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  1. Sharks look to be the inferior team. I am having flashbacks to Devils / Kings. Sharks kept it close after getting destroyed in period 1 but I think overall they are worse, and need Murray to implode in order to win the cup.
  2. I'd wait at least a year. I think there's some bitterness from Marty about Lou getting fired/forced upstairs, and even maybe how last year played out.
  3. I'm surprised DeBoer didn't convince Doug Wilson to sign him.
  4. This is probably the best / cleanest break possible for the Devils with Lou who is unquestionably a legend and deserves the lion's share of the credit for the Devils success over the past 25 years (but had to go). I think Lou's not very good at free agency at this point but I do think he can still negotiate a great trade. I wonder if one of the reasons the Leafs decided to ultimately bring him on was to facilitate the dumping of Lupul, Phaneuf, and Bozak. That team organization is so convoluted at this point I can't really keep track of it, but I really don't think he's going to enjoy anywhere close to the control he got in NJ.
  5. Yeah just because Larsson and DeBoer didn't fit together I'm not automatically assuming every young player in San Jose will be thrown to the curb. In any case the Sharks are kind of at a crossroads, are mostly a veteran team and need to win a cup either next year or the year after before Thorton/Marleau retire. If Hertl doesn't blossom under DeBoer it will be a minor tragedy but they can't choose their coach based on the question "who is the best coach for tomas hertl?" They are focused on the next two years primarily. DeBoer I thought was the best man for the job. I think he'll be good for San Jose for the next two years.
  6. Wow, so this basically confirms Lou really has no say anymore right?
  7. We'll lose roughly half the season again. The owners have every reason to lock out the players that long again to gain concessions. The fans come back almost immediately anyway and the owners get the playoff revenue they covet.
  8. Management is frustrated and overreacted to losing in the first round again I'd guess. Felt the need to do something and the default reaction when frustrated is to acquire truculence..
  9. Green signing is really good for Detroit. I thought he was going to get a stupid 6-7 year deal. That money couldn't really have gone anyplace better for them and the term is great.
  10. I've found every signing to be pretty reasonable thus far...except maybe Paul Martin's...
  11. There are a lot of these out there. How they handle the first day of UFA and how good they are at gathering details like NMC/NTCs will determine which site wins out.
  12. I think it's a good fit. I think he was the best coaching option still available to SJ, I don't know much about Dave Lowry (only candidate without NHL experience that was rumored for the job) but the former NHL coaches being bandied about were guys like Carlyle, Oates, Blysma, and Kevin Dineen. I prefered DeBoer pretty strongly to those guys (Blysma maybe ok).
  13. I like the hire of DeBoer a lot. I think he'll be a great fit in San Jose.
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