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  1. All purpose Patrik Elias memories and love topic

    Elias was always my guy - when he started coming on in ‘99, I was all in. I’ve been at many games in my life including game 7 2003. Of course it was amazing. But Game 7 ECF 2000 in Philly - I was there in my Elias jersey and I was sure I was going to be murdered. That was my favorite live sporting event I’ve ever attended and Elias made it.
  2. February 24th Elias night

    i had actually heard that Lou always told Elias to go and find the best offer and come back to him. in fact, with anyone Lou wanted to keep, he always said that and if he wanted to match/beat it, he would. with rafalski, detroit gave him such a good offer that lou didn't want to match. it's a risky gamble because, in rafalski's case, he wanted to stay and lou probably could've gotten him with a contract less than detroit's if he offered it early enough. he didn't. lou's "when you have time on your side, use it" thinking burned him there.
  3. 2nd and Rykov. Seems a high price. Rykov - who knows if he even ever comes over. I will view after context of other trades and what they cost.
  4. As AG correctly stated, this is unprecedented. Never has there been a trade between the two teams. I am hoping this is for not much But we’ll see.
  5. February 24th Elias night

    Wow! I’ve only been tweeting to them and bringing it up to anyone that will listen since it went up. I wonder if they just swapped from the practice rink or actually had a new one done correctly.
  6. GDT: Carolina @ Devils 7:00 PM

    nice win - devils were due for one of these. i will say that any "progress" lovejoy made this season over last has evaporated. he's back to being a major issue in his own zone. and greene had a pretty bad game as well - any pressure and it's was sheets for him. i thought there was good pressure from the forwards tonight and there were just a lot of smart decisions - nice to see.
  7. Interview with Ray Shero at The Athletic

    Lou needs two iphones at once?!
  8. GDT: Devils @ Philthadelphia Phailures 7:00 PM

  9. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    you've hit the nail on the head - bad players are given prominent roles because of legacy and, to a lesser extent, lack of better options. they're the definition of anchors. John @ AATJ just did a write up on the improved defense since Vatanen got here. He touches on it a bit, but I don't think gives enough credence to just how bad Greene is and how it's taken a player like Sami to prop him up while Greene helped to destroy Santini. That's part of the frustration - they can't make real steps forward while 9 and 16 are prominently featured and it's going to be years before that's changed (at least on greene's side - zajac at least has been pretty much turned into the 3C but still kills whatever line he's on).
  10. A disturbing trend during the Hynes era

    And management chooses which players are there.
  11. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    Why now? because now is when they rip your heart out. All those other years - we knew they sucked and they were kind enough to follow through. You sat through it but you weren’t built up to be torn down. It’s the disappointment that is the worst and the feeing like you’re not doing anything to fix it. Saying we’d all sign up for this at the start of the season - well sure. Going into the season, I pegged them for 83 points - 36-35-11. And then they had the first 40 games. So after a while, you forget what you thought and reset expectations. And then the team tailspins and management doesn’t try to fix it. It sucks. This isn’t like ‘98 when I was disgusted with good teams not being able to get out of round 1 or 2009 game 7 which was the worst sports moment of my life (yes worse than ‘94 ECF as I wasn’t there). The fact is, I cannot care about this team as much as I have anymore. I don’t know why tonight made that happen for me but it has. I’m actually sad by it. My wife and my girls saw it and can’t understand it. Why this essentially random loss was the one that basically ruined the devils for me. But it has. Yes I’ll watch. And I’ll still go games this year as I have tickets. But i just can’t care as much anymore because there’s enough disappointments in life and I won’t let these guys be one for me anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get back to the level I’ve been at but it’s gonna take something to get me there and I can’t see it happening this year.
  12. A disturbing trend during the Hynes era

    too lazy to do it, but you should look at sv% by month during hynes' tenure. i'd venture to guess that has something to do with it.
  13. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    You're misremembering last year. There were plenty of games where he was the Devils' best defenseman (not saying much). We actually commented how sure he seemed with the puck and how he made the simple easy play below the goal line. Sure, they sheltered him, but he played well. Obviously they thought so too- that's why they gave him the most difficult assignments and toughest zone start percentage in the ENTIRE league for 30 games. On it's own, that's a lot to ask of a 2nd year pro. Add onto that you're giving him an ABSOLUTE anchor in Andy Greene who plays the exact same game as you (only with less strength, speed and size) and you'll be bound to rush your plays and fvck it up because you have no help with you. I'd love to see a Meuller-Santini pairing with a 50/50 zone start split and 2nd/3rd pairing assignments - I bet they'd do just fine.
  14. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    Yes - i want to throw dice for not that much. yes i will try a 4th round pick to get someone and hope we catch lightning in a bottle. KK sucks. this is a known. Lack, as far as I'm concerned, has one more game to show he doesn't suck or it's onto the next.