel like things really aren’t bad enough in Hunterdon County for them to be restricted to take-out and delivery. I feel for them but at the same time I think starting to go back to “business as usual” for restaurants is just begging for disastrous consequences (not that that will happen anytime soon), even out it in the relative “sticks”. Most people that I talk to around here seem to get that we’re all in the same boat, and aren’t bitching about our new alternate and dark reality...but there’s definitely the entitled folk who act like they’re being unfairly inconvenienced, and still act like this thing is somehow not all that close...bitching about being “pent up” or “shut in”. I should show them MB3’s posts about what he’s going through.
  16. Wasn't shortness of breath supposed to be one of the symptoms that would allow you to at least see a doctor? Seems ridiculous that you can't at least get a damned test. How high is your fever?
  17. Once a tone-deaf d!ck, always a tone-deaf d!ck I guess. Roger being Roger: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/roger-goodell-warns-that-criticism-of-nfl-draft-decision-could-lead-to-discipline/ar-BB11LGIm?ocid=spartanntp
  18. Yeah Jag, all the best. Nothing worse than seeing your kid sick, with anything. Hope he recovers quickly.
  19. Oh man MB3, best of luck, of course I hope it's not CV, but regardless of what it is, I hope you feel better soon.
  20. Obviously no immediate positives coming out of this, but at least when Noah does come back, he won’t be trying to blow everyone away with 110 mph heat. He’ll actually have to learn how to pitch. Would’ve been nice to have had some arms in the system, but of course BVW couldn’t give those away fast enough.
  21. To be clear, I wasn't offended at all when I responded to you. Was just pointing out that under very difficult circumstances, I don't think ownership was doing anything out of line...and even then, they did what they really didn't have to, and reversed their decision. I just think people tend to jump on "rich people" very quickly sometimes, and often unfairly...not knocking you specifically, just the general attitude that very wealthy people must be greedy misers.
  22. This is not really fair. Like others have noted, the "big bad billionaires" are still paying their employees something (80+%), as opposed to flat-out layoffs. And it's not like their interests aren't taking a big hit right now...I'm sure they have investments that are getting just as destroyed as everyone else's.
  23. So much this. Lou has ALWAYS been a lousy interview...GMs tend to be in general (stock answer: if there's a move out there that makes sense for our team, we'll explore it), but Lou often has a way of giving you even less than nothing. His interviews with Mike and the Mad Dog were occasionally amusing, in that it was clear that Lou knew that neither one of them knew anything about hockey or the Devils, so he clearly had some contempt for them that he didn't really try to hide much. As Neil Smith has shown, some former GMs do eventually give you quite a bit (DM84 saw him speak at jersey expo and he had a LOT to say), but only after they've retired, and no longer have anything to lose by spilling.
  24. My company falls under the manufacturing exception in NJ, so fortunately we're able to stay open. I had a number of panicked employees who were terrified that we were going to have to shut down...many of them are living from paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately we had a meh first quarter and we have a lot of money tied up in material orders for future jobs, so I wouldn't have been able to pay them in the event of a long closure. I'm here, and my essential crew that handles all control panel fabrication are here too...our building is quite spacious (especially the shop area), so everyone is able to spread out. My admin and office workers are mostly working from home. We have a huge sign on all of our doors that make it clear that no one outside of my employees are allowed inside the building at this time. Doing all that we can to stay safe and somehow keep up some level of production. In a perfect world, we'd be able to close, but most of our customers are open too, and many of them have made it a point to tell us that they really need us to get them their products so that THEY don't miss THEIR customers' deadlines. I check in with everyone here often just to make sure that they are OK with still coming into work (and making it clear that should they have any issues with anything at all, that they are allowed to tell me that, and not have to worry about being penalized for it in any way). So far, those who are here do want to be here, as long as we're all taking every last precaution possible. Don't know anyone personally yet who's been infected. Really hope it stays that way, but I don't know how it possibly can. My parents are in Lauderdale By The Sea in their condo, and the weather has been beautiful...and they say it's like a ghost town. My dad is undergoing treatment for another bout of prostate cancer...no radiation yet, just hormone therapy at this time. He will have to come back up at some point for the radiation treatment (Sloan Kettering), and he's already made the decision to drive, instead of fly. Even though it wasn't that warm out this weekend, it was definitely nice enough that my family (me, wife, and daughter) took a nice long walk each day. I live in Clinton, which is very rural and quiet...walking on those peaceful streets, occasionally saying a friendly "Hello" here and there, you could almost trick yourself into forgetting that the world has been turned completely upside down in the space of a few months. Almost.
  25. He was an exception for a while...what was insane about that year was that he racked up 398 penalty minutes...his problem was that he missed a lot of games. His offense dropped off considerably once he reached his late 20s. Randy McKay’s offensive numbers actually wound up being eerily similar to Probert’s, pretty close in GP too. McKay was one of those guys who realized that he would have to tone down the rough stuff if he wanted to keep playing (his most productive years came in his 30s, and his penalty minutes went down noticeably). Probert never was able (or willing) to make that adjustment.
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