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  1. GDT: Devils @ SJ 10:30 PM

    RECAP Players and coaches need to understand the following. It's more important to get to the puck than it is to protect the front of the net. WHAT THE DEVILS DO: they allow teams to cycle the puck along the perimeter, and take long distance shots at will. It's more important to get the puck out of the D-zone than it is to make a clean breakout. WHAT THE DEVILS DO: they try to maintain puck possession at all costs leading them to hang on to the puck which leads them into turning the puck over. Conversely, it's more important to get the puck in the O-zone than it is to carry the puck. WHAT THE DEVILS DO: they try and make that one move or pass at the blue line which leads a guy offside or causes a turnover leading to a rush the other way. You don't want the puck on a player's stick for a long time. WHAT THE DEVILS DO: they hang on to the puck as long as possible allowing teams to easily strip the puck away. You don't want to hesitate to take a shot when there's a lot of time and space for you to do so even if there's not a clear lane. WHAT THE DEVILS DO: they always try to create a shooting lane by walking the line or skating around with the puck too much in fact the Devils are DEAD LAST in taking slap shots this season. Simple and boring is always better. WHAT THE DEVILS DO: they try too hard to be creative, and it ends up wasting offensive zone pressure. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THEY NEED TO UNDERSTAND THEY STILL CONTROL THEIR OWN FATE, AND ARE STILL IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT. Kinkaid is our number one starter from here on out. Not exactly sure what happened to Cory, but he should be given the rest of the year off and recuperate. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Tough break with the deflection. Goal 2: No chance for Schneider, beautiful tip by Pavelski Goal 3: Perfect shot by by Hansen Goal 4: Absolute trash goal to allow Goal 5: Bad goal, but coming cold probably had an effect Goal 6: Who cares at this point? POSSESSION ES CF: 52 to 58 ES FF: 37 to 37 ES SF: 21 to 22 ES SCF: 15 to 20 ES HDCF: 6 to 5 All CF: 62 to 64 All FF: 45 to 42 All SF: 28 to 25 All SCF: 20 to 25 All HDCF: 10 to 6 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION CF: 47.41 to 62.29 FF: 34.49 to 39.2 SF: 19.64 to 23.29 SCF: 14.44 to 20.42 HDCF: 5.88 to 5.09
  2. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    3/20/18 UPDATE Current Playoff Odds: 67.1% Remaining Record Scenarios 92 Points 2-2-6: 52.6% 3-3-4: 52.8% 4-4-2: 53.1% 5-5-0: 54.3% 93 Points 3-2-5: 68.4% 4-3-3: 68.6% 5-4-1: 69.3% 94 Points 4-2-4: 83.1% 5-3-2: 83.5% 6-4-0: 84.5% 95 Points 4-1-5: 92.2% 5-2-3: 92.4% 6-3-1: 92.8% 101 Points 9-0-1: In Playoffs
  3. GDT: Devils at Ducks 3/18/18 9:00 PM ET

    Everybody, but mostly for you.
  4. GDT: Devils at Ducks 3/18/18 9:00 PM ET

    RECAP This was just an awful game. Tonight is a perfect example as to why shot blocking defensive zone systems do not work, especially in the playoffs. Blocking a lot of shots is NOT a good thing. It should only be a last resort The best d-zone systems are ones that apply constant pressure on the puck, and prevent shot attempts as a whole. There is no such thing as a low danger shot. 3 of the 4 Ducks goals were a result of a "low danger shot". The best way to beat a shot blocking defense is to literally shoot the puck a lot, which is why shot blocking systems fail, because they're so damn easy to beat. Shoot the puck on the powerplay! Stop forcing passes to the middle. In retrospect, it was a good thing Schneider didn't start because it would have killed his confidence even more, and he doesn't deserve to be subjected to that piss poor effort. Kinkaid played a good game tonight, and did everything he could. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Nothing Kinkaid could have done Goal 2: Not Kinkaid's fault, but maybe if his stick was in better position it could have been stopped Goal 3: Absolutely nothing Kinkaid could do. Goal 4: Again, nothing Keith could have done. POSSESSION ES CF: 29 to 62 ES FF: 20 to 50 ES SF: 14 to 33 ES SCF: 17 to 29 ES HDCF: 7 to 13 All CF: 39 to 67 All FF: 26 to 53 All SF: 17 to 36 All SCF: 23 to 33 All HDCF: 8 to 14 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION CF: 24.88 to 63.58 FF: 17.82 to 49.99 SF: 13.18 to 34.23 SCF: 15.31 to 28.59 HDCF: 6.87 to 12.93
  5. GDT: Devils @ Kings 3/17/18 4:00 PM EST

