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  1. I'll be watching the game while playing in my pool league tonight at the bar here in Jersey City. Everyone on my team are Devils fans and I'll be wearing my jersey hoddie!! LGD beat the Habs and get another W for Marty!!!!!
  2. Christ!! Are you kidding me how is that a hook?!?!?
  3. ^Isles haven't been the same since trading Moulson.
  4. Yeah we just gotta stay aggressive and force the issue! I hate this team and we need to return the favor and beat them in their building tonight. Can't let up boys! LGD!
  5. Nice to see Fayne get in on the action!!!
  6. I thought we'd see the rest of the team jerseys revealed today but I guess the Islanders just couldn't wait anymore.
  7. I'll be there tonight. I can't stand this freggin team!! Cory knew what he was getting into when he came here; I don't wanna hear it from him. Yeah it sucks but it's not like Marty is gonna play another 5 years. The team needs to score more in general not just when Cory is in net.
  8. While this isn't the worst, it certainly looks like amatuer hour. The NY looks washed out and bland, the two stripes on the sleeves don't go all the way around the sleeve, the numbers are slanted which is not needed, and the yolk being pointed is just silly. It's trying to be ultra modern for modernizations sake. The numbers being slanted to follow stripes seems to be a nod to the way the numbers wave to follow the wavy stripes on the Gorton's Fisherman jersey. Icelanders stop making third/alternate jerseys; the Fishsticks jersey, the Orange Starburst jersey, the Black Baske-Hockey jersey,
  9. I agree with you! I was shocked with the reported numbers as well. I've been probably to close 80 games at the Rock and thought the same thing; it looks atleast 15,000 to me but I don't understand how they are recording numbers?!
  10. One thing I'm not happy with at the arena is how they moved all the HS Hockey Jerseys and youth team jerseys to one corner of the arena. I thought it was awesome that they were spread throughout the arena and seeing kids looking for them and it was something pretty unique. I'm not blaming the owners for this but I would just like to know who idea it was; some of them are now so high up on the wall it's hard to make some of them out. Thankfully my HS's jersey is lower. Conversely I do like how they have tried to make that area a destination with NHL 14, table top hockey, face painting, etc..
  11. Yeah it seems apparently the lockout last year killed the retro game on Saint Patrick's Day due to planning issues. I am happy to see it come back; well be playing the Bruins for this game! I think Lou did the right thing sticking with the retros. I am also happy that I assume the chrome logo won't be on the jersey; it would ruin a classic jersey. The Islanders logo I believe is going to be their new logo when they move to their basketball arena in Brooklyn. I m not a fan it and I still think for an organization as sh!tty as the Islanders, it so obnoxious that their logo has those god damn
  12. Pretty awesome weekend! Saw the Devils win yesterday with the Devils Generals and watched the game today with friends while having Guiness after marching in the Jersey City St. Patty's Day Parade!!! What a weekend!!!
  13. Zach Attack!!!!!! And the score is 4-1 NEW JERSEY!!!
  14. KOVY SCORES!!! Let's Go Devils!!!!
  15. Theres me with my green vuvuzela!! They took it away from me walkin to my seat. They let us in with it but take it away in the concourse and I didn't even blow it yet. Didn't matter we were loud enough that we drowned out all the Icelanders fans. That was a blast. Just watched the replay on MSG you can hear us easily!! That was some of the most fun I ever had at a hockey game!!! Thank you Jamie for organizing it and I had a blast with everyone on the bus!!!Let's Go Devils!!!!
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