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  1. That guy should have just ran him over, Avery was clearly trying to intimidate and threaten the guy.
  2. Vorachek called out an HF poster.. Just copying and pasting my post from HF about this... I think there's a big difference of reading the regular beat reporters articles since he actually deals with them on a normal basis(as well as face to face in the past) and people who actively tag him on social media but coming on HF or other message boards is the equivalent of vanity searching. Maybe it motivates him to play better but it's definitely interesting lol I think this is a place where we come to actively vent our frustrations out about our teams to one another but th
  3. Apparently Chico was critical of Blackwood tonight too, not sure what exactly was said but saw a few people talking about it.
  4. I know some of you guys enjoy the draft and following this stuff but other then hoping we actually draft good players I absolutely couldn't be less interested in this stuff. It's coma inducing for me. I'm ready to fast forward to next season.
  5. They tried to teach you a lesson lol
  6. Haha, it's safe to view, when he runs and jumps into the corner is when it happened.
  7. It is a real thing... https://www.tmz.com/2013/03/26/wwe-x-pac-anus-video/
  8. Georgiev raising his stick and clapping to the rags fans there is the exact reason I dont give two sh!ts about the other one ripping his own taint. fvcking hate all of them.
  9. 8 straight losses at home, at least fans only had to see 2 of them in person.
  10. They are actually still worse than us lol
  11. Just an fyi but I enjoyed your original post. I literally don't give two sh!ts at this point either. fvck em.
  12. I normally listen to Chico on the way home from games on the radio broadcasts and he absolutely rips into people when they deserve it. He's an absolute homer in the sense of he's literally rooting for the guys on the broadcasts sometimes and even lets out some yeahhhsss and wooosss but he no issues calling people out when they deserve it.
  13. I've wasted enough money on this team over the last decade, definitely not bothering this season when you add the not normal experience of attending with the awful on ice play.
  14. Ffs so many chances we can't finish.
  15. My friend at the game... "The fake crowd noise is much better tonight. Somewhat noticible but not overbearing."
  16. I'd be happy if he just stopped taking penalties
  17. Yup its the only complaint I saw from Tuesday so maybe they listened to the people who were there and shut it off for tonight. I have no idea if other teams are playing it.
  18. We'll see if they do it tonight but the fake sound was the biggest complaint I saw, my friend who was there had texted me... "The fake noise is brutal. I can barely hear my gf next to me and the music is even worse. So loud. It's so loud in here I can't hear the whistle."
  20. There's also no urgency into rushing him back if he did break something, like Chara with returning from that broken jaw of his was crazy but it was also the finals and he most likely wouldn't have been doing that for a regular season game if they were quite a bit out of the playoffs already like this team is.
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