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  1. Agree Malkin makes no sense for us or them.
  2. You lost me when you compared Chytil at 19 years old to a 22 year old Zacha, every GM in the league would make that trade in a heartbeat. Andersson showed less than nothing this year.
  3. All it took for Zacha to put up points was 1/2 a season of garbage time meaningless games. Same for Cory to actually win a game. I have no faith either has truly turned the corner.
  4. Imo the only one of those guys that's remotely physical is the washed up Coburn.
  5. More proof that the best and often finesse regular season champs get beat by the heavier bigger teams in the playoffs. Size matters boys in the playoffs more often than not.
  6. Russian on Russian crime - damn he smoked the kid. Love Ovi.
  7. Douche chill worthy, always has been always will be.
  8. Winning the cup didn't do sh!t for Trotz. They didn't have to extend Cooper in March yet they did. We'll see.
  9. nah, just signed an extension less that a month ago. https://www.nhl.com/lightning/news/tampa-bay-lightning-sign-head-coach-jon-cooper-to-multi-year-contract-extension/c-306146014
  10. maybe a small handful of AHL teams, maybe.
  11. kind of miss Torts always telling him to fvck off.
  12. Brooks is a dope, always has been always will be.
  13. titans04

    Hughes or Kakko

    kid looks like man. We really can't lose.
  14. I am. The turning point for me was the roller hockey tie in. #DealMaker
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