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  1. Schedule for the play in games is out, lots of games each day... https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-round-robin-best-of-5-series-dates-times/c-317365910
  2. Only posting this here cause of the owners being talked about in this thread but looks like they are out of the running for the Mets at the moment...
  3. I'd have to go back and look but I'm sure there were people complaining about Hynes pretty loudly as well, more Pittsburgh members, never won anything before, etc etc etc.
  4. I'm just not gonna sh!t on them until I see someone actually reporting that they wouldn't pay him that money. I don't see him saying anything about $5m, he mentions them not wanting to pay as his opinion and I frankly couldn't give two sh!ts about his opinion...
  5. Is this the source reporting all this? Cause if so I'll definitely wait for an actual reliable source...
  6. Do we have an official source talking about the money being an issue for Lav? I browsed a bit but didn't see any actual reporters talking about. I'm not gonna knock them on that until it's an actual reputable source. I said if the others said no there's nothing you can really do. Wasn't saying it as a fact.
  7. Out of those 5 choices if the other 4 say no, what can you really do?
  8. I will definitely be way more displeased with this if they don't bring in some more new coaches, I agree with the others that it's just a courtesy though.
  9. Well it's both ofifical, just got an email from the team... https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/release-devils-name-lindy-ruff-head-coach/c-317357322 https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/release-devils-name-fitzgerald-evpgeneral-manager/c-317355078
  10. Are they actually believable sources or talking out their ass? I have no problem with people being pissed off about it but I'll hold off until we actually know it's true. I'd rather have Lav over Ruff too.
  11. Who is saying he wanted x amount of money? Is it coming from a reputable source?
  12. I think having normal sized crowds is more wishful thinking than having the season be played but definitely going to be interesting. Personally I'm just hoping for a defferrment to the next season so I don't have to battle with the front office to get it.
  13. Don't see how we normal sized crowds or maybe even crowds at all by December 1st... https://www.tsn.ca/dec-1-the-tentative-start-date-for-next-nhl-season-1.1493500
  14. I know some NFL teams have been offering the option to skip next season for season ticket holders but this is the first one I believe to flat out just say everyone is getting deffered. In any fans are allowed in its only going to be 14k or less... https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/2020-ravens-season-tickets-to-be-deferred I think this will definitely lead to the NHL having to do something similar next season.
  15. If this is all true, which I do believe Weekes, how does this work for the Rangers for this bubble tournament? Does he actually keep being an assistant coach the rest of the way for them? That doesn't seem like a normal thing to do.
  16. fvck outta here. Would rather keep sh!tty Nas. fvck 2020.
  17. Maybe it will be less of a sh!t show than the MLS...
  18. I go to an absolute ton of live events, my calender went from completely booked for months and I had 5 trips booked/going to be booked until all this stuff started so I totally get using these things as a distraction but if you're thinking that sports won't be intertwined with the things you're trying to get away from I think you're mistaken for at the least the start of them. It might go away but sports are more involved in politics and social issues more than they ever been before in our country. However, I don't feel any need to rush back into any building with a lot of people simply because there are morons in the crowd who simply don't care about the other people around. I don't see myself attending any games for the 20-21 season and I will absolutely defer my season tickets until the 21-22 season if they give us the option and I will fight the Devils front office over this until they give in if they don't. Also this is literally the best time in history to have to deal with a quarantine. Between the amount of different forms of entertainment available, movies/tv, whatever you want to stream available to watch. Video games that you can just download to your systems. Whole books available to download in an instant, etc etc etc. In this day and age if you're simply bored there's really nobody to blame but yourself. Hockey can't be the only thing you enjoy entertainment wise or sporting wise. I personally hate baseball. I can't remember the last time I watched a game and I couldn't even tell you who was in the world series last year let alone who won. If baseball was the only sport left in the world I'd simply never watch sports again lol I also think it's extremely easy to avoid all news whatsoever if you feel like you're being constantly bombarded by it. If you don't watch it on tv and don't participate in social media you literally can live in your own bubble if that's what you want to do. The MLS is trying to start on Wednesday and they have had to postpone one game already because Dallas has 10 positive tests. Other teams are still arriving in the Disney Orlando bubble they are trying to do. If they can pull it off in Florida of all places then it will probably look better for the NHL to be able to pull off this tournament. Personally I just don't care what happens this year when it comes to sports. As years go by I find myself less and less of a fan of the NHL and more strickly a Devils fan and since we aren't involved I don't care what the outcome is.
  19. One positive of being a fan of a really bad team is at least we don't have to see our guys get sick at least.
  20. Probably do an entirely new lotto show where everyone gets a shot but the entire thing is weighted on point percentage or whatever.
  21. I caught the NJ Devils: Inside the Jersey episode on MSG+ last night with Kenny and Cangi interviewing Fitzgerald and Erika and Bryce interviewing Zajac and all 4 of them talking about what's going and a bit about last season. Literally nothing of any importance was said but if anyone wants to watch it they are airing it again at 11:30pm tonight on MSG+.
  22. If it was fixed we would have never gotten the #1 pick with Nico and Hughes...... This year though, especially with how the world has gone in 2020 nothing would surprise me at this point lol
  23. I don't think they even know lol they'll cross that bridge and make up something if it happens
  24. We might not have to worry who to root against if Covid has its way and gets the whole thing cancelled anyway.
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