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  1. RECAP PROS Hughes actually looked decent tonight Gusev is legit HHP line was great Blackwood looked good Overall, the effort was good and a step in the right direction. CONS The PK The late period penalties killed the Devils Too many dumb plays Subban has not been good at all GOALS FOR Goal 1 Beautiful shot by Palmieri Goal 2 Great play by Bratt, and a great one timer by Gu
  2. Nothing to recap tonight. There was nothing about this game to evaluate.
  3. PROS This team is very fast and very skilled. Effort was very good from start to finish. CONS Schneider's injury. Hynes's bad system. 2 GA from point shots Not enough pressure on the opposing puck carriers. Allowing too much speed through the neutral zone GOALS AGAINST A hard point shot that deflected off something. Schneider had no chance. A rebound right to their guy that Severson failed to collect. Again, Schneider really had no chance. Piss poor defensive zone play where they tried too h
  4. RECAP PROS How do you spell relief? C-O-R-Y Seriously, great for Schneider Dude deserved it. Nico with 3 points. Erika's fuzzy sweater CONS Kinkaid
  5. RECAP PROS Zacha with a point Nico with 2 points CONS Coaching The stupid passive system is literally the reason why the Devils can never clear the zone, and it literally is why the Rangers scored their two goals in the 3rd. Rangers had way too easy of a time keeping the puck in the zone due to the fact there are no Devils along the boards or applying pressure on the points. The defensemen are not the problem either. They're actually doing a good job. The forwards ar
  6. RECAP Pros Erika looked incredibly pretty with those curls in her hair. Cons The hockey game Other Notes I'm glad Dano mentioned Palmieri's reluctance to shoot from the RW side. It's something I've really noticed about him It's probably just a comfort thing for him. GOALIE AND DEFENSE Goal 1 Not a good rebound Goal 2 Blakwood was screened No chance for Blackwood Goal 3 Perfect shot No chance for Blackwood 5 ON 5 POSSESSI
  7. RECAP PROS Blackwood was good CONS Coaching has been responsible for the past 2 losses. I must preface this by saying Hynes is a good coach, but he has just ONE minor flaw, and this one minor flaw is literally the only reason for this team's struggles. Those first two goals don't happen if you don't allow them to take those point shots to begin with That's the attention needs to be, and not in the area in front of the net. Yes it is important to clear the front of the net, but it's more im
  8. RECAP PROS This team has better forward depth than they were given credit for. There were no passengers tonight The middle 6 are beastly. Defensively, they weren't as bad as you might think. They gave up a whopping 3 high danger chances all game. CONS Blackwood had a rough game. Too many penalties early Careless decisions with the puck OTHER NOTES Congrats to Rooney Hopefully Wood is ok Whoever gets the net tomorrow is ok by me On one
  9. As of 1/18/19 with 35 games remaining Current odds: 0.9% Remaining Games Scenarios 95 Points (64.2%) 26-9-0 25-8-2 24-7-4 23-6-6 22-5-8 96 Points (77.8%) 26-8-1 25-7-3 24-6-5 23-5-7 22-4-9 97 Points (88%) 27-8-0 26-7-2 25-6-4 24-5-6 23-4-8 98 Points (94.5%) 27-7-1 26-6-3 25-5-5 24-4-7 23-3-9 99 Points (97.9%) 28
  10. RECAP Pros Nico scored Lovejoy's goal was nice Cons Kinkaid was bad. Execution on plays was bad. GOALIE AND DEFENSE Goal 1 Stupid play by Zacha Terrible goal by Kinkaid Goal 2 WTF was Kinkaid even doing?! BTW, the key difference between this call and the Williams call was that Williams was deep in the crease while the Vegas player wasn't. The crease still matters, and the refs have been calling this pretty consistently You cannot screen goalies in the
  11. RECAP PROS Hischier played a real strong game. Zajac line looked really good. Wood looked solid. The PK was awesome. Greene and Lovejoy were both excellent which is par for the course on the season. Stafford's shootout move was sick CONS Solid effort overall, but pretty underwhelming. Still making some bad mistakes Undisciplined penalties Blackwood injury GOALIE AND DEFENSE Goal 1 Awful play by Zacha Nice move by whichever Coyote scor
  12. I have no issue with this. He's a good coach, and he gets a lot out of his team.
  13. RECAP PROS Zajac was good Palmieri was good 4th line looked good CONS Miles Wood deserves to either be benched or suspended for that awful penalty. It was incredibly late the coaching staff has not done enough to reel him in. This is all on the coaching staff and their god awful coaching philopsophy. Containment and zone defenses do not work in the NHL! Gliding into the pointmen is BAD! Gliding to the boards is BAD! No
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