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  1. Slovakia loses to Germany 4-6. No points for Nemec.
  2. I never thought I'd be so excited about a Marchand goal.
  3. I think I fixed it now
  4. I'm missing the password
  5. If they didn't bother renaming the Jazz, why bother with the Coyotes?
  6. Thank goodness I'm in CA this week where I am safe from earthquakes 😉
  7. You all owe Smith an apology 😜
  8. Can we just sit all players worth of value? The last thing we need is one of their goons ending the career of one of our keys players. Were getting embarrassed anyway
  9. I actually like the "puck over the glass" rule because it is Binary. Either it hit the glass or it didn't. Don't put the refs in a position where they have to make a judgement call if someone did it intentionally or not. They can't read minds.
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