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  1. My first post in at least a year is this: shut up. There are plenty to blame, Marty is about 20th on the list.
  2. Eh, I think a team with Parise, Elias, Martin, and Brodeur on it will be a competitive one. We lost supporting roles, not the main cogs.
  3. I was really getting worried that Lou would bring Madden back at the price Chicago paid him. Gionta I figured was a goner and Rupp and Clemmer aren't huge losses anyhow. Now we can possibly sign some leftover free agents at a reduced (read decent) price and if not, we have some kids to plug in anyway plus Rolston who's been waiting for his second line spot. I certainly hope Lou signs someone like Koivu to be our 2nd line center but I'm reading the panic posts on this board and just don't feel it. I think the day's gone great. Thoughts?
  4. Was this a sarcastic post? Because I'm pretty sure we lost all 4 of those except for tonight's obviously.
  5. Conditioning stint my friend, Petr Vrana will be happy to tell you what that is I'm sure.
  6. "Mikhail Grabovski will go to the gulag for two minutes...." - Doc Emrick
  7. How long until Lou signs one of them?
  8. Put in Clemmensen for every shootout!
  9. You missed the most important result: Bulgaria 0:0 (0:0) Italy
  10. this trade gives the isles a serious leg-up in the chase, mccabe's own-goal skills will be missed by opposing teams
  11. Ask and ye shall receive: http://failblog.org
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