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  1. Right it's not all about points, but after this deal he'll have about 12 out of 15 year career here where it wasn't about points. You could probably split hairs on another season or two, whatever. Point being I think those kind of players have to have an end of the rope at some point and to me worst case assuming he holds onto the NTC (again certainly has earned that) that rope ends after this contract. I mean to me there's only so much good will in the locker room. Yeah I would much prefer to take a shot at a younger player in that good will, good face off/pk guy slot, rather than rolling him out there for year 16 @ 36/37 years old. Where the main reason to watch the guy is to see if he catches Dano. No thank you.
  2. meh, there were multiple discussion points in this thread. Imo they have to do what's best for the org without any sentimental interference. I get Travis has the NTC and he's earned it. However, if between now and next years trade deadline if the Devils receive an offer that the GM feels makes them better they need to approach him again. He most certainly may say no but they need to pursue every avenue to improve the roster. I don't think he brings all that much on the ice so replacing that level of production should be possible. His production at this point in his career is that of a ELC level player. So trading off an old piece for a new one that should be on the upswing is a no-brainer to me. Now the more likely scenario is he rides out his contract because he's earned the NTC. However and the end of the deal I still shake his hand and wish him luck. I just have zero interest in him passing Dano, those things have just never held any value to me. Especially when I don't think he brings much these days and odds are even less after next season. Thank you for your service Travis.
  3. Haha well said. I would prefer they move on across the board. It's time for a new identity. This one has run its course.
  4. I still think it's unfair to say we have zero cap issues because until they spend to the cap it's not a stretch to think they have an internal cap. They're bottom feeders when it comes to the cap. Overspending on marginally talented guys is never a good idea.
  5. man I don't think we really need a 38-39 year old zajac hanging around to catch up to Daneyko in games played. Just unnecessary in my opinion.
  6. Would have less than zero issue moving him out so even without knowing the proposed deal color me bummed. They need to turn this roster over in a huge way imo outside of the few young guys we want to hold onto. Yeah he's a great guy in he room I'm sure. Replacing Zajac's production on the ice wouldn't be all that difficult. I also do want him as a part of the future. I also get he's earned the right to say no thanks, but it sucks.
  7. yeah he must of had it coming based on his reaction or lack of one.
  8. Plus these days were known for our seller defense anyway.
  9. I think the guy sounds like he couldn't possibly be more out of touch to be honest in this presser (not just this clip). I also highly doubt he has much of a realistic plan to turn things around. But let's focus on the positive shall we, they can't lose another game over the next 8 days or so. Cheers Captain Obvious for this quality summation of where we stand. #sh!tshow
  10. Hell yeah, that's banner worthy!!
  11. What's one more kick in the balls going into the break?
  12. No I'm with you it's lame no matter who does it.
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