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  1. Yes, as a matter of fact I took my son to to Fernandes Steakhouse after his soccer game in the Ironbound last year, and it was great. Can we move the arena to the Ironbound? It's not a bad idea to eat there before games as it's not too far away. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Most Devils fans are in North Jersey -- Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Morris, Sussex, Essex and Union counties. I would say that the northern Shore area has a good number of Devils fans and Central Jersey, too. I'm not sure if there's any particular area where Ranger fans are outnumbered, but anecdotally, I would say that Morris and Sussex counties seem to be Devil country. The same might go for some Central Jersey locales in Somerset and Hunterdon counties. I'm from Bergen County and currently live in Passaic County, and there a ton of Ranger fans here. Devils fans, too, of course, but I thin
  3. Miles Wood is a danger to himself and all around him.
  4. He still crashed into the net. But at least he scored! Well done.
  5. LOL at Daneyko saying he was in the lineup in October 2003.
  6. Yeah very few chances. Miles Wood is fast. Unfortunately, he can't stop!
  7. In the early 2000s, Doc and I happened to be on the same NJ Transit bus headed to Manhattan from Secaucus. I introduced myself to him and we talked the whole trip, mostly about the Devils. Great memory for me.
  8. Flashback, 25 years ago. Devils players on Letterman with the Cup.
  9. Doug Wilson is Pierre Turgeon on defense, LOL! Awesome player, overshadowed by greats Bourque, Robinson, MacInnis, Coffey, Potvin. I just checked to see if he won a Norris Trophy, and he did win one. I'll always remember him as one of the last NHL players to not wear a helmet.
  10. You can say THAT again. Happy birthday by the way (the website said you turned 50). I also turn 50 this year.
  11. You will get the "why not Nicholls" arguments, for sure. I think Turgeon was a superior player to Bernie Nicholls, by the way. They both were playmakers first and foremost, but Turgeon was a cut above. I remember his Islander years. He was incredible and was truly that team's superstar. No championships for Turgeon, and he was injured during the Isles' surprise run in 1993. That, and the fact that there were a lot of great players in the '90s, hurts him. But I just don't see a huge difference between him and, say, Mats Sundin.
  12. Tomorrow (the 25 year anniversary of the Cup clinching win over Detroit), MSG Plus is airing all 4 clinching series games from the 1995 playoffs.
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