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  1. What’s your max offer for Tavares

    that's what I got from it.
  2. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    loved it, good for him, he plays the game the right way and at such a high level. Happy for him.
  3. Lou out at Toronto Named Dir Hockey for Isles

    Lou can always bring Wedgewood in if KK is out of the question. If he doesn't surround himself with some smarter assistants in the front office to help him with FA and such he'll get lapped by the field.
  4. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Great point and agreed. Win or lose Wilson still deserves to get punched in the face repeatedly. Looking like he may have the last laugh though at this point.
  5. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    LV is staring at the clock ticking midnight now. Hopefully they can respond to extend the series, if they lose tonight I'm not sure that's possible.
  6. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Never said it was easy, I'm sure it's not but he had the top 90% of the net open. I would also bet if asked he would say the same thing. In the end Holtby makes a game saving save and we're headed for a longer series which ultimately is all I care about.
  7. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    man is he going to regret not raising that puck, he had the entire net open and Holtby wouldn't of be able to get it raised off the ice. Works for me though the longer the series the better.
  8. Should the Devils trade Palmieri?

    Thank you, can always use a good laugh.
  9. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    I haven't watched 2 seconds of any NBA games for 6-7 years after watching pretty regularly my whole teen-adult life around hockey games. But yep too each his own.
  10. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    So what do you suppose would bring more respect and outsiders to the table? My take is there is nothing better than what's going on. Will it make a noticeable difference, probably not but it might a hair and that's more than anything else I can think of.
  11. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    LV imo has a better shot at getting the attention and respect of outsiders more than any other team. I think every team brings their fan base but expanding it outside that is something that LV might do in a small way. Hockey will always be a niche sport no matter how hard the other leagues suck.
  12. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    lmao at Lars Eller there, Ovi's got to take that shot at the very end instead of trying to make that pass. I would like Reaves on my team, I would find a new team if Wilson joined it.
  13. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Bravo sir, you win.
  14. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    I'm ok with this too! Although Ovi is an all-time favorite because of how hard he plays the game.
  15. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Thrilled for Ovi but Wilson can still choke on a bag of dicks. He'll always be a sack of sh!t.