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  1. Grew to tolerate him, very scared on who they get next.
  2. Can't agree with this more. 2001 is the worst for me (I was at game six and really wanted back to back), 97 WAS infuriating, losing to the Canes too. The 2012 cup loss is above 94 as well. '94 is low on my list today, even if that wasn't the case at the time. I don't know where it would fall if we didn't win in '95. But 95 wiped most of that hurt away and a decade after its really looked at as learning to win to me.
  3. A real GM? Clock is ticking.......
  4. Wysh reported it's 50/50 for Ruff staying. Some in org want him to coach with better goaltending. 1yr left on contract may factor in too. Boring and boo. No mention of asst. coaches
  5. Agreed, better to lose all of the games and give Fitz no excuses. Maybe help with draft too. Watch us win out.
  6. Michigan game is on big ten network
  7. Agree 100% When you see a list of the forwards who haven't played this year and could take JO and Tartar's spot is impressive Wood, Thompson, Holtz, Zet, Foote, Clarke (There is still Kuok too) + down the line Stillman, Gritsyuck and Salminen. I'd rather any two of these get a shot over them. A trade for a winger would have to be a real needle mover to be made now. Summer may be better.
  8. I don't know if it's possible, but I'd rather have DeBrusk than either Canuck. Even if it has to wait till summer. Team is not really in a rush.
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