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  1. Right. In fact, I don't think he'll resign even if they make the playoffs. But I wasn't talking about what I actually expect to happen, but what could happen in theory to maximize the return the Devils got for Hall. Just having a little fun with the whole "Taylor Hall always wins the lottery" thing. And, for the record, every player "wants to win", but we'll have to wait and see what Hall decides when someone throws a massive contract at him.
  2. There are plenty of weirdo scenarios revolving around Ari and their playoff odds this year; the Devils may benefit substantially or lose out on potentially high picks depending on the west race and the lottery. Like... Ari misses the playoffs, hits the lottery (Taylor Hall effect) and they keep the pick, moving the Devils' return to a 2021 unconditional first. It also means that Hall decides to resign with Ari because they add a key piece. The conditional 3rd sent to NJ becomes a 2nd because Hall resigns. However, Ari misses the playoffs again next year, and NJ is gifted a top three pick because Ari, once again, hits in the lottery (see Hall effect). All of this means that Hall would have been traded for a top-3 first, a high-to-mid 2nd, plus the three prospects. Not too shabby, though admittedly unlikely. I realize this is nonsense, but it does keep us Devils fans very interested in how things play out through the end of the regular season and the lottery balls pop up.
  3. People have already mentioned it, but given the Athletic article that came out late last week, I can't help but feel that this has something to do with trading Palms (or not trading him, as the case may be). That kind of move involving a scorer who still has another year of reasonable money on his deal is probably made for a high end prospect and a pick, not for anything that will help win now or even next year. I'm not even sure which side of the table Shero might have been on that, but I wouldn't be surprised if that type of discussion is the one that lead to ownership moving on.
  4. You misunderstood. I wasn't complaining at all about the lack of a 2nd or a 3rd; simply pointing out that I find the return of a first in the Hall trade as an upside. Trading any of the other players will probably not fetch the same, so I'm looking on the bright side. Relax.
  5. That's all well and good, but the trades haven't been made yet. I hope you're all right and they are moved before the deadline. If people are predicting this to be a "deep draft" having two firsts seems alright on an otherwise not so fun day. Personally, I'd be a little surprised if any other current Devils fetch as high as even a late first.
  6. NJ does not have a second (Subban trade) or a third (Gusev trade) this year, so having the two first round picks is pretty solid work by Ray, even if the rest of the return is spotty at this point. If Hall resigns or if the Yotes win a round, the extra third in 2021 goes up.
  7. Hard to argue with that. I thought it was nice to see Hughes' first goal in person, but I'm irritated that it's the only game I'll bother going to all year.
  8. "I wanted this to be a good team..." So did every other NJ Devils fans in the world. Any other breath-taking insights? It would be nice to not have a team that presses mute on coach, or a to have a goalie who can play above .900 but here we are. Hell, it would be nice to have a 6th overall pick who didn't turn out to be only PZ or a 12th overall pick who didn't turn into MM. Sometimes that's how this goes.
  9. He's a rental on the last year of his deal. There seems to be no extension coming in the immediate future, based on today's reports. What did you want for him?
  10. Our fan base is not the most hockey-savvy in the bunch; it's been that way for a long time. Hall might be a little sensitive in terms of his comments, but the fact that people booed him when he didn't back up his MVP performance again and again is silly. He was not the issue most (read: just about every) night. This team will not improve by getting rid of talent like his over the long run. The optimism of this offseason was met with horrific, league-low, goaltending. End of story.
  11. Shero will not fire Hynes unless he knows there is a viable replacement available. He hired Hynes and he may get to hire the next coach, but he won't be around long enough to hire the one after that if things don't pan out. His own job security will be paramount in his mind.
  12. Sounds like he's being waived and sent to Bingo if/when he clears.
  13. The Rangers gave up 9. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.
  14. I agree. The hard part is Hughes is in that role right now, and I'm not sure if there is a spot better suited for him. Maybe, maybe not; I'm not an NHL coach. The hinge that Hall has been running isn't particularly new, but it's a modification of the 1-3-1 that Tampa (I think) brought into the league and that Washington sort of perfected with Ovi and Backstrom. That hinge can work, but it also helps to have a net front player spread to the puck side on the end line for another outlet if the shot or cross-ice pass isn't there for Hall when he attacks the seam/net. The wing can then cut towards the net on a give and go and cycle back if the puck returns to the point. I believe it could work, it just doesn't seem to right now. For simplicity's sake, the goal of a PP is to have the puck, shoot the puck, and then get the puck back by outnumbering. I guess my biggest problem is that they're not having success with the current system but it seems like they constantly run the set through Hall on the left side although the PP is 28th in the league and looking ugly. Maybe Palms would have success on that flank as a shooter since that's what he does best? I'm as frustrated as anyone else watching is struggle.
  15. Fair enough. You don’t have to buy it due to his past success, but the ideal candidate in the traditional setup on that side is right handed, regardless. It’s not just because of the success that Ovi has had in that spot, but because it keeps the puck away from the PKers without the wing having to use his backhand or hinge (which is what Hall does constantly). Perhaps you’re right, though, that the way Simmonds and Palmieri are being used is impacting the looks that Hall gets from over there. The undeniable fact is that it’s not working right now. They had their chances last night without any success and IIRC one of the PP’s didn’t generate a single SOG. Not unheard of, but undeniably disappointing.
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