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  1. isn't the lead into this one expected goat loads x/60
  2. they're sitting on the there's no quit in this team if we get one so all is not lost yet in their eyes.
  3. MSG clearly has a deal with Kohl's based on the way all of them dress across all the teams. Valiquette wears a non-matching couch every night, Dano, Rosen you name it.
  4. tighten up and we hold them to 4 here in the first 20!
  5. Who? I think we're down to watching Slapshot on game nights if that's what we want to see?
  6. https://twitter.com/amandacstein/status/1384637106451099648/photo/1
  7. That's he has imo, I'll second that one.
  8. I guess it depends on what you think Bratt has proven now winding down his 4th season. Not challenging you personally but more of a general question. I bet there are very wide varying opinions.
  9. Subban out now, added to the covid protocol list.
  10. If he's friendly or potentially a friendly with anybody already here he's a keeper.
  11. imo Bratt certainly could use the work, actually both could however meaningless the games are. W/L wise it doesn't matter obviously.
  12. Are Zacha and Bratt broken?
  13. TKO'd by his own guy. don't see that all that often.
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