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  1. Good who cares lost anyways with or without goalie pulled. Atleast we have a better chance with goalie pulled but all 6 skaters looking like a sack of potatoes just standing around and not moving. Team is terrible.
  2. I’m sick to my stomach. Fitzy boy where you at
  3. Jack nodding his head. 5 fvcking guys on the ice with goalie pulled. This fvcking team man wake the fvck up. Lindy you brain dead piece of sh!t stay in La we don’t want to see you around this team any longer
  4. Poor kid. We’re wasting his talent on that sh!tty 4th line with a defencemen playing as a foward lol
  5. Funny they showed this today. This was when Lindy actually had a pulse. 73048794299__7DAE8288-773A-4094-9158-80894647AA70.MOV
  6. Great game. A few break downs but overall good game by the boys. Both nicos played a heck of a game. Let’s fvcking gooo
  7. 0 SOG more than halfway through the period. Pathetic… FIRE LINDY ALREADY
  8. I really hope we resign toffoli. He can go mia sometimes but his point contribution is what we need. As for the Ruff, it’s time for him to go. So fed up. Also, Vitek.. no words he’s just terrible.. no confidence. And defence is even worse.
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