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  1. I had held out hope the games against Philly would be competitive. No more, bring on the end of the season please.
  2. I think the pick(s) can be packaged for someone we really want / need. With the expansion draft, I think there will be oppertunites this summer and adding a first to a trade sounds good. I don't think we use the pick. Trade was fine IMO.
  3. Damn, a year to forget for Nico. I wonder if you can play with a full shield in a week or so. Assuming concussion wasn't bad of course.
  4. I love him as much as any player this team has ever had and I loved a bunch of these knuckleheads.
  5. Covid got around! Gonna be different hearing Kenny tonight.
  6. Little worried that Zajac still on. Wonder if he got hit hard with it.
  7. I get the feeling if enough players come off the list today, they'll make them play Tuesday.
  8. Kevin Weekes @KevinWeekes · 9m ** Breaking News ** As per what I’m told ; adhering to guidelines, given some Covid cases within their group, the @NJDevils game tomorrow in Pittsburgh with the @penguins is now postponed for a later date. @NHL @NHLNetwork #HockeyTwitter
  9. Only dislike $2m of dead money for four years. It gets us into Jack's next contract. Its a small dislike and the team will be better off for it. There is a lot of gaolies around it seems.
  10. I think its so they can start the conf finals on Sunday and both will have the same amount of rest.
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