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  1. Not a Laughlin fan at all as a PBP guy, pretty solid as a MC. Can't see Albert doing it for said reasons and lord knows Rosen should of been shown the door years ago. I really hope they don't completely screw this up not sure MSG would go with a totally unproven guy especially when the team in theory should start stepping up from doormat status. Leah Hextall need not apply under any circumstances, ever.
  2. do you wear a dead squirrel on your head? I guess you could call it a rug for those that find dead squirrel offensive.
  3. Take Dano with him and replace them with two highly skilled turd polishers. That's the most important quality. Unfortunately, I can't see them going the right and honest way with somebody who's going to call it straight so get the best polishers you can. As for MSG or the Devils making the call, remember MSG had no say in the PA.
  4. Is the PA guaranteed to return next season?
  5. Meanwhile we're on the back nine for the 9th time in 10 years. I would love to beat a broken down over the hill third string goalie playing pens team. F*ck gimmie something resembling a meaniful game on the back half of a season for starters. Crazy talk I know. Now that said follow the process and someday we too will play in a playoff series and not have off 6 months every off season coming off 2 plus months of meaningless games.
  6. From what I can tell we only have our own picks going forward with 2 additional 4th rd picks this year. Not sure there's much value there. Hypothetically who are the plenty of assets we can and would be willing to offer up for right now help? And I'll really piss most of you off, there's no guarantee the 2OA turns out to be "elite" I don't think Nico is elite, I know Kakko isn't "elite". There's no guarantees. So really appreciate you using "potentially" and I think it was Jag who mentioned yesterday it's old sitting back waiting and hoping guys work out as they grow up. I think it could be premature to pencil in a 18 year old kid who most here including me haven't see play a game other than maybe a Olympic game or watched a hype youtube video as Jack's winger going into next season as has been done already here. Granted some have said this is a tomorrow move, how many tomorrow's is the unknown. But hey this is what our playoff seasons are now so again it's a win and 2 is better than anything lower.
  7. or we could sit back and continue to play musical chairs just because Schneider didn't work out. We haven't had a goalie since Marty great years (not even the years on the back end) so eventually the musical chairs plan will hit based on the law of averages?
  8. The "prince" was the example brought up in the original scenario not some guy name Husso. Not sure they're remotely the same. It's all hypothetical clearly the "prince" would never be available. My point was I hope they would be willing to move assets including draft picks depending on who was. I don't think top draft picks are guaranteed stars especially here and now, some never. If we're still willing to concede the next 3-4 years of not making the playoffs while other teams back up to us while we get better than yeah I guess getting a true really good goalie isn't that much of a top priority. Tonight though we won something, tonight there was only I team worse who gets to walk away with a bigger prize that we do.
  9. Their entire team has turned to sh!t including Shesterkin in his first playoff series. It's certainly hasn't been on him alone. He put up a top 8 save percentage of all time this season but we don't need a guy like that? We can rattle of draft picks that never turn out to meet expectations too. But you wouldn't trade a 2OA for a guy like that (a guy most likely to win the vezina), so we couldn't disagree more. Give me the stud goalie that carries the team through an entire regular season and at least into a playoff position over another forward who might pan out but isn't a guarantee. Nor do we know how many years it may take for that to happen. In the meantime we can find some more plugs to stop pucks or try to anyway.
  10. Unless they figure out a way to find a real true #1 goalie then all these great assets aren't going to win much. I would hope they're looking at all avenues to acquire one which would include trading some assets such as a draft pick if necessary. Everything else is a distant second to finding a goalie now that Fitz has taken the need to find a head coach off the list entirely.
  11. Who says we don't win anything in the post season?
  12. yeah and we can again lose the conspiracy bullsh!t, too. It's tired and old.
  13. Keep sucking that's the process. Ruff ensures it. Trust it.
  14. what another massive fail, already before this season end and the next begins. I guess I'll hold onto he will have better opportunities than here so we would of missed out anyway but damn it to not even be in the mix with a shot because we committed to our current stiff is infuriating. But at least Nico and Jack like the current stiff.
  15. I would kill for a guy like this behind the bench.
  16. with you here too 100%, I don't in anyway think it's all about the coaches. I do think the players on the ice and their play are a huge part of problem (lack of skill, hockey IQ etc.) along with the poor coaching. There's too many guys imo you can look at on this roster and say he's ok, and somewhere I'm sure there's some numbers to support that. That's great, but having too may they're ok, added to a couple who stink will ensure this team doesn't become highly competitive. Could they improve, sure, it would be hard not too. I don't think cleaning out Ruff would of been the magic bullet but for the life of me I can't figure out the reason they kept him other than sunk cost and Jack and Nico like the guy.
  17. I'm with you here for sure, even if Marty's liked the guy because he knew him from his time spent in STL and recommended him it clearly hasn't worked so make the change. It's the immunity that's mind boggling. Changing a goalie coach shouldn't be any harder than changing your underwear. They tried it, it didn't work, move on. Great players don't always translate into great coaches or great executives or even judgement of who would be good a coach etc. Of course you can't blame the injuries on this guy whoever he is but when you're a part of an unmitigated disaster your go as a part of a fresh start.
  18. Reason number two, he got Marty's stamp of approval. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/three-things-dave-rogalski-joins-devils-coaching-staff/c-319508262
  19. The number one reason is HE CARES! https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/three-things-dave-rogalski-joins-devils-coaching-staff/c-319508262
  20. https://www.nhl.com/devils Look I'll be honest here's what I got outta the first 1:45 before bailing. anybody that doubted or was waiting on Fitzgerald to announce or denounce Ruff's return, you now have it. Ruff got the full reach around very early on in this one because the one thing this org wanted was someone who could develop young offensive talent. He's still convinced he's the right guy. in this org he wants standards and habits "like blinking our eye lids in the game or in the board room" - check please, lmao. Can we get the expected number of eye blinks per 60, surely I'm convinced that's available at this time. look in all seriousness he looks as comfortable as I feel after eating a bag full of yesterdays taco bell Where on gods green earth did she get that jacket from?
  21. Yep, pond hockey surrounded by garbage time and meaningless games with zero pressure, fling it all over the ice. No need to make a somewhat drastic and meaningful culture change when status quo works. Hell the data guys probably counted the swell new black jersey as the big change this org needed going forward. So is it safe to safe to say he has now spoken and can we now assume Ruff is a keeper or did he not spell it out clearly enough if he did speak?
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