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  1. sundstrom

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    can you show some close up images of a home red version. if you have a zacha one, that would be a direct comparison to the one I have.
  2. sundstrom

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    while i have been up close to the canadian ones, i have never actually handled them to really notice the difference. i've searched google for this before but have yet to actually see good visual proof of some of the differences. if you have any to share, i'd love to see them. i have not been in a position to actually purchase a true game worn or game issued canadian made authentic to compare to my indo authentic i got last year.
  3. sundstrom

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    the indo-Adidas "authentics" vs game worn canadian-adidas "authentics". what, really, is the difference? Is it actually different material? other than the little button that is on the indo ones on the front bottom, I'm not sure I can tell certainly from looking at them up close.
  4. sundstrom

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    I can't imagine it even being a question if Ty Smith is on Team Canada. I think the only question is if he's the Captain of the team.
  5. sundstrom

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

  6. sundstrom

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    dea claimed by Pitt and McLeod on his way up to play in Washington (I assume he'll play otherwise why call him up). I guess this means Santini still not activated off IR. I guess makes no sense to do it until you need him. my guess is that seney is going to sit for mcleod?
  7. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    quenneville has already said he's not coming back this year and not going with a "rebuilding team". i saw enough of vigneault burying young guys to know he is absolutely NOT what we want.
  8. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    the issue with firing hynes is who you have to replace him - he goes, nas goes with him. kowalski isn't an NHL head coach nor is Greer. so they need to have someone ready to hire. and that's also a big step back for shero.
  9. sundstrom

    GDT: Detroit Rock Sh!tties @ Your...New Jersey Devils

    it was obviously not a well reffed game but in the end - the two goals scored were mistakes by defenders that gave kinkaid no shot of a save. lovejoy pushing a player into his own goalie - what are you thinking? and severson not taking away the pass - that is taught from mites. if the straight shot beats kinkaid - you live with that. also - johansson was again soft as ever and even worse, looked slow. on that line, i suppose it's fine because zacha is also not fast but it kinda kills bratt's speed. yakovlev is their best skating defender and he doesn't see OT but slow andy greene does - why? i assume zajac was hurt or something because after the first shift of OT, he didn't get back out there. I don't care that seney got a shift and frankly am fine that he was in the rotation but for a faceoff that didn't seem smart. yes the devils dominated the game, but i don't think reimer had to make many tough saves.
  10. sundstrom

    GDT: Devil's @ Sens 7:30, MSG+

    no - you keep trying to draft them. and that's not really the point anyway. this stemmed from the argument that Ray is doing a bad job because Zacha busted as a 2C and the devils are using Seney as a "2nd line center" (which isn't true - Zajac is 2C for better or worse) and he should have done more in free agency. triumph has posted about this far more eloquently that I am stating, but signing UFA's to big money deals is often a fools errand and the absolute wrong way to go about building a winner in the NHL. it cannot be any clearer over the last 10+ years. generational talent wins. look at the best teams in the league over the last 10 years: chicago - drafted the entire core over 5 years of sh!tty teams and suplimented with Hossa pittsburgh - crosby/malkin/letang/fleury/murray - traded for kessel (i'll squint and give you paul martin maybe as a solid UFA sign that helped with one of the cup wins) nashville - drafted their entire defense core and traded high picks for johannsen and forsberg while dealing a HOF'er (drafted) for another HOF'er. la - drafted doughty/kopitar/martinez/tifolli/quick - traded for carter boston - signed Chara to max contract at literal infancy of current cap-league and made one of two successful UFA signings because an obvious HOF'er chose them over other teams. drafted everyone else - survived trading away top 15 forward in seguin and top 20 forward in kessel winnepeg - drafted core players and traded for the others (wheeler/byfuglien) san jose - drafted pavelski/couture, traded for thornton. if you want me to give you e. kane as UFA, i suppose i'll allow it but that's just this year. tampa - all drafted and traded for see where I'm going with this? the biggest test case for throw a ton of money at UFA's is minnesotta. yes they got parise and suter but they haven't been out of the first round and they have never been one of the top teams in the league with those guys. they've been good sure - but those contracts will kill them for 5 or 6 years. again - don't kill ray for not throwing good money at mediocre players that don't move the needle.
  11. sundstrom

    GDT: Devil's @ Sens 7:30, MSG+

    i agree - and that was 14 years ago. as already mentioned. and hossa took a team with generational talents to the next level. so that's two. of probably 30 major UFA signings where players went to a new team. you can't have the red wings of old (that still had plenty of homegrown talent) when they signed everybody in a cap-league. again - you have to draft a winner and supplement it with trades. that's what the devils are trying to do. they got Nico. they traded for palms and hall. butcher, even for his current warts, looks to be a foundational piece. zacha and mcleod looking like nothing doesn't help. getting bratt, smith, walsh, davies, boqvist, anderson, studenic, talvate and zetterlund to hit in some sort of fashion would go a long way.
  12. sundstrom

    GDT: Devil's @ Sens 7:30, MSG+

    or we might not. see: Rolston, Brian; Cammalleri, Mike; Lovejoy, Ben, Volchenkov, Anton, etc... As a whole, the Devils have not been terribly successful of having a UFA signing of any magnitude be successful. Frankly, most teams do not see even 80% of the value of a large UFA signing. How do you win in this league? Draft superstar/generational player(s) and supplement them most often with trades. Other than Hossa, look at the teams that have been really successful in the league over the last 10 years and show me what UFA signing caused their success.
  13. sundstrom

    GDT: Devil's @ Sens 7:30, MSG+

    i would bet that zajac sees more time than seney (maybe not 5v5 but i wouldn't be surprised about that either) - don't get wrapped up in lines 2 and 3 and where they're listed on amanda's list. zajac plays in all situations and coleman plays PK. Johansson is only PP2. I would also bet that if seney doesn't start producing and actually driving play that he won't be long for the team anyway. it's admittedly a small sample size but cordell showed how seney hasn't touched zacha's possession numbers in any facet of the game. and i'm not saying that zacha shouldn't have been sent down. but seney hasn't really been much of anything since he's been here for a couple of games.
  14. sundstrom

    GDT: Devil's @ Sens 7:30, MSG+

    Ray went after Maroon and JVR and didn't get either because they chose other situations. It wasn't for lack of trying or money. The Devils did not have a package to get ROR and Hamilton and Hanifin were traded for each other - again, the Devils did not have the pieces to get trades done. If anything, maybe Severson had some value but everyone was quite down on him and he's actually been pretty decent this year (last night's horror aside). I wanted them to improve the roster as well and not just rely on the kids but sometimes outside forces don't align with your plans.
  15. sundstrom

    GDT: Devil's @ Sens 7:30, MSG+

    5:00 and no idea of starter or scratches - weak.

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