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  1. I'd like to be keeper of Kovalchuk's rejected contract and all things Kept
  2. I can hear Aberdeen at my houe Good Luck
  3. I'm sure Stevens got lucky at least once
  4. This is America so please speak English....I don't speak Jane
  5. This^^^ Get a job in construction and you'll hear some real yelling lol
  6. I just got my X on Friday so I'm still learning about what it can do. Only issue I have is the hot spot turns off every now and again but it's still 10xs better than my BB
  7. Don't forget us droid users when that one is released
  8. Strawberry Quik If the vodka is good it's all good lol
  9. Well first they will out source the rest of their in house clerks to India. Then after that they will close.
  10. I would like someone with his attitude in DC. I say let all the public servants that sit in the house and senate feel the tax payers pain.
  11. BEEP.....This was a test of the Squishy defend everything Obama system
  12. I've watched that video more than once just bc it makes me smile.
  13. Love him or not this is funny http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/14/chris-christie-pissed-video-nj-governor_n_576279.html
  14. Mine went from 2800(99) to 7000(08) due to home improvements and the new HS that was built.
  15. I wonder how much unemployment effected that or pay cut/investment returns.
  16. Devilish34

    Devils Survivor

    Thought the same thing pepper Agreed no sense in voting now
  17. I always thought Cino de mayo was Coronas idea to sell more beer. So some other kids where offended bc these kids wore clothing with the US flag on it in the US. Really people need to get a life and get over it
  18. I have to agree with the guy above what do you know?? You only deal with this sh!t everyday.... end sarcasm
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