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  1. bobilly45

    NJ @ NYR GDT 9/24/18

    I'm saying it now... cam Johnson is better then blackwood and lack. That was really sad....
  2. bobilly45

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    It's a pain in the ass getting to Barclays from Li (real li, nassau/suffolk), so not many fans from here will go to this. Also now that games are being played at the Coliseum that will keep even more fans from the island away from barclays during the season so the tickets will be lower. Also most who wanted to attend a pre season game went Sunday here on the island where they had over 8k. I believe that after this yr they will go back full time to nvmc (aka NYCb live, or the full name "new york community bank live: home of the nassau veterans memorial Coliseum") until the belmont areana (which is behind schedule) is built
  3. bobilly45

    New MSG Devils host

    Honestly they all (amanda,abby) seem very annoying. I couldn't really give 2 craps about their personal life, and esp their politics. Having to "lay down the law" is a mini power trip to whoever thinking they're more important then anyone else....and in reality shes horrible, and doing stuff like that's makes her petty and worse then any of her followers imo
  4. bobilly45

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    That's how I feel about any sport when they threaten or actually lockout their season. They're playing a game for a living and making millions off it.....its entertainment. Yes they love the game,but love the $ more. The reality is they dont hurt the owners or the players when they lockout in the long term....its the refs, stadium workers, team workers, and everyone who makes a living working for the game who suffers and are out of a check for however long it takes to get back.
  5. bobilly45

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    Easily in the mid to upper 700s.
  6. bobilly45

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    Its prob for the pre game intro. They released shots last year which ended up being in the opening video. I wonder if daneyko narrates again.
  7. bobilly45

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Because he didnt smile in one candid pic? I think you're jumping to conclusions based on your opinion of a person, when you prob haven't spent any time with the guy (also going on in politics but that's a different story). Now Im not saying hes the best person ever, or doesnt have a huge ego (most of the all time greats In every sport have them). I'm sure he was/is fine at meet and greets, but doesn't have the outgoing personality in his private life. Personal life aside, he seems like a decent guy in most of his interviews. There have been comments cory has said at the end of the season and after some games that I dont agree with (as someone who plays the position), but I dont judge him as a person off of it... hes prob a really nice guy. They show him in net and he doesnt smile, so I guess he doesn't wanna be here and is self centered. Kinkaid is more social, yet doesnt give many quotes or insights to his game. He didnt smile a few times when the cameras panned across him on the bench, by your logic and the other guys I should assume hes a douche and is a miserable person who doesnt wanna be here?.
  8. bobilly45

    2018 Offseason Thread

    I agree there's 0 relation between hhof player and being a good GM. It's running a business which is something most players dont have any experience in. I actually dont think having Marty as a goalie coach would be all that good for Cory. They are the 2 opposite style of goalies, cory butterfly, Brodeur hybrid. He would be the perfect coach for kk who plays the same hybrid style.
  9. bobilly45

    Devils to wear original whites as Alternate Jerseys for 2018-19

    I'll only wear devils jerseys to the areana or if I'm playing pick up hockey outside of my league(even then I usually use one of my old custom jerseys). I always wear a devils hat, and I'll occasionalily rock the t-shirts/hoodies depending on the season around here on LI. Once in a while when playing the rangers at work I'll wear my devils tie. I did come in with the Jersey and tie after it was over and passed out tissues to my co workers who were ranger fans. Easily one of the best days at work.
  10. bobilly45

    Devils to wear original whites as Alternate Jerseys for 2018-19

    Glad they didnt go to a black Jersey and kept it classic. I know I'm on record here as saying idc about the currentJersey, and I still feel that way, but maybe a few seasons down the road they will add the bottom stripes back in as it does complete the Jersey.
  11. bobilly45

    Devils to wear original whites as Alternate Jerseys for 2018-19

    Ive seen them on the beaches before here on li, granted was only a handful of times. I actually think the logo looks OK, but the black jerseys look horrible, and with the logo not being straight there's too much extra black area on the front of the jersey. I think if most state outlines (or provinces in canada) were on jerseys they would look pretty bad.
  12. bobilly45

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Any goalie coming off surgery is a bit iffy. Worked for rinee.... on the other hand ask dipietro how surgery worked for him and it's a different story. Both ahl goalies aren't close to being a backup as of now, though 1 will have to be by trade deadline or next season as kks contract ends after this season and will want a starters role (imo he gets one). I can see one of our goalies going to LI (odds are its kk, but lou might want cory should he get back to normal)
  13. bobilly45

    Taylor Hall is the 2017-18 NHL MVP!

    You cant make people who don't want to come to nj, come. Also besides tavares and Karlsson there werent many upgrades available. I think he played everything right knowing hall/nico will cost a pretty penny. I'd rather not have him sign a bunch of "panic signings" just so people like you would be happy to say we did something. Dont approve, there are 30 other teams you can root for.
  14. bobilly45

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Its inevitable that there will be more huge quakes in California.
  15. bobilly45

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Ray emery drowned this am in Canada.

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