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  1. Please rewind and watch Palmieri on that powerplay. “I don’t give a sh!t” would be an understatement. Beer league.
  2. I only know what I’ve been told. Do you have a similar experience?
  3. My cousin played hockey against Connor Clifton. Clifton broke the wrists of two players on my friends team *in the same game*. One kid had his hands dangling over the bench and clifton swung down as hard as he could. My cousin is usually a pretty mild tempered guy but he said if he’s ever driving and he sees Clifton, he’ll “run over that speed bump as many times as it takes to flatten it out.”
  4. Maybe Tom Wilson had a point. Hope more Bruins get hurt. Maybe 3 or 4 career enders. A widow-maker or two? Sign me the fvck up! Dangerous sh!theads
  5. just got her last week. absolute terror.
  6. Hi NJDevs. My name is Jersey, and I love you.
  7. You’re acting like there’s black and white and no gray. Nobody is saying they want Daneyko to say “oh get this fvcking trash heap off the ice”. But infuriating an entire fanbase by screaming “OH MYYYYY” at every missed chance and acting like the Devils are losing based on pure luck every single game is infuriating. Chico was a homer, but Chico knew when to shut the fvck up. Did you play sports growing up? The car ride home, if your dad was rambling about how the loss wasn’t your fault and how unlucky you were and wouldn’t shut the fvck up, do you remember how annoying that is?
  8. biggest year to get a top pick. you absolutely need Luke Hughes
  9. Everyone over the age of 28 should be released or traded today. Every single player. They don’t care. They were moulded by losing and they’re happy for it.
  10. I think you're just moving the goalposts now. You were asked if top-15 in the league in scoring defines a "sniper" and you said no. I think that's a silly statement to make.
  11. You don't think 15th in the league in scoring is a sniper? The Devils aren't going to add a Connor McDavid. If the Devils find someone who finishes top-15 in goals, they're going to be fvcking incredible. Laine finished last year 22nd. Is he not a sniper? The year before, Matthews was 17th. How about that guy? The year before that, Brayden Point finished 15th. That guy is the definition of a sniper. You need a new word, if you don't want those players.
  12. Henrique was 26 with 2 years left on his deal when he was traded for Vatanen. Palmieri will be 32? 33? In this scenario. There isn’t single scenario that should include Kyle Palmieri as a Devil following this year’s trade deadline. I don’t care what his goals-per-82-games is at; he’s a declining player who contributes less-than-zero unless he’s scoring the goal. We could deal with his scoring droughts when he wasn’t literally the worst player on the ice unless he’s standing at the top of the circle on a powerplay. But now? He actively hurts this team and it cannot continue past thi
  13. The way Brendan Lemieux was throwing elbows everywhere last night, I wish Wood took a stupid 5-minute major when the game was out of hand and spilled some blood.
  14. The Devils are a really talented group of hockey players but they're missing two legitimate, NHL goal-scorers. No, Kyle Palmieri doesn't fvcking count. Last night they dooooooooominated the Rangers in all of the advanced statistics. They had 13 high-danger scoring chances to the Rangers' three. Blackwood was dogsh!t, but that should've been a 3-3 or 4-4 hockey game. To score on 1 of 13 high-danger chances is pathetic. They need guys who can pick corners. You hope Holtz is one -- the future of the franchise sorta depends on it. And then you think maybe Foote is another in tha
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