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  1. Forgot I have Monster Jam at the arena tonight so I'll be watching later on the dvr
  2. We owe our old coach an L for earlier in the season. Vitek has been rolling and Nashville is lower in the standings so if this is anything like that Cali trip maybe we get Vitek tomorrow and Blackwood on Friday in Dallas. Get those 2 points and 32nd win! LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  3. That's pretty crazy, I would have expected a later Devils team with Marty to have reached that too
  4. That's pretty crazy that he's the only one since ot went to 3v3
  5. He said he didn't remember who passed him the puck in ot too, seems like he has a memory problem lol
  6. Just looked it up, he had 5 ot goals in his time here but was never back to back games
  7. That's pretty wild, I'd love to know if we ever had a dman score in back to back ots before.
  8. When's the last time a defenseman scored back to back ot goals? What a win!
  9. Love the energy here, so nice to see it like this on a Tuesday night in January.
  10. The scoreboard video for Palat scoring is absurd, says party time Palat with a club beat and him dancing ridiculously lol
  11. I thought the lettering on the names looked cool and the red/gold scheme is sharp but agreed on the crest, there's a lot of things going on in there so if it was colored in it might have looked like too much as well
  12. MLS and Apple got rid of blackouts so I'm really hoping it is successful and other leagues will take notice and get rid of them too. The only time I pay for the nhl network is during the world juniors and the playoffs for overflow games which goes along the world championships anyway and then I cancel it as soon as the tournaments/it being done being used as an overflow channel are over.
  13. It's part of being a good team this year, this game and a few others weren't originally on ESPN+/TNT until they saw how well the team is doing but yeah I agree blackouts should be done away with.
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