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  1. I'll take 4th. Sorry, I'm traveling and I wasn't paying attention to this thread
  2. https://www.nhl.com/news/tomas-tatar-signs-one-year-contract-with-colorado-avalanche
  3. How am I supposed to take that list seriously if it has a maple leafs on it?
  4. 0-4 with Benn, 2-0 without him. It looks like the best thing he did for his team this series is get suspended
  5. Germany beats the US in overtime and we'll meet Canada in the finals
  6. Fortunately Akira Schmid wasn't playing for the Swiss
  7. BS call. The contact had nothing to do with Andersen not making the safe
  8. Some first class embellishment by the Canes leads to the first goal
  9. It was only one, against Florida
  10. Thanks for a great season. The game today is not the one we should be angry about.
  11. You could hear it in the first intermission interview that Jack saw which direction the game was going
  12. It looks like Carolina has figured the Devil's out after the first 10 minutes
  13. Laurent Brossoit didn't look comfortable all game. His injury might have been a blessing in disguise for the Knights. Hill looks much better
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