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  1. Also, forum whipping boy Damon Severson was a stud tonight
  2. I don’t think I’ve agreed with, or liked, a single post of yours since you joined here.
  3. Tuned in right when Zacha hit the post and decided I’d stay away from the forum for the night if the devils took the L. Nico is a grown ass man on the boards. Starting to have a ton of Parise in him, in that every 50/50 puck near the boards seems to end up in his possession.
  4. As far as all star games goes; nothing will ever touch the MLB’s all star game and home run derby. But the NHL is a CLEAR second best, especially after they went to the division-teams and 3-on-3 tournament. the nba all star game and the pro bowl are both flat out unwatchable.
  5. You’re worse than a wet blanket. You constantly act like the world pissed in your Cheerios. You’re the human equivalent of stepping on a lego wearing a damp sock while simultaneously dealing with a case of hemherroids. I hope you’re happier in your real life than you are on here. I mean that.
  6. Oh who the hell cares. They had a 3 on 3 and were shooting hockey pucks from the concourse. If you don’t like it don’t watch. I think a lot of young female fans watched last night with stars in their eyes, if it helps grow our game it’s awesome. The lot of you complain about absolutely everything. Must be a terrible way to live.
  7. Kyle Palmieri is 28. That’s 6 full years younger than Zajac. the devils should be willing to trade anyone that’s in their mid-thirties. But that list doesn’t include Palmieri or Coleman.
  8. From my (limited) memory of his contract situation, there was some rumblings that Winnepeg (his hometown) was going to throw the bank at him and he took a relatively team-friendly deal but asked for an NTC. He's got a few young kids and seems to love the area. He's well within his rights to finish his career here if he'd like, and I don't mind this whatsoever.
  9. Reminds me of my playing days. kid on my team got a 2 and 10 for slashing. In the locker room my coach says “what the hell happened?” Kid says “the referee says I slashed someone’s ankles and that I told the ref to suck my d!ck”. Coach says “okay, so what actually happened?” ”I slashed someone’s ankles and I told the ref to suck my d!ck.”
  10. May have been me. I recommend spittin chiclets any chance I get, and that interview was incredible. he spoke for almost a full hour and didn’t even get into stories about Scotty Stevens or Marty Brodeur. They’re having him back on some day soon to continue.
  11. I didn't realize that I was the one who came up with this incredibly weird statistic called "points before their age __ season". I'm definitely in the wrong profession, that seems like a real money maker.
  12. Have you not been paying attention? Of course that's what it means. What else would it mean?
  13. Zacha’s age *does* prop him up. He could go pointless for another three full fvcking seasons and he’ll still have accomplished more than forum-pet Blake Coleman did by his age 25 season. Some players take time to develop. This is a bottom feeder franchise right now; why not let him develop? You’d rather trade him and see more games for Rooney and Hayden and whoever the living fvck Ben street is?
  14. Implying that playing in the NHL as an 18/19 year old is similar to “going to summer school” is bordering on SD-levels of terrible metaphors.
  15. Jesus Christ. Jacob Josefson finished his NHL career with 64 points in 315 games. Pavel Zacha has 30 more points in 70 fewer games. Pavel Zacha is a well above average penalty killer. He provides value to the team, even though it doesn't show up on the stat sheet. He's not even close to Rantanen, but he's also not Jacob fvcking Josefson. And again, since you guys will all spit at the sound of his name until DM does the merciful thing and shuts down the website, I'll defend him just as adamantly. He's on pace for 111 points through his age-22 season. Do you know who else on the current New Jersey Devils had 111 career points by their age-22 season? 1. Nico Hischier that's the list.
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