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  1. it may not just be the devils' fault that they don't have decisions yet. the prospective coaches and GM's may be waiting for the entire season to be over to see what their options are. they're getting paid - there's no rush for them.
  2. if you are talking of the 4 major US sports, one. kroenke has 3 (avs, rams, nuggets) MLSE owns leafs/raptors pegula owns bills/buffalo HBSE owns sixers/devils Dolan owns Knicks/Rangers reinsdorf white sox/bulls benson - saints/pelicans leonsis - caps/wizards i think paul allen's wife now owns seahakws/trailblazers
  3. not a mets fan but if i was, i'd be happy with anyone with deep pockets which HBSE most certainly have. and sorry, these guys get a bad rap, but any time $ was NEEDED to be spent, there was absolutely no question.
  4. i think the coach also has to do with what the devils plan on being the next two to three years - if it's really a kids team and aside from zajac and a couple nothing UFA's for age, then perhaps hitching your wagon to gronborg for 3 years and damn the record, makes the buy out cash irrelevant. with that said, i'd think that ownership is trying to thread the needle by keeping Fitz, but adding someone like Gilles as a President of Hockey OPS and a coach like gallant all while knowing what their draft position looks like and what other teams are looking to do.
  5. no - they are not and the NHL specifically said so. The play in rounds for teams 9-24 are NOT playoffs and do not count as such. They are an extension of the regular season for record keeping sake of individual stats (but not team wins for the season). and they are not considered playoffs. Corey Masisak detailed this pretty well on the Athletic. relevant quoted below:
  6. Root against ARZ and for them not to win the lottery. Root for Canucks to make playoffs and lose immediately. Best possible for scenario for the devils this year: 1) Win the lottery outright - #1 pick. 2) ARZ loses qualifying round and does not win lottery - #8 pick (no qualifying loser wins a lottery spot for ARZ to finish 3) Van advances to playoffs and loses in round 1 - #17 pick
  7. If the Devils want him, $ can make that contract issue go away.
  8. here's how different things were. in '98-'99, i had been a partial STH and actually CANCELLED my ST for '99-'00 because i was so frustrated with constant playoff disappointments since the '95 cup. Half way through '99-'00, I reupped and have had full ST ever since (although I've already made the decision to not renew full for next year even before Covid). Oh to have those problems now
  9. walsh will almost assuredly sign elsewhere. oh well.
  10. i own a business and as soon as we were told that we could not accept retail traffic, we furloughed certain employees that would have nothing to do (think cashiers, greeters, etc) with no traffic. and it's not that we're in bad shape if we paid these people with drastically reduced revenue for a week or two. it's that we'd be in big trouble if we kept paying them for two months. but, we also paid out all paid time off and sick. So anyone furloughed doesn't see any difference in their next two checks which will essentially cover the next 6 weeks. we did this so after 6 weeks, they can immediately get unemployment with no two week wait time from when they were furloughed. and they are all welcome to come back at their exact salary the day that we are allowed to accept walk in traffic. and i'm in a business that, theoretically, if you don't buy it from me today, you can buy it from me in a month because you're going to need it eventually. but for businesses like food, or events, or things that if it's not bought today, its never bought - those are where you have to cut the cord on employees quickly. and even if you have a war chest, it's really not meant for things like this that are no fault of your own and especially when the government is coming to help you out.
  11. I knew this was coming about Harris. they kept all part time employees and are paying them with no revenue coming in. asking high paying salaries employees to take a cut (where oh by the way they can go to unemployment and get 70% of reduced hours back) so that no employee loses their job is reasonable. as for Harris’ money. Yes, it’s ludicrous amount and even though about 30% of it was wiped out in the last 2 weeks. but you still run businesses. the cheap owner narrative is also bullsh!t.
  12. ARZ cannot be 4. i saw one sim where it was arz 1 and njd 2. that's a bag of mixed emotions.
  13. bergen county going on complete lockdown besides essential services starting tomorrow night. all retail closed besides supermarkets and pharmacies. that's one of my 3 NJ locations shut down.
  14. it would not surprise me at this point if they essentially lock the country down for 2 weeks. all non-essential retail closed, all air travel stopped, stock markets closed. all cc interest forgiven during crisis, 0% lending by banks to all businesses for payroll and rents. that's what it's going to take if they really want to eradicate the spread of this virus.
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