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  1. Glad I didn't bite on the AB waving under my nose. I had a feeling that was going to be a losing situation. Didn't know he would sink himself like that though!!
  2. Probably scared the rest of the site off when they saw I joined. Sorry.
  3. Draft order is selected I'm near the bottom. joy 1. --empty-- Zamboni Warr... 2. --empty-- Wolverines 3. --empty-- Big Blue 4. --empty-- New Jersey S... 5. --empty-- Dynamo Nation 6. --empty-- Henriqued 7. --empty-- Oakland Inva... 8. --empty-- RunninWithTh... 9. --empty-- Finkle & Ein... 10. --empty-- DD56 11. --empty-- Masked Marau... 12. --empty-- Sworn Defenders
  4. Long as nobody steals my sleepers, Luck, Sanders, Rice, T.O., Gronk...
  5. This is hands down the LEAST prepared for a draft I have EVER been! Hoping irony kicks in!
  6. Wow! For being the Drama Troll that he is, I’m surprised that is what melted his snowflake! You’re welcome. #12 is on board My picks might be a bit auto picked as Tuesday is also the time I’ll be drafting at BWW’s with my work league. So moving to Monday would be fine by me
  7. Can't agree at all with this, Cory is cooked. Not sure why, but he is fried. Kinkaid probably isn't the answer, but at least he actually has A win!
  8. I was gonna say, that's b/c Schneider has been the 2nd. It's painful watching him anymore.
  9. Should be 5:30, right? Where are your tiks? I THINK the Ice and Fire and Goal seating can get in @5?
  10. Lotta points left on the bench. Goff lobbying to make me bench Brady!
  11. Not sure if my theory will stick throughout the year, but picking the team playing the Eaglets will work for MOST OF IT!
  12. Thanks Commish. Actually, that sounds like a solid money maker!!
  13. Posted on League message board, but doesn’t seem to be used by the commish. I looked on the settings, but did not see it. Question: what is the league site deadline for making lineup changes? 30 mins before? 5? @ kickoff?
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