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  1. Don't you think he gave up earlier by leaving Ruff to hang around as long as he did and not coming up with some kind of upgrade in goal? Not saying the long term answer necessarily but something? He got caught sleeping and when he wasn't doing that he was hiding. ~Midseason when was the last time we heard from him - Jan 23rd, a day or two before McLeod and Foote took a leave of absence. I don't think that was coincidental. I also think he fatally believed the answer was in the room and behind the bench.
  2. That's beyond sad in itself. Hopefully it's nothing major and he makes a full recovery.
  3. Coming from such an expert on everything Devils and even more so champ of the colored bar graphs I'm totally fine with and am use to your superiority complex. 🥱 Maybe next season the cooler colors will bring at least more wins on paper if not on the ice. Maybe.
  4. Bowers and Tierney big time players. Don't see much value in these particular score cards. But same goes for the games imo.
  5. Turtled himself into an injury. Hate to see it.
  6. You know what would be cool imo, not even being in the position of thinking about pulling the top ping pong ball and what look is on whose face. You know maybe rather do something absolutely crazy like thinking about actually playing in the playoffs. Not losing that hope 2-3 months before the end of the season. Yay we won a round last year, first and only one in 12 - TWELVE seasons (counting this year). Well maybe next year, seems like we might want to hang that banner in the rafters at this point.
  7. While I totally agree with having gathered some gifted offensive players imo if they don't figure out how to play a much more sound defensive game from the goalie on out and including those gifted players as well, I think we'll be in the same spot going forward. We're the 6th worse in the league in goals against, only behind, Sharks, Jackets, Ducks, Hawks, Sens. That's putrid. I don't think you can teach toughness, guys either have it or don't, again imo. While +/- is sometimes frowned upon these days, many of those highly talented offensive guys are near the top with team worst -. #'s Nico is a minus 1, which is great, Lazar a team best +10.
  8. Cut bait with No Bahls, he ended up getting handled by Goodrow. Goodrow! who went right after him, useless, tits on a bull useless. He serves no purpose. Part of the problem not the answer going forward. Don't give a sh!t about who's coaching him. Sackless puke.
  9. Best news is there's now one less game in this sh!tshow season that was based on a complete lack of leadership from Fitzsnoozer on down. Like past seasons imo the players don't get a free pass in anyway. Complete waste of time, sadly.
  10. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication @DevilMinder it's greatly appreciated.
  11. Big win against a really good team. Like others have said it's amazing what a less than sieve in goal makes such a big difference. Anyway like the past handful of years looking forward to what next season brings but it's likely to be a very long off season. Thanks Fitz/Ruff. Congrats to Luke for picking it up, hopefully he can finish strong and learn some sh!t over the off-season about the other side of the puck, odds are he will/should.
  12. Yeah there's still a chance, not the least bit realistic but yeah I guess.
  13. Please do because: 1- he went after whoever he was able to line up, he could of kept his elbow down and hit whoever it was there cleanly 2- really, on the same play and I guess with impunity all over the ice 3- you think he purposely realized hell I'll just hit this guy in the side of the head rather than the jaw etc. He's not that god he hit whatever was in front of his elbow, he did no choosing there other than to throw it This guy because of his size can truck people without the dirty hits. We had a guy who would truck people every chance he could, in todays game a lot of them would be considered dirty and suspension worthy. But he was our guy so we didn't always see it back then and the game was different. Rempe doesn't need the dirty hits, he's big enough to clean people out with bad results with clean hits even by today's standards. You know what the equally sizeable issue is and what makes it sting even more. We have a guy like Bahl who's maybe 2 inches shorter who hit's like he's in the women's league by comparison. We're soft as fvck. We should trademark it. Not saying anybody should ever get away with what Rempe did in this case, he shouldn't have. But if he learns to keep his arms down, doesn't hit late and doesn't charge he going to wreck people just based on his size and willingness to hit. If he ever figures out the timing he'll have a body count. But no worries we've got guys like Smith and Bahl along with MacDermid who was and still is waiting for an RSVP. Smith is at least usually willing to use his face to stop others punches in cases like this.
  14. playing out the string for the umptenth time in the last decade+. Thank god for last years one round win breaking the streak. lgd
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