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  1. I'm nowhere near as confident as I was in Blackwood at this point but I'm with you the problem is bigger than just him at this point.
  2. when you're getting paid 9M and performing at the level he has been on the ice the least you can do is be a model citizen in the locker room. I'd be the happiest guy in there every day too. Has there ever been a Devils dman harder on the end boards and glass with their shot in the team's history.
  3. sure, would love for him to tie up a ton of cap space on somebody else's roster. Get something for him at the deadline and move on.
  4. Was watching the Isles stream and they mentioned how long he and others were out early after they pulled Gilles and towards the end were off because of it. Definitely made it out to be him and others being gassed. Look though I agree you need to figure out how to have him out there. But imo they (team from the coach down to every player on the ice) botched the last 2:21 with the complete lack of urgency. Not just the passing from point to point but dicking around in their own end and just wasting so much of the final 2 mins overall before "going" with what 30 seconds left? Just getting the puck into the zone seemed to take forever, literally.
  5. Yeah, Ty has been one of the biggest issues/disappointments back there all season. Happy he got a shot through that got tipped in but he's ass at this point ytd.
  6. the lack of urgency after pulling the goalie with 2:21 left was impressive. At least until there was less than 30 seconds left. Oh well. Gilles didn't suck.
  7. are we still supposed to think somebody is going to want him at the trade deadline?
  8. the pressure has been building with all the down time.
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