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  1. I'm going with no, the rags just suck more.
  2. huh? what did I miss?
  3. and your coach of the week is................
  4. thank you brother, needed this!!
  5. so I hate the call but I think it was right, which absolutely sucks.
  6. heard the whistle but WHY?
  7. does Blackwood realize he can actually reach for the puck either with his stick (god forbid) or even either glove. Asking for a friend.
  8. sh!t and I mean sh!t calls both ways. JFC.
  9. Wood assing it up finally pays off.
  10. they're mimicking 90% of this board.
  11. hmmmm, happy with the two mins there for sure.
  12. told ya, guys a stud!
  13. he needs to go on a hot streak or become completely useless.
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