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  1. Busy morning. Nice job actually getting to me today! Marauders take RB Jax Leonard Fournette See if we can bring it home!
  2. Getting a chance to play for a championship team... Julio Jones WR Atl
  3. I'll send over his contract. Good luck, I think he's due for an off year/injury.
  4. C'mon man! I put a chick in a Browns jersey in the post where he found out his contract with the Championship team got extended! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a hot chick who is a Cleveland fan?!??!!?! sh!t.
  5. "Oh goodness! Should I pick 6th or 7th" seriously? that takes 3 hours to decide?!!???!??? wow.
  6. Know what would irk Crasher?

    Having it say something like League Champion or Reigning Champ or the like next to, or instead of, my team name in the draft results thread! :evil:

  7. I'll take the next draft hole, what's that, 5th? And I'll keep Jersey Boy Kenny Britt.
  8. yeah, I'd like to see the new thread to track where everyone is picking and what keepers are off the board as this begins to crawl along...
  9. New page!! You might wanna concentrate less on comicon and more on the gridiron Crasher.... hmm I just realized yer name is a good description of what yer team did. irony? Maybe you can make your team name Crash&Burn this year? Thought this gem deserved to be dusted off.
  10. Yeah, my brother in law suffers from this... and MAN I hope you are WRONG on that Devils bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Well holy crap! If you're waiting on the Jets to give you a reason to be interested in football, you may as well turn in your man card, take up knitting on Sundays and forget football exists!!
  12. I didn't see any email yet. Also my yahoo fantasy fb isn't showing any of my leagues. I blame the Rooskies...
  13. WOW! Dez went OFF! C'mon NO stat corrections! WOW! Masked Marauders Jeff Morris 7-6-0 | 4th 139.56 Points 139.06 108.37 Orig Proj 117.77 139.56 Live Proj 139.06 Power of Positivity Jarek 10-3-0 | 2nd
  14. Pssh! While I LOVE having a lead, it comes down to MNF. & it looks like the starters are going to be in it. 2 vs 2. We'll see which Cowboy Combo wins it! It ain't over til it's over!
  15. Yeah. Yo Crash, yer team looks GOOD with a line thru it! You might wanna incorporate that into next years design. Semifinal 1Goodell's Gestapo99.02 4Masked Marauders111.42 Palmer doubled up your Carr too. Enjoy!
  16. This sh!t is painful, but if they get on a streak the the Failures are on, they'd get right back into it! LETS GO DEVILS! Yer KILLIN me Smalls!!
  17. Ohhhh! Sexy! Maybe Crasher won't have to face Palmer after all!
  18. This thread SHOULD be epic. Why isn't it catching on? Has the interweb gotten TOO BIG for NJDevs!?
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