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  1. This guy has been right enough to have me concerned. This absolutely fvcking sucks if it's true and Nico did block a shot last game so it probably is true...
  2. I hope he doesn't get suspended so everyone on that reddit thread crys harder about it.
  3. This team has only won 3 games in a row 1x this season. Let's make it 2x. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  4. Someone did a side by side, I wouldn't call this a prediction though, they probably saw Patton's segment and just decided to do it lol...
  5. This is television sports reporting everywhere, it wasn't any different when it was Matt Loughlin asking the questions. The TV broadcast crew is always going to be skewed to homerism. It's the independent of the team reporters that this team is missing. Those are the ones that should be asking the tougher questions.
  6. Everyone else - Happy New Year! New Jersey - Go fvck yourself! Here's some higher tolls! Absolutely fvcking ridiculous, it's never gonna end... https://www.nj.com/news/2021/12/yes-tolls-are-increasing-in-new-jersey-on-jan-1-heres-where.html
  7. I went to the Yankee Stadium game and that was cold cause of the delay and I've been to other really cold Red Bulls game but nothing like negative degrees. Sounds absolutely miserable lol They are even heating the ice lol... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ftw/2021/12/30/nhl-winter-classic-record-low-temperatures-minnesota/49590595/
  8. It's gonna be stupid cold at the winter classic tomorrow, below zero lol
  9. Maybe I'm just remembering wrong and I know the team fudges the numbers anyway but I just don't remember New Year's Eve games being an instant sellout no matter what they say or put as the attendance numbers. Hell a lot of people don't even get the day off today either. I know they won today and last game but who is using a day off to come watch this team play with the current state of how they are and everything else going on in the world. Looked up the past games... 2019 - 16,514 2018 - 15,722 2016 - 16,514 2013 - 16,592 2011 - 17,625 2010 - 13,492
  10. Oh no I agree with that, that's why they clearly say mandated by Newark. I should have been more clear, I meant how they handled season ticket holders from the beginning when they weren't going to originally let people keep their seats and roll over money for sths vs to changing their stance on allowing it.
  11. Yup, I really don't think attendance will be affected by this as much, MSG and UBS haven't if it's something people want to see, if anything the awful on ice product is going to be the main thing keeping people away. I know you're not big on the owners and I'm whatever on them but the front office has come around and handled all of this better than they started with. I was able to just skip this season entirely and keep my seats and have my money pushed over to next season. I'm hoping the 22-23 season will be more normal. I'm glad these rules are in now but I'm still happy I just had everything rolled over, between what's going on off the ice and their play on the ice, I simply just can't justify going this season. Here's the full email they just sent out... We would like to update you on the new entry policy, beginning on January 10, 2022, for all Prudential Center & New Jersey Devils events as a result of requirements imposed by the City of Newark. To comply with the Mayor of Newark’s recent Executive Order, all guests aged five (5) and older entering Prudential Center will be required to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19. This policy will go into effect starting with the Devils’ home game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on January 10, 2022. Additionally, the city of Newark’s previous order requiring all guests to wear masks throughout events, unless actively eating or drinking, will remain in effect. Upon entry between January 10 and February 9, all guests must show proof of having received at least one COVID-19 vaccination dose. Fans attending events on or after February 10 must show proof of being fully vaccinated (two doses of an approved two-dose vaccine or one dose of an approved one-dose vaccine). Proof of vaccination can be provided via display of an actual vaccination card, a complete picture of the card or an online digital vaccination record, along with an accompanying photo identification for those age 18 and older. Exemptions will be provided to those guests who provide a certification signed by the guest and a licensed healthcare provider certifying that receiving an approved vaccine would be detrimental to the health of the guest and that the healthcare provider has medically advised the guest not to receive any vaccine. Prudential Center’s priority is to ensure the health and safety of all patrons, staff, players, artists and partners at all of our events. Entry protocols are subject to change based on additional mandates imposed by local government and health officials. For complete Prudential Center health and safety protocols, as well as specific questions regarding the City’s policy, please visit PruCenter.com/safety.
  12. Ffs. How do you even get sick in what's supposed to be a mini bubble, it's barely a few weeks, stay the fvck in the hotel and wear your mask. At least there is no regulation this year in case they have to forfeit more games.
  13. Winnipeg Jets not having any fans until at least January 11th...
  14. Hope Nico's play on the ice looks better than that awful mustache lol...
  15. Crazy considering we really don't have that many posters on here but I guess they are taking after the team but NJ hit record numbers the other day, like 15k+ for positive cases, the most since the pandemic started. Seems like you and me are one of the few around here that aren't sick from it right now but I know several family and friends who tested positive. Really thought we would be past all this by now. Insane we are getting pretty close to 2 years of it already.
  16. Refunds have been available for other events when entry rules were changed so a refund shouldn't be an issue.
  17. I wonder if they just push it to after new years at this point and have the outdoor game be the first game back. They definitely have more time to make up games now with them not going to the Olympics.
  18. Sorry to hear about both of your losses, there really are never any right words to say, just hope you guys try to keep your heads up and cherish your time with everyone else you have around you.
  19. Prudential Center is vaccine only now... https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2021/12/newark-will-require-proof-of-vaccination-to-enter-restaurants-theaters-prudential-center.html
  20. Agreed and I really love the cast. Christina Ricci is great in her role. I've heard that too, I'm definitely gonna give it a few episodes before I decide on anything. I loved the leftovers too and I can definitely see a bit of comparison there but I'm not enjoying this show like I did with the leftovers, for this show I was expecting more of it being a focus on the flu that hit everyone but didn't realize that was only part of it all. I'm just glad it didn't go the zombies route cause there was one moment where I thought one guy was a zombie and I would have bailed immediately lol Haven't seen the great before but reading the description reminds me a bit of miracle workers on tbs with Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi, each season is a different era and it's the same cast each season playing different roles and its all over the top ridiculous. Season 1 was about them working in heaven under god(Buscemi) season 2 was set in the dark ages and season 3 was the Oregon trail lol
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