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  1. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    Would of been more fun game and a nice marketing gimmick, if Detroit started Chili vs. Devs Appleby. "Appleby's vs. Chili's ...your neighborhood goalie battle" As usual, Zajac and Hayes: hands of bricks or cinderblocks take your pick, guess it goes with the horrendous team passing tonight Hischier looked exhausted/worn-out, time to crack out the 3D/VR setup out and COACH changes appropriately or give the kid a rest. Has Vatanen contacted his stick manufacturer for failure analysis to why all his sticks keep breaking like potato chips? Old guys need their ice time reduced, the Defense or lack of it, not going to be fixed until draft-trade dates, cuz this setup does not work right, Hynes/Shero?
  2. GDT: 1/4/18 Devils @ Stars

    Well, the game is so incredibly fast today, the difference is the mistakes that happen quickly. Greene's game is only going to diminish from here on out to the end of his contract years down the road. Maybe he can take some Nugenics that MLB Frank Thomas peddles on those infomercials. I thought I never thought Sami Vat could be -1000 in a game, but tonight he proved it. Keeping an Eye on Palms, well, it only took him 90 seconds into the game and once again he was on the ice flopping like a fish out of water, Frankly I don't know what the hell is wrong with his balance/skates/skating. Then his shot on goal was going 2ft above the crossbar and pegs Zajac. He goes to the bench and changes sticks, but I think it's much more more of a balance problem. There needs some correction to his game and coaching needs to see what they can identify. May I suggest Palms start, by shaving that crap off his face.
  3. GDT: Devils @ St. Louis 8:00 PM

    Here's the MLB rule, so maybe the NHL will institute this change next season to expedite the game and take out the 'arm-chaired staff', it does makes sense: "A Manager must notify an Umpire that the Club is contemplating challenging the play in less than ten (10) seconds after the conclusion of the play/score. If a Manager wishes to invoke his challenge he must do so within thirty (30) seconds after the conclusion of the play or prior to the commencement of the next play, whichever occurs first. This time limit applies to all plays in the game, including plays that end an inning and plays that end the game."
  4. GDT: Devils @ St. Louis 8:00 PM

    Just wished Nico's post in OT went in, the kid deserves so much more than his stats reflect. One thing I wish Hynes/he would remember, pass the damn puck when he has 2 opponents on him or 3 of them closely eye balling his every move, then dish it off to the open/free line mate. Well if anything they sure are entertaining talent to watch compared to the previous patchwork quilt years of misery.
  5. GDT: Devils @ St. Louis 8:00 PM

    The thing is Taylor #9, you don't want non players "Evening out" anything. Time for Brown and his statistical posts to extrapolate on this one, because it's just blatantly becoming a joke it's so obvious and of course, it appears the Devs are on the short end of the stick.
  6. GDT: Devils @ St. Louis 8:00 PM

    One of things I liked about LL was his awareness of this business, if you turn the control of a game over to officiating calls, they can rig it. Not so much to pick a winner or loser, but to turn the game into "Bread and Circuses". It is well beyond a doubt that the calls are influenced by the league to keep them close or tied by means of control. I think everyone knows the phrase "Montreal Typical", unfortunately, it's destroying the free run of the game. There is no doubt if this game was in NJ and the Devs were down by one, it would of been ruled a good goal. The last few games have been examples of turning the ice into a stage/show, but it's pushed league wide now and I'm sure someone has the stats to measure "The Beard &Circuses". Lou was correct, you turn more of the game over to officiating/league, you can guarantee it will be changed to keep the show going.
  7. GDT: New Jersey @ Arizona 8pm ET

    It's time to take the "Old &/or Slow guys out of the lineup or minimize their deficiency minutes. Zajac should be nowhere near the slot anymore He and Hayes have horrible hands and Zajac's skating appears to be just coasting in most situations. Mojo's play was way more affective in Washington when he carried the puck into zone on speed and either drop or cross passed to the trailing line mates for the score. I don't see any of that with the DEVS, Any Irony in tonight's game? Hmmmm, Shero trades a 3rd rounder for a 5th round return, who then turns around and shuts out this DEVS team, while giving AZ only their 5th win of the season AND they score a season high at home. If Greene backed up any further on that almost 2 on 1 he would be behind KK. Miles the Tasmanian Wood proved he's the faster skater in the building, but not the smartest... once again. Yea, Santini needs to be back in the lineup, esp. now that he got to see 1st hand 'What Not To Do' by his Captain.. I like Sami Vatanen's play, so much talent and confidence in his play for only his 2nd game.
  8. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    Man I hate to see RICO go, esp. after iconic moments in DEVS history... but the rumors were abound that he was going to be moved by the deadline. Plus no more Gerardo's """""RICO SAUVE music vid posts after his scoring, bummer. a little FYI, I was a RS-RD and loved playing LD more and more, especially on the PP, which resulted in record scoring success. I finally convinced the team mgnt to put me there, which worked out so well defensively, made it permanent. Flexibility... you never know until you see the results. Mobility and planned positional exchanges are warranted in the new NHL speed league, which leads to better success.. long gone is the old 100% orange cone at the point defenseman. Vatanen after coming back from his injury at the end of Oct, had been relegated to the 3rd pairing, but his minutes increased with games played and of course Duck forwards being injured you need the add scoring from the backend. Vat's averaging about 25 minutes over the past 5 games. This was the Ducks starting lineup when VAT returned from injury: Hampus Lindholm-Josh Manson Francois Beauchemin-Brandon Montour Jaycob Megna-Sami Vatanen BINGO! I was very impressed with Carlson in a post game interview where he projected their game plan on stopping the red hot DEVS, of course, they played it to perfection and dominantly won at the ROCK earlier this season. Everything he said the CAPS were going to do to neutralizes the DEVS worked-out for the victory. It should be a top priority for a big 6'3" - 25 min/gm Dman, hopefully we can get him in the off season if he sticks it out to next summer.
  9. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Watched this via the Minnesota feed, man I thought the Devs coverage was bad at times and being hard on; Chico, Dano, Deb, Sherri, Matt, Cang, Johnny MAc, but man the Minnesota Wild have these worse coverage team in the league, esp. the two live play clowns.; Anthony Lapanta and that total loser Greenlay. PS: Hynes needs to turn Rico into Shanahan... he plays much better on the edge.
  10. If he's rubbing his collar bone, at least that's not broke/fractured, but it may be worse with an injury many players get knocked out for months, a Torn Labrum/Labral Tear. Believe me, it's very painful until the repair, then a long road of Recovery & Rehab.
  11. Hey Hynes, Dress 5 D and bring up Blandisi/Quennville
  12. The complete package esp hockey IQ, glad we pushed hard for him prior to Draft Day, but it was really a no brainer for Shero after finding out about even more injuries and surgeries the public wasn't aware of with Nolan Patrick ...who again is out on IR for the past 2 weeks with now a concussion.
  13. Quennville's decision going with 7 Dman was obvious no help to the now .500 Blackhawks. Devils' Young Guns are very entertaining, these speedsters prove you can overcome huge deficits, and that builds team confidence. How refreshing from the purgatory torture over the past 5 years
  14. Congrats to Miles 'Tasmanian Devil' Wood on his first HAT TRICK.
  15. Holy Snikies! Woods is just a beast tonight, Gibbons sinks it 6-4 Devs You can hear a pin drop inside the Madhouse on Madison