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  1. 1 playoff game win / 1 playoff appearance since 2012 will make even the most optimistic person become quite sour on this team.
  2. Satans Hockey

    Trade Taylor Hall

    I know you're joking but you should see Edmonton lol
  3. Type of Review: Culmination of a Continuous Play Result: Original call is upheld - Goal Edmonton Explanation: It was confirmed that Connor McDavid's shot completely crossed the New Jersey goal line as the culmination of a continuous play where the result was unaffected by the whistle. The decision was made in accordance with Rule 37.3 which outlines goal situations subject to video review, such as a "Puck entering the net as the culmination of a continuous play where the result of the play was unaffected by any whistle blown by the Referee upon his losing sight of the puck."
  4. Satans Hockey

    Fire Hynes

    If we lose in Boston and at home to Florida and then the Rangers the entire coaching staff better be fired.
  5. There's a new restaurant called Cornbread farm to soul coming soon in the same building that's been worked on broad street where the IHOP is being built. Probably won't be done before the season ends though.
  6. Satans Hockey

    Fire Hynes

    Tick tock, John's on the clock.
  7. We can't score in a shootout on a goalie who wears #19, fvck off.
  8. Whistle was blown. I don't even know what the rules are anymore with this stupid league.
  9. James Neal had 7 goals in 63 games last season, he has 7 goals in 4 games this season.
  10. Crowd is an average weekday crowd here. The 200s are the main areas that have all the empty seats but that's on the front office for over charging for some of the worst seats in the building. The prices range from like $36, $42 and $49 bucks but that's before ticketmaster fees. So basically the cheapest ticket to get in the building on ticketmaster is $50 for the worst seats in the building. It's ridiculous. Some of those seats should be $20/25 total. Add that to the garbage start this team has had and why would a family of 4 drop $200 to sit in the worst seats in the house? And yes I know you can buy tickets on stubhub for way less than those prices but that doesn't move the seats that the Devils need to sell on ticketmaster or at the box office.
  11. If we lose this game tonight I want Ray Shero to come storming out of the zamboni tunnel and fire the entire coaching staff Vince McMahon style...
  12. Satans Hockey

    Fire Hynes

    Fire the entire coaching staff at this point. Alain Nasreddine really needs to go more than anything else. He was a dog sh!t defenseman when he played and he's even worse at coaching the defense.
  13. For me it's more that he's still alive and actively padding his bank account with money from it, even if he's in jail. That money can go to his lawyers trying to get him out sooner, etc. Once he's dead and not making any money off it then it's a lot easier to separate the song from the artist.
  14. Is it really a bold prediction to say we are going to miss the playoffs after we blew a 4 goal lead at home and got stomped on the road the night after? Lol
  15. He's actually currently in jail still and doesn't get out until 2031 unless he gets out early. He'll probably die in jail at this point since he's already 75. I'm not keen on giving him any money until he loses the rights to the song / dies. Sure he's not a practicing war criminal but he's still a horrible piece of sh!t pedophile and rapist.
  16. Gary Glitter still getting royalties from the hey song made the news again cause of the Joker movie... https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/10/07/joker-convicted-pedophile-gary-glitter-set-to-earn-big-royalties.html
  17. Smith looked absolutely horrible in the pre-season. Do you want this team to give up more goals? Lol
  18. It's really been all down hill since that Coleman goal. From going to that excitement to thinking Cory and Hall might be done for a long time to then blowing last nights game and getting destroyed in this one. I know it's only 2 games but this has been a real bummer since that goal.
  19. Personally I try not to watch any trailers/commercials for any movie that I'm remotely interested in seeing cause they generally give away way too much of the movie. I'd rather go in more blind as to what's going to happen.
  20. A few I had taken last year near the arena, it's really crazy how much they change just to film only a few minutes, he's in the one shot but you gotta zoom in to see him...
  21. I really enjoyed it, I was happy that it was very different from the other movie/tv versions of the Joker and he totally deserves an Oscar nomination at the very least. I don't want to ruin it for people who haven't seen it yet but I really wish I knew they were looking for extras in Newark I totally would have tried to do it. I found out after the fact. The scene near market and Halsey was fantastic. Also another non spoiler but they used rock n roll part 2 in the movie! Lol I wonder how the royalties work for that because this movie is gonna make a ton of money. I wonder if they found a way to avoid paying Gary Glitter anything or if they just didn't care.
  22. I saw the Joker movie today, a non spoiler but the opening scene where he's promoting that business is what I saw them film right near the arena last year. There's also some other scenes in the movie that are right near the arena too. Oh and LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  23. HF sucks period, I only go over there mainly for the prudential center / season ticket holder thread just because there's more chatter about that kind of stuff there than here and I like some of the other non hockey talk. Otherwise it's a ridiculously over moderated garbage board filled with so many idiots.
  24. Satans Hockey

    Fire Hynes

    Watch the Coleman goal at least. That was fun.
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