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  1. Elias game winner in OT against the Leafs for the hat trick was pretty awesome. If I remember the game correctly, the Leafs scored two early on a major penalty to Jim McKenzie for beating the snot out of Domi, who completely turtled. This was the first regular season matchup against the Leafs after Domi's elbow to Niedermayer. That was one of the best regular season games that I've been to. Elias also tied the game with 45 seconds to go in the 3rd.
  2. I'm a Canucks fan favorite. That means I'm definitely not Mark Messier.
  3. Minnesota is just loving the Parise contract right now.
  4. Are you trying to tell me you wouldn't take Antti Niemi over Lundqvist?
  5. I really don't understand where their offense comes from.
  6. They are our new version of Madden and Pandolfo.
  7. In my experience, Devils fans can be just as dumb, drunk and obnoxious as anyone. Like the jerkoff drunk who couldn't stop dropping f-bombs in front of my 4 year old and then cursed at my older father-in-law. And this was at a random Devils-Lightning game last season. I've never experienced anything like that and I've been to plenty of away games and home rivalry games.
  8. I listen NHL radio on Sirius. Why would I torture myself with local sports radio that never talks hockey? The Rangers barely get a mention, let alone the Devils or Islanders.
  9. Tons of people park on the south side of the arena. Arena bar was always pretty busy back in the day. Hell's Kitchen too and that place is nowhere near as close to the arena.
  10. My son owns two jerseys. Carson Wentz and Taylor Hall. I'm really hoping this isn't some horrific cosmic connection.
  11. I miss all the winning, but the Rock is a much better building. It's also much easier for me to get to. When I was living in NYC, I used to take the Port Authority bus to the games. Once they moved to the Rock, I was able to take NJ transit or the PATH which made things much easier because I lived downtown and worked in Lower Manhattan. Now that I live in Union County, its a 15-20 minute ride or I can just take the train. The only thing that keep me from going to more games is having little kids.
  12. His agent is Patrik Stefan. Not exactly a great NHL pedigree.
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