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  1. great goalie, gonna be massive. i'm gonna call him the gunslinger from the dark towers.
  2. deboer needs to go before he ruins any more young talent.
  3. cheap carter substitute until we get carter back next summer.
  4. now that the diablos are full paying STHs again, expect me and every member near me chanting you suck anywhere we can squeeze in the new song. stick it to the man, man.
  5. merrill and gelinas both have cannons for shots and actually find the net unlike rolston. good keepers for cheap.
  6. IMO nothing energizes the arena and the team more than the PK we have, the places goes nuts (especially my section diablos) through it and right after it. I wouldn't trade PK for better ES, but then again i don't think they complement or take away from each other, different situations.
  7. sounds like he's willing to come back as soon as deboer is gone, which looks closer and closer lately.
  8. package ryder, i need him gone so my discount #17 jersey passes down to Boucher. all kinds of schemes rydes on this.
  9. to be fair, gomez is far more entertaining. he trolled us for a good 6 years waiting to age like fine wine.
  10. if they charge the media by the pun, vegas team would pay for itself.
  11. gomez for 750k 1 year works in case Carter walks.
  12. ZeroGravityFat


    i need him to come make me coffee.
  13. honestly i would have preferred sal go, but i can understand the cap hit over more years. i'm glad lou sheded one, too bad we had to waste the buyout on moose last year.
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