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  1. LOL Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Charged in Florida Prostitution Sting
  2. I have been doing a great Mike Milbury impression this season
  3. The sad part is that Blackwood is that good either. He is just the one-eyed amongst the blind at the moment.
  4. you may be right about people caring less if the Chiefs had won, but it annoys me that the league recognized that it was unfair to not let both teams have at least 1 possession, but implemented a half Ass fix. That was karma for "Bountygate"
  5. They should just let every team get a possession, independently if the other team scores a TD or not
  6. Better puck handling would have prevented the goal
  7. I remember all the comments made about Lou and his signings before the season. Some people here owe him an apology.
  8. Reward the heckling guy. That will shut up all hecklers forward going, brilliant move!
  9. Game Preview: Devils at Stars No Hall, no problem
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