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  1. My former cable provider got bought out by Optimum. Now the overflow Channel where they're supposed to show the Devils is not available to me. I just ranted to them. Maybe I should have sent them a thank you letter instead
  2. just like we would with all the players in the lineup
  3. This guy will be filling in tonight
  4. To get into the right mood for the game Bloody Pingu Throw
  5. If you set the record for most NHL games played, that in itself should put you in the HoF. Just my opinion
  6. What is the NHL record for most b scoreless periods in a row?
  7. 2 x PPP, Power Pavel Point
  8. They got one point more than they deserved
  9. I was just about to ask if the Devils even had a scoring chance yet, nevermind
  10. Do they have to give me a heart attack? Can they ever score an empty net goal?
  11. I just can't warm up to the green Jerseys. I hope we never use them again after this season
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