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  1. make hamilton say no. i'd trade for kessel if the price is low enough. i'd consider RNH for 3C if the money works correctly. look to minny to check price on dumba.
  2. actually wore it to the game on tuesday
  3. well, i have a reverse retro holtz 88. but i don't regret it....yet.
  4. donated - @DevilMinder - i think you could also just do a similar post like this once or twice a year and you'd almost certainly get the annual costs covered users. no shame in it of course. hell, i gladly do every time you ask and i'm sure many other do as well. i know that in the past you've offered ad-free experience for those that pay. you can also install software that won't allow ad-blockers to work but don't know if that's really worth it. i assume that just showing the ads is nothing - you need clickthroughs which i'd think most on this site won't do. keep us up to date to make sure the year is covered at least.
  5. this has as much to do with the weather as it does the fact that the devils are showing an outbreak. so i wouldn't lose sleep over the devils getting punished some how.
  6. i'm fairly certain this is Fisher's (it's his site) shtick that we all missed as the podcast has been around for a while. its either a complete mispronunciation like "mic-LOD" instead of "mick-CLOUD' or wrong syllabic emphasis like su-BAHN instead of SU-ban. he doesn't do it with everyone but there's just enough to make it seem like he doesn't actually follow the team that much (which of course he does). i've learned to get past it as they're takes and comments are about 75% right on which is a higher percentage than most.
  7. https://twitter.com/BOSHockeyNow/status/1349734748537585667?s=20
  8. i don't get the PLD speculation - if there is one thing the devils don't need, it's a center. why trade jack or nico for him? you wouldn't. and assuming neither of those are shifting to wing, while i suppose the prospect of three centers being 13, 86 and PLD would be amazing, i just don't see it.
  9. Let's hope Lindsay Vonn = Brooke Shields.
  10. its not heat pressed - it's pro-sewn by coolhockey. the 88 won't look good if i change it. if i'm that miffed by it, i suppose i could change the nameplate but again, i won't. the reverse retros were limited edition and they're all gone now and supposedly not making any more. if holtz ends up wearing 10, and he's awesome, i'm sure I'll eventually get a 10 jersey with either home/away or whatever they change to.
  11. it is dark but clearly green - it came out great. i could, but i won't. i knew what i was doing and was prepared for him to wear 10 or another number. as long as he's not tedenby, i'll be happy with it and even wink/nod to myself if he doesn't wear 88.
  12. Got sh!t on Twitter because it’s assumed he’ll wear 10 and Bahl will wear 88 but whatever. it’s worth the risk to get this guy
  13. i don't hate it - should create a lot more intensity. I wouldn't mind if they keep this idea going forward and just throw in 1 game against the west (alternating each year who gets at home) and 2 games against the other division. obviously go back to regular divisions when travel permits next year (all canada division stinks under normal circumstances).
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