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  1. i don't necessarily think this was the devils actively shopping him. if you want to read between the lines, lou and the isles asked the devils - find out if he'll waive his NTC and then we can see if a trade makes sense. so they asked. honestly - the only two teams i could see him agreeing to a trade with would be the isles and the rangers. i don't think he has any interest in moving his family from this area for a while.
  2. pretty sure that zajac plans to raise his kids in NJ. they're pretty solid where they live and they're there full time now (meaning they don't go to some other house in the summer like greene back to michigan or cory back to massachusetts).
  3. this actually makes it look worse - like harris just knows this isn't good so let me pick what's around.
  4. This sounds like he's the hockey guy that will report to Harris and Blitzer about what's going on and provide either confirmation or rebuttal to the moves that the GM does. Harris and Blitzer know wins and losses and $. Marty knows hockey - they'll use him for that.
  5. whether its Hynes or Nas, you see and hear the same things - "mental mistakes" and "not playing the way we should". Sometimes, the players just aren't that good.
  6. there is clearly something we don't see - hynes has essentially been universally praised in the hockey community - players, management, media, etc. as much as i wanted him gone and thought he just wasn't working here - i'm sure it's the case where there's the right group of players (and they don't all have to be allstars) that will work with what he's teaching. the devils didn't have the horses and his message got stale. he needed to be gone from here but i could very well see him succeed in nashville if the goaltending even gets back to middle of the pack.
  7. Nashville has much better talent than NJ currently but is experiencing awful goaltending just like the devils were. If that doesn't improve, I'm not sure what Hynes is gonna do besides get everyone around him to like him.
  8. This was Vats for Henrique year. And I guess you’re going with the roster as of game 1? perhaps a little commentary is warranted with each post to prove whatever point you’re trying?
  9. sundstrom

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    i know what he's trying to say but this comes off very poorly.
  10. coaches can only do so much - players have to play and try. what repercussions are if they don't? who are they cutting? who are they sitting? who are they calling up?
  11. last year it was stafford. this year simmonds. where are the team vets? my lord.
  12. i can't go back and find the links/podcasts but, while it wasn't explicitly stated, it was inferred by the likes of freidman, lebrun and lavoie. edit: this was also back at the end of october/early november before the train went completely off the rails.
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