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  1. NLinfante

    Hughes or Kakko

    I just got finished reading this article as well. Pretty mind blowing stuff considering Virtanen scored all of 25 points this year. If Vancouver was really serious about uniting the Hughes brothers (and setting up another Sedin situation - which I think is fine) Pettersson needs to be included for the deal to go anywhere. Interestingly enough, I didn't see a single mention of his name coming to NJ in those mock trades. Normally the Athletic has awesome content, but these deals are a non starter without EP.
  2. Of the last 15 #1 overall picks, 13 have been borderline elite or better (I would argue that Yak and Johnson are the outliers and I'll give Ekblad a pass because he's durable his usage has gotten considerably more difficult the last three years). NJD fans should like their chances with Hughes or Kakko in that regard. With the excitement around Hall, Hischier and the #1 selection, I would hope that Shero could attract one decent free agent and then, perhaps, make another classic trade for a opening night roster player given the abundance of picks and cap room. I think those three additions would make a massive difference in the team, but are also somewhat reasonable to expect given recent history.
  3. As a few have mentioned, catching the Sens is not going to happen. However, NJ could finish anywhere from 2-5 without too much surprise. As of today the Kings and Wings have played one less game, which is good news considering the 3 point cushion. Regardless, I cannot imagine the Sens not ending up with the number 1 pick, even with the lottery system because, of course, they don't even own their first round pick next year and that would be the most Ottawa thing ever given the current state of the franchise.
  4. So now the question (other than will Hall play again this year?) is what are we going to do with all those picks?
  5. I think Palms went to St. Peter's but I don't know if he finished there. JVR and his siblings went to CBA. Kenny and Johnny Gaudreau played against one another in high school.
  6. Sad to see him go because he's been great, but that's an awesome return. Not to mention (ugh, tampering) that he may very well return as he is UFA on July 1.
  7. The good news is that the Wood-Zajac-Coleman line is a really good third line. The bad news is that it's the Devils' second line.
  8. NLinfante

    Fire Hynes

    I know I'm coming in late, but this topic is kind of silly. The team is constructed exactly the same as it was last year, and the team squeaked into the playoffs after an insane run to the end the year and a MVP performance from Hall. If anything, I think it's fair to say the team got lucky last year considering most of the underlying numbers (last time I checked) are actually better this year than last year. Hynes is not the problem; this team does not have enough impact players to be much more than a contender for the 2nd WC.
  9. You're gut feeling is right. This is not on the Head Coach at all; this roster is not good enough to win on a consistent basis. I was delightfully surprised with the first few games, but this is what you get with a one good line, one patchwork line, and then 6 other guys. As we've seen, the minute there is an injury or someone hits a slump, the roster is not up to par. One impact F and probably a D away from being a threat in the east.
  10. I watched a little of the BOS/WAS game last night and I hate to say it, but John Moore looked pretty good, even in the midst of a pitiful effort by the B's. In the first period alone he sunk into the zone to keep offensive plays alive more than once. He was much maligned on here, and rightfully so at times, but I really hope the devils don't end up missing him. Hopeful Ray has a plan beyond waiting for Ty Smith. Granted, the money Moore is making isn't too bad BUT the 5-year deal is a terrible decision.
  11. I would err on the side of the younger player giving in a bit too, especially given the fact that they're supposed to be a contender. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know what teams have called and spoken about.
  12. I'm interested to see what happens with Nylander in Toronto. They have some nice talent up front, but from what I've read online, this may not be over quickly. Personally, I thought it would have been done by now, one way or another.
  13. Admittedly I haven't watched every second of the preseason games, but I have watched at least a little of each. I am cautiously optimistic, but I still see an issue with each of the major components of this team as it's currently constructed (F, D, G). Obviously if Cory comes back and is productive, that takes care of the goaltending, but I really believe that this team is one impact F, and at least another solid D before they can make the playoffs again. Too many teams in the Metro have improved, even slightly, and the Devils needed a great last 15 games or so last season to squeak in. I was hoping to see a standout performance in camp, but I'm not sure it's there this year beyond Smith who should probably not burn a year of his ELC at 18. I'm also typing this out so I can gladly eat some crow later; we shall see. LGD.
  14. Let's assume even less in terms of his projected awareness and skill (everyone knows he's fast) and go with the fact that he'll be a cost-controlled version of Zajac.
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