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  1. Only dislike $2m of dead money for four years. It gets us into Jack's next contract. Its a small dislike and the team will be better off for it. There is a lot of gaolies around it seems.
  2. I think its so they can start the conf finals on Sunday and both will have the same amount of rest.
  3. When the guy dropped the ranger ball in early, I knew. Bullsh!t, the whole thing
  4. Some good news, hopefully softens the blow when Pitt gets the pick this evening. (or the other team)
  5. What’s up with Hughes? Hurt or benched? just saw him
  6. This looks like a John MacLean coached team
  7. We look like a god damn high school team
  8. No to retired jersey, yes to ring of honor. I'm not sure I'd retire jersey even if he's a part of a cup winner down the line. (Maybe if he played a huge part)
  9. Maltsev was my favorite "unknown" too. He impressed. Would not be shocked if he gets an injury call up if he plays like that in the AHL.
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