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  1. Living in Florida, I've seen next to nothing of him this season, but his skating has always been an odd case. You'd almost think he was a converted forward. Skates perfectly fine on the attack, but he can't turn and get his backwards stride going. You'd think this is something a skating specialist could work on.
  2. The stars will get paid. It's a pride thing. And like Triumph said, gazprom is a mega company. Now, if you're playing in an ex-republic, good luck.
  3. Meh, they played a very good team in the finals and had them on the ropes. Roy had a great period and that Adam Foote thing happened. I don't think you can understate what they did to the Pens. They snuffed an inspirational narrative. That series was like Rudy ending with him getting decapitated and his severed head getting kicked through the uprights.
  4. Yeah, that was a god-awful trade. The Devils got beyond their money's worth out of that one.
  5. There's diminishing returns on minutes. I wouldn't hold the minutes against him. I would hold 2013 against him, though.
  6. Gionta is a cockroach we will never be rid of. I mean, they really don't pay him anything, so it's not the end of the world, but you know they're gonna use him. He's essentially the team mascot. Who takes critical shifts late in the 3rd period. Think they did okay setting up their roster. Dunno if Cammalleri gets through his deal without getting bought out, but we'll see. At least the kid defensemen will be able to play.
  7. Two things: 1) For any post 2005 lockout fan, the Domi thing must blow their minds. Although having Nieds out at that point of the game was dumb. You're not scoring 2 goals in 30 seconds with the goalie pulled back then. 2) Yep, that Lightning Game 5 was terrible. lol. They were playing that game on a pond.
  8. That does seem like his type of game, though, bigger rink, sh!tty defensemen, but then again the regimented nature of that might not work out.
  9. He's still what, 24? Have to figure he's done in NA for the time being, he could possibly "get it" and come back eventually, he has the set to be a poacher, hell those guys don't even necessarily have to be good defensively, just have some anticipation of where the puck's going to go.
  10. You never know. Lou causing a big scene is kind of weird and his contract situation is kind of weird.
  11. Of course the screwball possibility is that he was about to pull a Sutter and he just got fvcked
  12. Strange, how the hell long is his original deal if he wasn't re-upped? 5?
  13. I really think Tedenby can play in the NHL, but it has to be on a different type of team. It won't work here with a half-court possession game. It would help if he understood the concept of defense, though, because with his speed he could be one of those poacher guys.
  14. They didn't win them, did they, and it's one of the primary reasons they missed the playoffs. Fine, let's throw out OT and go straight up and down in regulation. 10-15.
  15. They went 16-27 in Schneider's games, he ended with a sub 2 GAA. I think that qualifies as a chance to coach with good goaltending. It's a mistake unless something in the process is going to change.
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