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  1. There was an updated one on FB today
  2. As much as I agree about silencing the mooks, I wouldn't mind a 3-1 or 4-2 Kings win tomorrow followed by a game 3 pummeling (and Queen pulling) at MSG. Then they'll just roll over and die in 4. If they get spanked in game 2 they may try and right the ship for game 3, but if they still think its just band bounces and puck luck after game 2 then the Kings can go in for the kill.
  3. Someone tried to sell me on that it would be sweeter to see these morons get to the SCF and lose then to have them lose now in the ECF and I said no F'n way, I don't wanna see these guys 4 wins away, and hated seeing them 7 wins away. Jesus I've never seen a team sh!t 4 leaf clovers and piss horseshoes the way these guys have. I'm hoping now that they sweep and sit and rust while LA/CHI goes 7. Then LA and Gaborik shove it up their collective asses in 4.. not that I'm biased or anything
  4. And yet another nail gets hammered into in the Cory not resigning here coffin.
  5. fvck PDB and his acceptance of losing.. And fvck Lou too.. This sh!t never would have stood years back. Status Quo my ass.
  6. Arena Fire! (Yeah I know, I'll be at Hitler's table in Hell)
  7. No here is the question to ask.. just exactly how much of my monthly cable bill goes to Isiah Thomas? And an unrelated follow up.. do you not care as much about hockey or does Glen Sather have compromising photos of you?
  8. This was a better result anyway. CBJ had less wins and ROWs then the Rags going into this game so they're the easier team to catch.
  9. Well its not like seeing 4 or 5 extra games would have mattered, thats all the playoffs would have been for this team...
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