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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about.
  2. The cap kind of puts a limit on this advantage but the big markets will always have more cachet for big free agents. The team was somehow able to get Dougie Hamilton, but even if the Devils didn't, you don't need blue-chip free agents to win. You have to run a good organization, but it seems that the Devils are not run all that well. The team could have hired a good coach like the Rangers did. They did not.
  3. That the Penguins gave them so much trouble playing Louis Domingue made it a great series. It was fun to watch. But I hear what you're saying. The team we hate squeaked out a win ... and the Penguins continually couldn't hold leads.
  4. Well, that goes without saying! Just a great series. Shesterkin was money tonight.
  5. What a game, what a series. NHL at its best.
  6. I have asked myself: Why aren't I a member of the world's largest sportsbook?
  7. Somebody get Pumpkin Cutter some beans and prunes.
  8. I love the Penguins' goal horn.
  9. I bring up Marchand because we are sorely lacking in sandpaper and because Boston is at an organizational crossroads if Bergeron retires. It would be a better idea if we had a goalie and were a contender. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Boston starts to explore trading Marchand if they bow out to Carolina and Bergeron hangs 'em up. The Bruins window maybe has closed.
  10. I want to stir the hornet's nest: The pick and Alexander Holtz to Boston for Brad Marchand.
  11. That's right. Lindy Ruff is still in the building after all.
  12. Same. I'd be very reluctant to trade a #2 overall pick unless the return is too good to pass up.
  13. I agree, the Palmieri contract is too long. Nice work by Palmieri and his agent.
  14. That could very well happen but I wouldn't bet against Lamoriello. That being said, I don't think Zach Parise was a good pickup. And Palmieri might have been a poor signing.
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