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  1. Wasnt around for Any cups, so it was after 2003... maybe 10.
  2. The islander fans used to do the you suck chant, and once they stopped for some dumb reason devils fans took it.
  3. Imo that's a dumb chant, but w/e. It's just a bad goal song, sounds out of place.
  4. They didnt have any TV crew there... prob just gave it to an intern social media person and said good luck. Even matt took a break from calling the game on the second goal.
  5. I'm 32, pretty much do the same, but 2 teams I play goalie for. It's common , the stupid stuff will get you every time.
  6. Horrible goal... oh well He might not want to do that when games count, or hell be the backup sooner then later
  7. His was rational, your reasoning is not. Prob .000000002 of cable viewers would be looking for tonight's game, and advertisers are not exactly thrilled with spending money for few eyes. Few eyes means less potential $ for them, which means they don't buy ad space, and that's less $ for msg. Loss of ad revenue, plus paying everyone to work and produce a hockey game that not many will see is a net loss. This is why msg would rather buy the TV rights from another broadcaster for preseason (ie the isles using the Philadelphia comcast feed) bc in the end msg loses less that way, Some teams don't have any preseason games on TV, so be lucky we have some TV games.
  8. Leave the work bag in the trunk, or have 1 less beer. Really not a big deal.
  9. I'd rather just stick with howl then change to the other 2. Guess well see what the "fans" voted for
  10. Shero has a date in mind of when a decision needs to be made. As the poster above mentioned, shero won't beg him to stay, and from a few days ago said that after a certain point talking about halls situation won't happen anymore. I'm sure shero has, or is working on a plan b should he need it
  11. Everyone calling this dumb is playing checkers while him and his agent are playing chess. If you could negotiate a short term deal for good money, which will lead to a 2nd larger payday you do that all day long.
  12. I think that's a hint at a deadline shero has to determine if he will sign or not... then hell move on. Imo the correct move
  13. Kk would prob get a chipotle commercial in Montreal now before hall gets one. If anyone for our current team gets a national commercial its pk.
  14. Not just of hurricane impact.. over 20 hrs of cat 5 185mph wind damage, with gusts over 200. That's the same wind as an ef3-4 tornado. That type of tornado flattens everything in its path, so a hurricane of that strength would do the same. Add 20plus feet storm surge on an island largely under 20 ft, and you have not much island left, nor people who decided to stay left. And yes, they are STILL getting hurricane force winds, just 110mph instead of 185..
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