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  1. The comments about doing this at a pre-season game are rough, if this is any of you here then don't read them lol...
  2. He's soft, it's unfortunate but true at this point and lol...
  3. I know it's just pre-season but fvck the Rangers. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  4. I never knew Barney had so much controversy lol...
  5. What a low bar for that to be the winner
  6. Here's the PA guy who did a good job last night, apparently he did a Rangers playoff game last year too but this is a good sample for anyone who didn't hear hear him last night...
  7. Fun game to be at even if it's pre-season, was just nice being at the arena again. Guys played well and scored some nice goals, some solid goaltending too. Noticed they are building 4 different things in the black club seats in sections 7/9/18/20. No clue what they are though, maybe some sorta suite type deal inside the clubs? Didn't really look like anything yet.
  8. Oh wow I don't really remember getting that much homework to that extent that I was doing it that late unless it was a project that I waited last minute to do which was my fault lol
  9. Not sure why the team just doesn't say no update or no comment instead of offering the information that it's cramps when it's obviously not cramps...
  10. Lots of homework or extracurricular activities? I know we talked about this briefly before but I used to do my homework in the Meadowlands parking lot before games so I was always able to make a lot of the weekday games, Prudential doesn't lend to this being as easily done though even with the few lots around the arena.
  11. Tonight's my first game back in my own seats since March 10, 2020. Pretty excited for this season simply cause I'll be back at almost all of the games again. In terms of the on ice product this past decade of sh!t has taught me to expect absolutely nothing. Either way, LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  12. Awesome camera work with that drone...
  13. What a scrambled mess at the end but good job holding on
  14. That's not even close to onside haha easiest overturn we have had since they put this rule in
  15. Terrible goal to give up but I don't want any ot so I'll take it lol
  16. I didn't see an option which is why I just used njd.tv on a laptop hooked to my TV. Quality was better for the 2nd period.
  17. Nico out for cramping, good news there at least
  18. Looks like Nico is hurt already, he's not on the bench, come on
  19. Or the patches got stuck in a shipping delay lol
  20. The 40th anniversary patches are on the shoulders so I won't be surprised if they are just waiting for the regular season to start to have them.
  21. Looks like Buzz Lightyear is sitting right behind the Montreal goalie lol
  22. Game is also on the njd.tv site so I have it on my TV through a laptop but the video stutters a bunch
  23. Nice, haven't downloaded the app yet, it any good?
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