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  1. A great win! Pleasantly surprised so far, Hell yeah boys. Jack and Mac stole that one!
  2. Fun game lots of great things happening so far from the kids. Not so much from the older guys but as this team grows they'll fall by the wayside anyway. I usually watch the away feeds as my affection for Dano hasn't grown over the years. But no way I could put up with Edwards for more than 1.5 seconds even at gun point. Onward. LGD.
  3. That's exactly what I'm saying. Can't have it both ways, well I guess you can.
  4. I don't care for it much at all and if Mac is on the other end of something like that and gets hurt and we're looking at Wedgewood for an extended period of time I would loathe it. At this level I don't think the goalie should fear the guy just can't stop and seems to have a lack of awareness on top of it. If the guy coming in gets help from behind that's different, a goalie getting bumped in the crease is also different to me. Happy to see Jack get off to a fast start sans the SO.
  5. haven't been paying attention Butcher hurt/sick/outta talent?
  6. Leaving Jack out of it because who knows. This kids numbers look very similar to Nico's, good but not great, I'm not sure what they big hype is around this guy honestly other than he wants out of Columbus. If some team wants to drastically over pay great have at it.
  7. Same. Hoping they do well, grow as a team, all the young guys improve, suck less. Other than that I'm invested a fraction of norm. Thought I would enjoy watching a few games last night and couldn't have been less interested which in the past would of never been the case. I found myself spending more time being distracted and annoyed by the fake crowd noise, ads around the bottom of the glass ( I get why they're doing it) etc. The playoffs were barely barely ok to me without crowds, regular season - I would rather watch a high school game in person. Tough times with much bigger prob
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