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  1. Watching on sportsnet... they’re making it seem like they’ve beaten the capital in last years stanley cup finals. Relax you beat an ahl team.
  2. Oh lord that was an awkward fall ... not looking good
  3. Any online stream of the interview ?
  4. Devils01

    Habs @ NJD

    Not happy about the win . ... so much for the tank but I’m happy at the same time fvck you habs lost to an ahl team down 2 forwards hahaha
  5. Devils01

    Habs @ NJD

    wow do they look good tonight.Carrick 2 Assists!!!
  6. Devils01

    Habs @ NJD

    time for the hat trick now
  7. Devils01

    Habs @ NJD

    RDS im assuming ? Bunch of clowns those guys I cant stand them... they know nothing about hockey
  8. Devils01

    Habs @ NJD

  9. Devils01

    Habs @ NJD

    The Matchup: New Jersey Devils (24-30-8) versus the Montreal Canadiens (33-22-7). The Time: 7:00 PM The Broadcast: MSG+ mcleod and bastian in the lineup lets see what the kids can do
  10. #NJDevils Trade Deadline Summary Additions: D Connor Carrick 2019 2nd Round Pick (NSH) 2019 2nd Round Pick (BOS) 2019 3rd Round Pick (DAL) 2020 4th Round Pick (BOS) 2022 5th Round Pick (CBJ) Subtractions: F Brian Boyle D Ben Lovejoy G Keith Kinkaid F Marcus Johansson Good job Ray.
  11. ok children its enough now we get it both of you dont care.. lets move on
  12. were stacked on picks.
  13. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/devils-trade-forward-marcus-johansson-bruins/
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