    RECAP The game today was a perfect example as to why the Devils can be dangerous in the playoffs if they make it. Too many penalties though, and really skewed the possession numbers. Possession numbers don't really tell the story for this game albeit still you never want to allow as many shot attempts as they did tonight. Kinkaid has been great for these past 10 games he's played, but I'd give the net to Cory tomorrow. Devils are currently 9th in 5 on 5 goal scoring, so despite what people think Taylor Hall is not the only offense this team has. GOALIE RECAP N/A POSSESSION ES CF: 41 to 60 ES FF: 32 to 46 ES SF: 20 to 26 ES SCF: 19 to 27 ES HDCF: 10 to 8 All CF: 56 to 86 All FF: 43 to 64 All SF: 28 to 38 All SCF: 28 to 41 All HDCF: 16 to 13 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION CF: 44.59 to 45.27 FF: 33.87 to 34.35 SF: 21.4 to 18.51 SCF: 21.92 to 20.71 HDCF: 11.64 to 4.29
  6. GDT: Devils @ Vegas - 14 Mar @ 10p Eastern

    RECAP How come on Coleman's first goal there was a Vegas fan who jumped up to celebrate? Anyways, obviously a much needed great win. Devils did get a little lucky with a couple of bounces, but should be more grateful for the godawful goaltending from Fleury tonight. Despite that, this was not a perfect game by any means. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: No chance for Kinkaid Goal 2: Stoppable, but a deflection from that far in close can't be pinned on Kinkaid Goal 3: Same as goal 2 POSSESSION ES CF: 45 to 57 ES FF: 37 to 39 ES SF: 24 to 29 ES SCF: 24 to 27 ES HDCF: 14 to 11 All CF: 51 to 84 All FF: 42 to 58 All SF: 28 to 42 All SCF: 26 to 39 All HDCF: 15 to 18 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION CF: 52.62 to 48.2 FF: 42.57 to 33.42 SF: 27.45 to 24.74 SCF: 28.01 to 22.9 HDCF: 16.54 to 9.19
  7. GDT: Devils @ Preds - 10 Mar - 8p Eastern

    RECAP Just a tremendous, gutsy, and gritty effort Coaching system was responsible for both Preds goals tonight. Goal 1: Hall doesn't ice it when he should have, and they come in and score. Goal 2: They don't pressure the point men, get a shot off and score off a rebound. 3 of the 4 goals scored tonight resulted from low danger shots Offensively, they are starting understand that low danger shots do in fact lead to goals, and are really starting to use them as a legit weapon. Defensively, they haven't adjusted and still refuse to cover the points and seemingly allow low danger shots at will. Run with Kinkaid He's outplayed Schneider in every way, and was TREMENDOUS tonight. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Stoppable, but that puck should have just been iced. Goal 2: Kinkaid had no chance. POSSESSION ES CF: 46 to 70 ES FF: 30 to 56 ES SF: 22 to 32 ES SCF: 20 to 33 ES HDCF: 10 to 7 All CF: 56 to 78 All FF: 39 to 61 All SF: 27 to 36 All SCF: 27 to 37 All HDCF: 11 to 7 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION CF: 44.82 to 57.8 FF: 28.59 to 44.68 SF: 20.81 to 23.17 SCF: 18.41 to 25.39 HDCF: 9.99 to 5.41
  8. GDT: Jets @ Devils 7PM 3/8/18

    RECAP Devils deserved a better fate. They dominated an elite team, but Hellebuyck completely stole it for the Jets. If the Devils make the playoffs, they could do serious damage just because of their speed and how good defensively they are. If Zajac is out long term, that would totally suck. All 3 Jets goals were a result of a low danger or long distance shot attempt. Shooting the puck causes things to happen. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Not Schneider's fault, but a stop he needs to make even if it is Laine. Goal 2: Just an inexcusable goal to allow. Goal 3: Nothing Schneider could do there. POSSESSION ES CF: 64 to 40 ES FF: 48 to 29 ES SF: 33 to 22 ES SCF: 31 to 14 ES HDCF: 12 to 8 All CF: 82 to 42 All FF: 60 to 31 All SF: 43 to 24 All SCF: 39 to 15 All HDCF: 18 to 8 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION CF: 54.18 to 44.33 FF: 40.44 to 31.77 SF: 29.72 to 24.09 SCF: 26.33 to 15.63 HDCF: 10.42 to 8.95
  9. GDT: Jets @ Devils 7PM 3/8/18

