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In Topic: Report: Sharks Name Pete DeBoer Head Coach

Yesterday, 07:17 PM

I'm happy for DeBoer, this seems like a good situation for him. Wish him the best.

In Topic: Pietila and Kujawinski signed.

Yesterday, 07:15 PM

So chere wrote that pietela got a 2 yr deal. Thought all entry level deals were three years.

I believe ELC length has to do with a players age. A 20 year old like Kujawinski gets 3 years while a 22 year old like Pietila gets 2 years.


I did a quick search and Sporting Charts seems to confirm this.

In Topic: New York Yankees 2015 Thread

Yesterday, 07:09 PM

1. I can't believe how well A-Rod has been after a year off. I suppose it makes some sense, the rest probably did his body a world of good, but I'm really surprised at how much power he has shown so far. A lot can change, we're only 179 PA into the year for him, but right now he has 9 doubles, a triple, and 11 home runs. He's got a .289 ISO, .556 SLG, .401 wOBA, and 158 wRC+.

2. It's great to see that a healthy Teixeira is a very productive Teixeira. His steady decline and sub-par last 2 seasons were really frustrating to watch. He still doesn't hit for average the way he used to, but with 9 doubles, 14 home runs, and a .336 ISO through 185 PA's, it doesn't matter. He's going to have some regression at some point, but it seems like that new diet he's on is really paying off at the moment. I'm just enjoying the ride right now.

In Topic: UFC 187 - 2 title fights

Yesterday, 06:59 PM

With the loss and the way he looked in his fight with Johnson, I think Gustafsson will have to re-establish himself before getting a title shot. Seems like Cormier vs. Bader is going to happen, so maybe Gustaffson gets a rematch with Johnson?

Also, I'm on the McGregor hype train. This guy is entertaining as hell in and out of the octagon. My family has been in America for generations so I only identify myself as "American" but this guy makes me want to embrace my great-grandparents heritage and be a plastic paddy. :P


Lawler - MacDonald should also be a really interesting match up. Also, looking forward to Thomas Almeida on that card. Kid is 23 years old with an 18-0 record and is 2-0 in the UFC.

In Topic: Pietila and Kujawinski signed.

Yesterday, 02:09 PM

Good for them. I'm not high on either player but maybe the Devils get lucky. It doesn't seem like Kujawinski's offense will ever come around like scouts thought years ago, but maybe he can carve out a role in the bottom 6 one day. I can't really see Pietila becoming much more than a solid defensive 4th line center/AHLer but it's still nice to retain him. Hoping they can get Coleman signed this summer.


The Projection Project is giving Kujawinski a 24% chance of becoming a NHL player (200+ GP) while giving Pietila a 16% chance.