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  1. the dichotomy of saying “i hope she’s making it up” and then saying “i have a daughter” is so headspinning I can’t keep up.
  2. It’s more than a little bit upsetting to me that still in today’s age stuff like this comes out and there are people ready to say “oh i bet the woman made it up”. he’s been a grade-A douchebag his entire NHL career and, should the NHL find any examples of this being true, should be removed from the sport.
  3. i was about to comment on the fact that i’m 99% sure fitzy is wearing a devils jersey in that reflection!
  4. that’s malpractice and should be reported to your local AIA affiliate. Even if you don’t sue, you could be saving other people from dealing with him! bonus photo of the house, one of my favorites.
  5. in the spirit of sharing, here’s a (recent award winning!! woo) house I was the project architect for recently
  6. yea I’m a residential architect and I have legitimately no idea what he’s talking about lol. i put carpet in the bedrooms of $12m houses if the owners want it. a lot of people do. and you don’t need a shoe molding on a tile floor if you have a semi-decent installer lmao. EDIT: lmao he’s talking about the tiny little sliver of carpet next to the desk in your bottom pic?
  7. I wanted to go into commercial design, that was why I wanted to be an architect. My first “real” job was at Perkins+Will, an incredibly well known commercial design firm. My first 6 months I was in heaven. My team and I came up with a design for a crazy, elaborate, GORGEOUS student housing facility in Turkey. I fell in love with the building, everyone on the team did. I knew I was “home”. And then I learned what the phrase “value engineering” meant. We proudly came in under budget with our design; but that wasn’t enough. Over the next 4 months we were asked to find any and all means of making the building cheaper. This crazy, intense, brutalist building my team and I came up with slowly and painstakingly turned into what eventually looked like it was designed by the people who do Courtyard Marriott’s. 2 more projects like that and I said “I’m out.” I still had my 5th year of school left (architecture is a 5 year program) and then I was going to do grad school and change careers; architecture wasn’t for me. At the nagging of my now-wife I went to the career fair anyway, and talked to a bunch of firms. There was one firm that EVERYONE wanted to go to — every single person in architecture knows their name — Ferguson & Shamamian Architects in manhattan. It was the only firm at the fair that had a line, and it was like 25 students long (for a graduating class of fifty lol). I just chatted with the guy who liked my work enough to schedule a formal interview. In the interview I told him “hey, I grew up and wanted to be an architect, but I just had this experience and it’s not for me. Thank you for your talking to me but I don’t want to waste your time” He said that I was in the right field but the wrong niche: high end residential doesn’t know what Value Engineering means. He offered me a job (which shocked the hell out of me) and I took it on the spot and have been happily in the field ever since. Couple of years later I moved down to a small firm that does similar (but less expensive) houses. Still in the $10+ range, but not in the $75m+ for celebrities and royalty, haha. Thanks to a nudge from my wife and an incredible first job in this specific genre, my passion was immediately reignited and my love for architecture has never waned.
  8. I refuse to get too high about his PP prowess or low about his (supposed) PK deficiencies when those two things are so inherently scheme/system-based.
  9. good for him. love seeing players do that* *as long as they didn’t just sign a 10 year commitment.
  10. so what does everyone do for a living? mfitz is a lawyer, that’s the easiest guess ever. i’m a residential architect, specifically building houses in the 8-20m dollar range. i’m one of the lucky people who gets to do something I truly love.
  11. Went ahead and looked at the Devils, too, because why not. Here are a list of players the Devils will need to re-sign next year (I'm adding Kuok and Sharangovich to the list, but that has to happen this season). They'll have $44.5m in cap room (to get to the ceiling) and need to re-sign: Miles Wood $4m Jesper Bratt $5m Jesper Boqvist $3m Jack Hughes $8m (I see a breakout coming) Janne Kuokkonen $3m Yegor Sharangovich $3.5m PK Subban (Walk) In summary: anyone worried about Tarasenko's contract or Hamilton's contract is uninformed. That puts us $27m below the cap ceiling next year, AKA $7m below the goddamned floor! Also a pre-emptive response; I know I'm off on some of these contracts. It was just a little mini thought exercise.
  12. Took a look at the Rangers. Because fvck em. But next season is about to get...................... hairy. I'll make AAV guesses next to their names Their projected cap space: $34 million. The people they will need to re-sign: UFA Mika Zibanejad (their best player and expected team captain) $8.5 UFA Ryan Strome (their current 1C) $5.0 UFA Ryan Reaves (maybe they let him walk) let walk RFA Vitaly Kravstov (their projected goal scoring winger of the future) $3.5 RFA Kaapo Kaako (their projected first line winger) $5.5 RFA Adam Fox (the Norris winner defenseman) $10.5 RFA Alexander Giorgiev (their 1B goalie) $4.0 RFA Igor Shesterkin (their goalie of the future) $5.0 I assumed bridge contracts for all RFAs to keep their numbers low/reasonable-ish. Quick guess puts them, what, $8m over the flat salary cap? Some of these numbers might be high, I'd bet some take a "bright lights brah" discount, and some might be low (especially if Kaako or Kravstov break out). But the Rangers are about to have a legitimate cap issue because of the closeness in age all of their young players are, and because they're paying a winger $12m and a 2nd pairing defenseman $8m for the foreseeable future. Plus that hideously bad Kreider contract. The immediate following year, they owe big contracts to Lafreniere (if he doesn't bust), Chytil (again), and K'Andre Miller. TLDR: The Rangers will not be in play for Tarasenko, even at 50% retained, period.
  13. I don’t see the Rangers meeting the Sabres current demands (last I saw it: 5 assets each with the value of a first round pick.) So, for NY, it’s something like 2 firsts, Kravstov, Kakko and Miller. Eichel is a legitimate injury concern. You’d be trading everything you put into this rebuild for one guy who might legitimately play 40 games a year and retire early. It’s a massive risk. I saw the fit before the year, but I see it less now. I can verify. He did a really good job this week.
  14. Can't really imagine the Rangers being in on Tarasenko. They're wing-heavy as it is, and are about to owe some people some MAJOR raises very soon. Islanders are likely, but they'll need STL to retain a lot of salary. I think the big thing right now is St. Louis evaluating whether they want to acquire a better return in exchange for retaining salary, or trade him to a team like the Devils for relative pennies but no money retained.
  15. Pagnotta (thefourthperiod, who is very much verified) says nothing done yet but Parise 1 year deal is likely and they’re still working on a multi year deal for Palmieri, which, yikes.
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