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  1. Interestingggg, I'm really happy to see that. We'll see if they protest and get an exception.
  2. So they're just gonna get a free pass on that contract, huh? Just like with Hossa?
  3. I know I have a tendency to pick a "whipping boy" every year and focus way too intensely on them. But Palms, this year, has been, at best, invisible outside of that game where he got hot for a millisecond. He's a total momentum killer, whether it's missing a clear shot or taking a bad penalty. I hope Boston or someone else takes a chance on him and gives us a pick. Absolutely do not want him extended here long term. Edit: I'll back off here a bit - I don't hate him as the second line RW. But he just isn't "the guy" and we can't pay him like "the guy". And we need to get h
  4. I think Vorachek is actually a lunatic, though. Like I think he's way more intense off the ice than most people think he is. I wouldn't fvck with him lol
  5. Anything to stay relevant. I forced myself to listen through his interview(s) with the Spittin Chiclets guys and... just a classic narcissist. I'd almost feel bad for the guy if he wasn't just such a colossal fvcking a$$hole. Also his stupid face popping up in Tenet almost ruined the movie for me.
  6. Jonathan Cheechoo, man now there's a name I haven't thought about in forever. Holy sh!t yeah almost a 60 goal scorer. Had to google his stats - actually came close to 40 the following season before falling off a cliff. Cherry picking a bit, but 130 goals in his first four seasons (305 gp), then only 40 in his final three seasons (196 gp).
  7. Always makes me chuckle that the closest anyone's ever come to 50 in a Devils jersey was Brian Gionta, who totally abused to new "post lockout" rules to just plant himself in front of the net.
  8. Wow this team is actually bad. Vats needs to be fire back overseas.
  9. 6-8 weeks minimum for a sinus fracture. God damn it
  10. Just beat the freakin' Rangers, team is still sh!t and probably looking at a lottery pick but... beat the damn Rangers. LGD
  11. I love our Devils, and I hate the Rangers but.. You guys (not you directly @mfitz804) have to acknowledge that there's a major difference between living and playing in Manhattan versus living in Hoboken and playing in Newark. Similarly with Philly - tons more to do around the arena and cooler places to live nearby downtown. Still wish they had picked somewhere other than Newark for the arena.
  12. Well fvck, time to start speculating. What the hell could they still be evaluating? Waiting for swelling to subside to see if there are any broken bones in there?
  13. I sure as hell hope not. He was finally looking up-to-speed and playing pretty good hockey.
  14. Islanders have looked reallllyyyyy good lately. Setting my expectations for this one. LGD
  15. Totally understand the justification for the team having today off after back-to-backs over the weekend, but this schedule really doesn't leave much room for a full high-intensity practice does it? Special teams are really going to have to figure it out on the go... hasn't really worked so far (PK is starting to show signs of competency I guess) but I guess we have to hope they'll work it out..
  16. Still remember that puck he took to the ear against Tampa in that 2003 run. Think that was really the start of the end of his career, unfortunately. Still can't believe he played not only the rest of the series but the very next game. Total warrior but in hindsight... man. No way his brain wasn't jumbled when he stepped on the ice for the next game.
  17. Makes you really appreciate what Chico brought to the broadcast for so long.
  18. Another turnover on that play as you typed this reply. Thankfully the Caps iced it.
  19. "Aren't they due for a shorthanded goal" says Dano. My guy, they can barely kill a penalty let alone try and score on one short-handed. Give me a break.
  20. Really think Gusev has run his course with the Devils. Just not good enough to justify top-6 minutes. Also fvcking awful on the power play
  21. Blackwood looking... average over the past two games. Which is fine, if this is as bad as it gets then it's not that bad. But I have no idea why he's playing today. We've gotta pace him better, this schedule is too compacted and potentially exhausting for him to be playing back to backs.
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