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  1. adore biz. wish he wasn’t too big-time for us to hire to replace dano.
  2. are the ESPN commenters saying “score!” like 5 full seconds before the goals for anyone else? I heard “score!!!!” before the fvcking guy took the initial shot lol…
  3. i’ve watched all 9 rangers playoff games and the only forwards that have moved the needle for me are Zib and Laf. He seems like one of those guys who’s always around the puck, always in the mix, and he plays with a little bit of a nasty edge. points haven’t shown up yet but they will. this dude is going to be a beast.
  4. quick switch of topics but let’s play a fun game. Edmonton is swept and McDavid wants out. The Oilers offer the Devils McDavid for both hughes brothers + 2OA. What do you say?
  5. think the rangers are curious why they weren’t just repeatedly given power plays until they scored, like the regular season? “wait a second this is bullsh!t”
  6. lmao fvck you rangers. gotta say that was easily the most boring playoff game i’ve ever watched lol. and panarin is lucky he had that game winner in game 7, he’s been otherwise totally and completely invisible this playoffs. laf is gonna be a problem tho
  7. feels like the rangers have dominated this period. i sorta wonder if it’s because they’ve spent the entire motherfvcking period on the powerplay.
  8. MB3

    What to do with #2?

    I'm not seeing too many busts. Ryan Murray was a whiff. Patrick, too, but that was injury-related. Too early to call Kakko a bust, but he sure doesn't look like a franchise-type player. But since 02, you've got Staal, Malkin, Ryan, Staal again, JVR, Doughty, Hedman, Seguin, Landeskog, Murray, Barkov, Reinhart, Eichel, Laine, Patrick, Svechnikov, Kakko, Byfield, and Beniers. In that list I only count two surefire busts. I'll take those odds.
  9. MB3

    What to do with #2?

    holy fvcking hell. gimme gimme gimme our resident experts: is slafkovsky NHL ready or will we need to wait a year?
  10. I sorta lumped him in the “prospect” thing, since he didn’t really have his cup of coffee in the NHL yet when we acquired him.
  11. ur moms a toolbox lmao gottem
  12. if this is gonna be your offseason schtick let me tell you, I am ALL in.
  13. calegary’s got an impending cap crunch which has lead to some speculation that he could be moved. not gonna buy that though.
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