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  1. Im neutral to their team. I’m neutral to their coach. I fvcking *hate* their fans. Entitled, obnoxious, pompous. They’ve got a Yankee fan bravado with a Met fan reality and it’s mind numbingly annoying.
  2. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Zacha scored a huge goal that sent us to the playoffs last year. That was neither a “Garbage time goal” nor a “meaningless game” He’s 21 years old, dude. Not everyone is Nico.
  3. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    He’s got one of the best shots on the team. If he sees some space on the ice and uses his shot more often, he can be a very productive player.
  4. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Selling low on a young player is always the best move, I agree. I wish Lou traded Larsson after his tough season too, we could’ve gotten a 3rd round pick instead of this skater who we have to pay a ton of money to this summer. We should avoid a similar situation with Zacha. Think of the cap ramifications.
  5. This has gotta be a way bigger collapse than the 2012 Canucks, 2006 Wings and 2010 Caps right?
  6. The Devils won as many playoff games this year as 62-win Tampa Bay. and we get to draft Hughes.
  7. I’m specifically talking about offer-sheeting. I’d first say you’re critically underrating Werenski, but even if I agreed with you that Marner > those 4 players, it’s risky as hell for a team that may very well miss the playoffs next year to offer 4 first round picks for anyone who’s name isn’t McDavid. Trading just one pick? If we can re-sign Hall i can get behind that.
  8. I don’t think I would say you’re stupid for suggesting the devils might most the playoffs. I would definitely say you’re stupid for a long list of other reasons, though, Stan.
  9. If I’m not mistaken, game 2 was the first time in franchise history the Blue Jackets won a playoff game by more than 1 goal.
  10. MB3

    Hughes or Kakko

    It isn’t difficult. You build from the middle out. You’ve got a bonifide #1 center staring you in the face. You draft that bonifide #1 center.
  11. I have significantly less faith than you do that the Devils aren't in the draft lottery again next year. And if we're passing out offer sheets, don't you think those assets are better utilized to acquire a defenseman with a pulse?
  12. MB3

    Hughes or Kakko

    Tbh I think there's a nonzero chance the Rangers either trade down to #3 or take Podkolzin at #2. It's not likely, but it's not impossible. They're building a little Russian team there; Shestyorkin, Kravstov and Rykov will be major players for them for a while. I've heard that Kreider has learned how to speak Russian so he can ease their transition. If they draft Podkolzin, you're kidding yourself if you don't think NYR becomes a clear favorite to land Panarin.
  13. MB3

    Hughes or Kakko

    This isn't even a Seguin/Hall debate, it's becoming pretty clear. There will be people leading up to the draft saying Kakko might be worth the pick, but it'll be Hughes. Feels like to me the Matthews/Laine draft. There was a ton of media speculation that Laine might actually get picked first, but Matthews was the obvious pick. Maybe not as clear cut as McDavid/Eichel, but definitely not as muddy as Taylor/Tyler or Nico/Nolan. I don't buy for a single second anyone would "rather have #2" like Matteau said. You'd rather have #1, because you'd rather have the better player. And the better player is Hughes.
  14. Petersson and 2 1sts, non lottery protected
  15. Thank god they weren't. If they were awarded 1OA in 2011, they likely take Ryan Nugent Hopkins. Not that he's a bad player, but he isn't a young solid defenseman that made Edmonton drool.
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