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  1. Flashback, 25 years ago. Devils players on Letterman with the Cup.
  2. Doug Wilson is Pierre Turgeon on defense, LOL! Awesome player, overshadowed by greats Bourque, Robinson, MacInnis, Coffey, Potvin. I just checked to see if he won a Norris Trophy, and he did win one. I'll always remember him as one of the last NHL players to not wear a helmet.
  3. You can say THAT again. Happy birthday by the way (the website said you turned 50). I also turn 50 this year.
  4. You will get the "why not Nicholls" arguments, for sure. I think Turgeon was a superior player to Bernie Nicholls, by the way. They both were playmakers first and foremost, but Turgeon was a cut above. I remember his Islander years. He was incredible and was truly that team's superstar. No championships for Turgeon, and he was injured during the Isles' surprise run in 1993. That, and the fact that there were a lot of great players in the '90s, hurts him. But I just don't see a huge difference between him and, say, Mats Sundin.
  5. Tomorrow (the 25 year anniversary of the Cup clinching win over Detroit), MSG Plus is airing all 4 clinching series games from the 1995 playoffs.
  6. I'm big on Pierre Turgeon getting in the Hall (I've mentioned it before in this thread) because he was a supreme talent who produced. He was great in Buffalo and on Long Island and very good in St. Louis. He passes the "eye test," too, know what I mean? Great offensive player. I think Daniel Alfredsson is a Hall of Famer, too. Elias was such a terrific two-way player, but I think he falls a bit short. Just a bit. We all know how good he was. Iginla, what can you say? A premier power forward of his time. I think he was better than Brendan Shanahan.
  7. Twenty-five years ago today, Neal Broten scored this OT goal against Pittsburgh to put the Devils up 3 games to 1 in the second round, another great moment in a magical run. Nice setup by John MacLean. I can't find this goal on the web anywhere but here. Starts at 6:25 of the video.
  8. My guess is Steve Konowalchuk or Ken Klee. I know you're not saying but I felt like guessing anyway.
  9. Emrick and Hall of Famer Frank Mahovlich, 1984-85 season. The hair! The ladies glasses!
  10. We sure did. I still miss him. This is my favorite Doc call. I rewatch it all the time. It's perfect.
  11. Not one of Gary's better calls. "NO NO!" Clement: YES!
  12. I remember 2001, too. The whole league was cheering for Bourque, right? Speaking of disappointments, when I was rewatching Marty's 551st and 552nd wins (I attended the game in Montreal, what a great experience) I recalled how 2009 was such a special and heartwrenching season at the same time. Clemmensen's surprising performance, Marty's return and breaking the wins record, the ZZ Pops line and Parise's star season, a first place finish in the Atlantic .... then the Carolina series. Ouch.
  13. Rewatching the 1988 Devils games is awesome, too, because you get to hear the voice of Gary Thorne. He's right up there with Doc in my book.
  14. I seem to recall a game when McKay and Madden scored 4 goals apiece against Pittsburgh. MSG Plus should televise that one.
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