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  1. Hey @2ELIAS6 I never said I wasn't happy so piss off, excuse me for not sharing your opinion and the whole jesus christ thing. How many of those guys mentioned signed deals post covid in a flat cap era. Gaudreau was grossly overpaid almost comical at ~10M. Timo has had 1 40 goal season, a 35 and nothing else even close. So yeah I think the whole he took less is a narrative that is being overplayed. I also said I believe twice I was glad he stayed. I don't think he was getting a much better if an any better deal anywhere else with so few teams (especially contending teams) having that much money available and if they did not willing to give it to one player. If he signed that deal somewhere else there would absolutely be guys here saying good luck with that. But let's try this a little louder this time for the guys in the back, I'm glad he's here, still.
  2. Huge move, love it for this season and we'll see what happens going forward. Bravo.
  3. I like Timo a lot as a player, and really glad he stayed, I do think however it's being overplayed that he took a haircut to stay here. Judging by the huge majority of the signings today and so far this offseason he got a sh!tload of money and term in today's market in a flat cap world.
  4. Well that's 22 guys not sure how valuable that "lineup" is.
  5. Well, well, well we ain't dead quite yet. Onto the next one.
  6. hope they have a defibrillator on standby
  7. Meier in a much better spot after this last round of throwing darts.
  8. Scratch, well deserved hopefully never to be seen again in this sweater.
  9. I agree with you 100% he's throwing darts and entirely missing the board with some of these. Worry about balancing out the lines when you actually score more than 1 goal a game with one of the 2 in the series being a PS. Granted I think it's men against kids, a team built for today against a team that has some great core pieces that will continue to grow. However I don't think there's anyway to disguise what we've seen so far is absolutely disturbing but I don't think it's all on the coaches. We still have a long way to go when it comes to a playoff ready roster. However stranger things have happened so LGD.
  10. Rather than playing with Hughes on the 2nd line instead of Haula? Timo put up 40 goals this year while Haula has a whopping 14 and Palat on the first line is on pace for about ~14 over 82 games but obviously missed time with the injury. I don't think it's optimal to play Timo on the 3rd line at all. But hey whatever works I guess.
  11. Meier must be thrilled to play behind two stiffs on that side in addition to what you guys have already mentioned.
  12. <--------------- and the two blind mice Marino and Graves
  13. just let him stand there, it'll be fine, no worries. Holy fvck.
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