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  1. Expectations are near rock bottom, so they can only surprise us positively. LGD
  2. I'm back. I'll stick with draft position #10. I'll be reviewing keepers the next days
  3. When I was a kid (70s), I lived for a few years in Houston. As a German, Hockey was the only local pro sport that my dad could relate to. So we went to a few Houston Aeros games. They were playing in WHA at the time, I remember them playing against the New England Whalers, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets. I remember my Dad pointing out that there was a playing who was playing together with his 2 sons on one line. That fact really impressed me, but I had no idea that I was watching one of the greatest all time players, Gordie Howe
  4. Guys, we should start a collection so that we can gift him a proper Alphabet for his birthday С днем рождения!
  5. You definitely need sunglasses with those Jerseys
  6. NHL postpones Winter Classic, All-Star Weekend for this season
  7. He almost lost his voice on the GWG
  8. Love how his voice cracked up on this call
  9. They should sell that Zamboni to Calgary
  10. I made the Lou comment "tongue in cheek". I didn't mean to release old demons. I do recall though people laughing at his acquisitions after Tavares left, considering them "panic moves" and considering them to be in a worse shape than we were. You have to give the guy some credit, a lot of those players didn't just fall into his lap.
  11. While I get the same error message I can still browse through all the different forums. It looks a lot better than tapatalk
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