    It's great to finally have my power and internet back. I hope the Devils learn that in order to beat a team like Winnipeg, a full 60 minute effort is needed unlike the last game against the Habs where they only played for 20 minutes.
  10. You'll never win with Schneider

    The premise of this thread is utter BS. I've been critical of Schneider this year, but he's still a great goalie. I think people need to realize that all goalies allow bad goals, and have bad years,
  11. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    3/8/18 UPDATE CURRENT PLAYOFF ODDS: 72.4% REQUIRED RECORDS TO MAKE PLAYOFFS 6-8-1 (89 points): 50.5% 5-6-4 (90 points): 61.9% 6-6-3 (91 points): 77.5% 7-7-1 (91 points): 80.2% 7-5-3 (93 points): 94.6% 12-2-1 (101 points): IN PLAYOFFS
  12. GDT: Montreal @ New Jersey 3/6/18 7PM

    RECAP 6 of the 10 goals were scored as a result of taking a low danger shot. Way too passive in the final 40 minutes This game getting to 6-4 leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Should have had it Goal 2: No chance Goal 3: Stoppable, but not really his fault Goal 4: No chance POSSESSION ES CF: 41 to 57 ES FF: 31 to 43 ES SF: 24 to 30 ES SCF: 18 to 25 ES HDCF: 12 to 13 All CF: 51 to 64 All FF: 40 to 48 All SF: 33 to 33 All SCF: 24 to 28 All HDCF: 15 to 15 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION CF: 44.12 to 48.25 FF: 32.62 to 37.02 SF: 25.07 to 25.85 SCF: 18.39 to 20.76 HDCF: 11.89 to 11.69
  13. GDT : Devils vs Golden Knights 04/03/18 - 5 PM

    RECAP Need to start scoring the 1st goal. Fleury was great tonight, and ultimately the only reason the Devils didn't get at least 1 point. Once again, point shots against kill this team Hanging on to the puck too long hurt this team a few times tonight, and Vegas will kill you any time you do that. The effort was there tonight, but the details need to get worked out. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Nothing Schneider could do Goal 2: Nothing Schneider could do Goal 3: Schneider needs to absorb that initial shot, and there was no reason for that puck to fall to the ice. POSSESSION ES CF: 52 to 42 ES FF: 43 to 34 ES SF: 31 to 20 ES SCF: 23 to 24 ES HDCF: 6 to 5 All CF: 57 to 51 All FF: 48 to 43 All SF: 35 to 27 All SCF: 28 to 29 All HDCF: 7 to 7 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION CF: 42.69 to 44.82 FF: 35.4 to 36.1 SF: 26.06 to 21.07 SCF: 18.21 to 26.04 HDCF: 5.45 to 5.46
  14. GDT: Devils vs Canes 7:30 MSG+ FSCR

    RECAP Just a bad game POSSESSION ES CF: 39 to 52 ES FF: 28 to 41 ES SF: 22 to 29 ES SCF: 19 to 23 ES HDCF: 5 to 10 All CF: 46 to 54 All FF: 34 to 42 All SF: 26 to 30 All SCF: 24 to 24 All HDCF: 8 to 10 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION 5 ON 5 CF: 38.07 to 49.42 FF: 28.34 to 39.26 SF: 22.28 to 27.61 SCF: 19.5 to 22.13 HDCF: 5.14 to 9.39
  15. GDT - Devils @ Panthers 3/1/18

    RECAP There's 2 things the coaching staff needs to learn from this game. 1. Getting the puck to the net works. The Devils actually did a good job at this tonight, and the game tonight showed what can happen when you force the goalie to have to touch the puck. 2. Pressuring the point men is very important. This team never seems to do it. The Panthers gave the Devils nothing when Schneider got pulled because they pressured the point guys, and almost scored the EN goal multiple times as a result. Both teams got bounces tonight, but the Panthers got that one extra bounce which was the difference. Hopefully that goal by Bratt helps his confidence, because we need him to get going again. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Nothing Schneider could do Goal 2: Inexcusable goal that needs to be stopped Goal 3: Not Schneider's fault POSSESSION ES CF: 53 to 51 ES FF: 37 to 42 ES SF: 27 to 29 ES SCF: 18 to 22 ES HDCF: 4 to 9 All CF: 62 to 56 All FF: 44 to 43 All SF: 31 to 29 All SCF: 23 to 24 All HDCF: 6 to 9 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION 5 ON 5 CF: 46.01 to 46.12 FF: 32.1 to 39.13 SF: 24.24 to 27.48 SCF: 17.5 to 19.1 HDCF: 4.2 to 7.53