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  1. Get Rid of 'You Suck'

    I mean its not nice but I'm surprised by the you suck hate lol. I do it cause it's not really in my nature to be all nice and stuff and feel sorry for the other team when we score
  2. GDT: 11/07 Providence @ Lowell

    o zharkov... brings a tear to my eye
  3. GDT: 11/04 Hershey @ Lowell

    ouch lol
  4. Halischuk assigned to Lowell

    seems to be a recurring theme
  5. GDT: NJ Devils vs Buffalo Sabres

    Zharkov on line 4!
  6. GDT 10/20 Bridgeport @ Lowell

    Is Palmieri being scratched a worrying thing? and any news on Vasyunov?
  7. Devils v Rangers at MSG

    Wow I actually agree 100% being in the igloo is horrible. The fans are terrible. It's surprising to hear that MSG is so calm. I was expecting it to sound worst then the Pens. Whatever screw pittsburgh
  8. GDT: Thrashers @ Devils - 7:00PM

    Since players are randomly being put on, I'm writing a ink and paper letter saying Zharkov needs a callup because andrew peters and pikafargo should go away to NY.
  9. GDT: Thrashers @ Devils - 7:00PM

    i don't know why but i was thinking if this was a year later we could be grabbing larsson for our defense. kinda random but meh
  10. When will Mattias Tedenby come with us in the NHL

    Wow I agree with the Carlson sentiment 100%. Everytime I think about it it's kind of depressing to see Carlson not in jersey red =/ O well
  11. GDT: Philadelphia @ DEVILS 10/3/09 - 7pm

    adds to the fun of the prospect watch atleast
  12. Devils needed Shanahan

    The only thing is that I hope shanny really just said I don't want a 4th line or partial playing in games role, because the way things happened just seem a little bit odd. The way things are coming out and how he seems to be just gone the next day kind of seems unordinary. I wanted a youth movement at the end of the last year but I fail to see how Niedermayer, Peters, Pando, and maybe Pikk are working toward that. I guess we'll have to wait and see how the year plays out.
  13. Devils needed Shanahan

    Ya but this is what irks me about this right now, and I know it's only the first game but, the only kid in right now is bergfors. Halischuk was sat for pandolfo in the spot that Shanahan was penciled in for. So if it really was this "youth movement" I don't get how pando in for shanahan is a major upgrade.

    Marc Staal? seriously? and jessica alba in a bed with a knife... had potential but thats kinda out there lol

    ah i gotcha sry i just saw MODO and I think it threw me off lol