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  1. Isnt Johnson only in his early 20s? He looked decent in the pre season game vs the rangers. I could see the devils just sticking with kk depending on how long Cory's "injured"
  2. How is that "soft". He had no chance on that...also there was no d to get the rebound (but let's blame the goalies for everything) Both goalies played well last night and made good saves.
  3. Maybe hynes should try Coleman in ot... hes fast, can shoot, and knows how to play d.
  4. I'm actually impressed they managed to get a point with scoring three own goals. Also this was Cory's best game back, 1 weak 3rd but the rest cant be pinned on any goalie.
  5. Idc what the stats show which mean nothing, the defense as a whole has been horrible. Most of the goals against this year have been a result of piss poor defense not covering their guys. Brodeur or hasek couldn't have helped this team during the losing streak, both wouldve been screwed the same as cory and kk have been..
  6. Hes still recovering, there's no denying that. I actually still think he's not fully healed based on movements. Then one thing I disagree with is him being elite. He was a good backup, and had a good 2ish years here with above avg play. Above average play does not translate to elite for me. I guess everyone's definition of elite is different, but outside those 2 good years he consistently couldn't make timely saves, and didnt thrive under high pressure games, in fact played worse in those. To me an elite goalie is one that is both above average for a period over 3 seasons as a starter, makes timely saves, consistently wins the big games, and can win playoff series. Rine, quick, holtby, price are goalies that I would consider "elite" in today's game. If you're not at their level, nor at the Brodeur,roy, Hasek level you aren't elite.
  7. He looked annoyed over every goal against as the d just let people walk in and take point blank shots. I dont think we've seen a devils goalie that pissed in years. Cant fault cory or kk for being pissed though, as they are both being left to dry.
  8. I was the only one who said kk was good back when he didnt put everything together.
  9. No he wont, esp he will get a starters offer from another team. Hes shown hes 1. Much better then a backup. 2. Is better then pre injured cory. 3. Routinely makes the clutch saves, something which cory could never do. Sv% is a useless stat as every shot counts the same.
  10. Sadly that was the difference.... the 1st shot.
  11. Well they cant keep doing this for Cory's sake. Hes used to being the starter and by consecutive games it helps him get a rhythm going. You cant take kk out, so your left with this situation that's hurting cory More so then his poor play is. Maybe cory needs a change of scenery?
  12. I mean we've given kk little goal support as well some games.. it would be nice to score more, but it would be even nicer for him to make the clutch/timely saves, which has not been his forte for years
  13. Cory is starting.... really not a shock to anyone
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