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  1. Based on what I've seen, Maltsev is better than marginal. He's not top 6 but he can be an effective player. We don't have enough top-end talent, but we have a couple players that could fit in well here as role players/third and fourth liners. Regarding Severson, he's probably a third pair defenseman on a good team. He's kind of the poster boy for the lack of talent on the Devils the past 5 years. He's better than he was 2 years ago. If we wanted to trade him, there would be interest.
  2. Anyway, the trade deadline depleted the roster and Bratt and Zacha are injured. It's definitely not time to jump off the nearest bridge. It definitely is frustrating to get hammered by the Rangers for the 4th game in a row and the team is bad tonight, but whaddya gonna do?
  3. Zajac scored tonight. And Taylor Hall just scored for Boston.
  4. I think your beef should be about the one-year contracts, not that the non-contending Devils traded away expiring assets. Should Fitz have signed Kulikov and/or Murray to 2 or 3 year deals? Pretty tough situation with very little revenue coming in.
  5. Can we go back in time and see some shot assist charts for the A-Line, EGG Line and ZZ Pops? I'd like to see those, to see if any of those players were as good as Jack Hughes at creating chances.
  6. Jeff Skinner might have Subban beat. I don't really want either at $9M.
  7. If the Rangers keep playing like that, they may catch Boston. We are clearly undermanned, especially on the third defensive pairing, but the Rangers played well. We are 4-19 at home. It's dumbfounding.
  8. We're lucky it's not 3-0 at this point. Almost every Ranger shot has been dangerous.
  9. When you're a losing team that handed out 1 year contracts to 3 defensemen to try to shore up a weak blue line, this is the result. Looks like Ryan Murray lost the lottery, he gets to stay.
  10. It was a rough goal to give up. The Devils had played pretty well that period, but the turnover about 8 seconds before the puck went in the net was terrible.
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