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  1. McCauley still doesn't know the puck is in the net.
  2. Smells like a perfect fit for Dowd, they could keep the the mileage reimbursement to a minimum. Backup choice would be Devils legend Olivier Magnan.
  3. Fair point. Do you guys think the team has any desire or has shown any to have any real meaningful coverage or presence other than a fluffer. Some of us believe they completely control the space and room and even if NJ.com for example gave a sh!t, it still won't matter the team would limit and IF they found it necessary remove someone's from the equation. Now personally I think so much apathy has set in that other then Brooks lobbing bombs on rare occasions nobody has the desire in the media to chip away at this point. It's a shame the days of Gulitti are such a distant memory. We'll see what this new guy does this season and what his shoe game is if nothing else.
  4. True! And the story blows over in 3.3 seconds and we're back to hearing solely about shoes and handwriting skills. They've controlled the room and daily news flow or lack of it for countless years now, I can't imagine they would be in a hurry to allow any sort of daily criticism or hard meaningful questions now. Especially having sat on their hands with Ruff and depending on where they land on the goalie front etc. Imagine how much easier it is when you have fallen out so early in so many seasons over the last decade and/or missed the playoffs and not having somebody like a Brooks riding you daily.
  5. Never was a Biss fan, the guy use to skate around in ECHL warmups wearing a WWE title belt then duck fighting anybody worth while. Thankfully and unfortunately for his face as he moved up guys never gave him that chance they just pounded him. He's made a living out of being a clown so he's got that going for him.
  6. Has there ever even been a hint anywhere that he's not happy here? Imma go with this came right from the inner depths of Seravalli's sphincter.
  7. Coach in waiting too, wonder if he starts upstairs or just hangs out in the bushes even though Hynes was just extended a year through 23-24? https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/barry-trotz-purchases-nashville-residence/article_f6fb6bb2-ec3c-11ec-a0ee-9be3c1919efc.html
  8. I have no idea why Bratt would be listed on any possible trade list unless it's for some stud #1 goalie that's being shopped that we have no idea about. In other words, I don't buy it for a second.
  9. titans04


    A 39 year old Kovy?
  10. He'll fit in perfectly. A match made in heaven. Status quo as far as futility for the future.
  11. Everybody getting some Guardian's swag? https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/34102163/minority-stake-cleveland-guardians-goes-david-blitzer-future-option-controlling-interest-per-reports
  12. Personally give me a bunch of pussies with some named Geerston rather than a guy like Trouba, right. Again that hit was clean with a bad result and the injury part is unfortunate. I'm sure Scott Stevens would be proud of the hits Trouba has thrown this season at a time when there's more babysh!t soft play than ever before. I think the fact that we saw I believe exactly zero of those hits thrown by our team exasperates the issue year after year. And the fact he chose to only want to play for the rags obviously means he sucks and is always going to be wrong. Obviously. With the team we have we should vote for removing hitting completely from the game so from that perspective I get it and that's the sad part. But for now I'll take watching and appreciating the playoffs (again my horse was put down by basically late November) including the incredible offense, great goaltending, sh!t goaltending, overall intensity, and the occasional bone crushing hits which remind me of days when we were actually good. Hate that he was hurt but if my team has the balls and the opportunity to make those hits I damn well want them to make them. Sucks being the bug in the windshield. Someday maybe we'll have a hitter, remember all the videos of how tough Bahl was going to be.
  13. Neither is whoever we would pick at # 2. The rest is probably true.
  14. Oooooffffff. In all his healthy years he averaged ~ 25 points! His last deal he went from 2.5M to 3.5M at a time when the cap wasn't flat and the Devils were closer to the floor. Now coming off zip, nada, nothing if he goes from 3.5 to 5 in a flat cap error they're nuts. He should get a one year prove it deal for damn near the same 3.5M. The guy had major hip surgery and when he tried to come back he got shut down real quick. They need his grit, they have none but they shouldn't overpay for grit and a 25 point average. That's 4th line stuff at 1.5-2M these days. 3.5 is plenty imo.
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