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  1. No, it's not. I think the value is probably right, but the Devils shouldn't trade 7 years of their homegrown captain for 4 years of a recent malcontent who's been on a losing team his whole career. The second he sees daylight, he's out.
  2. They're listed ahead of us because they currently have a higher point percentage. It goes: 1. Points / Point Percentage 2. Regulation Wins 3. Regulation + OT Wins 4. Overall Wins 5. Head-to-head 6. Goal differential 7. Total goals scored
  3. They had a brutal bout with COVID, worse than we did and an absolutely absurd schedule as a result; basically every other day for 4 weeks.
  4. We have more ROW than they do. They need to finish a point ahead of us.
  5. Cool. Make it $10. Who gives a sh!t? They don’t hang banners for “most cap space 15 years in a row!!!!!!!!!!!”
  6. sign free agents. anyone who doesn’t say “oh fvck that” when his agent says the Devils are calling, offer him $1m more than the highest bidder. $2m more if we really want him. I don’t fvcking care, bring me free agents. also, here’s a weird one: unless i’m misremembering something, Pavel Zacha and Damon Severson are the only two players who were here with Larsson. Is that right? Sounds insane. Also sounds like Larsson is close to signing a 4-year extension in Edmonton. So, poop.
  7. Vancouver needs 1 point in their final 6 games and we’ll have better lotto odds than they do. If they go 2-4, it’s a statistical unlikelihood that they’d draft in front of us. That’s all I’m hoping for.
  8. I usually agree with you but I disagree so much with this entire post. I think the Devils need 2 vets on defense and 1-2 forward veterans as well. UFA or trade or offer sheet, I don’t care. The Devils absolutely can be a playoff team next year. Playing a real NHL schedule will do a lot. Young teams can take leaps in the offseason; this isn’t an older veteran team where you know what you’ve got. Nico barely played this season, which will help take pressure off Hughes. Shara/Kuok/Jack line looks unreal, imagine with another year of development? This isn’t baseball where elite teams m
  9. In your estimation, 5 million dollars per season will do... anything.... remotely substantial to our cap? 6m? 7m? we have 11m in cap space this season. PK, Murray, Butcher and company will all be off the books soon. We’re paying Kovy, Cory Schneider, Mike Cammalleri, Travis Zajac and Kyle Palmieri more than $8m this year to *not* play for the Devils. I’m sorry, but saying the salary cap is a reason the Devils shouldn’t rush to overpay anyone and everyone willing to join this dumpster fire — especially bonafide top-4 NHL defenseman — is a misguided, silly statement.
  10. look up restricted free agent contracts and get back to me. he’s still 2 full contracts away from UFA.
  11. How much money do you think non-superstar players make on their first RFA contract? Spoiler alert: it’s not enough to even remotely worry about Ty Smith’s cap hit as it relates to a single contract we dish out this summer, unless we go buck wild and offer Dougie 9 years.
  12. Eichel doesn’t have trade protection in his contract until 2022. If he forces his way out of Buffalo this offseason, Buffalo will take whatever the best offer on the table is. That offer might be New York, but something tells me if there are two similar offers on the table and one of them takes him out of conference and out of state, they’ll send him there.
  13. Who cares how much he costs? We've lead the league in cap space for like ten years in a row, what has that gotten us? Ty Smith having offensive upside doesn't mean Ty Smith is only an offense-oriented player. He's a top-pairing type guy in the future because he's solid and smart on the puck. This team can afford Severson and Hamilton on the back end; this isn't your 1998 NHL where you have to be 6'-8" and hit the piss out of people to be considered a good defenseman. Technique, footwork, speed and zone escapability all make Ty Smith the prospect he is. When did I say Severson is a t
  14. he's a little confused but he's got the right spirit.
  15. I'll try! Thank God it's over. Thank you sweet baby Jesus. Refrigerator i am bad at poetry
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