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  1. Big changes coming next game. Almost certain Luke will be brought in.
  2. No worries. Same song and dance. We’ll rebound. We beat a stacked rangers team we can beat this clown team.
  3. Missing Timo really shows. We need his big body.
  4. Bratt turnover and no coverage on D. Anyways, not worried. Let the kids regroup. We will win this series.
  5. That 2nd goal should have never counted as well should have been a roughing cal on seigs. Missed the double minor on jack. Refs are so bad.
  6. Fewest shots in 2 periods in playoffs history for the devs lol sums up our night
  7. Carolina is such a boring team. This game putting me to bed.
  8. 4-0 with that Marino block on the open net.
  9. That’s no excuse. These kids are young that shouldn’t be an issue.
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