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  1. An aircraft carrier is a contained environment. Its not spread out over hundreds of square miles like a landmass. Nuclear is a viable option and it always has been but for large swaths of land its less reliable. Its supplementary depending on where its used like urban areas, but the risk increases with larger populations since more people are affected by an accident. I agree with you on wind, but we have vast swaths of land in the middle of the country where windfarms are already being built for renewable energy purposes. Teddy Kennedy's sentimentality towards Martha's Vineyard is admirable, b
  2. India does. India's doing nothing. China is the world's largest investor in it already. We're investing half of what they are, but we are the 2nd largest investor. Just because their standards differ doesn't mean we shouldn't be moving in the same direction. The shift is already beginning. Smaller countries like Denmark and Sweden moving entirely to green are only the start. When a bigger nation (i.e. Germany) moves, China are the ones who are going to reap all of the economical benefits and they will be massive because renewables don't run out and don't require horribly destructive things lik
  3. China have embraced the fact climate change is a factual reality (or at least put on an act that they do) and are leading the world in renewables because they see first hand exactly how mass pollution is affecting their population and environment more so than many places b/c they have placed their industrial centers in a small area of land compared to their entire land mass. China are so far in the lead on renewables right now that our economy will suffer in the near future because as more countries go green (Denmark have gone entirely green and are EXPORTING wind power) China will be the ones
  4. He's already choosing Washington insiders. His transition team is largely made up of lobbyists and people from former administrations. Many of these people will get posts inside once he's in office. Trump's genius is that he's brilliant at marketing himself and has been since he became regularly featured on Page Six and similar NYC social scenes. He's already showing his hand that his "Drain the Swamp", populist agenda that he ran on was just a campaign tactic and is just going to be replacing Democrat fat cats with Republican ones, with Wall Street insiders up and down the roster. T
  5. I'm over and tired of the "abandonment" argument. The fact that this team was sold only after he left and we largely have benefited from his departure financially due to his contract disappearing, eliminates the negative feeling. He didn't leave in FA to the Rags or acrimoniously nor is he a bad person. He went home. If it ever came out that Lou and the rest of the hierarchy wanted him to leave to help propel the sale of the team, would anyone really be surprised? IMO the biggest negative to him leaving was losing the higher draft pick, but ultimately we still got to pick that year. The o
  6. WTF. I do not think this election was decided by race or racial elements nor have I said as such. However, I do think that the small pockets of this country that are racist have been emboldened by Trump's candidacy and its worrying since this hasn't been seen since Wallace's candidacy in the early 60s. That is the only fvcking point I was making with that line. Nowhere did I speak on their specific geography or being a reason that Trump ultimately won. However, they are clearly feeling emboldened by his victory. I don't know how you get from this to reading that I think Trump won be
  7. Nowhere did I state that racism was a large factor and the fact you'd even infer that I did is unfair. Its not a secret that racist organizations were in the bag for Trump and were vocal about it and other pockets that cheered his proposed blanket Muslim ban and the Wall, neither of which will ever happen. I also pointed out that he has disavowed them. It's not a secret that there are KKK organizations celebrating in full regalia today in southern states (i.e. Mebane, NC). There's a racist element that voted for Trump, they're by no means a majority but to take what I said and twist it as suc
  8. Yes, she was. There's no other way to put it. She was a known quantity and had historically bad negative numbers. I do agree she would've been 4 more of Obama and I agree that we likely knew what we were getting with her, but she could not overcome the years of baggage. On top of this you have the DNC (and the media) doing nothing but trying to protect their own interests by elevating Clinton the way they did, which was shameful. There's a reason that Hillary had huge corporate backing farrrrrr more than Trump. I'm disgusted that Wasserman-Schultz wasn't defeated. They did not take Bernie seri
  9. No one outside of Trump's supporters thought he was going to win, including a large majority of respected conservative pundits and the RNC's own internals. It's literally the biggest upset in US political history, maybe world political history. Sure, some of you called it and Brexit is clearly a major harbinger, but go back 4-8 years ago and the opposite could be said about those of you on the other side, i.e. the Romney/McCain victory predictions. But that's neither here nor there. All methodology went out the window this cycle, whereas the two elections prior it was reliable. At the v
  10. Who is Liz Stein? (Her name is Jill).
  11. While its been pointed out that this is a ridiculous assertion, lets look at this deeper just to point out how silly it is. You're not taking into account the fact that the Devils' lease is for 25 years (as of 2013). Now obviously that can be broken, but there are other facts at play here. The Prudential Center is one of the busiest arenas on the planet. Not just the country. Revenue wise this arena was top 20 in the world last year. This affects the Devils since DAE run the arena. The Devils could bleed money and we wouldn't have to worry about the team leaving any time soon, simply because t
  12. Apparently we werent even one of the final considerations But I agree. He went there and I can't stand him for that alone, but Im still stoked about the season starting.
  13. They trade him in a package for Shattenkirk who they cannot afford to re-sign.
  14. He cannot even talk to anyone until midnight of the 16th. Today is just the last day the Sabres have exclusive rights. Tomorrow likely isn't even the day if he's taking meetings etc. I don't think this is over til Thursday or Friday.
  15. And? There's nothing to lose if we're his destination, so we don't have to be sold on him. However he immediately slots into our top 3 fwd (Zacha - McLeod - Vesey) prospects before even stepping foot on the ice. There is a reason why theres a lot of noise being made about him. He's only getting a 2 way entry level deal so financially its nothing. Worst case, he doesnt succeed, and bye. Best case he becomes a key player going forward.
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