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  1. maybe get a goalie and Wood back in time? Hopefully, maybe.
  2. re:pk not being all that good at hockey anymore while getting paid a lot of money - so be it, there's only one year left thankfully. I can write the whole thing off as they took a shot (a long shot) and missed because as CR said above Nashville knew exactly what they were unloading. We needed to make a splash and had a floor to hit etc. Now though it's the slewfooting that's too much to tolerate for me. The thought of Jack or one of our only core pieces being on the end of something blatant like that and getting seriously hurt is too much. Seeing another player on any other team seriously hurt because of something like that isn't much easier. It's just cheap as f*ck and a scumbag move no matter who's doing it. It just so happens that he has a history of it and twice now in 2 games already this year, it's not by accident. I'm not sure how Reaves didn't completely tear his knee apart in a pre-season game no less. Lucic knee twisted really bad as well, both I think were very lucky. There was some discussion here calling for a suspension for the hit on Jack that broke him. Granted it was by a very few but still, point being there was absolutely nothing there, while our own clown is doing perhaps the ultimate cheap shot in hockey. It's disgraceful. Glad neither Lucic or Reaves were hurt. Reaves when asked about it 10 days later just said we see them a lot. PK better buy Geerston a handful of dinners and hope he's still in the NHL for a while. He should at least have to answer the bell if called upon no matter who he does it to.
  3. Probably a solid market out there for 3rd pair JAG who's primary value is slewfooting with a 9M cap hit. But he's good in the room.
  4. I'll check the box score in the morning for sharongovich and kuokkonen and get back to you
  5. At some point somebody is going to cave this guys windshield in and rightfully so.
  6. If only the first 12 mins didn't happen this was over e a r l y
  7. nah- so is Geersten (sp) and Siegwhatever. They're all having good games? We'll leave Hamilton out of it.
  8. maybe Bratt can head to the locker room early?
  9. men against young boys tonight.
  10. they tore through the rags last night and haven't slowed down. Tough team. Sh!t effort by 71, although he had a great view.
  11. my audio is fine here on DTV.
  12. I've been living under a rock, what's wrong with Wood? Erika's update just now was he's the wildcard as he tries to recovery from the injury that is injuring him. ok got it. LGD.
  13. yeah thanks PC but that's not the comment I was referring to it was during the broadcast not the post game. But we can all carry on. I remember Ruff saying he could relate along with the comment that he didn't think the hit was dirty but didn't like the way Jack fell on it.
  14. Separate question but somewhat related, pretty sure on the broadcast at some point Dano and Cangi very briefly spoke about Jack having shoulder injuries in his past? Anybody know what they may have been talking about or how far back? I couldn't find anything in a quick search. Hopefully they were off or I misunderstood. I believe the comment was along the lines of naturally there's a heightened concern based on his past history with shoulder issues.
  15. simple and straight to the point and hard to argue most nights. Ty should help just by being in the lineup.
  16. Not for nothing Erika back to bringing the A game tonight.
  17. Yeah, hurts when you don't get a shot on a 2 on 1. He always seems to look pass first, needs to be more selfish in those situations. IF we can get out of this period only down 2 we can hopefully reset.
  18. Sh!t, gonna take our medicine tonight boys at this rate. Sevs is what he is, so frustrating on some nights, especially after I think well hell maybe he's turned the corner.
  19. really good win especially after Jack went down. They would of folded like a cheap suit in the past. Nice to see a few guys stand up on his behalf as well which didn't always happen in the past. It was a clean hit with a bad result imo, hard clean hit by a big guy who cleaned him out. Ruff said he saw no issue with the hit after reviewing it so there's that. Hopefully it's truly a day to day thing. But, sh!t.
  20. I agree with you, his Dad however seems to focus on the pain killers here which was why I brought it up. In the end he clearly had a problem that ultimately whether intentional or not cost him his life. The hole in his families heart will never heal. His wife's comment about never seeing signs of anything would make it seem like she was totally unaware yet the Dad mentions him having been to rehab. Kudos to the family for sharing their painful story in the hopes of helping others. There's a lot to be said for that! https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/32419258
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