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  1. my guess is mcleod doesn't PK and if you have Nico and Rooney out of the lineup, you're rolling palms as your 4th PK forward and that is not something they're looking to do.
  2. if you're suggesting a sign and trade, yes you can. but the cost on the return would be so large that nobody would do it.
  3. he ditched colorado because he didn't feel he could make the team and thrive as he did his rookie year with NJ
  4. both severson and butcher were terrible on that shift.
  5. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    meet the new boss, same as the old boss. i hate that it's nas but its just to do something.
  6. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    10:30am practice tomorrow in between back to backs. good bye Hynes.
  7. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    boqvist getting a look at his permanent spot in the lineup in about 3 weeks.
  8. this is the last thing i'm concerned about as they are and have always been a package deal.
  9. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    getting into it on twitter - my vote for the rest of the season: fitz as coach oates for PP/forwards lovejoy for PK/defense molanson - whatever and grier whatever give these guys fresh voices with a little bit of familiarity in fitz.
  10. hughes was never projected to be a great goal scorer. he was projected to be an elite playmaker with above average scoring ability.
  11. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    i don't want homeruns - i want actual NHL players. I will give some credit for picking nico over nolan but it's still a 1OA so not too hard. boqvist might be something but we've got a way to go to see that. i agree that at the time, these picks made sense and they weren't the dreaded connor chatham type idiotic moves. but i'm not seeing anyone get better in bingo and for all we like about bratt, hynes still finds reason to scratch him.
  12. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    Blackwood was a Lou/Conte pick so Ray doesn't get credit on him even though he just got the team. That whole draft wasn't on Ray. Yes - too early to write off Boqvist and Smith - I will give you that. But the Studenic, Zetterlund, McLeod, Bastian, Anderson, Gignac, Walsh et. al. Nobody looks like someone who is going to do much at the NHL level.
  13. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    Outside of Nico, Jack and Bratt, what good drafting have Ray and Castro’s done? None of there picks really look to be much of anything.
  14. We can wear brown paper bags if you want.
  15. sundstrom


    what concerns me greatly is actually that, aside from Nico and Jack and Bratt, none of the draft picks have really done much. All the guys in Bingo don't appear to have any real NHL future.
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