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  1. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

  2. John Hynes in Review

    maroon is an interesting case - he is so terribly slow and is just not in the mold of what this team wants to do. but he works on the PP, is very strong on the boards, and is an underrated passer. if we didn't have boyle (yes center vs wing), i'd say go for it. I just don't love the idea of two lumbering slow guys you have to deal with. plus marron is likely going to get a 3 or 4 year deal between $3MM and $4MM a year. THOSE are the deals that kill teams when it comes to the cap. Giving Hall $10MM and Nico $8MM and someone like a Tavares $11MM - that's fine and that's what you should do. It's the fringe players getting too much where you get into trouble.
  3. John Hynes in Review

    If Hynes can be part of the recruiting effort for NJ, all the better. He was a big reason that Butcher signed here. Hall loves him. He's very well respected. All sounds good to me.
  4. GDT: Devils @ Tampa Game 5 4/21/2018 3:00 PM NBC, NBCSN

    The notion that Pitt was a better matchup - or Boston - or Washington - or Columbus. They’re all bad matchups for the devils team. Because they are all better and deeper. The devils are ahead of schedule. Just need to keep progressing and not have a regression year. The leafs avoided it. The Avs a few years ago did not.
  5. John Hynes in Review

    I could see him being the guy to get them close but maybe not the one that finishes it off. For now, he’s very well respected and has a young team going in the right direction.
  6. GAME 4: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, GOLF, MSG+

    in the end - give it to tampa for playing a hell of a road game. they put mcdonough and strahlman on hall and it worked - he did not have a particularly good game. i didn't love zacha tonight to be honest. i also thought that hynes stuck w/ maroon a little too long and didn't try to get wood or coleman out with zacha to try and get a speed game going. as for saturday, assuming vatanen is out, i would assume meuller goes in and not santini who hasn't seen the nhl in 3 months. i would like to get bratt in there for stafford on the 4th line - if only so that you can maybe get a lift from speed and offense if you need it. tonight was an example where again stafford brought nothing and if bratt was in the lineup - could have gotten moved up to try and spark something with zacha or nico and throw out a different speed look moving maroon off.
  7. GAME 3: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, CNBC, MSG+

    what a great game to be at - man did I miss that feeling for years. tri hit all the right notes with his analysis. I was pleasantly surprised how well johannson played and hope he can get back to 100% quick. nobody's tougher than me on goaltenders and that second goal was not so good but Cory was huge tonight - i didn't think he had it in him but he got it done. IF the devils make a run though, KK is going to play again becuase cory is absolutely playing hurt and i don't think he can go the whole way with his groin pretty much held together with 50 year old rubber bands. taylor hall is fvcking amazing. i'm too happy to pick on the obvious players that should be picked on.
  8. GDT: Game 2 - Devils at Lightning - 14 April @ 3pm Eastern

    Hynes presser hit on the exact keys - gave them too many gifts. Lovejoy found a way in both games to cause goals - that Delay of Game penalty when there was no pressure is just par for the course for someone whose default setting is grenade handling. While the Palms call was absurdly weak, he went for an extra hit in the defensive zone on a previous goal that just was not necessary. Boyle also went for extra hits for no real reason. hitting for hitting sake kills me when it sets up rushes the other way. All the D had their adventures tonight which just goes to show, when you have 7 defensemen, you have no defensemen. With all that said, this is so much more about Tampa being able to not be excellent and still be able to win rather comfortably because they are really good. Oh, and for good measure, fvck You Conte for letting "Not Connor Chatham" continue to kill us.
  9. GDT: Devils@Lightning, 4/12/18, 7:00pm, MSG+

    re: the first two goals - hynes correctly points out on both that really - it's Nico being too quick on his help defense on the wall and leaving the slot which is his responsibility to defend against the pass that made its way there. its correctable. let's get the split tomorrow and come home ready to go.
  10. This Incredible Forum

    As always - thanks DM for a great forum. I've been here since the start and came from the Network54 board and njo.com before that along with red, DM, Tri, Rock, Msweet and a couple of others. Goodness - i remember the days past "The Devils got Tony Amonte!!!!"
  11. Keith Kinkaid Appreciation Thread.

    i will eat major crow here - earlier this year i felt he should have been out of the league. he proved me so so wrong and it's great to be back in the playoffs.
  12. GDT: Devils vs. Rangers, 4/3/18, 7:00 pm

    i can assure you Daniel goes to games as I'm the one giving him my tickets i often take one of my younger daughters to the games (ages 9 and 11) and they ask me why swallow is so bad and i have to say it's just another way to say they're bad in sports like they swallow up losses. i don't need to explain what it really means to them. i think the organist might help it along at MSG but it doesn't happen in NJ because the chant is always during the run of play when there is no organ (or any other piped in noise). it's never during a stoppage as that's almost always music. the organ is only during commercial breaks and intermission.
  13. GDT: Devils vs Pitt - 29 Mar @ 7p Eastern

    i guess a pretty even game. Top line was great. Noesen, Zajac, Coleman and Zacha had their moments. Most other forwards were not particularly great. Boyle looked terrible just about anytime he got on the ice. Greene was pretty decidedly awful tonight and Vatanen looked like he had no legs. I actually liked the rest of the D for the most part tonight. Triumph is exactly right with not loving Meuller on the right side - he was able to play well defensively but there were o-zone chances where a RH D there could have made plays that a LH D can't. oh - and yeah KK gave up 4 but i think he was pretty good all things considered - don't love goal 3 but pretty sure there was a tip or something in there and he did so much else good tonight that i won't kill him for it. this is one of those where, as usual, he kinda played to the scoreboard. in the end, tonight was just taking time off the scoreboard in the race to the endgame so I'll take it.
  14. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    thank you toronto
  15. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    if anyone wants, sid, kessel and hagelin are currently having dinner @ roots in summit. Feel free to go and feed them booze and trip them on the way out.