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  1. I think the playoffs are a possibility but it's a tight window. Are the Devils good enough to overtake the Caps? I think ... maybe.
  2. I remember Thorne had trouble saying "Tverdovsky." He pronounced it Te-ver-DOR-ski.
  3. I get the feeling you’d like Chef from South Park to be our play by play man.
  4. I think we and Spaulding are going to be regular pals.
  5. I don't think much of Johnsson but I could see Tatar producing more than we expect. The Devils need scoring and he's been decent in the past. The bar is very low, admittedly.
  6. Things were already looking good this off-season, and now Devil killer Bjorkstrand gets traded to the Western Conference. We're one step closer to a playoff spot.
  7. I noticed a few posters are down on Alexander Holtz. Is he the next Pierre Dagenais?
  8. Wow, that's quite an idea. It might take three teams being involved to get Tkachuk moved for the right price if he wants to go to only one place.
  9. They won't lose him for nothing, but they might have to wait for a deadline trade to get the best deal possible for Tkachuk as a rental.
  10. Parts of Newark and St. Louis are similar, but I don't think that's gonna get him here! What if Tkachuk wants the freedom to sign where he wants, like most great players do? Then this becomes a near-impossible situation for Calgary, to trade him this summer. If this happens, the Flames might have to wait until the trade deadline to deal him.
  11. The Devils may not even be in the running if Tkachuk doesn't want to sign a long-term deal to stay here. Boy, the Flames are in a tough spot. I hope Tkachuk is amenable to signing a deal for more teams than the St. Louis Blues, for the Flames' sake.
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