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  1. This looks like a John MacLean coached team
  2. We look like a god damn high school team
  3. No to retired jersey, yes to ring of honor. I'm not sure I'd retire jersey even if he's a part of a cup winner down the line. (Maybe if he played a huge part)
  4. Maltsev was my favorite "unknown" too. He impressed. Would not be shocked if he gets an injury call up if he plays like that in the AHL.
  5. We can trade him during the season, someone will want him for a playoff run. Will the return be better for us, probably not. Both sides should know what's up before the season starts and act accordingly.
  6. This series reminds me of 2001 a little bit. Not good if game 7 turns out like that one. Also St Louis printing those champ ads accidentally in their newspaper.... No bueno. Hockey gods have spoken again
  7. John Wensink

    Hughes or Kakko

    He looks FAST. He looks small, too. All in all he looks like he belongs though. Does not play like a 17yr old.
  8. John Wensink

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hall-Hughes-FA Bratt-Hischier-Palms Boquist-Zajak-Coleman
  9. Detroit will win the draft. It's one of the NHL favorite franchises, has a new building it needs to fill and Hughes is a hometown boy. It just feels like an NHL fix year for me, like Crosby's year (and Pitts situation) I hope to god I'm wrong and we get a 3rd time's the charm for winning the draft. (Rubbing my Hall bobble head for luck)
  10. It's the original Home jerseys as the alternate this year https://t.co/Agvli8EdZJ
  11. Is there a center or any forward we could trade for? Don't know the makeup of the Leafs too well. Figure they will have to have cap problems soon.
  12. You get all the points!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!
  13. The forgot what the playoffs were like. Its simply the best.
  14. Wow, short memories huh? Lou got Stevens, traded junk for the pick that turned into Nieds, found Rafalski and Madden. He even got Broduer, Sykkie and Parise late in the first round. He even made great trades during our dominate decade. Don't let the last several years of his tenure let you forget just how good Lou was. That being said, Shero is kicking a$$ and is already the 2nd best GM ever (not that there was many) lol
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