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  1. That's not my takeaway. He's a football coach. Many of them use salty, off-color language and don't have a filter -- even on email. My takeaway is, "Wow, Gruden really pissed off a VIP." Kinda gets Mark Davis off the hook, doesn't it? Mediocre, overpaid coach is gone. Mistake erased.
  2. When there's an inevitable injury, someone like Boqvist, Vesey or Foote will get a chance to play. I'd be a bit surprised if Johnsson didn't make the initial cut, but on a team with depth, his spot is not assured. Intra-team competition is good, I'm glad maybe it's finally here.
  3. Right, I was thinking of all the contenders in the East. But you're right, you have to deal with what's in your own division first. And we're trending up ... I think.
  4. That's the way I see it. Boston may be on the downside, too.
  5. It wasn't boring when Pavel Bure wore it! That was some kind of shot last night.
  6. Bobby Holik and Scott Gomez signed with the Rangers. I'm willing to forgive. Zach was the most electric player we've ever had not named Ilya Kovalchuk. That's why I throw his name out there.
  7. Great call by Doc on a great goal by Sarge. Put him in the Ring of Honor. And no one mentioned it, but put Zach Parise in the Ring of Honor too.
  8. The problem is not apparent to me. I didn’t have a cringe reaction.
  9. Michael MacDonald, Kenny Loggins and Christopher Cross, too. When I had Sirius in the car, I also had this station on a lot.
  10. That's a great association for that song. I remember when they played "The Boys Are Back in Town" at Continental Arena after a road trip.
  11. I had the white-knuckle drive of my life on Wednesday. Long story short, by the time I got to Woodland Park, NJ, where I live, there was no way home. I safely parked at the intersection of McBride and Lackawanna in the TD Bank lot and waited with my 10 year old daughter until the rain stopped and the floodwater receded. We got home at 3 am but alive, thank God. A quarter-mile from where we were parked, a woman was swept away by a raging Peckman River on Lackawanna. She got out of her car and was swept away, probably into the Passaic River. They still haven't found the woman. Just horrible. Also on Lackawanna Avenue, the Camal Judo dojo where my son takes classes -- wrecked. The sensei said he had to be rescued and he lost his truck to floodwater. He was trying to salvage equipment but the water rose so quickly, before he knew it, water was chest high. He said he was rescued through a window.
  12. Seeing this list made me want to listen to "Hold on Loosely," and that sweet, sweet guitar solo by Jeff Carlisi. And this is the second thread on NJDevs where Toto is discussed!
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