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  1. Keep digging MB, hopefully you've turned the corner.
  2. the sims are god awful. Couldn't get through more than 5 mins. Hard pass for me.
  3. So great to see this. Wishing MB3 and the Mfritz families well too. Keep digging everyone.
  4. Hope you guys are feeling better soon, best to everyone here and your families. Stay safe.
  5. Feel better brother!! The entire testing situation is a farce.
  6. yep. Although nobody forces us to live down here. Taxed to death by choice.
  7. This +100. We have a house in Jersey and a house in Denver NC. Both houses = in value \ only because the one in NC is on lake Norman. A house across the street from that one not on the lake is 1/2 the value. Taxes in NJ are 18k+ the house in NC is under 3k. Crazy.
  8. Same. and yes apparently it's for both the Devils and Sixers. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28947859/group-reverses-course-pay-76ers-employees
  9. Nicely done on their part in the end if this is their final decision here. I do think they made a mistake that lead up to the change of heart. Somewhat hard to believe there's hourly 1500 employees ties to the org seems high and I would of never guessed it. Good on Harris.
  10. Nailed it! my point is this is just what's likely to be the first of many. All we're seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg. To think the NHL or any other sport is even relevant to the larger discussion and issue is a stretch. Our season was over ~ 4 months ago. I personally think that compressed schedule is an unrealistic pipe dream. Time will tell.
  11. Most likely the first of many to come. Stick a fork in this season. That last projected schedule they put out and shown here is absurd and more importantly wishful thinking.
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