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  1. See I'm wondering which of the two cases is more likely: 1) Addicted to pain meds, eventually went from the pills to heroin / fentanyl. or 2) Had a coke habit, got a bad batch / didn't realize there was fentanyl cut in there. Neither one is great. First one, just in my opinion, can be a little more... understandable? Easy for anyone to get addicted, and it's damn near impossible to kick the habit. The second one.. I dunno. I'm with you there - could get a little angry if he was out there snorting coke with a family and young kids at home. But who am I to cast judgement. Tragic no matter what the truth is. Above are just my thoughts, not worth anything. Edit: I should've read the article, it looks like the family suspects it's #1. Awful.
  2. Inject this into my veins. I cannot wait for this kid to crack the lineup. Hopefully sooner than later. Oh my God this too, those hands.
  3. Realizing now I obviously missed the draft, so you can just consider my team largely inactive this year. I'll surrender the team next year, I'm out on the keepers thing. Feel like it makes it insanely boring for about 75% of the teams.
  4. https://old.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/q92ceb/jack_hughes_is_patient_with_the_puck_and_dangles/ lmfao wait for Dano's "OOHHHHHHHH BABBBBBBBYYYYY"
  5. That was a play I pull off in NHL 2021 all the time. OK I guess.
  6. Bratt, Subban - two guys who I personally wouldn't put on the ice to defend a lead. But what do I know.
  7. Guys I don't want to be too dramatic but I think Mercer might be the steal of his draft.
  8. Yeah Rutgers plays these same sort of games - tickets sold vs. scanned at the gates. The Devils may very well have "sold" every seat in the building tonight. But clearly all the seats are not filled. I don't care, whatever works. Better to have the team selling tickets than not.
  9. I mean it was like 85 degrees today in NJ. Absurd October weather.
  10. And another fun fact - that's was the first ever Devils game that my dad and I attended in person.
  11. LGD, get that first win out of the way Or check the GDT on /r/Devils for Widdy's stream.
  12. The series, 100%. And do yourself a favor and don't binge it like I did. My now-wife and I watched the entire show over the course of a month and... you really lose track of the little details that make the show great when you tear through it that quickly.
  13. This team is in the playoff hunt for the better part of the year. This one's more selfish than anything else... I don't want Devils hockey to be meaningless by December anymore.
  14. Well, there you go. Easy enough. Though truth be told, this is the first time I've heard the term "reverse ATM" used. So... you put in cash, and it spits out a temporary debit card or something? Interesting
  15. As far as cashless at the Rock goes - if I was planning on attending games this year it wouldn't bother me. Would've used my card for everything anyway. Definitely seems generational, and I mean no offense to anyone here when I say that.
  16. Oh man, don't get me started on churning those credit card bonuses. Pre-COVID, the sign-up bonuses paid for at least one vacation a year. Best I ever saw was Chase offering like $1500 to open a CSR. If you have a great credit score (750+), use that weapon to your advantage.
  17. Absolutely wild. Gotta see a game out there at some point.
  18. We made it. God help us, we made it.
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