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  1. Shero will not fire Hynes unless he knows there is a viable replacement available. He hired Hynes and he may get to hire the next coach, but he won't be around long enough to hire the one after that if things don't pan out. His own job security will be paramount in his mind.
  2. Sounds like he's being waived and sent to Bingo if/when he clears.
  3. The Rangers gave up 9. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.
  4. I agree. The hard part is Hughes is in that role right now, and I'm not sure if there is a spot better suited for him. Maybe, maybe not; I'm not an NHL coach. The hinge that Hall has been running isn't particularly new, but it's a modification of the 1-3-1 that Tampa (I think) brought into the league and that Washington sort of perfected with Ovi and Backstrom. That hinge can work, but it also helps to have a net front player spread to the puck side on the end line for another outlet if the shot or cross-ice pass isn't there for Hall when he attacks the seam/net. The wing can then cut towards the net on a give and go and cycle back if the puck returns to the point. I believe it could work, it just doesn't seem to right now. For simplicity's sake, the goal of a PP is to have the puck, shoot the puck, and then get the puck back by outnumbering. I guess my biggest problem is that they're not having success with the current system but it seems like they constantly run the set through Hall on the left side although the PP is 28th in the league and looking ugly. Maybe Palms would have success on that flank as a shooter since that's what he does best? I'm as frustrated as anyone else watching is struggle.
  5. Fair enough. You don’t have to buy it due to his past success, but the ideal candidate in the traditional setup on that side is right handed, regardless. It’s not just because of the success that Ovi has had in that spot, but because it keeps the puck away from the PKers without the wing having to use his backhand or hinge (which is what Hall does constantly). Perhaps you’re right, though, that the way Simmonds and Palmieri are being used is impacting the looks that Hall gets from over there. The undeniable fact is that it’s not working right now. They had their chances last night without any success and IIRC one of the PP’s didn’t generate a single SOG. Not unheard of, but undeniably disappointing.
  6. The dexterity (idk, handed-ness?) of the players is far more important on the power play wings of a 1-3-1 than it is 5v5. Hall is a great player and he even looks lost on the left flank of the PP. His only play is cross ice to Hughes because he's not a huge threat to shoot from the wing right now. At the NHL level, every day players are at least capable of using their backhand to catch a break out pass as a winger, but on the PP it's different. At lower levels, it's supremely helpful to have lefties on the left wing and righties on the right for just this reason, the breakout. We know Mike Babcock is obsessive with this regarding his defensemen too. On the PP, though, Hall's left handedness on the right side slows down his ability to make plays, even if only be milliseconds. Unfortunately, that's the difference between scoring and not.
  7. Let the hate flow through you; feel the power of the dark side.
  8. NLinfante

    Fire Hynes

    I was away for a week but I caught yesterday's game. It was nice to see a win, and Blackwood played especially inspired. However, the defense and offense are equally frustrating. I was like a lot of fans who thought that the offseason moves would help possession, play driving and ultimately scoring. If you go even further back (read: years ago) I am guilty of saying that statistics, including advanced stats, were not necessarily a substitute for watching a hockey play in the game and seeing what they bring to the team. That's due to a decade of coaching. With that being said, having the puck is the simplest and most important part of the game, even for children. The Devils do not have the puck enough - only 6 players on the team have positive corsi%'s and that's not going to cut it in the long run. Of course, the goaltending could be better and even small injuries on the blueline mean Tennyson and Mueller are on the ice, but the F's (even with all the added talent) are not immune from the blame.
  9. NLinfante

    Fire Hynes

    For any Athletic subscribers, I stumbled upon the Devils individual page and saw some of the stats for the year so far compared to all other teams. I'm guessing it's updated regularly: Goals/Game - 28 out of 31 GA/Game - dead last 31 our of 31 Shooting % - 25 out of 31 Save % - 30 out of 31 SOG/Game - 26 out of 31 Shots against/Game - 17 out of 31 Obviously that's not too pretty. Not giving up the most # of shots in the league is nice, but the rest are cause for concern. Shooting % should probably go up, but the Save % figure is especially ugly. I'm not sure whether to put all of this on the coach, but it does seem easier to replace one coach than a bunch of players.
  10. NLinfante

    Fire Hynes

    I've had it with that Lizard in a suit behind the bench too, but I can't fault him for changing the lines. It's early in the year and the team is losing; if he loses and leaves things as they are, people will scream, if he changes them, people will say he's not developing chemistry, Lose-Lose.
  11. I understand the serious salary ramifications that are only (in this dream) 3 years away, but I would be very interested to see if anyone, the Devils especially, could pry Marner from the Leafs for less than the 4 first rounders, ie, about 10 million AAV. Currently I think Tor only has about 7.5 in cap space so they'd have to get creative. It most certainly does not fix the defensive situation either, but having Hall, Hischier, Marner, and Bratt, Hughes, Palmieri is appealing. I also understand Daniel's argument about elite talent trumping "flexibility", but giving up 4 first rounders is a disaster. The cupboard is just barely being restocked as is.
  12. Time to get to work, Ray.
  13. According to Masisak of the athletic, if Boston loses to CBJ, the Devils would have picks #1, #34, #54 and #55. Options range from: 1. Taking 4 of the top 55 prospects in one draft class 2. Trading one or two picks for a current NHl'er 3. Trading two picks to move up into the mid-late first round after picking at #1 Not too shabby.
  14. Yeah, it's a little thin. It might not be quite as dire as how I made it out, but it's close. Cordell posted the other day about how Bratt could play on the right side and Boqvist could fill his spot on the left - which isn't crazy if he makes the team. I'm not exactly as picky as Mike Babcock about the RH/LH thing, but Shero certainly can't build a team of all left handed players without giving his coaching staff fits when dealing with the breakout or a 1-3-1 PP (if that's what they're sticking with). I know they're professional players and they are talented on the backhand, but having a mix has to be a thought at some point.
  15. I have to agree with this. Other than Palms, the viable RW candidates on this roster are Bastian, Anderson, and Noesen. That is fine for bottom 6 depth and PK'ing, but not for top 6 minutes. There are lots of moving pieces, and I apologize if I've missed some others' projections, but this is how I see it with the holes on the right side that need to be addressed with current NHL'ers or those I've mentioned above. Hall - Hischier - Palmieri Bratt - Hughes - X Coleman - Zajac - X Wood - Zacha - X
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