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  1. This game was a Christmas present from my wife. We took our two kids, it was their first win in three games attended (all of them went to OT).
  2. What a crazy goal that was, it turned that whole series around. It was a Stanley Cup playoffs filled with memorable goals. When Randy McKay scored in OT on a mistake by the Boston defenseman in round 1, there was such a good feeling in the arena that night that this team had something special going. I'll also always remember McKay's 3-on-1 goal (started by a blocked shot) that practically put Philly away in Game 6 in Round 3. The noise was deafening.
  3. Yes, that's what I was driving at.
  4. The 1998 Ottawa loss was worse. We were 25 points better during the season. Then the playoffs started and our offense made a hero of Damian Rhodes. Alfredsson killed us in both series, I'm sure. I'll always remember losing in OT on a goal by Bruce Gardiner of all people.
  5. And Kenny was there for that debacle of a playoff series.
  6. Do you think he will ever become a dependable top-4 defenseman, and if so, when do you think that might happen? Granted, he doesn't really have the luxury of being paired with a good player, as we are woefully thin on the blue line. But he hasn't improved as much as I hoped he would.
  7. Great pass by Zacha. Right on the tape.
  8. Jerrydevil

    2018 UFA Thread

    We have to get a top player to do this type of trade. Otherwise, I don't see the point.
  9. I thought it, too. The Game 3 effort at home against TB was a crime to their fans, and the Game 5 effort wasn't very good either.
  10. I actually kinda like his brashness. I'm sure some teammates won't. I was hoping the Jets would get him or Mayfield. It'll be interesting to see who's a star and who's a bust a few years from now.
  11. Perhaps. And they get the good fortune of avoiding Winnipeg and Nashville in Round 2.
  12. Winnipeg-Nashville is a titanic second-round matchup. It's a shame one of them is going to go home soon, because both look championship-caliber.
  13. Nice job by the Avs fans, giving their team an ovation at the end of the game.
  14. Yep. He's likely not going to be a scoring-line player. He could have a role, though, one that Zajac has now. But he needs to chip in more goals, absolutely. Eight is not enough.
  15. One nice thing about Zacha. He is a pretty good defensive player. Maybe he's really a third-line center.
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