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  1. Emrick and Hall of Famer Frank Mahovlich, 1984-85 season. The hair! The ladies glasses!
  2. We sure did. I still miss him. This is my favorite Doc call. I rewatch it all the time. It's perfect.
  3. Not one of Gary's better calls. "NO NO!" Clement: YES!
  4. I remember 2001, too. The whole league was cheering for Bourque, right? Speaking of disappointments, when I was rewatching Marty's 551st and 552nd wins (I attended the game in Montreal, what a great experience) I recalled how 2009 was such a special and heartwrenching season at the same time. Clemmensen's surprising performance, Marty's return and breaking the wins record, the ZZ Pops line and Parise's star season, a first place finish in the Atlantic .... then the Carolina series. Ouch.
  5. Rewatching the 1988 Devils games is awesome, too, because you get to hear the voice of Gary Thorne. He's right up there with Doc in my book.
  6. I seem to recall a game when McKay and Madden scored 4 goals apiece against Pittsburgh. MSG Plus should televise that one.
  7. That certainly worked out for the best! Randy McKay emerged as an enforcer/decent offensive player when Probert was at the end of his career. McKay was never a minus player in NJ and was plus-30 in 1998. And we all know how well he played in the '95 postseason. Fan favorite, for sure.
  8. I'm watching '95 ECF, the pivotal Game 5. I had forgotten how great Ron Hextall played in this game before he gave up the softie to Claude Lemieux. This was a terrific hockey game, and Hextall giveth and taketh away.
  9. Yeah, it is! I didn't realize the disparity in games played was so wide!
  10. I remember it very well, and I hope to see both those games replayed on MSG Plus soon. Did you know Claude Lemieux has more playoff goals than Mario Lemieux? Amazing.
  11. I try to tell that story at my house, but nobody seems to be very interested in my tales of going to these games, tailgating, having the time of my life. Oh well I also had not watched Game 4 in its entirety on TV until yesterday. It was great reliving the victory of what I believe is the best Devil team ever. Those 2000 and 2001 teams had more offensive talent but the 1995 squad played as well as a team could play in the post-season. Big goals from all four lines, the best defense corps in the league, relentless forechecking, a fearsome counterattack, big hits, killer instinct, and Martin Brodeur, too! Because the Devils dominated Detroit in the finals, he is sometimes not thought about as a reason the team won a championship, but Brodeur's goaltending in the Boston and Pittsburgh series, particularly the OT games we won, was marvelous (as Doc might say). Would love to see more games televised from the 1995 championship run!
  12. I watched that on Amazon Prime last week, I really enjoyed it. Some of Probert's traits that made him a great enforcer made his incredibly self-destructive. Great interviews with Kocur, Domi, Grimson, Chelios, Twist and others.
  13. He's not a Hall of Famer in my view, but I have much respect for guys who are productive players in their mid to late 30s. Adam Oates and Mark Recchi certainly helped their Hall of Fame credentials when they piled up points as older players, but their primes were better than Marleau's. And then you have your freaks of nature like Gordie Howe and Johnny Bucyk, who continued to be GREAT players well into their 30s.
  14. The comparison to Jagr is high praise and well-deserved. Lindros was that scary good.
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