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  1. You have to wonder if the devils give him another tribute for his career.... esp if ticket sales fall (continue to fall esp after who they supported this summer). Also jumping the gun, but if they don't name a hotdog stand (or hotdog) after Chico when he hangs up the rug (i mean mic) the devils would have failed miserably.
  2. Simply the best.... give him a statue at the rock
  3. Good move, they have someone who imo will become the #1 when blackwood regresses from last season (similar to Kinkaid after his great season). Personally I wouldve loved a hybrid goalie instead of a butterfly as I think they are better and less injury prone (yes, I'm biased as I play that style)
  4. Imo you have the 3 greatest goalies ever (Roy, haskek, brodeur). Many many goalies fall below them from the 90s. I would group MAF, quick and Crawford in the same group, as they're all cup winners and played at the same time (similar to brodeurs group, but teams had more star players and they were not as good as their group). Far below that I would put lundqvist and luongo in the same group, both good goalies to never win a cup... but imo lundqvist has a bigger edge over luongo who was a bit overrated and never really carried his team, unlike lundqvist who single handedly got them to t
  5. How are they cheap? They are keeping everyone employed and will pay back those employees when things get back to normal. I do think they start to open the country back up soon and end the quarentine... (keeping borders closed and not flying internationally for now). Cant keep everyone on lockdown for a virus with a lower mortality rate then the flu. The longer the economy and USA is shut down the worse it will be for everyone, most jobs and depression which will be far worse then this virus which is easy to overcome if not in poor health or above 80
  6. Really like how the young devils are developing. Hopefully they build off this second half for next season
  7. I'm sure there will be a decent crowd. Players also like the earlier starts bc they have been spotted in times square after (kk/nico.bratt and a few others). Granted as a New Yorker you cant pay me enough to stand outside (even with me getting nypd bathroom access from my nypd friends stationed in times square) for 8plus hours with millions of people to listen to crappy "pop artists " and watch a ball drop. Only to leave at the exact same time as everyone else and suffer on an lirr train back to the island.
  8. the owners should put him on the hotseat for these results and his inability to react. Most bosses in a results driven profession would've been fired by now with 0 action to try to fix the situation.
  9. they have been for multiple seasons, they did the same when kovy was on the team and were to reliant on him
  10. Im sure there's something in the color commentators contract to not come straight out and say this team sucks. Chico was like this at the end as well.
  11. can they fire the whole coaching staff midgame and replace them with 3 devils fans from the crowd
  12. bobilly45


    I would rather have a bottle of hines ketchup behind the bench then hynes...
  13. sv % is overrated, often misleads people when judging a goalie.
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