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  1. +1. Great personality and all that off ice stuff, sure. On ice he was part of the problem of why this team has been stuck in the mud. Ultimately it's about on ice performance, I would trade nice guys off the ice for on ice performance 10 outta 10 times and he always came up short since he arrived. Now go thrive in a something more fitting, best of luck there.
  2. the kid had zero shot at making the roster after getting lapped by Schneider last year, did nothing in Hartford (after immediately asking for a trade when he was sent down). Claude then has him stay in Sweden telling the rags he wasn't going to report this season because he was cockblocked on the roster. Yet here comes Dallas. When guys who can actually play at this level and especially some of the league's top guys like Panarin, Fox, Trouba etc.... stop forcing their way there I'll be happy. Whoever this kid was was nothing more than a fart passing in the night and they got something for him.
  3. One thing is for sure the fellas all still look good, clean shaven and hair not touching the collars (priorities have remained constant throughout).
  4. yeah, I was going with stating the obvious I'm deeply embedded in summer hibernation mode. Hockey coma from not having anything meaningful on the ice in well almost forever. But in an effort to keep the train crawling along here, it can be looked at as another example if this is all he's done thinking he's made them better after he essentially tied his own hands behind his back because of mismanaging the cap. So his answer again is run it back and expect significantly better results with an older roster.
  5. I think it's fair to say the game has passed him by a long long time ago.
  6. can't even imagine the heartbreak and the feeling of how life isn't fair. It was amazing to see how dedicated the Oilers from McD on down were when it came trying to make Ben and his family feel special last season and through the playoffs. Good on them.
  7. I find the thought of seeing Rocky Dennis on tv screen all season intriguing especially over some of the others who could be shot into the sun at no long term or short term loss.
  8. I would think they do get a deal done as well, at the same time we should be moving on from some pieces regardless.
  9. Yep, without a doubt. Not sure how they would clear space in that the pieces they would be trying to unload probably have little value other than maybe VV. It would probably resemble a yard sale?
  10. The cheap owners (franchise) narrative has a long ass track record but yeah for the first time in 7 years (that's as far back as Capfriendly goes back) we're spending money! End of year cap spending: 15-16 25th 16-17 30th 17-18 27th 18-19 30th 19-20 31st 20-21 31st 21-22 25th you would think they saved enough to at least fix the sh!tters over that time while being a bad team on the ice. Hopefully this year will be different, granted I still hold out no hope for fixed sh!tters.
  11. Someone here is giving him a blank check so there's that POV as well. Try not to launch whatever you're drinking out of your nose.
  12. Once a douche always a douche. (although there's some truth to this one, some.)
  13. No matter how hard I try I can't twist this into a bad thing. Kudos to them.
  14. There's at least one guy on there that didn't take the biggest deal he was offered. Not sure how many of these deals were signed with the foresight of a flat cap. Kane/Towes/Doughty got paid for their cups. Interesting graphic but depending on the lense it can be skewed. Plus Toronto will never win again.
  15. what comes first a point or they actually make a bucket big enough to fit that dome?
  16. They could of at least sh!t canned Ruff first and foremost but instead half-assed it there too. Now their best head coach is further down the bench waiting until at least a portion of another season is pissed away. There was no reason whatsoever to keep him around he's already shown enough. I also understand the feeling that babysteps after all this time are frustrating.
  17. He'll probably go with this if he wants to make a good impression:
  18. our spare parts for your superstar....I don't want to feel any pain whatsoever.
  19. If this guy is on the ice for us we've still got major issues.
  20. Throw in the Isles fans and this part I believe to be 95% true, the rest at this point wasn't even worth reading. Flyers fans venom is squarely on Fletcher and very little on the player at this point. He was theirs to lose and they did so with ease. No other fan anywhere gives a sh!t about a watch vs. dinner or whatever money he left on the table etc. imo. I also doubt he only pays up with a dinner but hey we hate the guy now and never wanted him so might as well take everything his says literally without knowing if it was in jest. Bottom line who TF cares?
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