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  1. NY Post Article New TV Deal Explained - kind of from March 2021 you get the idea. Not cool imo as stated before but whatever.
  2. IF it took/takes them off MSG locally for these broadcast I think it drastically hurts the brand with the local causal fan who you may actually win over to attend games etc. at some point, while also pissing off some die hards. If it doesn't take them off the local broadcast but is in addition to than I would agree it can only help. Even then though I think it's only going to help already hardcore Devils fans in out of market areas who find it cheaper than Center Ice or don't have access to it. I personally don't believe any team is winning over many/any fans by watching a small handful of games on a streaming service. That's just my opinion. ::shrugs::
  3. Great call here imo. Solid no from me on this one. Actually falls squarely into the hideous category.
  4. In all seriousness, really? Are the Swiss that bad? They can't find 6-8 better than this guy to represent their country? Imma go with a it's a no, he's not there without buying a ticket to get in. But I've been wrong before.
  5. Great memories, we made the trip up there a few times as well. Holy hell looking back at those rosters the two years they were in the league is crazy. They were a literally a LNAH team. Their rosters loaded with maniacs. Guys would come in play a few games, rack up a sh!tload of PIMS get suspended and disappear back to the LNAH type leagues in Canada. Hockey fights has them at 74 fights for the 05-06 season. Can't find count for 04-05. But just look at the names and pims on these rosters. Even had Gretzky for a season 04-05 Roster 05-06 Roster
  6. heartbreaking. Real life sucks, it's so heavy at times.
  7. you've got a handful of some of the very best players in the game mixed in with some of the biggest jackholes and a few in between.
  8. tragically sad. Another reminder of how to never take a single day with your loved ones for granted.
  9. I go even further than that and tell them skip the license plate frame and any emblem/logo anywhere on the back of the car period. Some dealers are more bothered than others but tough sh!t. It's definitely a pet peeve of mine. I'll gladly take the screwdriver out to put plain frame as soon as the new plates arrive. Yet as for this version of the jersey ads being added, I'm not bothered by it. Play better and they won't even be noticed by most. We can talk down the road if it grows year after year.
  10. Yeah this one actually makes total sense. Can't even pretend to make fun of the reasoning behind it or even hinting it's not deserved.
  11. Go play another round of golf Jack you're bored. At this point is rather sad he actually put something like that out. Yes the sabres still suck but he accomplishes nothing with this one.
  12. yep hopefully a placeholder for couple of seasons while some of the young guys get their feet under them. The definition of a stopgap but one who will hopefully bring more than the average guy we usually get to plug a hole. No risk here imo unless he truly sh!ts the bed which would surprise me. I would try and keep my expectations in check at the same time.
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