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  1. Good for you for continuing to stick it out! Hoping for better results and at least entertaining games and maybe even some that mean something after the mid-way point. You're a trooper.
  2. Sorry if winning cups the last one 18 years ago and missing the playoffs 8 of the last 9 is good enough, I'm tired of losing period. Doesn't even matter who it's to honestly. I don't find any solace in we're working towards a window, blah, blah. Fu*k off if that doesn't line up with your opinion with being a real fan. Who gives a fu&k about the rags, when all we've got is making fun of other teams it's time to look inward. But hey I've said this before for those of you that are ok with the way things are and find some kind of comfort in what happened in 2002-2003 that's great OR well at least the rag or isles haven't won anything . But IMO gtfo out with that mentality who gives a sh!t when our own house reeks, it's not personal in any way towards anyone. The last decade with the exception of one year has been garbage imo. Yay the rags, pens, flyers and isles suck and always will.
  3. Please tell me we don't play the rags 4 in a row? I mean LOL on Goodrow and all that too but I'm more worried about being their bitch and even in our own building.
  4. Dude maybe you missed this one below, so yeah somebody here is thinking that way. My response was to his post.
  5. I guess we can always hope they're kid friendly.
  6. anybody else just get high just watching Beastmode try and pronounce the dudes name?
  7. best bet is send it to the fish market in mid-november odds are he'll be throwing fish for a living by then.
  8. he can afford them after today. Tough kid who whits everything that moves, would of loved to see a guy like that here. Would of been a mid-level FA too.
  9. holy sh!t - Quineville still plays NHL hockey for a living? and no I don't care even a little if I didn't spell it right. I'm too busy wiping the soda up that flew out of my nose with that pick.
  10. "who've missed the playoffs 8 of the last 9 years" at least they did their homework. Tanev seems like a keeper. Comes across like a guy with a great attitude and fun to have around.
  11. fact. I'm pretty sure we could upgrade elsewhere too outside of just Hamilton and Coleman, I mean come on let's weaponize to get in the window at something other than a snail's pace. Focusing on only two guys? What happens if and when they go elsewhere, no plan B, C, or D? Terrible management in any business even outside sports if there's a single plan (while realistically acknowledging the odds of getting both are pretty damn slim) One may even be a pipedream. Fitz has to be way way better than that imo .
  12. There's plenty of Kurtis Gabriel's and Bobby Farnham's available, those guys we have no issues finding and signing. We'll be just fine there. True plugs. Better days ahead I'm sure.
  13. Just read somewhere else about an hour ago any trades involving Seattle will be announced tonight. Who either way the leagues as all of you have stated once again comes across as a clown show.
  14. Because Bastian while not much of a fighter is somewhat willing and at least plays with a sack, can't say that about almost anybody else that was in the lineup most of the season (again) last year. Other than that yeah he brings average 4th line skills that should be easily replaceable especially when we have money to burn. Hell on a real good team he may not even make the lineup but we don't have to worry about that. Need to keep burning money to hit the floor going forward extend PK for less than what he's getting now and keep convincing ourselves it's what's best in the big picture for the team when it comes to making it better.
  15. ok, I'll give who's prediction is this?
  16. More valuable down the road - maybe but yet to be proven, there's some proven studs out there to be had should Seattle choose them. Again all about the elusive window and how long do you want to give yourself to get to it.
  17. not really about the money I would think the odds of him staying on the ice is pretty low. Not necessarily sure we would be on his list either, could be we expressed interest to the Blues but it was an offer they felt wasn't even worth having a discussion with Tarasenko with about whether he would consider coming here. If the relationship has totally gone to sh!t as reported he maybe willing to widen his "list" but first St. Louis would have to have interest in what they were being offered. For Tarasenko It maybe reaching a point of almost anywhere but St. Louis. It would appear the offers they've gotten so far are so weak they see more value in just clearing the cap space hoping he gets taken by Seattle.
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