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  1. All good bro. No hate whatsoever. Just fans getting heated after a loss in their own way I guess Edit: yes post more
  2. Never put any words in your mouth. I made a statement not an assumption.
  3. Wtv you say.. I only said he had a bad game compared to his other games. Realistically speaking he didn’t have a terrible game. Sure he was out of position and got caught a few times. But the whole D was slow. Again, 3 assists and +2 tonight. Graves and serverson were much worse tonight if you wana sh!t on someone.
  4. Lindy will never bench smith because he’s known as a “leader” and someone with “experience”
  5. Bruh he got 3 assists and won us the last 2 games what do you expect from the guy?
  6. Nashville sucks.. we’re just playing terrible defence
  7. Jack Hughes.. what a play on the boards while flat on the ice to make that pass.. Hamilton, VV, Jack and Bratt the real mvps of this team. As for Palat, why didn’t he even play one second of the OT.. this is why you brought him for these kind of moments. Get Haula off the ice in fvcking OT guys is useless
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