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  1. I tend to think the rags are still the odds on favorite to land Panarin. Hopefully I'm wrong. But we can always say be wasn't a good fit here when he lands elsewhere.
  2. So for the hell of it what was Hayes worth? Of course because he didn't land here the numbers thrown out here now will be pretty low but just try and keep it realistic. I'm assuming we could squeeze in a guy like him somewhere in this lineup and by squeezing him in he would of made them better.
  3. I guess icing teams bad enough to qualify for the ping pong ball lottery is a valid off-season strategy especially when it works out for you getting the first pick twice. That strategy is hard to implement when you're slightly better than a bottom feeder. I'm half serious so no need for an aneurysm.
  4. what am I missing that Trouba had any leverage as to where he landed?
  5. I don't think it's overwhelmingly better but there's no way 10 out of 10 outside this board say the Devil's are in a better position. Let's see where Panarin ends up.
  6. Sadly I'll bet the house on the over here. Certainly sounds like he and his wife wanted to land there. Why WIN accommodated him for what seems like the sh!t end of the stick is the part that stings. So again making fun of the bright lights is rather ironic when all signs pointing to it was once again a factor. #sh!t
  7. Man the whole step child syndrome thing is so overplayed imo. No amount of bashing will ever change the fact that players are more likely to sign there because some like the whole NYC thing. fvck I work in the city and it makes me sick, i hate everything about it. IMO it doesn't remove the responsibility of the Devils management to figure out a way to continue to make the team better. Out of the list of players above Jagr, Nash, Gaborik and Richards had some really good years there. Their down years usually tied to injuries. Nash became a really good two way guy over time as well. Gomez wasn't fantastic either but his numbers were in the same ball park as his last couple of years here and they then flipped him for McDonagh. Then we brought his completely sorry ass back down the road. Drury, Redden, Shattenkirk and Jokinen and his 25 games were sh!t. I mean hell people here praise Yagr for his time here which based on his career numbers were ok and he was far from dominant. Anyway all that matters to me really is what happens going forward, I'm old so their 25 year old once in a lifetime cup and our past three really don't mean a thing. Get it done Ray one way or the other.
  8. "in the end you can't make FA's want to sign here" . We'll see if that's the mantra again after this off season. Let's see some aggressive trades at least if we have all these valuable assets (I guess guys are referring to picks??)
  9. Perhaps the end of the world.
  10. I really don't think it's a given by any stretch. Time will tell. I imagine if you asked 10 GM's or true hockey talent guys the chances of you getting 10 out of 10 to pick the devs is nill. IMO both teams still have huge gaps to fill. Of course this place goes to both positive and negative extremes depending on which team makes a move. It's usually never as good or bad as the initial reactions. Hoping Shero picks up his game on the trade front. Outside of the Hall STEAL and Palms there's a lot of names here that make me shake my head. (We need more Vern Fiddlers) http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_GM/Ray_Shero/285/2
  11. For Pionk who's junk and the 20th pick. LMAO wtf was WIN thinking?
  12. I think the knowledgable rags fan opinion is Shattenkirk and Pionk are hot garbage, DeAngelo may have some talent but is a mental midget and Fox hasn't played a game. There's a sh!tton of room for improvement.
  13. Bravo. What's next burner accounts here? Play well and they don't have to worry about being sh!t on.
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