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  1. And so it begins. This is going to work out well, nothing to see here.
  2. F. R.O.G.S. turns to French every gd time
  3. Woulda been better off heading to Jenkinsons and throwing .
  4. Eddie O! honestly we will probably never know the whole list of who's truly available and/or who they tried and did speak to.
  5. He still may get it but to me it certainly means he's not their no doubt about it # 1 guy based on the fact they're still turning over stones. It's not a good look imo if he ends up getting it after all this time. I just don't have any confidence in the process and if after all this time they end up with Fitz anyway I'll be even more disappointed. I would find it next to impossible if they had a real organized process and strategy they would find someone more qualified that Fitz after almost 6 months at this point. IF they drag it on through the end of this season it would be what 10+ months?
  6. whoever this guy is says......
  7. oy vay - now that's solidly in the wtf category and time to find a new team to watch if that were to happen. Extend Nass for 5 years if that's the option and good lord I dislike Nass.
  8. that's cool, I fully admit to not having seen any of these guys coach in the minors or Jrs for that matter.
  9. Persoanlly I don't get all the love for Gallant or maybe better worded Gallant is head and shoulders above the rest. I don't think the LV cup team was anywhere near the standard issue first year expansion team, (first example having a 3 time cup winning goalie) and he was gone from there 1.5 seasons later. Not saying he's a bad coach but don't think his record holds up to Lavys. As for the European gentlemen now isn't the time to reach and to me he would be just that. IF it's my team we're going with someone with a proven NHL track record. I would even be up for Torts but I'm afraid he would make some of those kids cry almost daily and I guess we can't have that.
  10. What's the big infatuation with Gallant other than the one year taking LV to the finals? That was hardly your typical expansion team I'm pretty sure their average age was not what you would of expected for an expansion team and some of their key players had significant experience and a goalie with how may cups? Does he really have a proven track record of working so well with kids that have a ways to go?
  11. When you have time you use it??????? or is it when you truly have no plan whatsoever you need all you can get??
  12. Same, do you consider Fitz proven 1214? I don't.
  13. I want to believe he's full of sh!t here so bad. but even blind squirrels can find a nut every once in a while and some times 1+1 does = 2 somehow I can see this one being a possibility.
  14. IF IF this is true - FFS, really? https://nypost.com/2020/06/13/slap-shots-nhl-union-hilarity-and-devils-hiring-confusion/
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