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  1. Kovy's going to thrive in Washington, fvck.
  2. That would be a huge trade, holy sh!t.
  3. I don't think it's confirmed but of course there's been all sorts of speculation. I agree that I'd prefer the Devils keep him - you need SOMEONE to put the puck in the net. But if they were to trade him I hope Fitz would be targeting more of a "hockey trade" i.e. a younger less proven but talented player that can step into the lineup. Palms @ 50% retained is a bargain. 30 goal scorer for a 2.5ish cap hit next season would be pretty sweet to a team in "win now" mode.
  4. Looks like the Bruins are out on Palmieri. The package they just shipped out to the Ducks is probably what we would've been looking at, I'd imagine.
  5. I just posted something similar in the latest GDT, but regarding Cory.. he's played very well in completely meaningless games before. Recently. It would not surprise me, at all, if he put up respectable numbers in the 5-10 games he's probably going to get down the stretch here. I just hope Fitz isn't stupid enough to get fooled into thinking he's a viable option for next season.
  6. Very torn, because I like Cory "the dude" because he seems like a really good teammate who is genuinely trying. But I feel compelled to root for him to fail because, like you said, I'll be furious if he manages to play decent during this final stretch of meaningless games (which we've seen plenty of times before) and he fools the team into thinking he's a viable option next year. Fortunately I'm feeling pretty confident that he'll be bought out but.. you never know.
  7. I could see 700, 701 and 702 if we elect to start Cory for some reason.
  8. Thanks, I was having a good day and now I'm angry again.
  9. So.. what's the situation? One of the goalies hurt? Carrying 3 goalies? Trading a goalie?
  10. Cory can still win us fans over by truly helping this team tank in ways we never imagined.
  11. He's a well-spoken man. I hope we keep him long term.
  12. MB30 watching that shootout attempt by Zacha:
  13. Return has to be insane to move him.
  14. Tough look for the guy that thought he broke this.
  15. Great return for Greene. I can't say I'll miss his captaincy.
  16. Wow I didn't think they'd do it. I wonder what we got back?
  17. Nothing is worse than watching Cory flounder out there.
  18. Yeah, but how many players can you say that for in this league? Special players do special things.. I wasn't expecting an Art Ross but a bit more than what we've gotten was the baseline in my mind. It's a far from apples-to-apples comparison, but Dahlin put up better stats (advanced and otherwise I believe) on a trash Sabres team last year than Hughes will probably end up doing this year. That's a defenseman vs. a forward, to be clear. That said, I'm far from the "Hughes is a bust" crowd. I fully understand he's a kid out there amongst men and he really has no supporting talent on this roster outside of Nico and Bratt (when he decides to show up). TL;DR: I would've liked to see a little more out of a guy that was supposed to be a borderline-generational level player.
  19. I mean, it really is relative. Coleman on a good team is probably a depth guy - here he's one of the only bright spots on an otherwise miserable roster outside of a few young guys with promise. I get why fans are drawn to him, though I agree to say he's untouchable is silly.
  20. Physical tools, sure. Hockey IQ and work ethic? I haven't seen enough of that to really come to that conclusion myself.
  21. Holy sh!t I had no idea they were that bad. Good lord..
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