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  1. Dougie Fresh! It's a good day for us. We can worry about the back end of that contract some other time. This signing is hopefully going to make some of our existing players better. Say hello to some more power play points, Jack Hughes.
  2. What you say makes sense to me. In fact, if Sakic offered him a $5 million salary, then I'm inclined to believe they really don't want Landeskog.
  3. We are weaponizing our cap space!
  4. Jerrydevil


    If he’s offered the kind of money and term we’re talking about in this thread, Coleman could be back here in NJ.
  5. Jerrydevil


    I hardly noticed Coleman in the Islander series, except when he turned over the puck on Beauvillier's OT goal in Game 6.
  6. Jerrydevil


    And I would guess we'll see Lehner in Game 5, too.
  7. Jerrydevil


    Unbelievable block by Puloch.
  8. Jerrydevil


    Somewhere, Stan Fischler is talking about the dreaded 3 goal lead.
  9. Jerrydevil


    Well, this game went from slog to Islander explosion rather quickly.
  10. Jerrydevil


    I have a confession to make. I love this commercial and never get tired of it.
  11. Jerrydevil


    That OT goal is justice for the refs missing at least two penalties.
  12. Jerrydevil


  13. I haven't posted before, but I really wanted to reply to this if only to reiterate. While I think that these contracts should be very few, and very far between, Parise is exactly the case where it should be employed. He's young, healthy (has he ever had a significant injury?), and the best scorer the Devil's have ever had, without exception. (If you doubt that last one, just wait, he'll blow away Johnny Mac, Elias, and our other snipers within a few years IMO). Lou, nail Zach down for a generation or so!! This is gold!
  14. My first post is a score prediction of a game in 2002 against Ottawa. Not that interesting. The second post on Oct. 8, 2002, is better. It's in a thread where the thread starter (#32) suggested we sign Derian Hatcher. I responded: Derian Hatcher = overrated Colin White is almost as good already. That might have been a stretch. But Colin White turned out to be pretty decent!
  15. Jerrydevil


    We're gonna nail that #32 pick.
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