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  1. There have only been 6 goalies to be drafted in the first round since 2009. The only two who were drafted earlier than 20 were Vasilevskiy and Jack Campbell. He’s a rare prospect.
  2. I went back and checked — I replied to someone else, not you, who said “Florida probably wants to trade Spencer Knight anyway” and I just said “Knight is 4 years away, he was drafted as the heir apparent.” Still — I agree completely. Hall for Knight would be great.
  3. It wouldn’t be the first time I contradicted myself, but I don’t remember that.
  4. What about trading Taylor Hall straight up for Spencer Knight? One of the best goalie prospects in hockey, Florida just signed Bobrovsky to a 7-year contract making him the richest goalie in hockey. They're competing, attempting to make it out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time since 1996. Imagine a Hall-Barkov-Dadonov line?
  5. MB3

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    Just checked the scoreboard. we have three fvcking shots? hahahahahaha
  6. If you guys are acting like a former first round pick prospect, a flier prospect, a first round pick and a contingent future pick is some crazy low return for an impending UFA who currently has 6 goals and missed 50 fvcking games last year , a lot of you are about to be very very very disappointed.
  7. I don’t think there are any A’s. Vats is the best at B+. ill give Hughes a B-, severson a B, Gusev a B-, Boqvist a B-, and the rest I choose not to grade because I love them all. except Hynes. Hynes gets a fvcking F- and should get a noose.
  8. We got 4 years of a 24 year old Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. If you think you're getting more than that for 1/2 of a year for a 28 year old Taylor Hall, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. I would be SHOCKED if a Taylor Hall rental returned Bowen Byram.
  9. There are lottery ticket prospects, and then there's a guy that every scout says "holy sh!t -- he is going to be the backbone of an NHL defense in three years." There are exceptions. But you're not turning half a season of Taylor Hall into an established top-2 defenseman, you just aren't. So you take the slight risk that comes with the reward of possibly having Byram and Smith anchoring your blueline in a few seasons.
  10. He's not going to list his sources -- that's not how it works. Friedman has earned enough of a solid reputation that his sources are real. And I don't think there's such a thing as a "block" like you're thinking of it in a video game. Saying 'Ray Shero is shopping Miles Wood' is the same thing as saying with "Miles Wood is on the block."
  11. MB3

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    That's a stupid title, and this is a stupid thread. When did Shero say we're "out of" our rebuild? Our top organizational defensive prospect isn't ready yet, our top two centers aren't old enough to buy a beer at the Prudential Center. There's a core here that can be a very solid hockey team without a tear-down "rebuild-part-two." The devils need Jack Hughes to become a star and Nico Hischier to become a quality cornerstone player. They need Ty Smith to work out, and they need to nail it with their draft this year. Most importantly, they need to find a solid return from Hall and a coach who can put it all together. We're not entering another rebuild. We'll soon be coming out of one that wasn't quite over yet.
  12. Everyone: it can’t get worse than Hynes! Ray Shero: (joker laugh)
  13. Well I did say “hot takes so we can laugh at ourselves.”
  14. Won’t be tuning in, but I have a good reason. Tonight is my wife and my third anniversary. Our third year of marriage was a disaster; after visiting her brother in the ICU for two weeks stemming from a terrible drunk driving accident (he was not the drunk one), she contracted a nasty disease from the hospital. Three attempts at surgery were unsuccessful, so she was moved to a specialist. she’s spent the better part of this entire year in a hospital room or an operating room. 19 surgeries in total. It bankrupt her, it took our nest egg that we were ready to turn into a house and used it on medical bills and in-home nurse care. It was agony for her, agony for us. she’s been free and healthy for just a few weeks now. She will always have challenges: childbirth isn’t in the cards for us, any more. But she is home. And tonight we get to celebrate with a gallon sized bottle of wine and a candle-lit dinner. its very private for her, around here. She doesn’t want her friends to know what she’s been through. But while she’s finishing putting on her makeup before dinner I wanted to tell someone. Anyone. so I told this weirdly lovable group of absolute pricks that have played a big part in my life for the past decade. Hug the people you love tonight extra hard.
  15. That’s an absolute no brainer; he’s an mvp-caliber superstar. But that’s pretty evidently not the situation we’re in.
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