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  2. I think Dano was right, on the replay Jack saw him last minute and braced for it and took it well
  3. Everyone else flips out on clean hits we might as well do the same on things that are intentional or not.
  4. Elbow to the face and everyone ignores it
  5. If someone beat me to this joke so be it but he's automatically the best Kurtis ever on this team(Gabriel and Foster) lol
  6. Went to the new Ringling brothers circus tour at Prudential last night. It's more of a Cirque du Soleli but more fun instead of artistic type show now. The acts they have are incredible though. The people on the flying trapeze were going essentially the same height as where the top of scoreboard normally hangs. Lots of incredible athletes doing stuff I can't even imagine, another guy rode around on a 34 foot unicycle. People flipping on spring boards high into the air on to a chair that's probably 25 feet in the air. One thing I didn't understand was why they had the guys who were clearly supposed to be the clowns but they weren't dressed like clowns. Just weird to me to have a circus and no real clowns especially with Ringling brothers history of having clowns. The whole animal thing is what it is, I get why they don't have them anymore but it really does make the whole thing just feel like another Cirque type show and that's fine but can we please not have this abomination of a black mirror dog used instead? Overall I still highly recommend going if you are into this type of stuff and don't spend a lot on tickets.
  7. I've never heard it called that before but woof that's definitely grim
  8. Ugh sh!tty news. Unfortunately not surprising since we knew he was sick and he didn't look well on this current season of Curb. Always found him to be very funny, especially on Curb. It makes that will storyline on this current season a lot more on the nose but that was probably his idea knowing his humor. RIP...
  9. Yeah gotta double dip and get a different one for the road
  10. I wish Blackwood was in net for all of these goals lol
  11. Right? Had absolutely no real advantage on the play and decreases scoring
  12. Ugh they challenged quickly, it's definitely offsides.
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