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  1. But the players aren’t in a financial battle with the “others that have literally lost everything.” They’re in a financial battle with the billionaire owners who offered them a contract to sign. Regardless, 100% of pro-rated pay seems completely reasonable to me.
  2. Parise’s olympic goal is the loudest i’ve ever celebrated at a non-Devils goal. stupid sexy crosby. I watch Martinez’ goal once a month, minimum. That’s way up there. I was in the building for Henrique’s flip and score against us. I stood and clapped.
  3. That’s because people have to like you enough to spend money on you, even for a gag gift. hehe
  4. You WERE a legend. You are now a DISGRACE. shame. shame.
  5. If this isn’t permanent-ban worthy, nothing is.
  6. Hey Alexa, why don't we let fans decide what colors to make a jersey? "Thank you for asking MB3. We don't do that, because someone suggested a blue/teal/yellow jersey for the New Jersey Devils, and wasn't joking around." Thanks Alexa.
  7. I am legitimately stoked about this jersey.
  8. this double negative is messing with my very hungover head this morning
  9. on a scale of 1-10 how fvcking high do you get before you post?
  10. That is legitimately and unquestionably the ugliest NHL jersey I have seen in my entire life. And not just “so ugly it’s kinda funny and i want one” either
  11. MB3

    Doc Emrick Retires

    Chico loved, loved, loved to talk. I got into a habit in 2008 or 2009 of seeing him on the concourse between intermissions and striking up conversation. He loved to talk to fans, he loved to hear what they had to say and he loved to give his input. He remembered my name by the end of the year, and even invited my dad and I to go sing happy birthday to Stan Fischler before the game with a cake. Such a bizarre and fun memory.
  12. MB3

    Doc Emrick Retires

    Working so I can’t find the video right now but one of my favorite doc voice cracks was the final game of the 2006 season, when they came back from down 2-0 or 3-0 against Montreal to win the division on the last night of the season as part of that awesome win streak. The go ahead goal was unreal. Top of my head, something like: “Here’s a 2-on-1, may be a THREE (crack) on one. Langenbrunner moves on innnnNnnnNnNnnnnnnnn..... SCARRRRRRS” with chico whooping and hollering in the background.
  13. MB3

    Doc Emrick Retires

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but what made this extra special was that it was “Doc Emerick night” at the Rock.
  14. MB3

    Doc Emrick Retires

    Back in 2009, when I had season tickets, the Devils has this goofy little area setup right at the top of the escalators of the north entrance tower (now i think it’s a liquor bar or something?) where they’d have stuff to do at intermission. Sometimes it was videogames, usually there was table hockey. Well this one time there was a fake play-by-play booth. There was a green screen behind you and you did color commentary for “Doc”, who was recorded, and you had lines you could read or you could improvise. Doc’s lines would also show up on the screen so you’d know what to say. I was pu
  15. It’s an absurd point on a terrible hockey team with a terrible coaching staff and terrible linemates, and no amount of you internet bullying changes that.
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