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  1. There could be some playoff talks If we win the next 2 games and depending how the other wild card teams do.... really weird to be saying that considering how this horrible season has gone. But I know it’s far fetched
  2. I think it’ll become a bidding war for palms. We could potentially get a 1st a top prospect and a b prospect or a 1st a top prospect and a pick in second or third round
  3. I’ll miss you Coleman but wow amazing return. Time to trade palms and simmonds too
  4. Did any of you see Subban at the end there wow hahaha as much as I like the kid holy sh!t he was bad.
  5. trade deadline and draft where are youuuu
  6. So much bashing on this forum. Everyone needs to chill a little
  7. That’s all on fkn Shero. It’s about time he got the boot.
  8. Im shocked.... I just found out the news now. I’m not sure how I feel about Ray being fired...
  9. I know it’s too early but you guys think we can pull off what St. Louis did last year? Not saying winning the cup but atleast make the playoffs? they look pretty solid.
  10. One early pick and I’ll take my chances in the 3rd round. However, I don’t see ARI not making the playoffs
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