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  1. The Devils Uniforms

    The fact that the logo and colors remain unchanged was widely reported. I am optimistic, but we're not out of the woods yet until we see the piping/striping and name/number font and design.
  2. This has been confirmed for a couple of months now. No thirds next year league-wide, the Devils are the one team in line for a change to its primaries. Rumors are that it is a jersey change and the logo will remain intact. Fearing the worst, hoping for the best.
  3. Game Day Poster - Collection

    I forgot that the Kings one was your's, hasunow. I got 2 of that one as well (+ retro, Marty, RoH).
  4. Game Day Poster - Collection

    How can you be so sure? I like it a lot. I have gotten all of them so far, and have even bought two of a couple that I would frame some day. Tonight's joins that exclusive company. With some of the restrictions that I assume are in place, having to produce 2 for games against the same opponent in a 5 day span seems like an impossible task. All things considered, I think you knocked them out of the park.
  5. Full Jersey redesign next year?

    No idea how to imbed a tweet, but Chris Creamer (@sportslogosnet) confirmed it on Twitter. We're getting an overhaul, whether we like it or not.
  6. Game Day Poster - Collection

    Missed out on last night's posters. They're on the membership site for 2,000 points. I'd pay a reasonable price if anyone is willing to pick me up one.
  7. Devils Announce 2016-17 Theme Nights

    Well, it was sort of a clue, but not the obvious one I thought originally. According to the pocket schedule that I picked up last week, the first Ring of Honor inductee will be Dr. McMullen.
  8. Game Day Poster - Collection

    Got one a when I used to get a lot of autographs: https://www.amazon.com/Expandable-Document-Tube-2-25-x17-29/dp/B00576ARM8/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1478052282&sr=8-11&keywords=Poster+tube
  9. Game Day Poster - Collection

    None. I have a telescoping plastic one that is the perfect size so I have brought it to the last couple of games with no issue.
  10. Game Day Poster - Collection

    I'm 5/5 so far (pending a trade for Saturday's). Curious to see how long I'll be able to keep it up.
  11. Devils Announce 2016-17 Theme Nights

    I think the Ring of Honor opponent (Toronto) is a dead giveaway.
  12. The Marty Night thread

    I agree with everyone else who has seen it: MITB did a fantastic job. I strongly encourage everyone here to make whatever donation you can to the site, if only because it makes sense that everyone who enjoys this community share a little bit of the burden of keeping the lights on. Now that donation comes with a terrific bonus. These could easily go on eBay and net Martyisth3b3st a nice profit. Great gesture by him to use his powers for good instead.
  13. The Marty Night thread

    Still available. Lowering the price to $320 for the pair.
  14. The Marty Night thread

    I have two tickets in Section 210 for tomorrow. I am only looking to recoup my cost plus fees ($400 for the pair). DM me if interested.
  15. The Marty Night thread

    I mentioned that the email only referred to the commemorative ticket in response to a question about whether it mentioned the banner and print. I fully expect the mini banner to be handed out, as well. Not sure about the print.