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  1. I could not believe how slow he is, doesn't look like a NHL defenseman to me, especially here in NJ.
  2. Tried looking around- anyone have a pre-sale code for round 2?
  3. "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." The way they kept at it is way more important than the W.
  4. Going to the Philthy tonight. 5-0 Devils is my prediction. Boos will be deafening.
  5. I like Fitz and his demeanor, but the way I see it, is that Fitz didn't work the phones(by his account) on Coleman. He basically had something that is now more coveted then previous pending UFA's at the deadline: a rediculously cheap overperforming contract under control for 1 more season. It doesn't hurt that Coleman is a very good versatile player and REALLY fits the needs of Tampa. Maybe a more experienced GM gets even more as rediculous as it sounds. Greene's deal is 100% based upon Lou being the GM in Long Island. That 2nd round pick many believe is overpayment is more of Lou wanting what Lou wants. Fitz had zero leverage here and if Lou didn't have that extreme comfort level with Andy then that offer isn't there. Lou knows that 2nd isn't as valauble to a contending team, especially considering it means they can aquire a guy that is perfect to come in and play a strict structure it is him. Signing him next year could be on his radar as well. I like Fitz, but are the returns Fitz or circumstance? I am interested in seeing how good he is with his remaining moves before next Monday.
  6. Not sure where to stick this...
  7. In discussing captaincy I rarely find people know most of the responsibilities of being a Captain. Curious to hear who you think should be Captain and why....
  8. I am surprised they just didn't bump him down to Bingo. Not really sure what this does other than makes it look better to the masses. I guess the payroll doesn't really go up either. Still a nice troll job I think to those who really wanted John gone...
  9. MyBeerLeagueGoalieIsBetter.com
  10. I didn't take it that way at all, unless you are saying Ray recognized that Taylor is setting this initial timeline. Ray has zero leverage and he is at the mercy of what Taylor ultimately decides what he wants to do. Taylor is just gonna come out and tow the line during the pre-season and say he is focused on winning now and not thinking about the future. At some point Ray will have to give him an ultimatum. Ray just needs to decide when that will be...my guess is the late December or January and possibly at the trade deadline if Shero gets no solid offers. I would move him in October if a nice deal materializes, which probably won't happen. Although with all these RFA's out there..it makes it interesting.,
  11. Got this from another site- it works-easy to do if you REALLY want to watch-here's a built-in VPN if you use the Opera browser (you have to enable it from the settings). Seems to be working fine.
  12. Does anyone have a stream...I am outside the Devils viewing area and I guess it is blacked out??? So weird.
  13. hystyk28

    2018 UFA Thread

    The bigger question is how do you get access to those stats.
  14. I don't think JT and Hall would be that good together. I think Tavares meshes with a guy like Palms. I know Evander Kane plays the left too but that is the type of player I see with Hall. This off season is huge for Ray. Hopefully we won't be disappointed. John Carlson would be a step in the right direction, however I wonder how he will look without the forwards he has in Washington. I am willing to find out. If not we can always see what Eric Gelinas is doing.
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