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  1. John Wensink

    Devils to wear original whites as Alternate Jerseys for 2018-19

    It's the original Home jerseys as the alternate this year https://t.co/Agvli8EdZJ
  2. John Wensink

    Is there a trade with Toronto now?

    Is there a center or any forward we could trade for? Don't know the makeup of the Leafs too well. Figure they will have to have cap problems soon.
  3. John Wensink

    2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    You get all the points!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!
  4. John Wensink

    GAME 3: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, CNBC, MSG+

    The forgot what the playoffs were like. Its simply the best.
  5. John Wensink

    GDT: Devils vs. Rangers, 4/3/18, 7:00 pm

    Wow, short memories huh? Lou got Stevens, traded junk for the pick that turned into Nieds, found Rafalski and Madden. He even got Broduer, Sykkie and Parise late in the first round. He even made great trades during our dominate decade. Don't let the last several years of his tenure let you forget just how good Lou was. That being said, Shero is kicking a$$ and is already the 2nd best GM ever (not that there was many) lol
  6. John Wensink

    2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    From my faulty memory, I think Driver had a great slapshot to a basically open net to make it 3-0 but it hit Tom Chorske in the ass. I knew that missed opportunity would come back to haunt us. At the time the worst, but game 6 vs the Avs hurts the most for me. Literally lost the cup.
  7. John Wensink

    All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Hall - Hischier - BrattWood - Zacha - PalmieriMaroon - Zajac - GrabnerGibbs* - Boyle - Coleman/Noesen I think Mojo might be done for the season, but me likey this.
  8. John Wensink


    Not that they are the same kind of player, but I wonder if they are worried about Johanson not coming back. Did Maroon play with Hall in EDM? Seems like a great trade!
  9. John Wensink

    Wood suspended two games

    Amanda Stein‏Verified account @amandacstein FollowingFollowing @amandacstein More #NJDevils: NHL announces Miles Wood suspended two games. 1:58 PM - 18 Feb 2018 from Jersey City, NJ
  10. John Wensink

    GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7:30 PM

    Was that Jacques Lemaire in the box with Shanahan? Did Lou bring him up there with him?
  11. John Wensink

    2017 Training Camp thread

    Eclipse glasses will be needed to look at it. Might need sunblock too. WOW
  12. John Wensink

    February 24th Elias night

    Look at the length of the top of the 2's. The jersey's is wider (and better)
  13. John Wensink

    In Russia NHL returns you. Kovalchuk staying in KHL.

    Kovy...now the biggest A-hole to ever play for the Devils? I think yes already and if he signs with the rags next year even more so.
  14. John Wensink

    2017 UFA Thread

    Maybe one positive with Boyle is he'll be a big tradable asset at the deadline for a playoff team. Because it sure is looking like we're not going to be a playoff team.
  15. John Wensink

    2017 UFA Thread

    Let's be honest, if this d*ck wants to play for the Rags nothing is gonna stop him but crazy money. 1/2 a mil xtra a yr isn't gonna do it. I'm not sure I want him for nearly 8 and 8 or whatever overpayment it's gonna take.

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