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  1. As reported on Boston Hockey Now yesterday, there has been some trade interest in Boston Bruins forward David Backes and one of the teams that have expressed interest was the New Jersey Devils.
  2. This kid is such a stud. He’s going to be a star for this organization for years to come
  3. The New Jersey Devils signed No. 1 overall pick Jack Hughes to the maximum three-year entry-level contract on Friday with performance bonuses. LETSSS GOOOO BABYYY. I haven’t been this excited in years (besides signing Hall and getting Hischier of course) can the season start already!
  4. Keep Phaneuf away from here
  5. If we add him you can pretty much call it an almost perfect off season
  6. Solid pick up. Maybe a little higher than it should be but one year deal so low risk. him and Subban have had a past playing together and they know eachother. He’ll give us a spark in terms of size and grit. I like it
  7. What a sh!tty fvcking day for us. I was pumped for today ....
  8. Who do you guys think shero would go after now?
  9. Is he really worth over 12 mil ....
  10. Ya what I meant. Ray has pulled off some crazy sh!t in the passed he can get it done. Question is does he want to play in jersey probably not
  11. Then go be GM, cause clearly you’re not. Anyways we’ll see
  12. I was listening to Darren Dreger podcoast that he was in the NJ area. I can’t seem to find the link though. Who knows what Ray has in store
  13. I’m feeling a Panarin to NJ trade.
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