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  1. MB3

    Hockey Songs

    no it was that thing you hear at every sporting event that’s some deep voice going MAAAKEE SOMEE NOIIIIIIIISEEEE that usually transitions into a song
  2. MB3

    Hockey Songs

    anyone remember “superfan” douchebag who was around in 2009?
  3. Fun stuff RWTD. 1. The easiest answer is game-6 2001 or game-6 1994. I’ll pick a different one just to be contrarian: if i can guarantee the devils win game 6 of the 2010 cup finals, I’d be willing to bet they ride that momentum into the greatest comeback in SCF history. 2. I’m getting rid of Hall’s Devils career. It helped us win 1 playoff game, oh well. It’s hard to pick one single thing to change, and i don’t think a single trade would stop the Devils from being such dogsh!t for the past decade or so. Verbeek is an easy answer, i’ll cheat and “push a trade through” that
  4. MB3

    Hockey Songs

    It makes me giggle a little bit that you just replied to a seventeen year old question with an answer.
  5. MB3

    Hockey Songs

    When I had season tickets (going back a few years now), they used to play "The Game" by Motorhead and "Devils" by 69 Eyes. Skip to the chorus for some nostalgia, everyone. Went to a game two years ago and they played "A Warrior's Call" by Volbeat, skip to about 0:40. They used to have that play after "Timeeeee for a PSE&G POWERRRRPLAYYYYYY" when I was in the building every night from 2007-2013ish
  6. MB3

    Who do you want at #7?

    I used to be a year-round poster but it’s just different. The members are different, the quality of the offseason contributors are different, the fact that the Devils haven’t iced a team that had a remote chance at a 2nd round playoff appearance since 2012 makes things different. It sucks, but it is what it is. I’ll probably post during the rangers games to cheer against the rangers, but that’s really it. Can bet your bottom dollar i’ll be back with wildly unrealistic expectations for the next season, though!
  7. MB3

    Who do you want at #7?

    Anthony Brodeur is a backup goalie for a college hockey team. To get from 7th to 2nd you’d be looking at 7th+Smith or 7th+Foote+2rd pick to even get them to pick up the phone. The cost is prohibitive for a talent-deprived team.
  8. He's always been known as a brilliant offensive mind, right? If so, I guess I'd be much happier losing chaotic 7-6 games than I have been losing 3-0 games? Since "winning the hockey games" isn't an option for our sad sack of an organization.
  9. He's not my choice, but I also remember how endlessly Columbus got mocked for the Torts hire (especially after he soured in NY and was a complete clown show in vancouver) and now he's probably the best coach in the league. I'm disappointed but not furious. Then again, it's tough to muster up enough feelings about this franchise to be "furious" any more.
  10. I think that’s cute and all, but that’s Pavel Datsyuk’s nickname (magician / magic man) and it should stay that way. His vision is excellent. His defense and finishing ability blow chunks but he’s getting used to the NHL game and I think he’s a fine player. Hope he stays with us.
  11. I like all three. I’m lower on Bratt than most, and higher on Boqvist than most. Gusev is a solid hockey player that should be with us for a while, but he’s 27 years old. Hard to compare that with the guys that are 6 years younger.
  12. playoffs will get cancelled and now the high market rangers and canadiens get MONUMENTALLY better odds at 1OA than if they hadn’t had this predetermined “first draft” nonsense in the first place. THIS. SPORT. IS. FIXED.
  13. I hope the playoffs are a clusterfvck. I hope that the virus stops them 9 times. I hope the league loses sponsorships and we watch illegal chinese streams of HGTV to watch the season next year. I hope the winning team has seven replacement players and no officials because of COVID and i hope the stanley cup breaks in their hands. i hope the league gets as butchered as it deserves to get with this clown show that runs it. wake up, you morons. we’re watching the WWF. if ya SMELLLLLL what the gary is COOOOOKING! i don’t care who we draft. see you guys next year for the sam
  14. The day someone hits gary bettman with a vehicle is the day this league gets 20 times better. Until then, i’ll wake up every morning hoping to check my phone and see that it’s happened. I don’t even think i’m a hockey fan any more. I’m a devils fan, and i hope every other team folds.
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