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  1. Original contract was cancelled when Kovy voluntarily retired.
  2. ELC and 35+ can contain bonuses. It's so the superstar young guys don't get totally screwed for 3 years of ELC and so teams can hedge their bets on the older players.
  3. I think that may have been Steve Thomas shooting it. I remember him hitting the section number of the upper deck with no arc; I thought it was deflected off a stick but that might be my faulty memory.
  4. He can't sign until his season is over; so while Harvard is still playing he can't sign anywhere. Once his season is done the Devils are the only team that can sign him until Aug 15, I believe.
  5. He took a check from behind in his last game. It wasn't a big hit but it was probably a minor penalty. Zacha didn't brace himself well and hit visor first into the wall. Luckily this seems minor minor for a concussion since they're allowing him some light workout already.
  6. Hynes has had prior success and run teams that dominated defensively for seasons at a time. I don't think his philosophy and player choices, even if different than mine, are the problem. I'm willing to wait and see here. The Devils get some rest and some practice finally so I'll be interested to see how they look after.
  7. I don't think he has good wheels. He's not horribly slow but he's on the slow side of average, overall. If he could improve his acceleration from stand still I think he'd be in the regular lineup.
  8. May not be for 1 game if he plays well. My my view is the team's top guys haven't been working hard enough this year. The guys the Devils have been calling up are all workers, who skate and dig for pucks. It's getting long enough in the season for some guys they may need a "rest" game to think about why they aren't working harder.
  9. Running a new system, even if similar, combined with a roster that is almost half new players may explain some of the sloppiness and confusion the Devils have shown at times.
  10. Maybe the Devils don't really care if he is claimed. If I was the Devils I'd probably be higher on Appleby playing well over Wedgewood this season and Blackwood needs to get his games in too.
  11. I believe that was the 9th increasing offer St Louis made. The Devils never changed their ask of Stevens.
  12. A lot will change in 4 years but he was talking about going back to Edmonton.
  13. I think the cooler news is that there is going to be player and puck tracking technology built into the uniforms and puck. Should give us some interesting things to talk about.
  14. No, Clowe will waive his NMC and then he doesn't have to be protected.
  15. Since it's just for today I put status quo.
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