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  1. this was something that volchenkov once relayed to me - "not everyone can be a physical guy just because you're big".
  2. I'm a STH and I don't know anything about it - do you have any info?
  3. They actually did probably play their best game of the season tonight. They were harder on pucks and much more aggressive. There were considerably less team fvckups than there have been even though you still had players that have been bad continue to be bad. gusev has that shot which is great. just about everything else he did tonight was very much not good. he was a turnover machine and failed to get stick with his man that led to a good scoring chance for the rangers off his turnover. simmonds - for fvcks sake, can this guy win one fvcking board battle - he is boyle 2.0 in that he's a big guy that could not play any smaller. vatanen was not very good tonight - goal one maybe box out your man? as for the good blackwood made some terrific saves. i would've liked his rebound control to be better but he could've easily given up 4 tonight so good on him. zacha was great tonight. i don't care that he was off the score sheet - he played a great 200 foot game tonight and in all situations. PK was what he needs to be tonight - agressive but still safe and seemed to control the play in the d zone. rooney played a great game in his role tonight - that can play for me on the 4th all season if that's the kind of game we'll get from him. as a whole, this is the kind of game we all expected from this team. some letdowns here and there, but pretty aggressive for the most part and challenging the opposition consistently.
  4. barring several injuries - there is just no way this happens. also - if you mean 5x5 as a unit, the only way this could even remotely happen is if the game had an inordinate amount of special teams play where the top 9 were consistently on those specials.
  5. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    i think the entire management team from Shero through Hynes and his staff is blaming this on the players. While they certainly shoulder blame, these guys clearly have skill and ability. Its for the coach to get the most out of it. say what you want - this team is wrapped in a culture of losing. For the true core of this team, that's really all they've known. Yes, Zajac and Greene had winning seasons earlier in their career but that was a lifetime ago in sports. the one playoff run year seems like the outlier and these guys are almost conditioned to losing.
  6. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    Again - Ray is gonna say Hynes is safe until the second he fires him which i still think is no later than Saturday. It would take a public statement by Ray basically stating that this is not coaching and it is 100% on the players to perform and you haven't seen anything like that. Not worried about what Mac said.
  7. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    for the first time this year, cory was dogsh!t. he had as much a hand in the loss as anyone else. goal 2 and 3 were really bad.
  8. No - I’m looking for someone with a more simple skill set. Someone that kills plays in the D zone.
  9. sundstrom

    Fire Hynes

    You often fall back to these specific core stats And expect regression to the mean. but when your coaching “strategy” calls for low percentage shots and your defense hangs your goalies out to dry, you can get these kind of numbers. Hynes has until the 5 day break to get wins. Otherwise he has to go.
  10. No. if anything, they need a steadying presence on defense - preferably one with decent playoff experience.
  11. i agree that i didn't think hall was all that good last night. i know that cordell posted favorable advanced metrics for him but i think that had much more to do with nico and palms.
  12. greene has always been a behind the scenes captain. you don't see him too often in the post game media scrums. those are almost always hall, palms and zajac along with whoever the goaltender was that night.
  13. i need the zacha almost meme because this looks about 75% correct. simmonds cannot keep up with Hughes - switch him with palmieri. while i despise making zacha a scapegoat, against the flyers, if you want that grit 4th line, I'll reluctantly allow it. d pairs are what they should be so they got that one right.
  14. re: PK - that is absolutely correct. Plays like last night are the bad with all the good you get from him.
  15. At 5 on 5 where 90% of the game is played? Yes, his skating is something that needs to be considered.
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