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  1. There should absolutely be pumped in audio rangers suck chants for the 4 home games, for realism
  2. He still speaks better English than we can speak Belarusian lol
  3. I enjoyed Mac pointing and waving at us during the 3 stars lol
  4. Smith was wearing #22 during camp so it sounds like they decided to do it very last minute for some good pr.
  5. Awesome play by Hughes on that goal, 3 assists already. Such a better first period than Thursday. My biggest negative is good lord those digital ads next to the blue lines are horrid. They aren't even put on steady so the damn things are actually shaking a bit if you look at them. fvcking trash, would rather just see another ad on the actual ice than this digital garbage.
  6. Have you checked out any restaurants in the Ironbound section? They aren't as jam packed and the food and prices are better too.
  7. Makes sense, it was awful in that Tampa game and its not necessary to have the same logo over 100 times on the glass
  8. Mac was great tonight and Hughes was good but man he stinks at shootouts so far. Such a shame he couldn't get that last shot in at the end of that ot, zajac too. Oh well, most of us would have taken 1 point tonight prior to the game so can't complain too much.
  9. That's an NBCSN thing, they will have those all year, MSG probably would too if someone wanted to pay for em.
  10. Kudos to whoever the Devils employee was that watched the Tampa game last night and realized that ads on the glass on the hard camera side is awful and didn't put Prudential logos there.
  11. That's something they should fix down the line, make it a completely solid screen and then whenever we have playoff games you can setup a viewing party from the new park there like we have seen other teams do.
  12. Personally for me, I do. There's no energy in the building, there's no reactions of a crowd going wild after a big goal. There's no fans trying to get louder to try to motivate a late tying goal. I almost think it's the equivalent of if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Sure we care on here and people are watching but it sure doesn't feel right. A positive I've taken out of this is that at least my two teams(Red Bulls as well) didn't win anything last year and most likely won't this year as well so it hasn't felt like I've missed anything.
  13. Not my cup of tea but if anyone is interested... https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/release-devils-unveil-new-second-screen-experience/c-320255074
  14. Ruff said no captain so far but looks like Zajac, Palms and Severson wearing the As. Also pretty sure we have the only equipment manager that hangs jerseys like this, never seen it before until this guy came here a few seasons ago...
  15. This is easily the most apathetic I've ever been since being a Devils fan because I'm completely over sports without fans. I can't believe it's been 310 days since attending the last home game/game in general that the Devils played on March 10th vs Pittsburgh, it feels like years ago. That being said I'm excited for the Hughes hat trick tonight! LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  16. I don't see it happening nor what we would offer but we aren't in their division this year so who knows...
  17. I'm glad he's healthy enough to play, that's about it.
  18. I dont think they have enough Adidas logos around the entire glass in Tampa.
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