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  1. Well, that helps a lot. Clearly need to root against the Yotes and Canucks
  2. Absolutely, bat-sh!t insane to me that the teams that are going to play in the qualifying round get a chance at the 1OA pick. Do the math - there's a 24.5% chance that a team that loses their play-in series gets the only franchise player in the draft. Why? Why must the NHL always make things difficult? Do a separate lottery for the 7 teams to determine who gets the 1st/2nd/3rd overall pick, then a separate lottery for the other teams to determine their order. Listen, I get it that we can't complain about the lottery being cruel to us over the past few years since we've been extraordinarily lucky. But this just seems stupid.
  3. Love this idea, but it would've had to have been established before they all voted I think.
  4. There's a very real idea out there that the "play-in" round will not be considered the "playoffs". That only when there are 16 teams left will the playoffs 'officially' begin. I wouldn't at all be surprised if the NHL went this way. I haven't really considered/thought about the fallout of this yet, but I'd be surprised if it didn't screw us in some way.
  5. NHL is awfully silent on how the lottery is going to work. Wonder if they're going to stick with what was floated out previously (i.e. handing the 1OA pick to Detroit). Lottery in a month. They'll have to announce the plan relatively soon.
  6. Then I guess the Devils will have to plan on buying him out. There's no other way around it, unless you can find a GM stupid enough to take him off our hands without having to add a major sweetener. I don't think Cory can be part of this franchise come next season.
  7. I'm not kidding - I would have a hard time being proud of and supporting this franchise if they elected to go with Pierre freakin' McGuirre.
  8. I mean, for me, I enjoy Chiclets not so much because of Biz (Whit steals the show imo), but because they get fantastic guests that feel comfortable actually letting some stories go. You really don't get players in such casual/honest settings anywhere else. That's imo why the Podcast has been such a huge success for them - it's seen as a "players show" and lots of guys in the NHL appreciate that.
  9. So, what the hell I figured I'd bump this thread with the following question. Hope it hasn't already been beaten to death elsewhere. Who would you like to see as captain on opening night of the 2020-2021 season? For me, it's Nico or bust. I get a case for Zajac or Palmieri perhaps. I can't really imagine it going to anyone else. Thoughts?
  10. Not yet, but I can't wait until they have him back again. He barely even got into playing with some of the all-time great Devils. I'm willing to bet he has a ton of stories about guys like Marty and Dano.
  11. Give the interview with Scott Gomez a listen. It's so, so good.
  12. I've given a few of their episodes a listen - the one with Kovalchuk was a good one. It's a little less polished than Spittin Chiclets obviously as far as sound quality and flow. But I do have to say - to your bolded comment, Cam is about as headstrong and.. vaguely narcissistic as Bissonnette, if not more so. The guy has such an incredibly overinflated sense of himself as an NHL player. Like if you listen to him talk about the Devils' 2012 playoff run.. 'we' this 'we' that.. I get it, he was technically on the roster and probably practiced occasionally with the guys but he was a glorified black ace. Zero TOI through that entire run I think. I don't particularly mind it because he's a hilarious guy to listen to tell stories, but you'd think he was an integral part of the teams he was on.. rather than a replacement-level goon.
  13. Holy sh!t I'm not going to reopen this wound by going into the details, but the ending of the series was absolutely not perfectly fine... Not even close. This is your worst take yet. Edit: Replying to an old post. Clearly need to come here more often like I used to.
  14. But that aside, guys I don't think there's a team in this league that's going to give Hall the stupid 7-year 10M+ per contract he probably would've gotten had the world not gone to sh!t. The cap's probably going to stay stagnant for the next few years, if not decrease, so no team is going to shell out big bucks for Hall at this point. Call me crazy, but I think Hall's going to have to sign a 1 or 2 year deal at like.. 8M tops. It's a brand new world and no team is going to throw money at him imo. And fvck no, I don't want him near this locker room again.
  15. Go and read some of the stuff Leafs fans post on twitter anytime news breaks. It's... shockingly bad. Granted, there are way more Leafs fans than Devils fans so you'd expect more crazies as a result but still.. it's bad.
  16. Only in the NHL: Feel like we're flip flopping every couple days about whether the draft is going to take place in, you know, less than a month. I'm sure there's lots of stuff going on behind the scenes, but you'd think they'd want to formally confirm the date if it's going to take place in <4 weeks. Knowing how this league works, they'll announce on a Sunday that the draft is going to take place on the following Friday.
  17. I'm just picturing a couple of these things zipping around during commercial breaks and intermissions disinfecting everything.
  18. So, finally learning more about the logistics of this new draft.. Only one lotto ball now? Can't jump past a certain point? This just reeks of the league trying to help Detroit, much like they helped the Penguins with Crosby.. It just de-legitimizes the whole thing for me a bit. The NHL could at least TRY to hide the fact that they're helping the Red Wings out big time.
  19. Don't have to look very far to find players that did way worse stuff that are still in the league. Easy PR move for the caps.
  20. Are you sure about this? Considering how poorly like.. half the league draws I can't imagine the gates exceeds the hundreds of millions of dollars the NHL gets from NBC and TSN.
  21. Some interesting stuff talked about on Puck Soup recently, potentially about wrapping up this year's playoffs in August and then starting the next season around Thanksgiving.. and then this becoming the permanent schedule for the NHL moving forward. I personally wouldn't mind it one bit - I'd love playoff hockey over the summer. Plus it'd start up right as college football winds down so.. less TV competition I suppose. What do you guys think?
  22. I saw this and thought of you immediately - I won't miss her a&#036;&#036;hole (sorry, I mean snarky) persona on Twitter one bit.
  23. Actual Devils news, holy sh&#33;t. Sign me up for Gallant. I'll be extremely disappointed if we stick with Nas.
  24. I mean, of course he'd come out and say that. But I don't believe it, really. If some team goes crazy and offers him stupid money they'd have to consider taking the picks.
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