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  1. Jerseys I can deal with, I'll just complain on here lol.... A logo change I'll absolutely lose my mind and I think the vast majority of the fan base would too. The logo is one of the best in any sport and should never be changed, period, it's not even up for debate to me lol
  2. I hate all of it but we all knew this day was eventually going to come.
  3. They definitely get a lot more traffic over there, especially right now since there really isn't much of anything of importance to talk about. I mainly stay in the Devils area since anytime I go into the main boards it just gives me a headache lol
  4. Don't read the HF boards main thread about him retiring.
  5. My Doc story was many, many years ago at one of the Devils fan club dinners/autograph things with the team. He got on line behind us waiting to get inside when they hadn't even opened the doors up yet. Numerous people told him just to bypass the line and he politely declined and said he would rather wait his turn and chat with us instead. Chico and Doc were our best tv duo and will never be matched simply because like so many of us they were truly just fans of the Devils. They both loved(and love because Chico is still on radio and around) to interact with all of their fans and have a wa
  6. That reminded me of this from the other day lol....
  7. I agree nobody saw it coming, I just don't feel the least bit sorry for any or them. We have been through numerous lockouts, including one that cost everyone an entire season and no Cup being awarded and people were saying the same thing about maybe now general managers won't be giving out huge ridiculous contracts and then they always end up going back there, this will be no different though next off season might be more of the same like this year depending on whatever the hell happens next year with fans in the buildings. Hell, Hall is literally gambling on the hope that things go back
  8. In reference to it being so challenging for them...
  9. Im glad he didn't sign with a divisional rival and that's about as much as I care about anything to do with Taylor Hall these days.
  10. Guess Hall really should have just re-signed with the Devils after that MVP year, day two of free agency and he's not even signed anywhere yet.
  11. Oh great, another two years of people typing Cory and Corey because they can't remember his name.
  12. They probably just signed Keith so they can expose him in the expansion draft so he'll end up playing wherever the hell Seattle's AHL team will be lol
  13. Cory is a great person but injuries really ruined his on ice play, this simply needed to be done. A shame he was so good when the team was trash here and then when we finally got a bit better he kept getting hurt. Agree with him getting into broadcasting, I thought he did a great job on NBCSN.
  14. This is so incredibly stupid, body checking isn't and wouldn't be the main way covid would be spread during a hockey game.
  15. Seems like they just had called a timeout cause that took awhile.
  16. It's taking awhile, wonder if they made a trade.....nope, Artem Shlaine it is.
  17. Interesting, took a goalie, Nicolas Daws. He's 6'4
  18. Apparently his dad works for the Kings in Europe
  19. Lol at EJ slipping and saying "Obviously had some sex" haha
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