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  1. The sunny side look is that the Devils have shown this season that they have the capability to win hockey games in more than one way. But generally, they need to tighten things up. Graves and Siegenthaler were awesome to start the season, and now they’re pretty average. Is this all about Marino? I don’t know, maybe it is. Can’t wait to find out when Marino comes back.
  2. How confident is Ruff, despite the wins in January? Is there cause for concern due to the steep decline in possession metrics? I’m happy they are figuring out how to win, but is it sustainable? It’s a legit question. Glad they’re solidly in a playoff spot while we find out if it’s sustainable.
  3. I’d like a better option than Rodgers. I don’t see one. There is fallout from the failure of Kyle Wilson. Here the jets are, with a good roster and Mike White. What makes the most sense? A four or five year deal for Garoppolo or Carr? Are they millions of dollars better than Mike white? I don’t think so. I’d be rolling the dice with Rodgers or Brady with White as backup if possible.
  4. Holtz has ability. If he's not traded, he's still in play for a spot on this team, this season and beyond. I agree.
  5. I agree. The Jet fans calling in the radio station saying the team needs to draft a new QB are not really thinking it through. Rodgers has to be the target, and (gulp!) Tom Brady has to be an option also, over Carr and Garoppolo.
  6. The Devils got the best of Zach Parise, by far. We can always feel good about that. I loved his game when he was here. Could he help us now? Maybe. I think there's better options on the discount rack.
  7. Remember that Islander game in early December when Jack Hughes had the monster shift with the goalie pulled and the Islanders played great and won 6-4? It's a looooong season. Is their problem depth scoring? Or is it they don't have studs with big production? I thought Barzal had the talent to be a bigger threat, but maybe not. Possibly, he doesn't have enough around him. I don't really know.
  8. Speaking of boarding, I thought the boarding calls on Bastian and Palat were questionable. They looked like good hits but I admit that maybe I wasn't seeing the whole thing clearly from section 106. The Devils didn't get a power play until overtime, and it didn't bug me because the Knights didn't seem to commit any until the trip on Sharangovich in OT.
  9. Sometimes I'm begging him to skate to beat an opponent to the puck, and he just doesn't.
  10. That Vegas team played very good team defense last night. It was tough stringing passes together in the neutral zone. Interesting observation about the lefty goalie.
  11. Stevens might have come close but I don't think he got 20.
  12. Wow, is that lame, the Ranger hat and a Vegas jersey at a Devils game. The guy was asking for trouble.
  13. Defensively, he's good enough considering what he brings skills-wise. He's elite in that way. Having a very, very good season. I would imagine he's near the top of the league in shots on goal for a defenseman.
  14. He had a rough game. The turnover to Eichel and the following penalty was the worst of it. He does do a couple things pretty well, usually. He's a decent defender at the blue line, preventing zone entry. And he's pretty good winning battles along the sideboards. Behind the net and in front of the net ... not so good. And he provides almost no offense. With Marino back and Luke Hughes possibly joining the team, that might make Smith a seventh defenseman if no one else gets hurt.
  15. Playing Vegas was like skating through mud. It’s definitely a Bruce Cassidy-coached team. But the devils found a way again. Thrilling win. What a play along the boards by Jack to get it to Hamilton. He looked trapped but he found a way out!
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