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  1. first priority for me was replacing Nass as the HC, unfortunately for me they went with Ruff who's only real positive was he isn't Nass. Cleaning out the assistants would of seemed like a no-brainer but yet Nass still stands. Far from ideal in my book but whatever. Drop the puck again at some point (who the hell knows when and where) and hopefully they suck less this time around. Too much to ask? It gets easier to care less the older I get. But it sure would be nice to turn this thing around at some point.
  2. When you're in his position you get to make that call. I'm sure he' gives a fvck about what anybody else thinks. I'm sure he'll have a job next season somewhere should he choose to play. He's accomplished and earned enough to walk away for now and he did. So yeah he can fvck off all the way home to his family for now in this aborted season. Maybe even making a stop at the bank on the way home too. I think he'll be just fine.
  3. One of if not the first to call out that it's just not playoff hockey in his eyes without the intensity on the ice playing in empty buildings. That was a day or two ago before walking away to be with his three young kids. He gave it a go but in the end just wasn't buying into what the league was selling. Timing sucks for the team for sure. Pretty sure his youngest if 3-4 months old. (didn't read the article).
  4. @MikeKellyNHL: Quinn Hughes appreciation tweet: 10 for 10 on outlet passes (including 1 from his stomach). 21 for 22 on passes in the offensive zone. Bank, strech pass to set up Horvat OT goal. #Canucks https://twitter.com/MikeKellyNHL/status/1294461256359845888/video/1 Shared via TweetCaster
  5. If that dump is a real paint peeler the deal gets done. Throw in Zacha and who was the other guy again just for grins. Not to hurt anybody's feelings but it's all about timing when it comes to having the first pick and who's in the draft that year. Here's the first ranking that comes up when you do a google search for NHL 1 pick rankings. Picks since 2010, Jack is 10th and Nico is 8th. Again doesn't mean it's the end of the world and they can't improve although yeah on that pic plus he's got another 4 months before the next season may start. Hopefully for our collective sakes they
  6. Nah we disagree, get over it. He was about as uninspiring a #1 that I can remember last season. Kakko was equally as bad.
  7. Jack and Kakko should buy each other dinner, each thanking the other for being virtually invisible last season and as a result neither one exposing the other for coming up so short. Both touted as NHL ready and both clearly not so much. Hoping for much better from Jack. It is a bummer that our two firsts were years where the best players weren't franchise changing caliber.
  8. that's the kind of goal you remember for years. Holy hell what speed and skill.
  9. Thanks CR hopefully it happens. Sooner the better. Nothing to lose that's for gd sure.
  10. ok so seriously what are the odds the team gets sold and there's a total flushing of the entire front office from the owner on down? Anybody have an educated guess? Seems like the ultimate tease that's been dangling out there for a few years now with no realistic chance of it happening in the next couple of/few years.
  11. Mets gonna Mets. Just the newest version of the dumpster fire.
  12. not covid related, but I would still be surprised if the NHL pulled this off. MLB on the verge of imploding and having to cancel their already aborted season.
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