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  1. i love the optimism that injuries won't answer a lot of these roster questions.
  2. amanda said talvite and zetterlund aren't expected to skate but will be around the team for all the off-ice stuff
  3. I think that’s matched.
  4. as i think about it more, it's basically maroon 2.0 and since it's one year, the over pay doesn't really matter. at worst, it's a 3rd or a 4th round pick at the deadline if the devils are out of it again this year.
  5. seconds are one this year and one next - need to know which one this year. if it's not 34 this year, it's great. if it is, its just very good. davies will probably be something but this makes perfect sense for right now.
  6. it's true that i lumped in maroon with the others more for the fact that the devils offered him more (supposedly 3/9) and that it probably would not have been a bad signing.
  7. sigh. deep breath. ok - i've been crazy busy for the last couple of days and haven't had time to check in lately but I'm going to have to pull the big brother card here. Daniel 1) These guys don't get that your prone to hysterics as a defense mechanism against optimism and that you honestly believe about 20% of what you're saying but will push it not to be a troll, but just to guard you from reality, positivity or common sense. 2) Trouba - since he's the topic du jour. I was just as furious that he both did not come to NJ and went to the Rangers (probably more mad about the latter) and then that the deal was for peanuts. But there are FACTS that need to be considered. While the Devils could have beat the deal with quantity on the quality side, they did not have the 20th pick and the Jets wanted back in the 1st round THIS year. They wanted a defenseman. Our comparable based on cost and efficiency isn't butcher - it's meuller (or santini) and perhaps those were not guys Winnipeg wanted. It has been reported that Trouba gave the Jets two teams he'd be ok being traded to. And yes - he's an RFA, but by saying these are the teams i will sign with (whether a short term or long term), he is in fact saying where he's going. 3) Ray not spending money and valuing cap space - what options has he had? He offered more for Shattenkirk, JVR, and Maroon than they signed for which would have all been bad signings. Thank God we didn't get any of those to agree. So it's not that he's cheap. It's like the comment he made about offer sheets - "you've got to get the player to sign the fvcking thing." When you've been scorned by offers, that's when you publicly say, 'that's fine - we've got cap space which is super valuable." I don't know what will make you more mad - when Ray signs Jake Gardiner for 7/7.5 or when he doesn't. The current UFA market has some names that are interesting for sure (duschene, panarin, nyquist, lee for forwards | gardiner and my preferred Jordie Benn on defense). But there are still only so many roster spots for players. we agree that ideally, the devils need two top 6 forwards and 2 top 4 dmen to get to the next level (ideally one top line dman and a second pairing guy). well you've got one of your new top 6 forwards in hughes. and more than likely, you've got the 2nd pairing dman in ty smith. in my perfect world, sign jordie benn and trade for a decent top 6 forward with either cap space or draft picks/prospects. 4) It sucks to admit, but the Devils are not a marquee destination to play for. Think about the players that have had long careers here - these were established family guys that made ties to the area and got above rate contracts. Sure, winning changes things and by all accounts, the players are treated extremely well by the organization and given top of the line facilities and resources. But honestly - the Devils are lumped in with Carolina, Ottawa, Winnepeg,Columbus, Arizona, and Edmonton as the least desirable locals to play in. So that's why its develop your own and trade as the best way to build a strong organization. You have to make winning the allure to have people want to sign here or ask to be traded here 5) The analytics strawman argument you keep going back to - you make it seem like an exaggerated version of @Triumph is running the analytics department (PS - where has Tri been?). 6) Re: ben lovejoy return- i heard he's pretty sure he's done in the NHL and that he might get a PTO but the odds on a contract are remote. supposedly he asked the devils about becoming a coach but wasn't greenlighted at this time.
  8. me. it was '95 - i was going to a bunch of phish shows back then and they were a massive part of my life. i was going with my then girlfriend. i already bought the tickets. i didn't want to spend $250 to go to the game that i wasn't sure they were going to win. in hindsight, not the best move but i saw them win live in '03 so there's that. PS - Phish was in St. Louis last night and waited until the blues won to come out for the second set and opened with Gloria so that was pretty cool. edit - sorry, didn't see that this was already posted and what actually caused this line of questioning which was on the last page.
  9. it's perfectly fine because if he signed it, toronto would just match and kick the can down the line for another year. this makes no sense to anyone but toronto for this scenario. there won't be an offer sheet - if he and toronto can't agree, toronto will go out and find a trade for less than the 4 1st rounders which i don't expect anyone to pony up.
  10. Re: contract $ amounts given out - you can’t think of it in terms of dollars - think of everything as percentage of cap. $6MM for a mid level guy sounds like a lot but against an $83MM cap is 7% of the cap. Thats how agent and players are looking at the AAV.
  11. The next work stoppage wouldn't be a lockout - it would be a player strike. Because the owners would pretty much keep the CBA as is. There is one hill the players will die on - escrow. they'll want that lowered.
  12. again - this assumes that marner WANTS to come to NJ. he has said time and time again he wants to stay in toronto and wants matthews' deal. three is no offer sheet issue - he's either signing there or getting traded because they can't get it done under the cap. they're dealing kapanen - i'm fairly certain of it. unless they get someone to take zaitsev off their hands by giving something good with him.
  13. i have heard that hughes projects to be close to patrick kane and that kakko is on a similar trajectory to laine. classify that how you will.
  14. trading hall has it's own issues in that you need a team to think that a one year rental with a good chance at resigning him is the one that's going to go for it. florida actually is one that comes to mind right away - they just got Q. they are almost assuredly going to sign one of, if not both of panarin and bobrovski. that is a team on the rise. maybe a trade around trocheck?
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