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  1. Can't say this summer's been boring.
  2. Wonder who will be the new team president...
  3. The Toronto thing surprised me more than anything else. How is that going to work? Were they desperate for a GM? TY Lou for your positive contributions to this organization. But it was clearly time to move forward. Both on and off the ice.
  4. Wasn't this guy slated to go in the 1st round?' On paper it's a stupid move but you gotta think long term. Kinkaid might want to move on after his contract's up. Or if he puts up nice numbers for the upcoming season he's quality trade bait. Hell for all we know Corey might be traded sooner than later as we might not be competitive for a couple of years.
  5. Oilers needed a defensive D-man... Blame Boston for being stupid.
  6. Good. No problem with Zacha. He's gonna fill a need. Just don't rush the kid.
  7. So what exactly is wrong with Crouse? Is he not skilled enough? Is he the prototypical "Devils player" we need to shy away from? Or something else?
  8. Good thing home opener is a Friday because if this was on a Sun-Thu, oooh boy
  9. Man how time flies. Remember being glued to Channel 5 throughout the night and being excited when the clock reached 0:00 at age 11. I witnessed one of my favorite teams win a championship for the first time and the fact they came from NJ was even more thrilling for me.
  10. 1)Strome or Zacha 2)KHL forward with potential 3)Gelinas or 2nd for Pulkkinen?
  11. People forget that a new arena in downtown Phoenix is an option as the Suns' owner wants to build one and the mayor has reached out to the Coyotes. http://ktar.com/22/1841872/Phoenix-Mayor-Greg-Stanton-Suns-willing-to-talk-about-sharing-arena-with-Coyotes
  12. For all this talk about us needing to get younger this is who we target? Stupid move if it comes to fruition and not because he's a Ranger or whether he'll help us make the PO or not.
  13. I feel bad for the chumptards who paid out the rectum for those seats last night. Okay I kid I don't feel bad. After reading the "analysis" on MSG it makes me wish the Devils weren't stuck on that network. The SCF should be entertaining regardless of who comes out of the west.
  14. People are underestimating the west again. Did you not learn your lesson last year? Plus last I checked it's tied when people have said this series would be over in 5 or even a sweep in favor of the skirts.
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