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  1. I'm not sure why Daneyko is surprised. He's been watching this team all season.
  2. It’s possible he’s hurt but I suspect that he’s mentally erratic or has lost the coach’s confidence.
  3. It's a crisis that Vitek wasn't given that start. It's probably because he's a wreck. We saw it last spring in the playoffs. It's unfortunate. I'm not sure how Fitzgerald is going to address this, but I expect something will happen.
  4. God do we suck at defense. People skating wide open.
  5. I’d like to see us use him like we once used Richard Smehlik. Sparingly.
  6. It used to crack me up when Gary Thorne called him ‘Tev-ehr-DOOR-skee.
  7. Daneyko was a scratch for a few playoff games. Not sure if smehlik was his replacement.
  8. They have to start against Buffalo the way they finished against Columbus. There’s only one way out. Play better.
  9. It’s the end of November, and the colts are still playing meaningful games with Gardner Minshew. It’s damning.
  10. The answer really is in there, most likely. Signed, Dougie Hamilton’s no movement clause
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