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  1. I'm sure there will be a decent crowd. Players also like the earlier starts bc they have been spotted in times square after (kk/nico.bratt and a few others). Granted as a New Yorker you cant pay me enough to stand outside (even with me getting nypd bathroom access from my nypd friends stationed in times square) for 8plus hours with millions of people to listen to crappy "pop artists " and watch a ball drop. Only to leave at the exact same time as everyone else and suffer on an lirr train back to the island.
  2. the owners should put him on the hotseat for these results and his inability to react. Most bosses in a results driven profession would've been fired by now with 0 action to try to fix the situation.
  3. they have been for multiple seasons, they did the same when kovy was on the team and were to reliant on him
  4. Im sure there's something in the color commentators contract to not come straight out and say this team sucks. Chico was like this at the end as well.
  5. can they fire the whole coaching staff midgame and replace them with 3 devils fans from the crowd
  6. bobilly45


    I would rather have a bottle of hines ketchup behind the bench then hynes...
  7. sv % is overrated, often misleads people when judging a goalie.
  8. But as a goalie at any level you need to hug the post. It's even worse to give that up as a butterfly as that's their bread and butter easy saves.
  9. Not a blackwood fan but hes 100x better then cory the 5hole in the so.
  10. Hes not any better then Kinkaid. He won on Tampa bc of the team in front of him.
  11. If you're a pro athlete and call out fans for booing you or the team, try playing better. Also it's really beneath any pro to call out fans, esp when fans pay for some of his salary. Shero might want to start getting a trade or 2 in place so this doesnt turn into a tavares situation
  12. bobilly45

    Trade Taylor Hall

    Goalies are the most important players on the team. People love to rag on kk, but he was a huge reason they even made the playoffs. Cant make the playoffs without a good goalie.. not taking anything away from hall, but saying he solely got them there is wrong. Yes, I'm a goalie, so I'm biased in the though that goalies are the most important players. Doesnt matter as we played the same system then as we do now with the poor defense... making the playoffs trumped the poor system so hynes got a free pass, last year was blamed on talent so he got another free pass. Wonder what the excuse will be this year. And this is on shero as well... he will be out if he keeps Hynes and things dont improve
  13. Being a mets and jets fan makes you numb to this disappointment.
  14. The defense was also bad. This has been going on for 2 seasons now. Every goalie has looked bad because of it, blackwood, cory, kk.... Idk when the coach gets the blame for a system that clearly doesnt work
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