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  1. the team is, once again, a flat out embarrassment. i feel shame wearing a devils hat lol. may as well be a detroit lions jersey.
  2. so as i was saying: fire fitz, cut PK, move the franchise.
  3. lmao i bet some of you idiots feel PRETTY silly for your comments earlier in this game thread.
  4. elias was stripped of the captaincy once it became that the crown became too heavy. nico just isn’t nico. skilled, hardworking highly touted 1st overall picks don’t just peak at 19 years old. there has to be something else going on. system wise, conditioning wise, health wise or pressure wise he is just simply not a productive hockey player right now.
  5. nooooooooooononono reposado tequila and mezcal are a marriage in motherfvcking heaven. plus some agave and bitters and you’ve got yourself a cocktail from the GODS
  6. great shift from jack. don’t move the franchise yet. has anyone ever had an oxaca old fashioned?
  7. not sure the tatar-kuokkonen-whoeverthefvck line would start in my beer league
  8. i would drag my d!ck through a mile long patch of broken glass just to hear ovechkin’s wife fart through a walkie talkie
  9. we should’ve drafted Nolan Patrick lmao
  10. that is literally currently happening. fire him how cuttable is tatar? (there’s a steak tartare joke somewhere in there but again, drunk and sleepy)
  11. wine drunk and sleep deprived from the newborn. MOVE THE FRANCHISE!
  12. Severson from Smith and Tatar. Amazing! everyone who got credited with a point on that goal should jump in front of a moving train.
  13. i’m stepping away. i can’t let this dysfunctional joke of a franchise ruin my mood every day. maybe move them to hartford or something lol. it worked for the thrashers who are now a competent franchise in winnipeg. would anyone even shed a tear? don’t act like this group is really the “New Jersey Devils” you loved. It’s been pathetic for a DECADE! They wear the same sweaters but that’s where the comparisons stop. They’re a mockery to the teams that preceded them. yeah, i’m calling for his job too. the biggest team need was someone who could put pucks in the net and he got us Tomas fvcking Tatar. Fire him tonight.
  14. how long of a leash should they have? the team is routinely unprepared and out-coached. Ruff was an abhorrent hire the second it was made. The game passed him by in 2014 and we hired him in motherfvcking 2020. Would be good with making Fitz squirm a little bit too — this team, this franchise, top-to-bottom, is a laughingstock.
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