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  1. again - this assumes that marner WANTS to come to NJ. he has said time and time again he wants to stay in toronto and wants matthews' deal. three is no offer sheet issue - he's either signing there or getting traded because they can't get it done under the cap. they're dealing kapanen - i'm fairly certain of it. unless they get someone to take zaitsev off their hands by giving something good with him.
  2. i have heard that hughes projects to be close to patrick kane and that kakko is on a similar trajectory to laine. classify that how you will.
  3. trading hall has it's own issues in that you need a team to think that a one year rental with a good chance at resigning him is the one that's going to go for it. florida actually is one that comes to mind right away - they just got Q. they are almost assuredly going to sign one of, if not both of panarin and bobrovski. that is a team on the rise. maybe a trade around trocheck?
  4. This won't be the start and that's the problem. The offseason ENDS with Hall signing or being traded. Hall has to see draft, trades, UFA. it starts tonight because you have to see if you land 1 or 2. if you do, you know you have a center or a winger and that helps target for UFA and trades. does ray target the Isles UFA's (lee, nelson, eberle)? i like nelson a lot and think he'd be a good fit but i don't know that guys are taking the devils money.
  5. i think it's pretty clear it's not going to be about money or comfort in NJ. I think he'll get the number he wants and he's fine here. this is going to come down to what can Ray do from the draft through 7/1 and then Hall will make his decision. I don't think there's any way he's signing on 7/1. Maybe he signs a week or two later after Ray makes draft/trade/UFA but until then, he's not signing. And if Ray can't make something happen besides some random depth guy and the 5th pick who won't be in the NHL for 2 years, Hall will say, "let's see how things go". And then you must trade him. You simply cannot start next season with Hall on the roster and not signed to an extension. To say - well, if he doesn't sign, we'll just trade him at the deadline is a HUGE gamble. Because what if you're fighting for a playoff spot - you can't deal him. And even if they stink again and put him out there, they're not going to get more than a 1st from a good team. Trading him in the offseason - you can get pieces you can use next year. It is almost imperative that they land one of the first two picks so that they can point to both hall and any UFA's to say here's your top 6 next year: hall-nico-palms bratt-hughes-xxx or hall-nico-palms bratt-xxxx-kakko
  6. http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/26307376/nhl-draft-lottery-key-dates-schedule-how-all-works basically they do three drawings and the odds are listed at this link: http://www.tankathon.com/nhl/pick_odds once you win one of them, you're removed from the subsequent draws. after they do the first 3, everyone else goes to their slot or moves back accordingly if someone else moves up to 1-3. you can only move up to 1-3. if i remember correctly - there are 4 lottery balls and they are pulled to make a 4 digit number. Teams have a set number of those 4 digit numbers based on where they finished (thus, the odds).
  7. won't happen and more to the point - really shouldn't. there is no reason he can't be a solid bottom 4 d and leader of the PK. what he can't be is a 20+ minute 1st pairing guy - that is a recipe for disaster
  8. i just don't see trouba as that much of an upgrade over severson that its worth making that deal. adding trouba and KEEPING severson - now you have something. if they are concerned about a cap crunch having to deal with trouba, connor, laine - maybe they'd look to do a deal that centers around maybe butcher/santini/next year lottery protected 1st. That I would do because now you have smith and davies to take butcher's spot and you've got a pretty solid RD corps.
  9. you're also forgetting meuller as a LD. the issue with the devils d - at least as it stands now for next year is that you have the following: LD: greene, butcher, meuller, smith, davies, white RD: vatanen, severson, carrick, santini, jacobs that's the depth chart and its pretty uninspiring. ty smith is either NHL or back to juniors which is a waste - i think he's making the team. severson, vatanen and butcher are solid second pairing defensemen. everyone else is bottom pairing for next year. in an ideal world - santini and meuller are gone. i'd love greene to be gone as well but that's not happening. so you're rolling a D that looks like this: greene-severson butcher-vatenen smith-carrick you have guys that can PP but PK is woeful. and this is a d that will have to concentrate on quickly moving the puck out of the zone because they're going to win very few battles in the corners or along the wall.
  10. you're correct - he's there to be with the team and practice but can't play
  11. traded? he's worth nothing - you're talking an AHL trade like when we traded kapla for murray and I'm not even sure anyone wants him on their AHL team. i'm not even sure they qualify him as an RFA. in fact, i'd be shocked if they did. he's worth a 2-way deal. maybe. nobody is giving him a 1 way NHL deal.
  12. To be fair with that list - the top of the charts were teams that were awful for many years that consistently drafted in the top 5 and got superstars out of those (Boston being the exception - they were never truly bad).
  13. take it from a buddy of mine and my brother who is a diehard Devils fan and is a national PBP broadcaster for many major sports including the NFL - he's never called a hockey game in his life and has said it is by far the hardest to call. keep in mind though - they're not asking dano to do PBP - he's the color guy (like chico before him). sure he steps on his words all the time but he's trying to explain the game in the simplest ways to the most people. sal is great but has an even harder time stuttering through what he wants to say. with that said, his breakdowns and observations are light years ahead of daneyko's and that might not play as well during the game when you don't have as much time to break down what's going on during the play or quick stoppages. where ken and steve do work though is that they usually don't step on eachothers' words and have a good chemistry working together. we were spoiled for decades with doc who has no equal as a PBP guy that could also bring out the appropriate color from his partner (chico for many years who also seemed like he was watching another game) by pretty much telling him what to say.
  14. re: rafalski - he did NOT take less money for detroit. for everyone it was almost a foregone conclusion he was re-signing in NJ (including everything you heard from rafalski camp). but lou dragged his feet and low-balled and left the door ajar for detroit to come in and pay more than lou was willing to. lou could have locked him up before UFA but didn't.
  15. i'm too lazy to go and find it but @Triumph did a post years back where he looked at all the devils drafting from about '97 - 2014 or something like that and compared with what was available after and it basically showed that the NHL is a star driven league and the best teams always had 2-4 can't miss top 5 picks that drove their teams along with some gems in later rounds. basically yeah, the devils didn't draft all that well and their philosophy for years of finding big tough players instead of skill was a fools errand - but there weren't THAT many mistakes where someone picked later would've been better.
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