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  1. He's the best GM after Lou, and better than him in his last few years. Steady, strong vision of how he wants to win and sticks to it. He's a great asset.
  2. If we were to even entertain this, it would only be him and a non 1st rounder. Nothing else. I'd still be conflicted about it.
  3. That was for when we had a proper team.
  4. fvck y’all optimists. I’m past worry and went straight to disgust and disinterest. Wow
  5. Yes that’s where it was said! What do the groundskeepers say in Major League? I can’t remember.
  6. As they said in Major League oh no we suck again
  7. Hate them. The color blue should be a no go always. Tired of the ownership group seemingly looking at any history other than the Devils itself.
  8. This is my main problem with ownership. With all of the initiatives they put out, to not have a hall of fame or ring of fire bugs me. There are so many players that shouldn't get number retire BUT honored in this way. Sarge is #1. I wish they pushed NJ Devil history more.
  9. Like his sound. Happy with the choice!
  10. I believe this may be a bit about the cap room this season vs. next. I think we have tons next summer to sign him at higher #. Also gives Devs another season to assess what Bratt's baseline is and what he's worth. Not totally mad, though a bet a lot of you are. Not totally happy, a longer term would have been better. Glad it is over with.
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