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  1. i’m desperate for this but they should wait another month. all it takes is 1 positive and we’re back to an entire sportswide lockdown
  2. Even though my symptoms are gone i’m still sleeping in the guest room and using the guest bathroom. We won’t really know, i think i’m still contagious for 14 days after the symptoms stop? That’s what the on call doctor told me. So with her, it makes more sense to be extra cautious. So far she’s exhibited no symptoms and we’re hoping it stays that way. one weird thing — i still can’t really taste. smell either. i made my wife’s and my dinner (using gloves) and she spat out the chicken because she said it tasted like ocean water. i kept adding salt because it tasted so bland. it’s a weird ass virus, man.
  3. haha I thought this was satirical. yeah, man, that's Marty's 552 and Patty passing Johnny Mac. My #1 favorite non-playoff Devils game I've ever been to. Glad to hear it man. Today I feel no symptoms at all for the first time in a week and a half. I'm back at work (working from home of course) and pretty positive it's all behind me. Something I won't ever forget, though. Love you guys for all reaching out. Meant a lot.
  4. Thanks for asking. today's the best i've felt in a few days. still a small fever and i've been coughing so much that my inhales sound like a rattlesnake, but i'm nowhere near as bad as i was late last week.
  5. I honestly wonder if we just didn't want to commit that much money to a player that would be conceivably leaving his prime when Jack and Nico entered theirs.
  6. as a florida resident, this yucky human behavior is evident three times a year whenever there’s a hurricane threat. these morbidly obese people who have 3 2-liters of coke and a fifth of kirkland vodka every day suddenly think they need 14 gallons of water a day to survive.
  7. yes! who the fvck knew not to take ibuprofen? well i definitely didn’t but the virtual doctor said basically to hide my ibuprofen bottles so i don’t take it by accident. i was told to try to let my body fight the fever as much as possible and when it got unbearable to take tylenol. ive been taking lukewarm baths and they help with the fever tremendously.
  8. i’m still just “presumptive positive.” my wife pled for me yesterday in the phone with our local hospital but they basically said if i’m young i should be ok. and i will be ok, and we’re operating in my house as if i’m confirmed. when i’m getting a bad spell it becomes imminently clear how elderly people are dying. it’s scary sh!t. today was an overall good day. hoping for more of the same tomorrow. some people’s severe symptoms only last a day or two, i’m praying that’s me. lucky for now i’m young and it’ll pass. my main concern now is keeping my wife healthy. different bedrooms and bathrooms and maintaining 6’ distance is about all we can do for right now.
  9. This is the weirdest sick i’ve ever been. Woke up this morning and told my wife i was about 15 minutes away from needing a hospital. It felt like i had been running wind sprints. Within 5 minutes of saying that, i felt okay-ish. 2 hours later i felt like i was completely and totally over it except for lingering throat and lung discomfort. Now i’m back in bed wondering if i’m going to need a hospital. Stay the fvck home.
  10. Morning everyone. After what can only be described as the worst night of my life, I have been declared “presumptive positive” by a video conference doctor and told to self isolate for 14 days after my fever has gone away 72 consecutive hours. I asked about getting a test and was basically told that i’m young and don’t need one because i live in a town full of old snowbirds. I asked if that made me less of a taxpaying citizen which the doctor did not appreciate. oh well. thing comes in waves. i’ll have two full hours where i think i’m completely over it and then i’ll have a coughing fit so bad it’s hard to get air. i’m a healthy, pretty fit 28 year old who plays hockey and tennis and works out.
  11. to answer the questions, I've been told that since I am not hospitalized and not in the age range of concern (and I have no underlying health issues), I can't get tested because of the limited quantities. which is a catch-22, because if I need to be hospitalized (and if this is the worst of it, I definitely don't) I need a positive test. Can't get a test without hospitalization, can't get hospitalized without a test. started 3 days ago. I had weird, weird, weird vivid dreams. A few migraines. Little bit of a cough. Tons of gastrointestinal distress even though I'm eating really clean lately (my wife is required to eat ridiculously healthy lately, so I'm doing so out of solidarity). it legit felt like I was housing wings and pitchers of beer. Yesterday it felt like a nasty cold. Today definitely feels like the flu or worse. When I inhale, there's a little bit of rattling... which is unsettling to say the least. I've been self quarantined since last monday, but our plumbing went out completely this weekend -- we had no hot water and low water pressure. So we had a plumber on monday morning. guessing that's where I got it, but who knows. stay home everyone. please. EDIT: and yes @Satans Hockey, I'm fortunate enough to have an unused guest room and guest bathroom at my house. We still pass eachother in the house, but at least I've been able to stay away from her as much as possible.
  12. Guess who has two thumbs, a 101.8 degree fever, a smoker's cough and a third refusal from Indian River County on a request for a COVD-19 test while I have an immunocompromised wife sitting next to me? this guy.
  13. 20% delayed salaries for three months as opposed to thousands of layoffs and some of you knuckle draggers act like the owners are Scrooge McDuck. It's still a business. In a world where I personally know 9 people who have lost their jobs since last week, that's pretty damn good.
  14. Arizona can win the lottery, and end up with pick #1, 2, or 3. If the season were to end today, Arizona could not end up with the 4th pick.
  15. My mom in NJ works at a grocery store. My grandpa who has serious heart and health issues lives at home with her. I’m barely sleeping, to be honest.
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