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  1. I’m not ready to say playoffs or bust. The devils are adding 2 MAJOR pieces to the blue line next year. Their “contention window” should start then. This year I just need to see solid improvement across the board. Big steps towards being a competent, middle of the pack NHL team with tremendous future upside.
  2. it ain’t that deep man. i sees a weird comment. i comment on the weird comment. dassit.
  3. there’s at least one degree of insanity between people memeing about a bizarre mid-season press conference last year and saying “our entire team could die in a bus crash and then we wouldn’t make the playoffs”
  4. mid-season form already from SD with the nonsensical gibberish.
  5. In the NHL it's standard procedure to give a watch and a steak dinner when you take someone's number. Usually Rolex. Seems way worth it to me.
  6. ok google how can i delete a post ironically enough I think this season is going to force the yankees hand in the other direction. There's no way the Steinbrunners can look at their fanbase and move on from Judge -- in ticket sales and marketing alone that would be a ludicrous move.
  7. In case anyone wants to get caught up, here's all 60 homers in a one minute video. The most effortless swing I've ever seen in my life. Two things to look for: first -- he uses the whole field. Every hitter is going to have a pull tendency but he sends plenty to dead center and plenty to right field. Second: he doesn't have a "hot" zone. Look at where the ball is going. Up, down, inside, outside, it doesn't matter -- he's demolishing it.
  8. The NHL equivalent would be like Gaudreau (potential UFA, not RFA) broke one of Gretzky's records in an MVP season this year. There's really nothing else like it in sports. Judge is having the best season of any baseball player in any of our lifetimes.
  9. tanked in value because no baseball fan actually considers that a legitimate record any more since he was taking enough steroids to kill a horse when it happened. that’s why Judge’s 62 will be worth such an obscene amount of money. It’ll be the untainted record and it’s hard to imagine it’ll be beat any time soon.
  10. bizarre tweet but stoolies are all boston based so it checks out. i watched the interview with the kid who caught it. it bounced off the bullpen and then landed in an aisle. this kid grabbed it and just laid down to hold on. he’s some dweeby little kid who’s literally crying in the interview because he’s about to meet Judge. in terms of value, I don’t think this ball has a ton. The 62nd ball will be the big ticket item, probably worth several million (McGwire’s was worth $3m from what I remember.) The Big Mac story was always a funny one. The fan after the game wanted to give the ball to Big Mac in exchange for meeting him and getting a signed baseball in return. But McGwire was a total loser, didn’t like meeting fans, refused outright and the fan went home and listed it on a sports auction the next day. Made $3m, thanks Mac.
  11. Aaron Judge hit number 60 today. Ties Babe Ruth for 2nd most all time (non steroid). He’s the first person in 61 years to have 60 home runs. He has 2 weeks left to get 2 more home runs to pass Roger Maris’ 61. Oh, he is also currently leading the AL triple crown. This is arguably the best offensive season in modern day major league baseball history.
  12. Even though he wasn't the player we hoped we'd acquire and we weren't the team he hoped he was joining, I will look back on his time in NJ fondly. Great teammate, great member of the community, great mentor for Jack, and unbelievable content provider for NJDevs.com. See ya in the booth, Subbie!!
  13. Almost every Rangers fan I talked to said Lundkvist was borderline at best to even make the roster next year. Plus he asked for a trade so NYR sorta had their hands tied and still made out like bandits. Abhorrently bad trade for the stars. God damnit. At least it's top-10 protected.
  14. "competitive retool" in philly going well
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