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  1. Probably will be next year after this. If it was the Devils I'd be pissed too but I'd probably be more pissed at the team for going into nuclear meltdown mode and giving up 4 goals that quickly and not being able to clear the damn puck out of the zone or clear out the front of the net.
  2. I don't think it was a clear high stick, some of the angles looked that way but they had one angle that they showed where it looked good.
  3. Vegas still had their shot in ot to win, fvck em.
  4. Sharks don't bother me, great fan base that has stuck with that team since the beginning, win or lose. Also think Gallant is a complete tool bag mouth breather so I don't mind not having to see him anymore. I can never root for a Colorado team unless they are playing in the finals against an Eastern team I hate so I'd rather the Sharks take them out. I also think for those of you that don't get the Carolina hate haven't experienced a playoff game in that building. I've been there quite a few times for them and there are so many stupid fvcking people that show up for those games. I hope Washington finishes them off.
  5. fvck Carolina, their fans are horrendous too. I was down there in 06 when they eliminated us. fvcking hope Washington beats them still.
  6. Also touching on the other part of the question, if you're rooting for another team to win, like anyone else beating the Rangers or another team you hate that's one thing. Or like some individual players and give a half hearted woo when they do well that's fine by me. If you pick another team immediately, update your stupid social media with their logo or go out and buy their gear and wear it then yeah, you're a damn fraud.
  7. I am so happy Tampa got absolutely embarrassed. Them bringing the Stanley Cup to their pre-game party concert for game 1 was the kiss of death. I bet they won't do that again lol
  8. We'll I'm clearly in the minority here but I've always been more of a fvck everyone else kind of fan. I just have teams that I hate less than other teams. I can't stand the Islanders. Divisional local rival with an annoying fan base that shows up in our building and acts just as annoying as the other idiots in blue. I feel like those of you who are more passive about them haven't dealt with their fans at our games in the last few years and how annoying they are for a team that hasn't won anything since the early 80s. fvck them, hope they get swept by Washington.
  9. Since it was created for the 85-86 season 8 President's Trophy winners have won the Stanley Cup as well. 3 others lost in the Stanley Cup Finals and 6, have been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs but none have ever been swept in the first round I really hope Tampa creates some history and gets swept on Tuesday to become the first President's Trophy winner to ever do so in the first round lol.
  10. Can't stand Pittsburgh nor the Islanders fan base so I don't care who wins this series. Would like to see Pittsburgh force a few more games and have Washington knock out either of them. Hoping Columbus can go up 3-0 today, fvck Tampa Bay.
  11. If it was really fixed there isn't a chance in hell we would have ever won.
  12. This is nuts too, I would have never guessed it's been that long since they drafted this high... "Rangers jumped up four spots to get their first top-two draft pick since they took Hall of Famer Brad Park second overall in 1966."
  13. I don't think Hall is going anywhere, especially if we draft Hughes. I think a big benefit to us is he got to experience how miserable it is to play in a city where "fans" harrass you when you're out and about. Here he is loved by the fan base but he can still live his out of the rink life as a relative unknown which is a great benefit that I don't think gets talked about as much as it should. We have our practice rink next door to the arena, you can go to the beach or nyc anytime you want. Plenty of areas to grow a family if that's your thing. Hell, you can buy a farm if that's your thing too. The Devils should hire me to pitch to free agents to sign here. I sure as hell could convince most players to do it over signing with a ton of the other garbage cities and states in the league.
  14. Satans Hockey

    Hughes or Kakko

    I can't wait for the draft a few years from now where we can say that the new draft picks were born after the Xanadu/American Dream mall broke ground and it's still not open.
  15. Satans Hockey

    Hughes or Kakko

    I don't really have an opinion on which one I want but with Hughes being the projected #1 for years and that we learned he apparently skates with Hall already then I don't see us not taking him. I already thought Hall was going to resign here but if we take Hughes I think it increases the odds to a 99.9% chance of signing Hall long term.
  16. Not sure if this was posted or not but here's the actual drawing, 2/4/10/12 are some of my new favorite numbers lol... https://www.nhl.com/video/bettman-draws-this-years-lottery/t-277350912/c-67612803
  17. Satans Hockey

    Hughes or Kakko

    "He will immediately replace Brendan Shanahan as the most offensively talented forward the New Jersey Devils have ever drafted." I would argue every day that Elias was better than Shanahan.
  18. This really does feel like a reward for having to watch what essentially was a minor league team for the majority of the season. So happy!
  19. Satans Hockey

    Hughes or Kakko

    You guys are all missing the easiest solution here, we take whoever #1 and then break #2s knee caps so he can't play for the Rangers because fvck them. Problem solved, you're welcome.
  20. ffs you need to SLASH that piss poor negative attitude.
  21. HOLY fvckING sh!t WOOOOOO. I was in complete lock down mode cause I was at Barclays for WWE. Made it all the way home without hearing anything and just watched the draft. fvck YEAH BAYBAYYYYYY WHAT A GREAT fvckING WEEK. WOOOOOOOOOO
  22. That's a shame, I really hate this format but if they are just waiting for Seattle to come in and then are going to change the format again I guess it makes sense to just wait until it's an even amount of teams in each conference when they join the West.
  23. We have the first confirmed match up for the playoffs now, Boston will host Toronto.
  24. Nah, it will go in one ear and right out the other lol and thankfully I'll be at all the home games at least.
  25. The part I watched them film before one of the Devils game is in the trailer, right when the kids steal his sign and run away, that's all in Newark right next to the arena...
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