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  1. “so if that stands true” seemed to have covered that, no?
  2. So I just saw that you can’t speak with the media if you’re not vaccinated without a mask. The only people from our regulars from last season I didn’t see speak with the media today are Seigenthaler, Kuokkonen, and Johnsson. Otherwise it’s likely a PTO guy.
  3. It was reported a few days ago that the “entire devils active roster” is vaccinated, so if that stands true it’s either a rookie who’s not likely to make the team, or it’s a PTO guy. Maybe Vesey?
  4. I literally have no idea what this means.
  5. I'm also curious. How do you know? Yeah for the record I was just making a guess, which is probably at the very least reckless and I take it back.
  6. The skeptic in me says that it's Miles Wood. He's been a pretty strong pro-trump supporter on instagram, and I'm not saying 100% of trump supporters are anti-vaxxers, but I only know 3 people who are unvaccinated / held off and they're all very, very outspoken trump supporters.
  7. That's because facebook is a cesspool of truck-selfie neckbeards. I don't have to say it for the lulz: The Devils should only allow fully vaccinated people in their arena. New Jersey is 64% vaccinated; why pander to the uneducated minority?
  8. Or maybe the organization can do something similar to what nearly every other fvcking franchise is doing and require proof of vaccination to get into the arena so mouth breathers don't get everyone sick? Maybe that? Maybe the people who say "HURR DE DURR I DONT WANT TO PUT ANYTHIN INTO MY BODY THAT I DONT TRUST" while smoking a pack of cigarettes and drinking monster energy drinks should be the ones that have to "always stay home".
  9. Dear everyone on this forum who said I was an idiot for wanting Luke Hughes because it will keep Jack around: "Yeah, I mean, I've started the recruitment process (re: Quinn)... Now that we've got Luke I don't see myself leaving Jersey for a while, but, if Quinn ever wanted to come we'd welcome him with open arms." -Jack Hughes. What an interview. No lip service in this interview at all, no "oh you know it's a hard league but I'll give it my best." He flat out says "I know I am a special player. I know I'll be a dominant player in this league. I'm putting in the work to make that happen." This guy is going to be a fvcking freak, very soon.
  10. I’m assuming it was the reddit post. There are several MSG & New Jersey Devils employees who lurk there.
  11. If you’re a few pucks short, I can’t imagine a better possible resource than MSG and a segment during a Devils game that might unearth a friend of a friend of a friend who can get you the pucks you need to fill it out.
  12. Love that. One of my favorite players of all time. Hurts we never got him a cup.
  13. I know you love to argue and ain’t nobody got time to deal with one of our pissing matches, so I’ll just end by saying it was an oddly negative, highly snobby comment to make. the devils fans who post on a devils fan forum are excited because a devils player looks to be as good as all of the beat writers and scouts have been saying he is. nobody here is pretending that two games against the buffalo sabres prospects is similar to real NHL games, but for some reason you saw a few of your internet devils friends smiling about something and you decided “they seem happy. i should make them not-that.”
  14. Lol what a ridiculously unnecessary wet blanket of a comment. Mercer looking good against other prospects is a good thing. I’ve been high on him since his D+1 year and now he’s showing up in prospect games. I’m excited for him to develop, not declaring him the next Wayne Gretzky.
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